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– Welcome back – What's up? Yeah, or that, okay

(Gabbie laughs) What's up, it's Collins Key and welcome to my brand new video and today I'm here with the beautiful Gabbie Show, Aye, turn up – Woah, woah – So yeah, welcome to my channel – Yay – Good to have you

We have been meaning to do a video together for it's been like since the Demi tour right? – Yeah – It's been a long time – Wait, look how much tanner I am than you – Okay, I tried tanning today Okay, I tried tanning today

– Did you? – Yeah, I got burned And today, we're about to do a little battle We're having a challenge, we're going head-to-head We're gonna go a Viner versus YouTuber We each prepared a list of questions, we're gonna go through them one by one and whoever answers the majority of the questions right, that person gets to hack the other's Twitter at the end of this video

So yeah, make sure you guys stick around until the very end to find out what the crazy hack is and give this video a big thumbs up if you're excited to see this crazy trivia So yeah, without further ado, let's get started – I have some really good questions for you Just so you know, I'm gonna win – Uh oh, uh oh

Guests get to go first on the channel, that's how it works – With me when it's my channel, I just do whatever I want (laughs loudly) – Well, I have to show a little bit of chivalry here, okay – What did crack kid get hit in the head with? – A basketball (Gabbie scoffs) I love that Vine

(Gabbie laughs) Yas! – Yah! – I hope you have a shovel girl question in there – I don't – Like what color was her shirt or something – All right, well point Collins – Aye, turn up, you got the S

– Well, of course – You have no idea how many people mess with the S – Really? – Oh, yeah So before hoverboards, what did every YouTuber ride around on? That's not like regular scooters, right? Okay, is it? – No (laughs loudly) – This was before I was popular

(Collins laughs) You're killing me, Smalls Is it a scooter of some type? – No – It's not a scooter? – No, it's a Penny board – What the heck is Penny board? – A Penny board, they're like little mini skateboards I think it started with like all the British YouTubers, like they all got Penny boards

– I've never heard that in my life – Comment down below and name some YouTubers that you guys know for sure rode Penny boards 24/7 Okay, now it's your turn – So zero for me – Yep

– Dang it Finish this sentence – Uh oh – If you want a french fry – Oh yeah, eat a french fry

If you want a burger, eat a burger (laughs loudly) What is the most disliked video on YouTube? – Your board, I'm just kidding (laughs loudly) I don't know any of these You were like, "Oh, give me some easy ones "that I can answer" – No, I wanted hard ones, I wanted hard ones

– Most disliked video? You told me you wanted easy ones – No, I want some hard ones – Oh, you're a cheater mcgeeter – No, what is this? Oh my god, I grabbed it – It's a Finn doll

(laughs) – I'm like what is poking in my back – It's Finn the Human – Think about it, it needs a lot of views on this video to get a lot– – Justin Bieber – Which one? – Is it Baby? – Yeah – Baby has the most dislikes? – Yeah, the most disliked video on YouTube, which is sad

– Is it the most liked video on YouTube as well? – I don't think so I don't know – Baby, little Baby – I know It's pretty sad

– Who has the most loops on Vine? – Oh, I think I know this one Is it Lele Pons? (Gabbie groans) Yeah, did I get it? I'm acing this so far – You Googled, I'm asking the obvious questions – No, I did not, I promise I did not

– This is my fault I did this – So every year YouTube does a video where they recap what happened that year What is this video called? – Oh my god, stop That's a really good one

I don't know, I'm not even gonna try I can't even try – You can't even try? – It's like one of those things that you click it and you know what it is, but like I never remember – Yeah, it's YouTube Rewind – Why was I gonna say that, or I was gonna say Replay? ♫ Shawty's like a melody in my head ♫ That I can't keep out ♫ Got me singing like ♫ Na na na na everyday ♫ Got my mind (mumbles) replay – Yeah! We started off strong and then it dipped and then we got right back into it

That was good – Don't drop what? – That thun thun thun – (sighs) Too easy – You can go for another one, that one was easy – Okay, that was dumb

We're not gonna count that, that was just a bonus round – Yeah, a really quick bonus – How do you block out the haters? – With the spoons over your eyes – (sighs) Collins – And you're like, "Mmm, blocking out the haters

" What was the first YouTube video ever posted? – Wait, I know this (Collins laughs) Now watch me whip (laughs) – Okay, do you wanna know what the answer is? – Yeah – The answer is Me at the zoo – Okay, I did not know that

– It was like some dude at the zoo with an elephant and he was like, "Aye, it's an elephant" And it was just kinda like, "What?" – And that's what he uploaded? That's like Vine now – That was the very first (laughs loudly) – Who on Vine hates sauces? – Okay, this is so hard – This is a hard one, but not if you know Vine, if you know it

– Can I have like a little hint? – Sauces! – Sauces! – Who do you think videos it? – I have no idea – Look at all these sauces! – Sauces! – I actually thought I knew Vine, I've never– – Are you pretending to not know to make me feel better? – No, I actually have no idea who this is – Um, Marcus Johns He had like a whole series about like, "Look at all these sauces" – Sauces! – I got a point finally

– What is the type of video where YouTubers talk about their life story? – Draw my life – Yes, that's it, yep (exclaims loudly) (laughs) – Who was the first Viner to hit a million? – Was it Nash? – No Oh my god, no Not even close

– Okay, I don't know Was it like Marcus Johns? – Marcus was the one, yeah – Okay, here's a quick one How old is YouTube? – I know this for 100% fact It is, pause, wait

15? – 15 years? – No – No, they're 10 years old 2005 – I swear to god I knew that because that was the year I started dating my first boyfriend and in my head that was 15 years ago, but I knew it was 2005 so give me that point I need it, come on

– Okay fine, I don't know what just happened, but you get a point right now – I knew it was the year Who is the prettiest girl on Vine? – Oh, this one's so easy It is the Gabbie Show, hands down (Gabbie laughs) Of course, of course

Like I'm blushing sitting next to her right now – I thought you were gonna go, "Oh my god, "that's so obvious, it's Lele Pons" – No, I would actually say you, of course, yeah – Awe – Because you're gorgeous

– Who was known as the Squirrel Whisperer? – Oh my god, I think I know what these are, but I'm not Oh, Jerome, is it Jerome? – Come on, he's the Squirrel Whisperer – I had no idea, but I remembered one selfie he took on like Twitter with a squirrel and I love squirrels so I was so jealous that he somehow talked to a squirrel, like could make it take a selfie – Whatever – So this is the final question

Name one hidden Easter egg in the YouTube website – Can I Google it? – No (Gabbie laughs) That's so cheating, what? – See, this is how small my capacity for irrelevant information is – Irrelevant? – Like it's in and I enjoy it and it's great and it's gone Like the Easter egg– – Easter eggs are freaking awesome, they're like my favorite things

– They're awesome, but do you need to keep them in your mind? – Absolutely for moments like this when your challenging me ♫ For a moment like this – What is it? – Well, there's a couple Like one is Use the Force, Luke If you type in like Harlem Shake, then all the videos do the Harlem Shake and just cool stuff like that – I didn't know about any of those

I just want to see one of them Oh my god, I'm so excited I'm gonna die (Harlem Shake music) Oh my god (Gabbie laughs) I love it – Stop it

– Oh wait, okay I don't know how to make it stop, there's no pause button, oh god Wow (Collins laughs) A tornado flew around my– – No, a potato See? – A potato, dang it

– Vine reference, I just made a Vine reference – [Viner] A potato flew around my room before you came – Clearly you won, Collins – Yeah, so that was kind of a landslide, but you were a great sport about it – A landslide? – You were a great sport about it

– Rude – Stick around to see what the tweet is that I'm about to hack her with I'm gonna post it in just a little bit, but for right now make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up and also comment down below how many of these questions did you know and also what's some other random trivia about Vine or YouTube that you think we have no idea – I need schooling, I need schooling – Make sure you guys check out the Gabbie Show on her channel because we just did a video over there where we did a Halloween What's in my Mouth? Challenge

– It's really gross – I don't even know what happened there (Gabbie laughs) You guys just have to go watch the video right now because things got crazy Now, it's time to announce the keeper of the week and this was actually inspired by this girl right here, the Gabbie Show, because she has a showstopper of the week, but my keeper of the week is Stephanie Keeper and you are on Instagram, you are always going so hard, I see you all the time and I want to say a big shout-out to all my super active Instagram accounts because you guys make me smile so much like whenever I go to tag photos, you guys are always posting the coolest edits ever So shout-out to all of you

And I'm gonna feature more of the Instagram fan accounts in upcoming videos so if you guys want to be the keeper of the week, all you have to do is just be super active on Instagram, on Twitter, on YouTube sharing my videos, liking, commenting Basically the more active you are, the better chance that you have of being the keeper of the week, but again, congratulations, Stephanie, I love you – And here is the tweet is that Collins decided to share with all of my followers – Cheese Boom, and now it's gone, but if you guys want to see more fun tweets that we do, you guys should follow us on Twitter

I'm just saying her at name is right there, mine is right here Bye (snaps fingers) – Collins, where'd you go? – Aye (Gabbie screams) Do the Harlem Shake

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