– Oh my That is so good

– I kind of like this one just 'cause of how blatant it is Like, it's not even pretending to be real (mouse clicks) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So today we're gonna show you a recent Instagram post from the artist Bow Wow – Like, Bow Wow, the rapper? – Okay Bow Wow, I haven't heard about him in a while

– Yes, the Bow Wow challenge – Bow Wow was frontin' for social media, and he got caught – (FBE) So it all started when Bow Wow posted this – Okay "Travel day

NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop" – "Let's gooo I promise to bring y'all the hottest show EVER" – Looks like he's boarding some type of private jet – A private jet

The nice car The Benz – (FBE) And then this is what somebody posted right afterwards – "So this guy, Lil Bow Wow, is on my flight to New York" – "But on Instagram, he posted a picture of a private jet captioned, 'Traveling to NYC today

'" – "Shake my head" (laughs) – Oh no! Bow Wow got caught – Ha ha So he's faking like he's got a jet? – There he is In economy

– Wow, he was trying to show out, be all cool That's insane – He's probably looking to see the comments on a picture he posted, and they caught him You cannot bamboozle the internet – (FBE) After this was found out that Bow Wow had faked this, the internet then obviously went crazy and then started something called the Bow Wow Challenge

– (laughs) What is that challenge? – The Bow Wow Challenge is doing what Bow Wow did, you know, putting up a fake picture of whatever glamorous lifestyle you may be living and then showing the reveal, where in actually you not really about that life – (FBE) So we have some images of this challenge for you now – (chuckling) Oh, boy – "On vacation in Hawaii" – That looks like a, yeah, fake photo

– Is this a hot dogs or legs post? – (snickering) Is that fingers? – (FBE) And here is the reveal – (snickers) – (laughs heartily) I thought the knees looked a little sketchy – That's pretty impressive I love the internet, man Like, it's just the greatest challenges all the time

– "23, already bought my own crib" – Okay, where are we going with this one? – Oh, he's– he's at Home Depot – Oh, he's at Home Depot – I mean, it's creative for sure – (guffawing) Oh man

This is why I love the internet, man – Pretty funny It's like classic jokes It's like setup, punchline I love it

– This is the internet in a good-natured way keeping you in check – Oh man This is gonna be a little tiny shoe or something Or it's gonna be Photoshopped – Is that a piece of paper? – I don't know shoes that well, but it looks pretty– he's– I mean, unless it's like a paper

– Oh, but it's a fake cutout – Rea– oh, it's a piece of paper? Yoooo – Nice His angle was just pristine That was perfect

– I'm impressed Good optical illusion – Damn I was wondering where that was gonna go That's really good

That's impressive – I like it a lot It requires a little more effort It's like it's part of the meme culture thing, where you have to kinda think through the joke – (laughs) I'm sorry, but that one's just too good

– Oh my god, this is great – (laughs) Oh My favorite are really, really bad edits But it works perfectly together – I kind of like this one just 'cause of how blatant it is

Like, it's not even pretending to be real – Social media is not reality It's your portfolio of your best moments Most of life is normal And if you can enjoy that, that's when you're gonna be happy

– These are all nice Like, the internet could be so much worse than this – "Hella bottles for tonight" But – I'm trying to think of where this is gonna go – I already know where this is going – Are those little tiny ones? – Are those minis? (laughs) – Okay, these are gonna be tiny These are gonna be tiny bottles

Yep, there we go There we go – (chuckles heartily) – Yeah! Called it – That's the most Bow Wow Challenge I've seen so far – Oh, they're just tiny

It's all about just cutting out the details so that what you see is in this tiny little lens – Instagram's all about kind of like trying to paint the best part of your life and show it off to people But he took it so far It's like, you gotta make fun of him for it How can you not? – "With my man

" – "With my man" Those don't look like real legs – There's no one there And she put sort of like golf clubs and shoes and put pants on them or something – Oh! Clever, clever

I like that – That's good – Oh! Welcome to my life (laughs) – (chuckles) I love her smile as well She's like, "Bow Wow

" – I think it's funny I think it's deserved And you know what? It's probably gonna help Lil Bow Wow anyway, 'cause now he's all over everything If I was Lil Bow Wow, I would just play along – "I remember the time I saw Beyoncé in concert

" Is that on TV? – Oh, it's a YouTube– oh! Silly Fruit Roll-Up – I've been there Like, I wasn't able to make it to the concert, and then I just watch the whole thing on YouTube later – I think it's hilarious People see– they're approaching it with levity, which is great

They're not like, "He lied!" It's like, "What an idiot" And we can all celebrate his idiocy I love that – "And the winner of the Bow Wow Challenge goes to" That's hilarious – (laughs heartily) – Oh, my That is so good – (laughs uncontrollably) This is the one

You got a photographer AND lighting – That's pretty impressive The lighting is good That guys with the lamp knows what he's doing – Wow

Look at these guys They got all pro with the lighting and everything That's pretty fun I'm gonna totally jump on this bandwagon – That's a production right there

They went in for that So props to them – "Getting the helmets ready for the new season" The Philadelphia Eagles, the official Twitter – Oh, I love when brands get involved with these challenges, you know? – All right, let's see it

Let's see the reveal – (chuckles) Oh, it's tiny – It's like a little mini helmet? – It's so little It's so small – Where'd it go? It's just like a little tiny little helmet? – I love when brands and stuff get on their social media game

I think that's like the coolest thing, that they keep up with trends and stuff (slow-mo groan) – Ahhhh (chuckles) – Oh-ho-ho! Oh! I should've seen that coming I should've seen that coming – (laughs uproariously) – (amused) That is freaking cool

– (laughs) What? That was amazing Oh my gosh – That was good – This is why I love the internet, man This is why

– I love it I kinda like want to do one now – (FBE) So, many people are poking fun at Bow Wow now for getting caught like this on social media Being someone like yourself with a large social media following, how do you think you would feel if this happened to you and everyone started roasting you? – I would feel terrible I mean, I've gotten into a little tiff

And it hurt my soul to even check my phone – I'd feel like my career is done Like, I feel like after something like this happens, you just can't be trusted ever – I try and be very honest on my social media But I think that everyone who consumes social media understands that people do embellish, I think, a little bit

– I think I would have to play along with it I think I would just keep on doing it I think I would just keep on– 'cause everybody– it's a playful thing – If I got caught doing something like this, I would better expect to get roasted like this Everybody's just trying to be what they feel like they should be online for retweets and likes

– If you put yourself out there, you open yourself up to a lot of people supporting what you do But then you also open yourself up to a lot of people not supporting what you do And so I think, yeah, if you make a misstep, they will kind of roast you a little bit That's kinda par for the course – (FBE) Well, this is the kinda thing where people will sometimes stretch the truth in something they have posted

So we gotta ask you, have you yourself ever done something similar on social media before like this? – Yes and no I've posted picture where I look skinnier in it, just an angle I mean, it's kinda cheating a little bit – I do sometimes, like, take a few pictures and then will pepper it throughout the week You know what I mean? Like, I didn't necessarily always take that picture that day

– Everybody's does this, when you meet a celebrity and you're like, "Yeah, man, we were talking, like, you know We were talking for a good five minutes We were hanging out" But no, they literally just walked by you and you didn't even say a word to them – Many times I've cleaned off just a corner of my room, my messy, messy room to do a quick little vlog video, where if you pulled back the lens you wouldn't see the nicely made bed behind me

You'd see this catastrophe that's the normal of my life – (FBE) Finally, nowadays there's a lot of pressure on people to be aware of what they're posting on social media, especially with how much scrutiny there is for celebrities It seems like they can't even make any type of mistake or they risk the wrath of the internet From your perspective, do you think that he deserves this type of backlash for this post? – Uh, yeah, 100% He lied

– He deserves to be made fun of for lying Nowadays, yeah, you mess up once on social media, everyone will roast you for like a week And then it's played out, and no one really cares anymore – I feel for him But on the other side, the internet is always making jokes about everyone

So you have to have thick skin to be on the internet – Everybody makes mistakes And that's happened to every single person who has a social media account And sometimes it really does feel unfair, you know? But I guess that's part of being in the public light – Thanks for watching this episode of YouTubers React

– And check out the subscription to find all the YouTubers' channels who were in this episode, and make sure you subscribe to them – All right, y'all I'm about to go hop on Denzel Washington's private yacht See you later – Hey, guys

Thanks so much for watching – If there's any challenges that you want us to try, put it down in the comments, and it might be in the next video – We'll see you guys next time Bye! – Bye!

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