– Aah, no! I can't– (shrieking) (bone snapping) – Oh my god! (laughing) – "Your first YouTube video" – Ohhh, interesting

(mouse clicking) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we're gonna have you take on a challenge that we've had the YouTubers do before – Oh boy Is it round two? – (FBE) So this is gonna be the Reddit 50/50 challenge – No idea what that is – I've never done this

I don't know what this is – Oh gosh, I know exactly what this is already – No!!! I did it here Then you showed me a giant clock spider It's in my head now

– (FBE) So the way this works is people post in the 50/50 subreddit with a link and two descriptions, one that's really awesome, and one that's not awesome at all – Oh, okay Like people breaking legs and stuff? I don't want to see that shit – (FBE) When you click, it will take you to one of them, but you don't know which one Now sometimes it could go either way, but we've made sure to keep them all the same so everyone in this episode can have the same experience

– Gotcha So I'm gonna see some horrific things, is what you're telling me – All right, so we're going hard for the first one It's either: "Lizard decapitated mouse with ease" or "penguin dressed in a pig costume," which, the second one, sounds delightful – I really want to see the penguin dressed in a pig costume

– I feel like the decapitated mouse is gonna come up – You got to start it off easy You got to start off nice, (timidly) right? – Aaaah! Oh my god, that's the cutest thing in life – Yes! Oh man – (gasping) Yes! Oh my gosh, that's the cutest thing

I love animals wearing clothing – What's a penguin doing in an office? – You're not wondering why he has a pig outfit on? – I really needed that What a good way to start this day, man – You started off easy You're, like, easing my way into it, so thank you for that

– "A close up of a guy vomiting? Not safe for work A girl experiencing snow for the first time" Aww, sweetie! – I have a bad feeling about this one – I don't do well with vomit – Let's do it

Yuck! Disgusting! (laughing) – Oh! (thickly) I– I didn't think you'd show it – Ew!! And he's giving me a thumbs up? Ew, it's so chunky! – (snickering) I'm not gonna look at it I refuse! – Uh, we can go back We can go back – How is it strung together like that? – It's all connected

– It's like vomit embedded in melted caramel – I didn't realize the picture of the guy throwing up was going to be so close, because you could really see all the little nooks and crannies of his frozen in time vomit – So chunky! It– (gagging) (gagging) (staff setting trash can down) I'm good I'm good Can we just go back to the penguins? – "Cute wolf

" I love wolves, so any wolf picture would be nice for me – "Removing ingrown toe nails" (chuckling) Sick! – Cute wolf is too simple It's never gonna be the cute wolf – Please be the wolf! Please be the wolf

Yay, the wolf! – Yay! You guys are so nice I love this – Aww, look at him – Aww, he's getting scratched! – Little poochie! – Oh yeah, get it! Get it! (wolf panting) Oh, he's in heaven right now – Aww, I'm so happy it's not a toe

– They're so cute when they're not hungry – They're so cute when they're not killing something – Yeah – I feel good That brightened my day right there

– "Confused cat experiences first snow" – Oh goddamn it! "Ultimate trypophobia test" I hate this stuff so much – I actually did a video with trypophobia in the thumbnail, and I lost 10,000 subscribers – Oh, it better be that cat, man! If it's not that cat, I'm gone

I'm gone Yay! Oh, that's so cute – Oh, thank god! – Oh, it's just a kitten – Oh god, thank god, yes! – This cat looks like a [inaudible] – Aww, this is lovely

Look at, how cute!! – I understand this because I just saw snow for the first time, like, a month ago – I'm actually really liking this challenge Even the bad ones are kind of entertaining – "Cute kitten in a basket full of baby chickens" I want to see that

– "Man's arm snaps during an arm wrestling match!" I don't think I can watch that one – I'm not gonna watch that If that's an arm snap, I'm really not gonna watch it – I feel like I'm due for a bad one 'cause it's been a bunch of good stuff (patrons chattering) (bone snapping) (man screaming) – Oh my god! – I have a feeling it's the arm wrestling one

Aaaaah! No, I can't! (bone snapping) (shrieking) (patrons screaming) (bone snapping) – Ohhhhh! – Oh shit! No, no, no, no Shit! OH!!! (bone snapping) Oh my god (bone snapping) – (both) OH!!! – OH! (laughing) Oh my gosh The sound! – Nope, nope, nope, nope (bone snapping) – Nope, nope,nope

(patrons screaming) No thanks – Shit! I can't (bone snapping) Holy shit! I can't do it I'm totally not listening to this – (exhaling deeply) Yeah

– I need a moment My face is getting red – To be quite honest, not bad (laughing) – I could feel it though I could feel goosebumps, like, ooh! – "Cute cat" or "maggot infested knee

" Oh, that's disgusting – Nope! Nope Nooope – You strategically are making this worse and worse – What is "NSFL"? – (FBE) "Not safe for life

" – "For life"?! – You're not gonna show me maggots infesting a knee It's for sure gonna be a cute cat Oh my god!! (laughing) – Maggot infe– (shrieking) Oh my gosh! – AH!!! Oh god!! – Oh sh– what?! – Aaaah! Aaah! – Oh! – Aaaah!! – Oh man – (laughing loudly) Oh my goodness! – (groaning) Why is that–? What, is he petting it? What– dude, oh! – I literally feel sick right now – This is disgusting

Why do people do this shit? – This is a long one "Impressive natural rock sculpture formations from tidal erosion" – "Massive bladder stone removal surgery" That could kind of be interesting – I'm fine with either of those, to be honest

– As long as it's not the bladder stone being passed, I'll be okay (exhaling sharply) I was wrong I'm not okay – (gasping) That's huge! – Oh Jesus! Ugggh! – Oh my god, it looks like a massive testicle – Oh, it looks like Alien! Ugh

Oh, that's so insane! – Oh my god! This is real?! Ohhhh! – I couldn't imagine trying to pass that thing – What do you have to eat to have that happen to you? – Disgusting, but kind of fascinating – I would totally keep that, by the way, as a souvenir "Hey, you guys want to check out my bladder stone? Holy shit, dude!" – "The Duck Song" or "hand stuck in meat grinder" – It's been bad lately, so I feel like this might be okay

– It's gonna be The Duck Song You guys would never– you would never show that – I really don't want to press this This is horrible Oh my gosh! What is– what am I even looking at?! – It's gonna be The Duck Song

Give me that duck song Give me that du– oh my god!!! – It's gonna be the stuck in meat grinder I know– yep! I saw a split second of it It's very stuck in a meat grinder – Shit! Is that real? – Oh my god! That's real?! What?! – (queasily) Oh, that's really gross

Oh my gosh – Oh! (moaning) Oh no!! How did that happen? – How did this happen?! – Oh my god! – You showed me a hand in a meat grinder – Talk about finger food! Talk about giving someone a knuckle sandwich! – We haven't seen a good one in a long time I hate this challenge! – "Walking on lightbulbs successfully" (laughing) "Walking on lightbulbs unsuccessfully

" – I really want to see the successful one I think this is gonna be in my favor – To be honest, I think both would be rather interesting – Is that even possible? – What?! – Oh my goodness! – Oh! Oh! Oh, that's a lot of lightbulbs – I think she's gonna be successful

– I do magic and I have no idea how this works – Ah, she's Asian She's not gonna fail – Wow – Bravo! – That's incredible! – A little beacon of hope in the darkness that has been this video so far

– Oh man, if you hate spiders, you might want to look away for this one "Disturbing a nest of recluse spiders" or "meeting an albino ferret" – (sighing softly) Yep – I hate spiders, so that's bad – I'm not terrified of spiders

I can handle this one Oh, I think I can Now, why is–? (squealing) Oh!! (giggling) – (grunting) Come on!! (gritting teeth) Come on! Oh! Oh!!! You got me so good! – Uh, I think it's the spiders Spider Aah! – Hey! – It's a ferret

– (gushing) Oh my gosh! Look at him – It would be great if a spider just came down like, (screaming aggressively) – I want one Oh, but don't go back in! – Can you save that video for me and just send that to me, just so I can have that? – That one got me I thought it, for sure, was the recluse nest I thought– but it was a ferret

Okay, that made me really happy – "Your first YouTube video Your video with the most views on YouTube" – Oh, interesting! – Oh no I can't believe you

– I want to see my first one, uh, because it will make me nostalgic – (Timothy) All right This is Timothy– – Oh ho ho! Oh my god, this is so old This other gentleman is also a successful YouTuber by the name of SUPEReeeGO We went to high school together

I wish I was this skinny still And this is us slap boxing in a hotel room in Miami This is still one of my best friends to this day, so that makes me happy Yeah, this was YouTube content back then (laughing) This– this actually has more views than what my current videos are getting

(fake sobbing) – Oh my god! – (Joe) Ryan's gonna be pretty unhappy – (voice-over) He had the idea because he's gay – (cracking up) How long was that vlog? – That was a 25 second vlog! Dude, this is our tenth year on YouTube – Yeah Oh man

– We were so stupid – Oh, it's my Amnesia– oh my god – (man) You're so quiet I don't know – It's my first Amnesia video

Oh my god – (man) I knew it! – (Sonja) It's okay It's okay – (man) I'm just saying – Oh my god, the audio delay

Oh my god Ugh, that's– that's something – (Matthew) What up? Cómo estás? – It is my video! – (Matthew) Son of a bitch Too much? – Oh my god! It's so cringy I had no direction on my channel

I had no idea what I was doing – (Matthew) You know what I heard today? The Vatican launched a service that you can text message the Pope – Oh man, this is such good memories I remember starting YouTube and not knowing anything about it, being kind of scared to do it, but really excited and wide-eyed and the future was bright – Oh my gosh! This is, like, embarrassing

♪ (playing violin) ♪ – I haven't seen this in a long time This was the beginning This was the beginning of my journey, when I had a crazy idea to play the violin and dance This is dancing I was in a competition and I thought, I'm gonna dance while I play so that I can stand out from the other violinists

And this is what happened Oh my gosh! It's like watching you in a baby video I've come a long way, but everybody's got to start somewhere, you know? – Oh no! Damn it ♪ (strumming ukulele) ♪ Oh gosh!! I'm the worst version of myself here It has six or seven billion views

I cringe at the idea that anyone watched this and enjoyed it – ♪ You turn me on more than Anne Hathaway ♪ ♪ And I just wanted to say ♪ – My little Republican heart – ♪ I love you ♪ – I was in high school I was trying desperately to go viral on YouTube so I didn't have to work at the movie theatre I was working at There's just, like, slight racism and misogyny just sprinkled throughout

And homophobia 'cause I was so worried about people thinking I was gay Well, what about now?! – Oh my gosh! This is my first video Oh my gosh I literally just went to a park I was like, "I'm gonna film some magic at this park

" (speaking indistinctly) – (girl) Here, pass it around – (chuckling) "Pass it around" Oh my gosh – (Collins) What I'm gonna have you do is here We're gonna– what I want you to do is here

Can you take this card and just bite down on it? – (groaning) The cringe! 16-year-old Collins, no! Don't do it, fam! It's not worth it Yo, this is actually the video that America's Got Talent found me from I posted three of these videos and America's Got Talent saw these and were like, "Hey, do you want to be on our eighth season of America's Got Talent?" So it's really crazy These videos started my career, which is insane to me – (EpicLLOYD) A buddy of mine was like– – Oh yeah! Oh yeah

(rapping along) ♪ L's legendary lava lips ♪ ♪ Lash lightning licks ♪ ♪ Ludicrously legal legalized lawlessness ♪ ♪ Lyrics leave lesions lamented legions lying lifeless ♪ ♪ Lucifer's lists lisped lowly lice larva listen lyricist ♪ Yeah, I know my own songs I made my own channel after Epic Rap Battles of History started, so it was like, oh, I get to make my own channel and I had written that song a long time ago I had a lot of cool songs that I thought were cool written, that I never got to share with people, so I was like, I can show all these people these songs that I have? Cool – That was really good to see this I'm glad you guys brought this up

I'm also really glad it wasn't spiders, so I really appreciate that I will be back – That might have been my favorite React video I've ever done It was– (laughing) because it was, I don't know, it kept you guessing – When you told me what was going on, I was like, they show me weird shit all the time

I'm not phased But I was not ready for that – Thank you so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React – Annotations are not a thing anymore, so check out the description below so that you can subscribe to all my wonderful friends – Thanks again for watching and we will see you next time

Have a good day – Hey, guys, what's up? I'm Kyle, a producer here at FBE – And I'm Locke, a production assistant We really hope you enjoyed this video – I'd say it was about a 50/50 shot

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