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OH MY GOD {both} no way I'm officially peed myself What's up it's Collins Key and for today's video as you guys can tell I'm doing challenge I've already got this thing on my head and all I need now super special guest to join me Please welcome my friend JAKE! Wohh dude ! Where'd you teleport from bro? London! Fuck bitch are going to be doing the wet head challenge and so basically how this challenge works we have water contained above our heads right here he came up with a list of british slang and I probably don't know and I came up with a list of American playing and so in a moment we're going to ask each other a question so let's say that I asked him a question and he gets it right then he gets to pull out one of these pins but then it is question and you get it wrong that i get to pull one of the pins out of your head and one of these pins will release all the water onto our head so I'm not exactly sure how many rounds going to be doing what I will let you guys know whoever wins the majority of the rounds at the end of this video they have to jump in a swimming pool we're taking the challenge on to the next level also want to let you guys know that we did a video over on Jake's channel and we did you guys notice shirt is a little bit wet right now and that's because things got pretty messy so you can check out that video go subscribe to jake his channel is also a lot of videos and you that they're coming from my videos make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and also comment down on his video to my channel sent you guys feel like I said make sure you subscribe to this channel and you got love British accent let me know by liking this video because trust me you're getting a whole lot of British accent right here blows to Jack said to let you guys know I'm in a big way about you right now give away a MacBook if you guys want to win that let me know by liking this video comment down below what your favorite videos that ever posted of course you must be subscribed to this channel without any further ado right now let's jump in and this is American vs British like a wet head challenge leg down so the first one is a road mine generalize a road man it was like the traffic cops they like that strap something you wouldn't know a very money is somebody waiting on line is like yeah like a special yeah like an old bag it is often like to dance and making eyes they roll around and they're not all like they're like why well in it road man that's right in mind okay not exactly sure if I fully understand the definition of a road man don't you like about money if you guys get that mean yeah let me know I don't want you I don't you know ways to get to pull out of him so openly oh my god will be so this one oh my god everybody got it already oh my god no way what is it on the first would i not high but it's like my underwear and my pants now whoa this is really weird so I'm just have to know soaked I'm soaked it in my underwear i'm going to refill this and I guess you're gonna go for round two all right well you know that did not go according to plan at all but home yeah you're right now it's my turn to ask a question so here is the term jack up ok jock means if you mess something up right John don't one no jack up like you jack up the prices are going to go to the store and like something more fun than usual man i think i'm jealous so confident and I feel like I got this cool so I'm going to give this has been now going by get on the first one I will be so happy i thought it I'm feeling this one right here no yeah ya know so my second one is what you know what I grow is a grow yeah I know you know it is i feel like it agriculture but I don't think it no no like you aggravate someone that you're a growed know yeah i was at it we really like all of me to agoura yeah American for the way hey let's see i'm gonna go i'm gonna stay in like lying here yes how is happening how is it is not their mind for this one the word is bail ary case if I'm doing something and I don't want to do I been out of it getting it i didn't want to go you know what's real quick I live ok cool number three in the pool now this is a very british thing to say I'm not sure we get this one on the pole if you're on the pull on the pole oh I want to give you a clear that I don't get wet give me the little girl I really have no idea ok so I've got to pull you out will not even the Pope all we're trying to get a girl oh my god yeah look it over I got I got to admit I would have said that like it you have to make a quick decision go on the pole and you're gonna make a decision about this how we eat remove one from each other because can really help me out and then I would have gotten what he wanted but there will i know i'll be there it's okay but this time I know how does not know what are posted I get one

i guess because I gonna get with me as I cool not another something that you got to say but take a rain check what is black yes yes hey so you outside you want to wear a jacket take a rain check I don't know the answer don't know it no idea why I just got like a little bit clues ok I owe you a clue it has to do with with social gatherings so you need to be prepared for your final answer yes no no no take a raincheck it's like if you if you're going out with someone and then something else comes up for you can't hang out okay i still like to hang out with you let's take a raincheck we'll do it another time other than that yeah they do you have to use the pool why i like my mom does ratio take a rain check that's very American alright so here we go oh no man I hope I you know it's not bear it I got to angry I was a gram now for the production of the fold shirya curious like bye right that's all you get the serial no course not it's like my father doesn't one of those experienced cook a dish that you could possibly say to Jerry of just telling everyone yes all right here we provide better get one of these another good one is this one ya know how am I not getting this one is tight I the typical tight dream stretch it to charge yeah and that's the other one we're like are you will be means they'll be too tight no one you were closely stopping time no it's actually me to meet them time that's crazy looks like in America is the exact opposite but you're tight with something you're really close up like you like best friends yes that also means that as well as in England like all your tight but also things are going to tighten me up oh yeah we never use it like tied up like Williams so called the cake is all the tone all right I got to pull it out of the way over yonder we don't get how you now three you weren't kidding me this is not tight number five no snack gods back gulps night and love it and you guess what it is it's like something really delicious it sounds like gobsmacking good now what is it comes back it basically and if someone said to me in complete like horrible to you or or surprising to you and you like your job smack OH like uslike gobsmacked oh that actually makes that right well now you're the one ok knowing my luck you're probably gonna get the wonderful I'm good I cold here's my next one you ready for this spill the beans ok so if you look it only goes when someone's keeping something away from you come on little things yeah that's that's it yeah your heart going so good fit I'm good number 001 no mistake roll your eyes a what both ball bog roll yes keep your food ball girl is it a don't think that when you roll down inhale like grass hill on your time and for always for real i never save all that something would have all your ducks in a row I don't know why Wow all right well I guess like you feel you're gonna get me know you got me no no no that's not it can you just so much water how does it contain so much water officially peed myself I'm gonna go refill my hat and then we're going to finish this up i think of in the lead was right now but I'm definitely losing in the getting wet department so hopefully you have to jump in the pool because I marry a girl right now be touching on yeah well I'm back I refill my water and all right so this 1 i'm going to go for my hardest one to try to stop you because I need to get you soaking wet but that's not fair if you get this one I'll be very disappointed the word is a cram the site so if there's not much room in like home to the car okay you got a crown molding that your final answer ok that's obviously know that's what ok that is actually wrong you you can use it like that its water still dripping on me but the other we could use it is not what people usually use it for is at the cram for finals all i got is crammed into a forward to studying take a pin ok the liver is 50-50 chance nah so much oh so cold Oh finally got finally got him but I think we'll call it the end for this part of the challenge and I believe I'm in the lead right now so you know what that means Jake jumping you got a bad now but like I think it's okay why it's like real bad so yeah let's go let's go do this you could see my skin we want each October that out sense of the imaged yeah yeah music video a thumbs up right over the fact that you literally just jumped into the braising I'm cool yeah he's like you should be a little bit right now it also makes you guys go check out the video we did on Jake's channeling got messy but you know bro it's been a blast but I got making teleport back to London right now oh man I'm it's already bye guys

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