(gentle music) – Give me 60 seconds to introduce you to a brand new kind of entertainment that will blow your mind (cheering) I wanna connect with you and I wanna pull you in to the show and I want you to be a part of what's going on

– [Woman] Come find me – Imagine a show that lives on your phone and has you at the center By simply writing in the comments, you could take the storyline in totally different directions, depending on what you like and share at the time What if parts of the show existed in the real world, in real time, and you could be part of the action as it happens That's what AT&T Hello Lab is all about

Amazing new shows all connected by what you do on your phone Shows that simply couldn't exist without you guys Watch the show we made together, The Disappearing Girl, on my YouTube channel (cheering) Do you guys wanna see some magic?

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