Worst Reviewed Food Mystery Wheel Challenge & How To Eat Weird Foods Like a Taro Pancake

– [Collins] You challenged me to eat the worst reviewed century egg – [Both] Ooh! – What! – And you challenged me to eat the worst reviewed jellyfish noodles

My stomach's already goin'! – These are coming from the worst reviewed restaurants Ooh! – [Both] Ooh no! – You have to eat that! – That looks like tar! And the reviews said the smell would be bad, but this is way worse than I expected – [Devan] And the reviews on mine said they would be rubbery and slimy They were not exaggerating! – Alright, so I'm gonna be taking a bite of this thing here Just kinda wanna split it open

– [Both] Ooh! – [Collins] It's like, all gooey on the inside! If this was a dumpling I would be excited But it's an egg! I guess just kinda like, go for it? I don't know Here we go Three – [Both] Two, one (squirting) Ooh! – No! – Whoa! – I feel so bad for you dude! – Whoa! – Are you okay? I can't even speak – Wait! – What? No No! (Collins yelling) You can't say

Okay, I was like, there's no way! – Zero stars! (Collins screaming) – Time to eat my Jellyfish noodles And dude, if yours was that bad, I wonder how bad this is gonna be, bro Okay, while you eat that I'm gonna spin my mystery wheel for the next food

Here we go! – Dude it's jigglin' and wigglin' – Alright, let's see what my next food is! I've got tilapia next Yo dude! It's a full fish! – Oh, wow! Alright, well now it's time to try mine, I guess Three Two One

– [Collins] Hope it doesn't like, sting you man – Mm Whoa! – What? Is it good? – It's super spicy! And it's got like, little strings in it, bro! – Maybe those are the things that sting you – Mm-mm – You don't think so? – So, the jellyfish was actually alright

It was more the spice that I didn't like – I gotta eat my tilapia – I hope it's something good, dude – Ooh! – Aah! Wow! – Dude, it's so bony! – Wait, what? Quesadillas a los chapulines? – What is that? – I have no clue Alright, here's mine

Just quesadillas? – I found my piece of fish I just gonna go for a bite on this thing – And I found a bug, bro! – Dude! – There's a bug in here! – There's a bug in your food? – Ooh! My food is the bug, bro! – Oh my gosh! – It's cricket quesadillas, bro! – Oh my god! Dude, no wonder it got such a low review, bro! – [Devan] That's what the trampolines are! – Ooh! I don't think that's how you say it, Devan Hopefully I don't get a bone because this stuff is super bony Three

– [Both] Two One

(crunching) – [Devan] Ooh! (Collins grunting) Oh! – Ow! – Oh! – Ow! – I heard crunching and cracking! You got bones – Aah! – [Both] Ooh! – The fish was great until I got hit with the bone Ow! – Ooh! – Okay, lets see how yours tastes, man – I can't believe I have to take a bite of this thing – Well, I've got a blender here We're going to be adding these ingredients in and drinking it at the end of the video

– And I have to blend this up? – [Collins] We gotta blend up your crickets stuff, bro But right no you gotta take a bite of that – Ready? Set Go – Ooh, man! (Devan grunting) Ooh! I can see his legs! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! – If you don't think about it, it tastes like a crunchy quesadilla

– What? But I still give it a zero star bro Alright, right now we're on to the next one – Oh, now that is a one star sushi plate – Wait! Oh my goodness – Oh no, bro

Those are the beans? – [Both] Ooh! – [Collins] What is that, bro! It is like, gelatinous and undulating hell – [Both] Ooh! – [Collins] Why is it stringy? – [Devan] It's like spider eggs! Look how wack mine looks, bro I can't get over this Done adding this – Well how about this Devan

Would you like to have some of my kale? – No! No! – Here you go, are you sure? (both screaming) Oh my gosh! – [Devan] What was that? (Collins laughing) – Oh my gosh! – No way! (Collins laughing) I think what I'm gonna do now is try to mix it up – Alright, well now it's time to taste my sushi and see how it Ooh my gosh it's dripping

See how it tastes, man Three – [Both] Two

One – Ooh! No! Uh-uh! – What! – No! Uh-uh! – Nope! – Alright first I just gotta (Devan gagging) Gotta mix it up – The egg is getting it all stringy, man – Ready? Set Alright, here we go

– Oh man! Oh dude, it's like it's stringing off your mouth No way Is it good? – It has like, no taste But a wax taste And it's like, webs

– Right into the blender And we'll be blending it up at the end Let's spin the wheel! And for this one you challenged us to try the worst reviewed French food Let's see what we got here – Wait, escargot? – I got French onion soup

– [Both] Ooh! – [Collins] What is that? – [Devan] I thought that would look a lot prettier – Bro, looks like a liver! Let's see what your escargot is – [Devan] That's interesting Ya know what? I need to figure out what this is – Wait a minute

No way! Dude, there's a full onion in it! Well I guess it's time to taste the worst reviewed onion soup Sorry it just dropped off, man This looks like every food except soup, man It looks like pasta I just wanna get as much of the flavor in this thing as possible

That is a heaping sporkful Alright, I guess here we go Three (sniffing) – Two – It smelled like an onion One

(triumphant music) – What? – Whoa! It is so good! – [Devan] Whoa! You really like this stuff – Mm-hmm! – Alright then – Although it might look kinda weird, I give it five stars, man! – I don't even know how to do this I think I'm gonna maybe break it in half – [Collins] Ooh! – [Both] Ooh! – No! – What! Wait a minute! The stuff on the top is just garlic! – Ooh! That's what it smelled like garlic! – [Collins] Yeah, that's the snails in the middle! – Think about it, Devan

If they didn't put like a half inch layer of garlic to cover up the snails, how bad do the snails taste? – I don't even wanna— – You gonna pick up a snail? – Yeah, I don't even wanna Eww – [Collins] Oh my gosh! – Oh, man! – Wow! – [Devan] I guess I'll put it there

– [Collins] Yep, and then just gonna have to take a bite of it, Devan You ready? – Yeah, I'm open to try somethin' new Alright, three Two One – First Five Seconds to Subscribe Challenge! We wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five second! Five

Four Three Two One! Done! If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now – Ready? Set Go – [Collins] Oh my gosh! (crunching) – Oh! (gagging) – What was that? You think there's shell in it? – Aah! It's spicy! – Why is it spicy? And why is there shell in it, bro? (Devan hacking) – Its rubbery, bro

Wow! (Devan yelling) I give it a one – Alright, gonna add this to the blenders Let's see what our next one is – [Both] Three Two One! Whoa! Wait, what? Sriracha noodles? – Yo dude, I have purple pancakes with green slime

And it's called taro pancakes – [Devan] What is this? I think this is garlic! – Ew! – [Devan] Wow, these are not great noodles, bro – I have no clue what this is It's like some sorta mystery sauce or something, man Whoa! Dude, the green mixed with the purple is turning it like, brown

Alright, well the mystery sauce is on – [Devan] Now that you've added your sauce, it's time to add my garlic, dude Oh, it's going to be so spicy! – It is now time to take a bite of these and see how they taste And so Devan I think you should go first, man – Yeah, I think I should

Three Two One – That was a quick bite, bro (Devan whining) – Oh, is it spicy? – That's so spicy! – Those noodles are like, super duper spicy? – Yeah! – Be careful, man You're flipping your noodles everywhere, bro

– I give it a one! I mean, it is as advertised – Alright, let's see how the pancake tastes I can take the pancake and get all the weird sauce all over it Just like that I can just kinda go for a bite

Here we go Three – [Both] Two, one

– Ah! What does it taste like? Oh my gosh! Ten stars! – What? – Alright, right now we're on to the next one Time to spin the wheels Here we go – [Both] Three, two, one – And for this one you challenged us to try the worst reviewed Italian food

Oh, I got purple, alright – What'd I get? Bone marrow risotto, dude? – [Collins] I got squid ink pasta – Huh – [Both] Whoa! – [Collins] You can literally pick up all the noodles in one hand – Ooh! – Oh, dude so wait

That's the bone marrow – Oh, there's a hair! There's a little hair – No way! – Dude, listen to the bread Hold on (knocking) That's like, hard as a rock

I just realized the stuff on the top, this is actual squid – What is this at the bottom? They look like crushed up peas In the reviews they did say that this was a little over seasoned – Ooh! Ooh! All you have to do with the noodles is peel them apart just like this – I don't know if this is normal but I see a vein

I don't wanna eat my veins – It's like a nerve To try out mine I wanna get a little bit of everything I wanna get a little bit of the rock bread And I wanna put a little bit of noodles on here like this

Of course we gotta get some bits of the squid Alright, well it's time to find out what my squid ink noodles taste like – [Devan] Dude, this is gonna be weird – No! Dude I just noticed, it's a squid tentacle with suction cups on it! Three – [Both] Two One

– One! – I lose a couple pieces, sorry I'm not stalling (crickets chirping) I'm just confused Three Two – [Both] One

– Ooh It is? – Okay – Okay – It's weird (gagging) (laughing) It's spicy! – I don't recommend eating this on a first date because you'll end up with everything in your teeth

– Is it everywhere? – Yeah, you look like a fool (laughing) Gotta put some of this green stuff on here – I still don't even know what that is – Alright, ready? Set Go

– No, you can't just bite it! That is a bone! – I guess I just gotta use a spoon – It's so weird It's kinda like gelatinous in a way, man – Whoa! Three, two, one The texture is shuddering

– This is not a favorite of yours – It's so greasy It lives up to it's one star review, and I give it a half a star – Whoa! Alright, we're gonna add this to the blender Let's spin the wheels and for this one

(screaming) Not again! – Whoah! – You challenged us to try the worst reviewed Chinese food – [Devan] Wait, what? Stinky Tofu – [Collins] What, I got Tripe soup

I don't even know what this stuff is, man Looks kinda like a brain I'm confused – Alright, time to see if mine lives up to it's name You ready? – Yup

I don't smell anything Yeah, it's not bad at all – (sniffing) Ooh! It's like dog breath! Just take a whiff (Collins screaming) I can't imagine ordering this, bro I feel like this would linger for a week

– Alright, look at that! Look at that hat stringy looking Agh! – Oh boy! – Alright, time to see how this thing tastes! So here we go, man – Wait, you know what this is, right? – No, I don't

– It's the inner lining of a cow's stomach – Nope, done That's it – The mystery wheel picked it though You gotta do it

I guess I'll put some egg on mine A little bit of this rice here – And your stinky tofu – I didn't choose the stinky life Dude, I'm about to eat dog breath that's food

This is gonna be rough You ready? – Yep! – Three, two – Oh man

– One (crunching) – (laughing) Trying not to breath Is it a little bit tough? Oh boy – It's spicy – Devan doesn't like spice

– Man, the eggs! Mixed with it, man Oh! Oh! (exhaling) – Ah, hey! – Does it smell good? – Not at all – My review for this would be a zero The taste is not worth the breath you're gonna have for a week – I can attest to that

Your breath's pretty bad right now Here we go! Let's see how this tastes, bro I don't even know how to – (screeching) Aah! – That perfectly describes how you must feel right now – So it I guess we just gotta go for it Three, two, one (yelping) (gagging) (laughing) I have psyched myself up for this one, bro A lot of emotions

A lot of feelings A lot of energy A lot of everything right now, man – You can do it, you got it just– – I know, ah! – Oh, wait! Oh yeah, Three Second Like Challenge! We wanna see if you can like this video in three seconds You ready? Here we go

– [Both] Three Two One Done! – Dude It's that little bit that's hanging (groaning) – [Devon] Ay-yi-yi! (muffled screaming) Bro! – Yo, that was the worst thing I have ever like, texture! (groaning) Time to add the foods to the blender

Let's spin the wheels And for this one you challenged us to try the worst reviewed American food Ooh no! – Wait, what? Chicken fried steak? – [Collins] Lobster mac and cheese – [Both] Ooh! – [Collins] What? It's like dripping out juice! Let's see what yours is – Alright

I mean, it could look worse – [Collins] It's stuck on there! – [Devan] Stuck on it – The weirdest thing is that the mac and cheese doesn't look creamy at all, man It's just like noodles No! Dude! It's got lobster meat in it, but look at this! It's also got lobster shell

Dude! – You gotta watch where you eat There's other pieces of it too Look at this! – [Devan] guess I'm gonna try to cut mine up and see what's on the inside I think that's steak on the inside – As you've done that, I think it's time to add some fresh lobster

Alright, there we go Lobster tail– Aah! – Ooh! – Oh my gosh! On the inside! Aah! No! – Dude, what is that? No! That goes back! That is not added in my thing! Uh-uh! Right now it's time to see how the macaroni and cheese tastes And how your chicken fried steak thing tastes – [Both] Three Two One

(crunching) – It's really rubbery – The reviews did say it was a little bit rubbery What rating would you give it, Devan? Overall probably a three – Dude! That's where all the cheese went! It's all stuck to the bottom! – Yeah! – I'm gonna take a huge bite of this thing right now You ready? Three

– [Both] Two One (squishing) – Oh Ugh! – How are the noodles? – A little bit rubbery I give this a rating of Alright, gonna add this into the blender Let's spin the wheel and for this one you challenged us to try the worst reviewed German food – Alright So what's yours? – What? I got a ham hock

– I got weisswurst? – Oh, what? – Whoa! – So that's ham hock? It's got a bone in it! No, dude! I think this is like the ankle of a pig! – Dude, how did you now that? – Bro, I study these things – Alright, it's time to open up mine – [Both] Whoa! – [Devan] Is that a soggy pretzel? – That's got to be the worst looking pretzel I've ever seen – Can we even call this a pretzel? I didn't even realize the main event These sausage looking things

– Ooh! – Hey! You can literally peel the skin off of it – [Collins] Ugh! It's like sludge, bro! – [Devan] Yikes! Do you have any clue what these are? – Yeah, they're egg noodles Well, now it's time for you to try your white sausages It's such a weird combo with the pretzel, bro I'm just going to put that on the end, there

We got a kabob Or shabob? I dunno, kabob? – (laughing) Shabob? – Three, two, one Ugh! It's way too spongy I would give it a zero for the soggy pretzel, bro – Alright, well now let's see how this thingy tastes

You know the first step, gonna have to pull it apart a little bit You just gotta pull it apart and get some different textures Ooh! Dude! – Ooh! – You pull one little bit and the whole thing comes apart, bro (both screaming) It's hot! – I think we kinda harmonized there – Yeah we turned into a siren

Oh dude that's kinda cool you can pull it apart like that – [Both] Ooh! – [Devan] It's steaming! – I'm gonna put that on there It's like a little hat It's going out for traveling So now we're gonna of course add in some of garnishes here

Let's see how this tastes Here we go Three – [Both] Two, one (crunching) – Whoa! Dude! You took like, the whole thing with you! – I gotta try some of the raw part, hold on – Really? I heard a bit of a crunch there, bro – Ooh! (laughing) It's the garnishes that ruin the dish! It is (gagging) This gets two hawks out of 50

I'm gonna add this to the smoothie We'll be blending this up and drinking it at the end Spin the mystery wheels And for this one you challenged us to try the worst reviewed Italian food Let's see what we got here

– [Devan] Shrimmp Scampi – [Collins] And I got a head cheese pate plate – Alright, time to pop it off and Ooh! What? – [Collins] Dude, you have like, full on shrimps in there – I have a full school of shrimp in here dude – And that is a head cheese pate plate Oh boy! Dude! I think I've heard of headcheese before I think it's literally like, cheek meat

– [Devan] What? – Yeah No! The noodles are actually, they're a little bit oily – Yeah, that what it said in the reviews Dude, this is liver pate! – Wait Liver pate? – This is pate combined with a head cheese is gonna be a lot

Then we gotta add some pasta noodles to this thing This is a head cheese sandwich right here So, oh boy! Alright, I guess I'm gonna take a bite of this So Devan, you ready to take a bite of yours? – Now it's time to grab some noodles I also gotta get some of this asparagus on here

I heard it was not the greatest asparagus Maybe a little bit damp Look at it It's a little soggy Three

Two One – Oh, I can hear the crunch of the asparagus in there, man – It's a little oily – Alright, here we go Three

– [Both] Two One – Ooh! Okay (triumphant music) – Whoa! – What? What? – Mm! Oh my gosh! It is so good! – [Devan] It is just 'cause you haven't had it before it's good? Or is like, it's really good? – Woo! It may not look it, but it tastes amazing! This gets five stars Alright let's spin the mystery wheel Three, two, one

And for this one you challenged us to try the worst of reviewed Thai food in our city Let's see what we got – Wait, what? Oxtail soup? – [Collins] Fried Silk? Alright, so this I guess is fried silk – [Devan] And this is oxtail soup – Oh my gosh! – [Devan] There's something hard in there, bro

– I think I'm doing pretty good so far, because a lot of the reviews said that they found weird things in food Like bugs in the food Or it just wasn't prepared well And I feel like, all in all this is a pretty good – Wait, dude, I think those are silk worms

– No! Oh my gosh! Dude, you're right! Dude, that's a silk worm! – Alright, I think I'm gonna take bite of mine first – That's probably best, man Because I wanna stall as long as possible having to eat a silk worm – [Devan] So just get some of this and– – Wait! N-n-n-n-n-no, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa You just can't eat just a little bit of the soup

You either got to drink it Or you got to take a huge bite of that tail – Oh, I dropped my spoon in there – See, that's a sign Devan That's a sign you can't use your spoon

Take a bite of the oxtail first And then take a bit of the soup – Bro, I would honestly rather switch with you Alright, he we go Three

– Oh boy – Two – (laughing) Your voice gave you away on that one, Devan – One – Ooh! – Oh boy Dude, it's like it's dangling, bro

– Aah! It actually tasted like chicken to me – Did you spit it out? Alright, well now I guess it's time to try some silkworms Look at that, bro Look at that little – To be honest that's as bad as this – Click over here to vote right now Which do you think is worse? Silkworms or ox right now Oh, you know what I forgot? I gotta actually add some of the hot sauce to it

– Oh, man! – Then I guess we're gonna put a little piece of the cabbage – Three – [Both] Two, one

– But wait – If you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word worst to 81800 right now So pause the video, text the word worst to 81800 You'll automatically be entered in to win And right now, let's see how this things tastes

Three – [Both] Two One Ooh! (laughing) – Is it really hot? (Collins groaning) It's not hot? Oh, it popped? – Ooh! (yelping) – Wow You're very brave for doing this, Collins – Look, the actual worm itself like, that tastes kinda good

This gets a rating of two stars Alright, gonna add this to our blender We'll be blending this up at the very end And right now we're on to the next one Time to blend up the worst reviewed smoothies

– Aah! – Ooh! I forgot about the squid noodles! – It's all Ooh! It's all stuck – Why is it just like stuck in one cylinder, bro? Oh my gosh

We've also got the best reviewed smoothie in our city And the mystery wheel's gonna decide which one we have to drink But first we gotta add them to the big blender here – [Both] Ooh! – [Devan] The escargot, man – [Collins] Yo, the bread got mad soggy

– Oh my gosh, the chicken steak – The eggs are goin' in – [Devan] I don't even remember what that was – Ooh, yeah (gasping) I forgot the stomach is in there, dude

– Oh, no! We did some bad stuff with this one – [Collins] Ooh! The silk worms! – [Devan] It's a full snail! – These are gonna be the most disgusting smooties we've ever had to eat I'm just crossing my fingers that I get the good smoothie and don't have to drink this, man Alright, well last spoonful is going in – Oh, and the jellyfish noodles! – Real question is, do all these one stars make it a 10 star? Or is it like a negative 10 stars? – It's a negative 10 star, dude

– Wait, we gotta add some water though to it Alright, we got the tap water And now let's add this in And we'll get this thing blending So here we go

Ooh! – [Devan] Ooh! It's dripping! – How is my pour cleaner than yours? Time to turn this thing up and blend it So, how do we do this? Hold on – [Devan] There? (blenders whirring) – Aah! Oh my gosh! – [Devan] Oh, it stopped working! – Yours isn't working? – No, it stopped – Whoa! (blenders whirring) Oh my gosh! These things are all blended up and oh my gosh! Ooh! – [Devan] Ooh! – [Both] Dude! – [Collins] Oh, let's dump it out Dude, this is so gross

Ooh! – Not the sides! – Just gonna top it off right there Oh no! – The stinky tofu made it's way through this whole smoothie – It's dripping! Time to spin the mystery wheels for which one we're gonna get And I hope I get the good one! – Please be the good one – Three

– [Both] Two, one! (wheels clacking) – Please be the good one – Please! Please, please, please – I'm not gonna look at mine until you read off yours

So go for it – Alright No! (both yelling) It says worst smoothie! – Dude, I'm so sorry, bro! – No! – Three Oh no, two One (triumphant music) Yeah! – No! – Dude, I got the good smoothie! Oh yeah! – No! – I'm actually so sorry for you though

'Cause that's like, the worst smoothie challenge we've ever done, bro Alright, well let's see how the best reviewed smoothie tastes So here we go – How is it? – Mm! – Wow Yeah, yeah

Uh-huh Way to rub it in, bro – That is the best smoothie I have ever had! But Devan, time for you to take a drink of yours, bro – Alright, here we go – You're such a trooper, bro

Oh man! – Three, two, one– – Hold on, f you wanna become a part of our all new Keyper Club You'll get exclusive access to live streams, merch discounts codes, loyalty badges, custom emojis, and exclusive content you can't see anywhere else So click the top link in the description right now to claim your membership and join us We can't wait to see you there Now let's see how this thing tastes

– Ready Set – All my strength, dude – Go! – Ooh! (gagging) – [Both] Ooh! (Collins laughing) – Oh my gosh, are you okay, bro? – No! My eyes! Ugh! – Dude I feel so bad Take some of my good smoothie – Thank you! – Drink some of my good smoothie, yeah

Hopefully it'll drown out the taste Is it better? If you want to see another video click right over here I'll average a lot better You got five seconds here we go – [Both] Five

Four Three Two One, done! – Love you! – [Both] Bye!

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