– What's up, guys? It's Collins, and welcome to the Thursday vlog So as you guys and tell, things are different today

I'm wearing a flannel, got this cool wall thing behind me, and I'm going to be doing a challenge I've never done before I'm going to be doing the What's In My Mouth challenge How this works, I'm going to be taking a blindfold, putting it on so I can't see anything, and I'm going to be doing this Halloween-style, so my brother, he went out to the store, and he got a ton of random Halloween things, some nasty foods, I don't know what he got He's going to be putting those things in my mouth as I'm blindfolded I have to try to figure out what they are

Here's Devin Hey! (laughter) Eyebrows are peeking out Hello I literally can't see anything – It's Devin-approved

This That's all you get – Oh, what was that? That was like, cold and wet – That would pretty much fit the – Ooh, it's a spoon! Ah, there's something on the spoon! – Yes, there is something on the spoon (retching) – Oh my god! Weird – You can spit it out, it's pretty nasty – It's like, scaly

Oh, god, okay, yeah (spitting) – Oh, it smells terrible – Dude, it tastes even worse Fish, right? – Yeah – Tuna? – No

– What is it? – Anchovies – What are anchovies? – Alright, this is our next one Alright, here we go – Do I put my head back? – No – What? Wow, what the heck? What? Alright, do it again

– Promiscuous — – What the heck? It's like a finger It's like a thumb My nose! It's some sort of plastic hand – Yes, you finally got one right! Alright, this is our next one – This isn't more fish or anything, right? – No, no

– This one smells good Oh, I like this one Wow, this is tasty It's like the polar opposite of what you just gave me Is this a Three Musketeers bar? – Yes, it is, yeah! Good job

– It's really good If you have like eight more of these, this challenge would be the best thing ever – This is the next one It's another candy, so you're probably gonna get it right away Open wide

– Ahh Oh, that's not candy Oh my god! What (coughing, gagging) – It smells so bad! (spitting) – Is that cat food? – No – Alright, just a little bit Okay (spitting) Is it any sort of animal food? – No What are they made out of usually? – Woodchips? – No, not woodchips

– Cat food's my final answer What is it? – Okay, it's a liver pate – A what? It sounds like a potty, like someone used the restroom, like a potty, 'cause it tastes just about as bad Straight up, one of the nastiest things I've ever tasted in my entire life I am disgusted right now

I'm striking out – [Devin] You're one for four – In my defense, these are really tough! – I don't know if you can see that I guess you can have — (toy squeaking, laughter) – What was that? You scared me so bad! Eh? Ow, you're punching me in the face – You have to taste more than that! – Is that like a rat? – Yes! – Woo hoo! – Yay, he got another one! – You scared me so bad when you squeaked it

(increasingly suspenseful music) (screaming) What the heck? (laughter) Oh my god! – I got him! – Oh my god! – Here we have our next one – My heart's beating First, a little squeaker toy, and then that was a full-on jump attack (laughter) Oh my god, what the heck? What are you doing? It's like attacking my face I don't like it, whatever it is

Ew, what is that? Oh my god, it's, ahh! Sorry, it's just, is it a spider? – Yes! – Oh, god! I was like, if it's a, dude stop! No more! – Don't worry, I'm not gonna do it again – Okay, why was it so gummy? I was chomping on his booty, man! And that is it for the What's In My Mouth challenge If you guys enjoyed this video, please be sure to give it a huge thumbs-up Comment down below What else should I put in my mouth? Let me know in the comments down below

Check out Devin, all of the social media links, again, are in the description Be sure to, of course, subscribe to this channel I'll see you guys next week, peace – What, he's gone?

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