– Wait, no, no, no, no, no! (Devan screaming) No, no! Bro come on, are you kidding me? We are doing an extreme Coke and Mentos video We're starting off, we got a whole bunch of Coke here, a whole bunch of Mentos

We've also got some Wubbles We're gonna be starting off the smallest Wubble first, filling it all the way up with Coca Cola, and from there adding a ton of Mentos and just watching it go crazy, we're gonna go for a medium sized one and last but not least a full-sized Wubble filled with a ton of Coca-Cola, a ton of Mentos, to see what happens But before we get into it, we've got a challenge for you We want to see if you guys can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds, here we go – [DevanAnd Collins] Five, four, three, two, one

– Done If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now And at the very end of this, this super Wubble is exploding in someone's face So make sure you guys stick around for that, but right now let's get into this video Yeet! No I'm joking, I'm joking, I'm joking

Yeet! (bottles clatter) – Why, dude, why? – It was impulse Oh, we're off to a great start No fail so far We're gonna be starting off a little bit smaller with a balloon, so Devan, if you wanna pop those open right now and just so you guys know, if you wanna try this at home, it takes seven Mentos in one two-litre thing of Coca-Cola I think it's Diet Coca-Cola that you wanna use

And as Devan demonstrated, yes, it will go crazy and it will go everywhere (growling) You're gonna be filling up one of the balloons Should we go with the two-litre? I think we should, like, some of the little one – Yeah, let's do a little one Yeah, let's do a little one

(somber music) – Also, like, throughout this video, ha! Oh Ha! Oh Ha! Oh, man I had this beautiful image in my mind of like it was going like whoo, and like go flying out and me catching it and it'd be like ah! But it didn't work Here we go, so what's gonna happen, we're gonna dump this in first

– All right, you got it? – Yeah, okay Let's see here Oh no! – No! – Oh, no! – No! – I'm so sad it got shaken up before we could even put it in – Wait, but is that gonna counteract the effects? Does it do that? Is that a thing? I don't know if that's a thing – I don't think so, all right, here we go

– I guess we'll find out – We're gonna dump it in It's not working – Maybe we have to stretch it – Yeah, yeah, stretch it, Devan, that's good

Okay, here we go What, another one? How did, did I shake this? I probably, oh, I tried to throw 'em That like shook 'em all up – Oh that's right – That was not a good idea

Ha, ha, ha! (buzzer) All right, you ready? – Yeah, I guess (upbeat music) – Ha! Oh, I thought You spilled it How does it? – I don't know – Huh? All right, let me see, oh, I know what I need to do

You need to actually stretch the balloon out first – Oh (balloon hissing) – You can get rid of that one, bro – What do I do with it? (laughs) – I don't know (air horn honks) Drink it

– All right (ballon hissing) (balloon hissing) I'm really concerned right now (balloon sputtering) – Whoa! – No! – No, no, no, no, no, no! – Not in the rose bushes! – Bushes! We got it, fam! (laughs) That was close All right, Devan's gonna be opening up that We got two more Coca-Colas, gonna do like a quick little like open

Yah! (bell dinging) All right, here we go You ready? – I think so All right, I got it – This one here should go better now because it's all stretched out so let's give it a shot (upbeat music) No, I don't think that it– – I think it is going better

– It's better, but like it's not best yet If you know what I mean– – 'Cause nothing's Oh, wait, hold on – Oh, it's not even filled up yet – It's like a heart

– Oh, okay it's working I'm gonna grab it like this and just kind of stretch it out – It better not break – So we're gonna add a little bit more Coca-Cola (upbeat music) – That works a lot better for sure

– Yep, see if we stretch it out, absorb it Oh! Dude, it's drinking it! It's like empty on the top Dude, check this out! – No! – Come here, look at this! It's actually like taking it, dude 'Cause see if I like stretch out the balloon, it like opens up space and it takes more of it All right, Devan, remove it on the count of three

You ready? One, two, three – Got it Got on me – Perfect, so now we have our first balloon and now it's time to add the Mentos so Devan, if you wanna get that prepared This thing just like sags, bro

(laughs) – Wait, hit it on the table (balloon thuds) (laughter) – It's like a giant earlobe bro Hilarious, fam! Here we go, I have an idea (bell dings) You have to remove the finger (ballon snaps) – What, what, what? – Ow

– What are you doing, bro? – I have an idea! – Let me do this Let me do this – This is ingenuity – No, no, stop (laughs) – So I've been given the Mentos duty

Oh, I have an idea Dude, I got it, I got it, I got it – I don't think there's any way to open it – I know what we're doing – What are we doing? You're letting it go

What are you doing? – Just let go! – No! – Be a man! (growling) Okay, there we go, hold onto this – Okay – We're gonna stick the tube in the top of this – Okay – And then just like let it all kind of fall in

All right, here we go Three, two, one, add 'em in, add 'em in Dump 'em, dump 'em, dump 'em, dump 'em! – No, we lost one! We have a casualty – I mean, we're improvising, guys We're gonna give this a shot

– Want me to turn it upside down – Here, three, two, one, here, upside down – [Devan] Whoa! What? – Shake it up! (screams) (laughter) (screaming) – Round two! – Let's go! (high-pitched wailing) So for this one, we have to utilize the funnel technique right here which basically, you stick a funnel inside of the medium sized Wubble While he is doing that, I've got something I've always wanted to try, which is putting Mentos in my mouth and then filling it up with Coca-Cola So as you do that, I'm gonna try this

– What? – I don't know We'll see what happens – All right (upbeat music) – Ah, this is delicious I love this

Oh, my, (gags) (laughter) – I can smell it from here – Three Two – I'm putting this down I wanna watch this

– One (soda hissing) (laughter) (Collins spits) (Devan laughs) (soda hissing) Dude, my mouth straight up feels so fresh right now Like, so fresh, bro It's like the North Pole is in my mouth at the moment, bro Like, I'm just breathing icicles, like ah! All right, guys, I want to try this one more time

Take it to the next level and this time I'm gonna like tilt my head upwards as I put the Coca-Cola in my mouth and maybe just like, I don't know, shoots in the sky like a giant volcano of awesomeness Here we go Ow! (laughter) It popped out onto my eyeball Oh! (yells) (laughter) (soda hissing) (spits) (coughing) It went in my nose! It burns! It burns a lot! Well, I guess that was everything I wanted it to be and more, so – Splash guard

– I'm sorry, Devan, I'm so soaked at this point, it doesn't really matter (Devan laughs) All right, perfect There we go, yay! All right, let's go for the next one – Yo, this thing is gonna break It's burping, what? (Collins laughs) (burping) Why is it burping? – I feel like Salt Bae

Oh! (laughter) Yay, alright, let's go for the next one Oops – Whoa, bro There's little bubbles in the Wubble This is insane

Wait, look at this! I think it's having some weird reaction to the Coke – [Collins] Oh my gosh! – [Devan] Look at that – That's enough coke Yeet!Yeet!Yeet!Yeet! So right now (laughs) next we are gonna be moving on – That rose bush is gone (Collins laughs) – We are moving on to the Mentos

I literally got it in my eye again We're gonna fill up one of these Mentos bags with a whole bunch of Mentos and then dump it in here and see what kind of crazy reaction happens (Devan mumbles) This is gonna be crazy – It's gonna be insane – Here we go, three, two, one, you ready? (Mentos plopping into Coke) – Oh! (crickets chirping) (hand slapping Wubble) Oh! (laughter) Bro! – Ow! – What the heck? – I've got an idea

Actually, you know what I think would be really fun? We're gonna do one more of the smaller ones first and we're gonna see if we can do a good all like roundhouse kick on it and see if we can break it midair right now We're gonna fast forward and go right to the kick so let's do this right now All right, guys, this is Devan's payback – All right – Here we go

– Here we go (Wubble explodes) (Devan and Collins exclaim) (Wubble explodes) (growling) Look, my foot is like completely soaked (Collins laughs) – All right, you guys, here we go We are onto the main event, the massive Wubble – No, no, no! – But right now– – No, no, no, no, no, no! (laughs) No! I literally already got soaked! (Collins laughs) – Let's get to it! Yay! (laughter) – No! (Collins laughs) – Let's do it

(Collins exclaims) You little booger! No! No, no! (Devan giggles) (clock ticking) – Yo, this thing is huge – Huge! – Huge All right, guys I'm about to pull the craziest prank on Collins right now He just went inside to get a whole bunch more Mentos

Little does he know when he comes back, I got a surprise for him – [Collins] Oh, got all these Mentos, all right, cool – Yo, what's up? – Here we go So we got, all right guys, so we got a whole bunch more Mentos We also have a giant bowl of Mentos right now

We're about to add it to the giant Wubble So here's the game plan I'm gonna hold it and then you dump all the Mentos in All right? All right here we go We got it open, you ready for this, Devan? – Better close your eyes

Better close your eyes – All right here we go, three, two Oh no, no, no (Devan exclaiming) Oh my god! – Bro, this is crazy! (upbeat music) – It worked, it worked! – Dude, look at it! – It worked, it worked! – Look at it, look at it! – Huh? – Whoa! (laughs) – Oh my god, no! No, dude, you, it was this stuff? (Devan laughs and exclaims) No, dude I am getting you back right now No, oh my god! – Oh my god (Wubble slaps Devan) (growling) (heavy slap) That so backfired

What? No! (items clatter) – Well that's the video, guys Love you all so much You guys wanna see – Woohoo! – I love you all so much I'm cold

I'll see you on the inside (screams) No! Bye! (bell dings) (upbeat music) Hey! – Let's go! – What? (Mentos plops into soda) Oh – Wait, wait – Dude, dude, dude, dude – Well that was lame

– Dude, that was so weird – Yay!

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