Whatever You Draw, I’ll Buy It PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE & How To Make Lion King Visa Art

– Yo, I can't believe we are actually doing this! Oh my gosh! (upbeat pop music) They have it, this is the exact same one he drew! No way! I don't know man, should we buy it? You challenged us to the you draw it, I'll buy it challenge, but with a pancake art twist We're drawing six expensive luxury items, and we're kicking it off with our dream tech products, so let's go

Devan, I've wanted these things for years, so I really hope you actually buy it for me Wait, what kind of tech is that bro? If that's the new iPhone I'm going to freak out Could you imagine that little robot head popping out the top of your phone and delivering messages like hey you got to get up for school! Can you give me a hint, Devan? Can you fit this in your pocket? – No, this could fit you in its pocket – What? – Yeah – Devan, how would I actually buy this for you brother? It's like a giant robot, so how about this, I'm going to add in an extra element, Devan, this is very important, this extra element has nothing to do with the actual product itself, there we go, alright

– [Devan] It's got to be some sort of face – [Collins] Yo, that thing is looking insane bro, There is no taking pictures with this guy – He can't fit in the selfie – Oh! Even with a selfie stick, he couldn't fit in the selfie? – Definitely not (laughing) – [Collins] All right, dude next up here we go we're going to add some details in the mind, these are going to be very important

– He's got loaf of bread eyebrows I want to eat those eyebrows – Hold on guys, this just in, YouTube star Devan Key admits to eating eyebrows Yes, this is very bizarre, but he has admitted to eating eyebrows, back to you Patricia Your guy looks pretty aggressive, I've got to say

He does not look like a friendly guy you would want to meet in a dark alley way If this doesn't give it away, I don't know what will – Upside down P – Are you kidding me, Devan? Dude how am I going to be able to buy that for you? That's why your pancakes are better than mine bro cause your always in my space, look at your elbow bro, – [Devan] What? – I have no room to move over here man – [Devan] I think you're over exaggerating here a little bit

– I am not – You have enough space now? – No, okay see – How about now? – I'm just going to get this little tooth right over here – Yeah – I can still make a pancake like this though

– That's actually really impressive – Look! – [Collins] All right here we go we're going to have to fill in these lovely teeth right over here – [Devan] Wait, dude does that guy have golden teeth? – [Collins] No, he doesn't brush his teeth Yo, yours looks so amazing man! I am so happy we're not choosing the pancake off of which one looks better, because that looks like your best one you've ever made dude I'll give you final hint about my guy, Devan – Okay

– He's not a fan of pancakes in the morning, he's making waffles – Donkey's not green – [Collins] You know who this is? – [Devan] Yeah dude, it's Shrek – Then you've known this whole time this was Shrek? Even though you're mainly using blue, it's crazy how much depth you're able to achieve with that Where would you buy this? (screeching) – What? Did you touch it? I told you not to get close to it

– I'm sorry – [Devan] Good thing it was on the chest in a part that doesn't really matter Are those earmuffs? Cause if they are why aren't they on his ears? – Yeah I got to think about the anatomy of this – [Devan] Now it's time to fill in the background – Before we flip the pancakes it's time to find out who buys what But if we're going off which pancake looks better, I've read the comments, and apparently, you guys don't think I would win

So we have the coin of destiny Each side has one of our faces on it So right now it's time to flip the coin and whoever's face lands on top, that person wins and the other person has to buy whatever they drew So let's see who wins [In Unison] Three

Two One (triumphant music) (screaming) Yes I won! Whew! – Yes, Dude! – That's actually probably for the best – Yo, that is a huge relief bro, cause could you imagine if I had to buy you a full blown man But right now, it's time to flip the pancakes All right, here we go, time for the flip, so you got to get up underneath it, [In Unison] Oh boy

Three Two One (triumphant music) (screaming) All right Devan, so this right here is what you're going to be buying me – Dude, I have no clue

– I can't wait to see what yours looks like, man Looks like there is a cheese filling around it right now – [Devan] Time to flip mine – [Collins] Dude, you are so close – [In Unison] Ready, set, go! (triumphant music) – [In Unison] Oh! Dude! – [Devan] What! – [Collin] Devan, you're going to have to try to find what I drew and we'll find out if he does at the end of the video

You challenged us to make our dream jewelry, so let's go I got to be very careful with mine, because I really, really, really want this piece of jewelry – [Devan] Right now I'm adding the diamonds and this is what makes mine extremely expensive – Is that a coffin? – What? No – Do you want a luxury coffin, Devan? Is that your ideal piece of jewelry? – Yes, but that's not what this is

– Dude, can you imagine a coffin with wheels, but you roll up to the club, and then resurrect yourself out of the coffin, and then at the end of the night, you're dead tired, so you lay back in your coffin and zoom off? Oh my gosh, this is coming together man, this is gonna work – [Devan] Dude these designs are crazy – [Collins] Those two last little gems are the most important – So there's gems on it? – Ye- oh- maybe – [Devan] Now its time to fill it in – [Collins] Why does yours look gray now? It looks pretty scary

Now if we choose yours, I won't know what it is I might think you tried to make a basket, or a coffin – [Devan] Got to add some blue right here – [Collins] Boom! And there we go! Mine is all done Now I just got to let it cook, and Devan are you almost done with yours? – [Devan] I'm actually almost done! – [Collin} That's looking really good for a party coffin

We're going to be using the coin of destiny Each side has one of our faces on it So right now, I'm going to flip it, and whichever side lands face up that's who wins So here we go, are you ready? – [In Unison] Three Two

One (triumphant music) (screaming) – Dude, oh my gosh! – What, no! – I don't even know what that is! – Oh dude it is that! – [Collins] Oh it is super expensive All right, well here we go, time to flip mine Hopefully, the moment it flips over you'll know exactly what it is – [In Unison] Three

Two One (triumphant music) (screaming) – [In Unison] Oh! – [Devan] Wait a second! – No! – What! – What! – I moved it and it wrecked it a smidge so here we go, hold on, we got to lift it up, oh my gosh – [Devan] You did a really good job though – No! – [Devan] It looks actually really cool

– [Collin] Pay close attention to what you think it could be – I gotcha – Dude, this is gonna look insane when you actually flip it bro – Oh! I can't wait to see what it is, and I'm very happy I don't have to buy it, cause it looks super expensive [In Unison] Three

Two Oh wait! – Three second like challenge! We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds Are you ready? Here we go, [In Unison] Three, two, one Done Ready, set, go

(triumphant music) (screaming) – [Collin] Oh my gosh You can comment down below how much money is Devan going to spend when he buys this and we'll find out at the end of the video You challenged us to make our favorite fashion items, so let's go All right, here we go, gonna start out with this shape of mine, so we're gonna go here – [Devan] I've kind of made it a little far in mine – [Collin] And then we go up and then we go over and then down like that

(laughing) – [Collin] These aren't Yeezys Devan, they're Keezys – Oh! (laughing) – Key bro special right here – Whoa, don't drag me into this dude I think I'm going to go for some details now – [Collin] And now it's time to fill it in with color and this is really where mine starts to comes life man

This is really going to look amazing – Really? All right – Oh abso-flipping-lutely dude If you try to buy this thing man it might max out your Visa I've got a vision in my mind, and it looks good

(screaming) Oh, no! For the liquid man, I gotta dab it up real quick see if I can fix it, okay here we go – [Devan] Oh dude what did you do? – [Collin] Now that I'm looking at it I think it might be a shoe? But it's a very specific shoe that I'm looking for – [Devan] Here we go, just gonna add some blue back in over here like this – [Collin] A blue heel I've heard is very important on a shoe – From who? – I hear it from all the designers Devan, trust me when you go to the store you'll know exactly what to buy

– Which store though? That's very general – [Collin] I'll have to give you a hint for the store somewhere in this Does that does not make any sense? – It's like two keys? – No You know what store this is – Chanel – [Collin] No

In what world is that a C Devan? – [Devan] Crocs! – You are not buying me Crocs – [Devan] Well you should know what mine is by now, right? – [Collins] Yeah, it's a robe – No, no, it's a very specific robe – [Collins] Oh its a Snuggie! – [Devan] No, it's like five times the price of a Snuggie, dude – A snuggie is like 29 bucks

– Maybe, I didn't know how much Snuggies were – How much do you think a Snuggie is? – I don't know, like 150 bucks – Man, what kind of Snuggies have you been ripped off by? Before we flip, it's time to find out who buys what, so we've got the coin of destiny right now Here we go, just gonna give it a flip, three, two, one and whichever side lands face up, the other person has to buy whatever was drawn So here we go, [In Unison] three, two, one (triumphant music) (screaming) – I won, oh yes! – Oh man, I wanted my robe! – You're going to have to buy me these shoes! – [Devan] It was a Versace robe! – [Collin] What! – [Devan] Yeah it was Versace! – Yo that would've been super expensive

All right here we go, time to flip mine man, and when I reveal it, dude, I'm hoping this is going to be my best pancake yet Three, two, one (triumphant music) Oh no! Well the leg, the leg just kind of fell apart Dude, I think I nailed the shoe from every level – [Devan] Yeah man

All right here we go, here we go, here we go, coming underneath, oh yes, all right pull it, pull it pull it, side, side, side, side, side, side Team work makes the dream work! – Where? – I thought it was going to be screwed up for sure – Nice! Now it's time to flip Ready, set, go! (triumphant music) – [Collins] That looks like a very high end Snuggie! – It's not a Snuggie dude! – [Collins] You get to comment down below what store you think Devan will be able to buy this at, we'll be finding out if he's able to find the exact shoe at the end of the video You challenged us to make our dream gaming equipment, so let's go To kick mine off I'm starting with a shape, – Wait so here we go, so it's going to go up and around like this – [Devan] What are you making? (screaming) – That's not good

I'm trying to play with perspective on this one, get a little bit more artsy but it looks like a very sad porpoise man This is his tail and his head (wailing) All of his friends swam away with him, he's like but guys I can't swim as fast All right, next up here, time to give my guy some detail So this is really where I think it's going to start to bring it together- – Wait your guy, so you're making a guy? – I didn't say that

– [Devan] Do you have any guesses as to what mine is? – [Collin] I think yours is a man wearing some insane wrist bangles on him, Devan Could you imagine a guy, like a classical concert, and everyone's like oh what a beautiful set and he's like [In Unison] Ahh hey hey hey hey! (metal music) – I love it! Does he have a piece of lettuce going across his torso? – [Devon] He does, he just recently went vegan – [Collin] I'm going to add some extra elements around it – [Devon] Okay – [Collin] So here we go- – Two bowling balls! – Alright so next up we are going to use some white- Look at that directly to the center of the face

– Oh geez – It has to do with what this is – Light saber boy – [Collin] (scoffs) What? Alright I'm going to add a very distinct symbol here Devan, and this should really get you going on what this is What does that look like? – [Devan] It's a spider – Yeah! Okay! You're getting close! – Yeah, but why is it white? That's a telly tubby, dude, that's not a spider anymore

– [Collin] I got to say man your guys got a super flowy cape for shooting gas! Its how you can tell every time he shoots gas, cause his cape will go flutter flutter flutter – [Devan] All right now I'm just filling it in – [Collin] Next up, here we go, I'm going to add some contouring to mine here at the bottom Which should really give it shape – OH! Nice artwork

– Oh, thank you I thought you were about to say nice this! Cause I need you to guess this! You went pink on the cape? – [Devan] It's on the highlight, so he's got a little bit of a purplish pink cape – [Collin] All right here we go We're going to add some finishing touches to mine All right now we got all the lines down so we gotta fill it in right now

So first of all got to fill in my little dudes over here He's wrapped in a blanket Devan, just a little sleeping bag Okay! He's just trying to enjoy a night when this character shot things out of his hands to grab his face! Oh my gosh! – Is that a clue? – Yes, that was a huge, that was the clue Devan That was a huge clue! – Oh, I have no clue what it is – Oh my gosh

Finishing touches are done on mine Now its just time to cook it, let it roast And wait for this to finish – [Devon] One last spot right here and done – Before we flip the pancakes its time to find out who buys what

So we've got the coin of destiny and remember whichever face lands up that's the person who wins, and the other brother is going shopping Lets see who the winner is, here we go – [In Unison] Three, two, one (screaming) – Yeah! – What? – I win, I win – Good for you, good for you

– Okay Devan, this is very important, you have to know what this is to buy me the right game – [Devan] I have no clue dude! – Oh, okay well maybe when I flip it, it will become more apparent – [In Unison] Three, two, one (screaming) – Okay, Devan, focus – [Devan] When I go shopping I'll try to figure it out

But now it's time to flip mine – [Collin] This one is going to look insane bro I think this is one of your best pancakes you've ever done! – [Devan] Oh yes! All right, all right, all right – [Collin] Oh my god! All right Devan you're doing great You're doing great

– You know what, I think might need to stand up for this – [In Unison] Three, two, one – Oh, oh, oh, wait! – Oh yeah! Five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? – [In Unison] Five, four, three, two, one

Done – If you can do that comment down below Keep the squad right now – [In Unison] Ready, set, go! (triumphant music) (screaming) – What! That looks so good bro! – [Devan] If you didn't get it, its Mysterio from Spider man: Far from home – All right Devan its time for you to go shopping You get to comment down below what do you think he's going to buy

Hopefully its exactly what I drew out of pancake batter We will be finding out at the end of the video You challenged us to make our favorite movie character, so lets go! I'm going to start with a large [Inaudible] Right here IT looks more like Patrick's star Did you give her a mustache? – [Devan] No, no

It won't be a mustache I promise All right next up, I'm doing the hand – [Collin] My pancake really comes all down to detail I think I am crushing it right now – [Devan] This next part should give it away if you haven't gotten it already

Who do you think it is? – Tell me if I am right Devan, I think it is (whispers) – He just whispered in my ear (mumbles) – If you don't know who this character is, you probably don't know movies That's a lot to say IM going to take that back, that whole sentence (eating) We're going to put that away (throwing up) Its now gone – [Devon] All right now just going to add a line right over here

– [Collin] Going to fill in these large pink things on the side of his head, which may or may not be ears Oh my gosh yours comes along so fast – [Devon] Right now I am reinforcing lines I made earlier so that the pancake flips better – [Collin] So just going to start filling in the pancake, but there's still a couple extra elements to add – [Devan] Right now I am doing her face diamonds

– [Collin] You call them face diamonds, I call them grills Devon I think you gave her some grills on her forehead This looks like an assortment of food man You've got the arm burger, you got a little bit of ketchup here Looks really cool though man

The colors are all so vibrant on yours I can't wait to see what it looks like when you flip it over – [Devan] Same Now its time to fill in her multi tool – [Collin] Maybe its one tool, cause it only does one thing

– Do you know what it is? – Can I take a guess with sound effects? (sings) – Oh no, not really – Is it- (Shoots and sings) – Not quite Your guy has gotten really crusty – [Collin] Well yeah, cause I am waiting for you bro You are taking forever, and you know what? I will join him in crusty solitude

– Oh, oh wow So that's crusty Collin? – I've always been crusty, I just used lotion So why is it white on the inside? That kinda throws me off, cause I thought I knew what that was but why is it white? – [Devan] You shall see – Maybe you're making a giant stick of string cheese – [Devan] Got to add the green light rays around it

– [Collin] Looks like like a tea, like a matcha tea or something – [Devan] Mine is done! Now its time to let it roast and flip – [Collin] I can not wait to see how these look Before we flip the pancakes its time to find out who buys what We have the coin of destiny

I'm going to flip it up in the air and which ever side lands face up, that is the winner and the other person has to buy whatever they drew So here's the reveal You ready? – [In Unison] Three, two, one (triumphant music) (screaming) – Oh what!I have to buy that for you? All right, so Devon won – [IN Unison] Three, two, one

(triumphant music) (screaming) – Nice flip! – I nailed it, art is on fleek Dude it's Pumba from the new Lion King movie – [Devan] Now its time to flip the pancake – And that thing is going to look crazy man Here we go! – [In Unison] Three, two- oh, oh, wait! – You want to win a fifteen minute video call with Devan and I text the word DRAW to 81800 right now

So pause the video, and text the word DRAW to 81800 You'll automatically be entered to win, and lets see how this looks – [In Unison] Ready, set, go! (triumphant music) (screaming) – OH my god, that is the greatest pancake you have ever made Devan (claps) Wow! Because Devon won the coin toss its time for me to go out and buy what he drew, and we'll be finding out what I buy at the end of the video (bell rings) – You challenged us to make our dream super car

Lets go! Starting off with my car, it's got a very distinct shape So, I hope you guess what it is I don't know what that is, its a burger! It's two patties! You know what, you've been winning most of the coin flips so I really hope I win Already Devan, so what is this that I am making? What do you think this is? – You are making a smaller loaf of bread! – [Collin] I am making myself in a matching shirt to my car This is me on the inside, self portrait dawg

– [Devan] Looks like you put like cheese on your head! – [Collin] You know what, I'm done with conversation bro You're not even in reality right now So I'm going to fill my face in as red, because a lot happens when I laugh, which is kinda just in general, my face gets very red very often There's a new arm right here Devan This arm is- – Your arm is really really high, no he's waving get out the way! – [Collin] He's got a brochure for the car! – [Devon] Instead of focusing on the brochure duty, you should focus on the actual car! – Oh, the head lights are very distinctive, they go like this, and like this

– And then like that! – Close enough! Wait, why are you're windows blue? It looks like your car is underwater right now! – It's suppose to be like reflecting the blue sky What car have wheels that pop out like that? – [Collin] It makes a lot of sense, if you really think about it Like hard – [Devan] Now for the yellow break caliper – [Collin] Oh snap! Now you maybe asking yourself Devan, [In Unison] – [Collin] where are all the door handles? – [Devan] What is that? – What? – No, no

I'm going to draw a very special someone in here All right, I'll give you a hint – [Devan] Wait what? Do they have their hands on the dash? – [Collin] They're holding on for dear life like (speed tunnel) – [Devan] Is your car used? – [Collin] Our nan says that its actually better to buy a used car Devan, cause when you drive it off the lot it looses a lot of its value off the bat Depreciating assets – [In Unison] Yeah! – Financial jokes We're doing all blue interior and sky

I want my interior to match the sky You don't know if your looking straight at the sky or into my interior Before we flip the pancakes it is time to find out who is getting their dream car To do this we have the coin of destiny So right now time to flip up, whichever side is face up, that is who is getting their dream car

– [In Unison] Three, Two, One (triumphant music) (screaming) – Yes, dude! Yes, you are going to buy me that – OH my gosh Devan, all right better hope I can figure what this car is – Dude you better be able to! – All right so here we go For mine he is going to get the spatula underneath

Oh, no no no! Oh, no I'll replace the door a little bit later Okay here we go – [IN Unison] Three, two, one – Wait why'd you go so far? – Bam, there we go! (triumphant music) (screaming) – You lost your door! – Mine is ready to flip, just got to get underneath it – You got to us your pancake reference imagine when I'm looking through these different cars – [Devan] Yeah what ever you got to do – [ In Unison] Ready, set, go

(triumphant music) (screaming) – [Collin] Oh my gosh! – [Devan] I did it! Do you know what it is? Do you know what it is? – [Collin] I think I know what it is! – What is it? – Well I can't tell you, I have to surprise you with what I actually end up getting at the dealership – Don't prank me! – [Collin] Comment down below what your dream car is Right now its time to go shopping (pop music) – Yo, dude forget about Devin's car bro! This is the one that I drew (funky music) – This nitga is the exact same one he made out of a pancake

Oh my god – And remember the door – Yo! What! – I'm sure I can come up with a unique situation for him to have the car – I really appreciate it man, thank you – Absolutely

– Here you go man, here's the contract – All right, dude I cannot believe were about to do this But here we go! (funky music) – Devan is never going to believe this bro This is awesome! Where is the handle for the door? Back from shopping, we've got all the gifts – [Devan] Dude, I can't wait to see if you actually got me a car! – [Collin] Yup, one thing I forgot to buy is sunscreen bro

I got absolutely torched bro! – You got really torched – I got roasted man Its the beginning of summer and I look like a lobster You get sun burnt as well? Comment down below lobster squad so I know its not just me bro All right Devan so lets start off with this right here

I really want to see if you were able to get what this was – [Devan] It took me awhile to kinda interpre-late what was going on but I think I got it – Interpre-late? – Isn't that right? So I wasn't able to find you some deeds, but I did find you some Beats! (triumphant music) – Hey, yo and they are red bro! This so fun and it matches my neck! You can't even tell, it looks like color coordination Yo, I'm super excited about this man Thank you so much

You nailed it! – You know the one I really did get right though? – What? – Was this one? – No way! – I really got that one – You got that one? – We're going to wait on that one First lets go to this thing over here – [Collin] Aww, the suspense is building – Three, two, one

(Triumphant music) – Ta-da! – No way, bro no way! It's from the right store! All right, here we go I'm going to open up Three, two, one! – Oh! – Sorry hold on, there's packaging – Beautiful packaging – No way! (triumphant music) You found the exact shoes bro

– I got it – I was trying to go for the most outlandish shoe I could absolutely thing of Something you never be able to find and buy But you came through bro and you found them and you bought them – Dude you did a really good job

– Devan I am hyped bro I gotta give you a big hug thank you – Oh, you're welcome – Thank yo so much man

Ow, ow sunburn, sunburn man No pat, no pat And now time for your first gift You ready? What do you think it's going to be? – I really hoping it's the car – Well you're going to have to wait just a little bit to find out about the car

But Devan I've got the perfect gift for you – Oh the anticipation! – Three, two, one (screaming) – What? Light sabers? – [Devan] I wanted the arm bangles dude – [Collin] What? You wanted the arm bangles? – Yeah, she has a cool belt too – The belt is at like the very bottom

– I'm just kidding with you dude I like these, these are awesome – Also the thing is Devan I wanted to go above and beyond for you so they're not just normal light sabers Click that little button on the back – [In Unison] Whoa, dude! – I got you two- whooa! They are a little bit finicky

Congratulations bro, you've got some legit light sabers All right Devan so I think its time for the big gift right now – Oh nope, nope Not that Its time for this

– All right I mean I am excited for that too So I can't wait to see – Three, two, one (triumphant music) – Ta-da! – Wait, no way bro! The spider man one of everything Dude, that is spun on bro

Thank you so much man – [Devan] You got it Time for your big gift You ready for this one? – Oh my gosh, I am so ready If you got this right this will be my birthday present for like the next like five years man

– It is a watch, right – Yeah! – Close your eyes, close your eyes – All right were gonna close my eyes – And just put our your arm – And if you got it right bro, I am going to lose my mind

– Three, two, one – [Collin] What? – [Devan] How is it? – [Collin] Its not quite the latching mechanism I thought it would be Kinda stung a little bit Can I feel it? – Yeah, yeah, you ready? – [Collin] Doesn't feel right – [Devan] Go for it

There you go? (laughter) – That's not what it is? – No, its a rainbow Rolex Devan! It's got the crown, the rainbow jewels around it Although I appreciate the gesture Devan, I can't be wearing this around I got nothing against Hello Kitty, Its just not quite my style Going to put that off to the side All right Devan so its not its time for your big one

– Yeah, been kinda wondering why the whole car is missing and just the tire – The reason is because I took your pancake around as like a shopping list with me I went to a lot of different places because I had to find the exact same car that you drew – Dude, no way! – I don't want to blow the surprise, so here we go Devan I have a blind fold right here

– All right I am ready I'm ready I'm ready – So we got the blind fold here Going to pop it on like this

If I can figure out how to tie this – Its sliding around, what are you doing? – I untied it – It's in my mouth What are you doing? – I'm just trying to tie it – You're not pulling in the right direction

– I am sorry (laughs) All right Devan its time for you to get up right now and find out where I got my sunburn today So lets go! All right Devan so keep walking forward – Okay – Just like that – Dude what is going on? I swear there's going to be some sort of toy car, or some sort of prank

– All right stand right there, face just like that On the count of three you're going to remove the blindfold Three, two, one – What, no way! Holy cow! This is like exactly what I drew – Come here man

– OH my! I mean look at this, oh man! (laughs) – Oh dude, I totally forgot its actually a convertible bro – Can I get in it? – Yeah bro, I mean its yours! – No way All right oh, I don't want to mess anything up Oh my goodness – You got to shut the door

– Dude it fits so perfectly! – There is one catch – Its not my car? – It is your car, for 24 hours – Oh what? Dude, all right Ill take that! I thought you were going to say its not my car at all, you can sit in it Lets start this thing up

You ready? – Yup – Here we go! Three, two one (screaming) – [Collin] Dude its like a dragon! – It sounds so good bro! – It just like roared All right bro you ready to go? – I am so ready, close that door – All right here we go

Devan please be very safe – Trust me dude, I will be very safe – You've got 24 hours man have some fun bro See you later man – Dude this is insane! – [Collin] That car is sick! (car revs) – You get to comment down below what is your favorite car you would love to get and you draw we buy it challenge

Click over here if you want another video Five, four, three, two, one Done Love you, bye! – [In Unison] Oh wait! – We just launched our brand new keyper club, and if you become a member you will get an exclusive access to live streams, merch discount, custom emojis, loyalty badges, and exclusive content that you can't see anywhere else So click the top link in the description to join

It's only $499 a month

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