WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *PIZZA & SOUR CANDY* Eating Funky & Gross Impossible Foods

– Were combining pizza with candy! – Are you kidding me? – Oh my gosh, I'm sorry man! Well you challenged us to try a whole bunch of crazy weird food combinations that people love! – And don't worry, I got another bag right here Oh my God, are you kidding me? – Oh gosh, what was that? All right, well we gotta clean all this up we're gonna have to try these a little bit later but now were onto our first weird food combination

This weird food combination you challenged us to combine a snickers bar with a pickle right here We've got a chocolate fountain as well- – Oh yes! – Which by the way I'm gonna give this a try – No, no, no you're not you're definitely not giving that a try! – You can't just take my straw – No, not before me bro – I got lots of straws

– No no no no How were you going to do that? I actually want to see that – (imitates roaring engine) We're going to hollow out the pickles, fill it with all the snickers interior, then dip it in this chocolate fountain right here and see how it tastes Pickle juice box! This is a new invention, man You could call it a pickle and a straw, or a pickle juice box deluxe

That's what I'm selling here – Wait, no one's going to buy that bro – Why, what are you talking about bro? – No one's going to get, no – Big business opportunity Devan – We got to get to this next part, dude it doesn't look like you're enjoying this

– Have you ever tried sucking a pickle out of a straw? – Dude – Sorry – You have so much spit I am on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what this– (dramatic music) – Ow, my eye! We've got the nougat and the caramel, and now we've just got to fill out the pickle – Oh! – Is that caramel, whoa! – Too much, too much! Added too much, yes

– Let's see, we're just going to inject it into the pickle – That looks weird You know, in my dreams it was a lot nicer – What, you've been dreaming about the pickles? – No, not the pickles dude, the snickers – News just in! YouTube star Devan Key, – No, no! – Dreams

– Not even stop– – Of – I do dream, I dream but not this time, we're cutting it short, back to you Patricia Oh yep, oh yep – You had to get a full chocolate fountain just to put a little bit of chocolate on the inside of your pickle? – Well yeah, bro – Okay, here's what we're going to do, for mine – Oh! – Ow! – Did you poke yourself? – Nope! We should say, don't try this at home

– Just like poking number one, you never poke towards yourself man – Poking number one? – Okay, yeah – I've got to sticking some of this on, – Whoa, hey man – Sorry, the peanuts are not – Hey, flinging peanuts towards me! I've got to fling peanuts towards you – (screams) That got in my ears Now I've got a peanut in my ear! No I don't like that – Never happened

– All right, here we go let's see I'm going to do this in a different way, we're just going to take mine, fully submerge – It's like a boat – All right so it's finally time to see if this weird food combination has any merit to it and to see if it actually tastes good So here we go, let's get my pickle going over here

– [Both] Three, two, one, ooh – Wow – And goodness All right, let's cheers the pickles – Yeah, cheers the pickles

– Boom, all right, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one – Ow! No! – Oh, oh! – No – Oh, uh-uh – Who likes this? Who likes this! – I will now, it's time to add it to the blender of doom here! So we're going to be adding every weird food combination and trying it at the end of the video

(bell dinging) So this weird food combination you challenged us to combine grilled cheese with apple pie! – Oh yes! – So right now let's see if this tastes any good – Dude, I love apple pie! – All right, there we go, cheese is – All right, all right

– So I hate your apple pie, just a spill – It'll be made anyway – (squeals) Don't need that You know, I'm going to get some cheese off this thing – Whoa, that's like cheese noodles

– I'm going to release the bread, whoo, it got a little burnt We got hot bread, going to place some cheese on the hot bread and hopefully pre-melt the cheese on the hot bread – Dude, I am terrible at this Do not have me make your toast in the morning – Do you have ever happen to have Devan in your house, in the morning – That would be weird

– Yeah Don't have him make your toast Here's the thing, I did this a little bit backwards, but I don't think it's that big of a deal – Should we add licorice to this? – Here we go, boom, slice of butter right there And then a slice of butter right there

The last thing I have to do is add in the apple pie I've got to say that's much nicer looking than my slice – And now it's not grilled cheese unless you grill it Just going to move this front and center real quick, like this, try and open it (both screaming) – I lost a chunk of pie! – That's bad

– Excuse me Devan, only I can complain about mine, all right, so here we go, I'm going to squeeze this– You got the top on me – I did? – Hey, you can't drop the top on me! – I can maybe get some Pam on you too, if you want – You, shouldn't though – Now I'm going to add mine in over here, oh, it fits! However, only barely – Okay, here we go

Three, two, one – I already did it (laughs) – And then you just (beeps) (elevator music) – [Both] Whoa! – That's pretty golden and just– – Yeah– – Perfect – Uh-oh! Mine's starting to smoke, mine is smoking

Mine is smoking! It's smoking a lot, that's probably not um – Dude! – Yeah well, I do my thing (upbeat music) – Three, two, one? – Okay

– Yes! – Here we go – Look at that – It burnt the paper, that's not a good sign at all for my grilled cheese – I'm super proud of myself Look'in sweet

– Good Oh! – I don't want mine infected with that – I got to say, mine's looking pretty whack right now But Devan's going to be a much better example of whether or not this weird food combo actually tastes good (chiming music) – It's like glowing with golden light

It looks beautiful – Can I just like, not eat mine? Time to see how this tastes – [Both] Three, two, one – Oh! It's like biting into heaven Wow

– I taste the fires of burntness Now it's time for the blender of doom This will be mixed with everything else, because we're going blending this up and eating the weirdest food combination of all time at the end of the video (bell dinging) For this weird food combination you challenged us to combine Flamin' Hot Cheetos with scrambled eggs, so let's give this a shot You, you're very civilized with that over there – Oh yes I am

– Got to pop open the bag (dramatic music) – Oh! – Oh! – There it is – Man! I'm not as good at opening up these bags as I thought I was Dump it out there – This whole time you thought you were good at that? – I thought I improved man

Because I haven't had an accident like this in quite some time So have one of those things they have in the factories, like 6 months since our last accident – You're going to do some wall painting with that, some cave painting – Yeah, I'll just add a whole like, boom, on the wall like that exactly – Yeah that's how they did it

Man, they got Flamin' Hot Cheetos – I can imagine archeologists in the future coming by and be like, "Yes, this was the Flamin' Hot Cheeto plans" – Looks like there's some kind of crazy tiger running, or is this a leopard, I don't know – That's a cheetah It's a Cheetos! Leopard? – I'm making waffles with scrambled eggs

– I was just thinking to myself, if only there was a way to add a little bit more Cheeto dust Just got to wash my hands in some eggs – Ugh, that didn't work at all – I think you need to keep cooking it man I'm going to have to wash my hands because this is like, this is looking nasty

– I'm turning it up to the max Collins, I'm going to need you back, my stuff's going to burn itself cooking and everything! – Devan, I'm doing my best, but my hands are a nightmare! This stuff ain't coming off bro! – Bro, it's steaming! – Okay well, my hands are steaming brother (screams) Wow that's hot, hot! – Welcome back All right, you ready, – No, I've got Cheeto dust on my chair I don't even know what you're– – Three, two, one

– Wait wait what is– (dramatic music) – Ta da! – That's not even close to burning at all Devan – Yeah they do – I've got this right here – Oh! (dramatic music) – Hot pan, what, what what? It's time for me to make a crepe, I'm going to pour this egg here on the top – All right, now I just got to add my Flamin' Hot Cheetos right– (dramatic music) – Oh snap! – Are you kidding me? – You got houdini'd! You got to spin the wheel for another ingredient which you're going to add to your weird food combination You know, I don't think this is actually cooking the way I intended it to, so we're going to have to turn this back over and just dump the rest in here like this

– Three, two, one That actually looks really cool dude – Oh boy, hope this is almost done dripping over here – Wait, what? Tamarindo? Dude, I have no clue what tamarindo is – I don't either man, it's got to be– – Oh, this is what it is, I guess

– What is that? – I don't know – I'm going to have to go through a better process of scrambling this All right, so here we go, I've got my scrambled eggs and hot Cheetos all ready to go – And I've got my tamarindo here, I don't know how much you're supposed to add of this stuff – Here, I'm going to take a spoonful right now, (bubble popping) I've got to make sure I get some eggs and a whole bunch of them hot Cheetos

– Why did you put your eggs in a waffle maker? – Because it's awesome bro! I want to make it look cool too you know You know, what I'm saying, you know what I'm saying, you know? – I do, yeah yeah Your elbow's very close to– – Exactly yeah yeah – All right, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one

– You know what? You know what? You know what! Oh man – When you taste the salt in it too, you taste the spice as well It's also really fluffy too – These foods were made to be combined together man! – Wow – Wow! – Now it's time to add it to the blender of doom and remember we'll be mixing all these weird foods and trying them at the end of the video

(bell dinging) This one is definitely pretty bizarre You challenged us to combine a taco with a Hostess pie man – Yes – So I don't know how this is going to taste at all So you've got a soft shell taco, I've got a hard shell taco

– Exactly – So, let's open this thing up (chiming music) It's gone – Dude, you've got to get it though – It's actually really easy to get it Devan, all you got to do is just clap

– Okay (wind whips) – And it comes right back – Yeah – So here we go, boom! That pie's been a little bit damaged due to its extensive travels around the universe – This surprising fits into a taco so well

– No, no no no I don't think you understand how this works The taco goes inside of this – Why? – Because that's the weird food combo they suggested All right, here we go again, do not try this at home

Here we go – Whoa, the jelly! – I've got to say, these Hostess pies, crusty So here we go, going to use these tongs – Wait a second are you pulling that stuff out? – Going to pull it out How else we going to get the taco on the inside, Devan? – What do you mean, you break it in half

Look at this! (triumphant music) – So we're going to place jelly on the inside of the taco – Now I just pop this on the inside like that – All right – It's like a Hostess pie armor on my taco – Okay (beeps)

(Devan beeps, sing-song) – It's now on the– – Really? Just, I went into a whole thing – Sorry – Making me look like a fool – I'm sorry, what– – You could have just gone with it man – You make yourself look like a fool

(both laugh) – Yours just looks like a complete amuse bouche – Yours looks like a complete– – Taco inside a– – No – Hostess, – It does not – It's taco inside of a Hostess – You actually did a way better job than me this time

– Thank you Devan – Good job, good job – This time? All right, shout outs to everyone who suggested this weird food combo And let's a– (dink) Dink it – Cheers

– It's been dinked – [Both] Three, two, one – You know what? – Hmm This is a weird one – Give me a moment

– There's a lot of flavors to break down here We got the cheese – Yep – We got some onion – Yep

– Got some jelly – Can't forget the taco still – I have to say that was the first weird combo that didn't seem like it was supposed to go together – But I will say, it did taste amazing – It worked

– We got the blender of doom right here, we're going to be adding these in Right now, we're on to the next weird food combo, did you just eat my taco? – What, no it was mine – This next food combo involves chicken wings, peanut butter and jelly And I think might actually taste amazing For the jelly, I want the jelly infused in

I think this is going to be the best way to do it, because I'll be able to inject this goodness into my chicken wing, if I can suck it up Why are you painting it? – What do you mean, why am I painting? – We get it Devan, you're an artist We get it, you don't have to do art at every second – I don't but I just felt like this would be the best way to do it – We're going to take the chicken wing and go right here, in like this, I can feel it oozing down my fingers

It didn't quite make it all the way in Can I borrow that, because I– – Oh, wait Does that, are you admitting that my way was better than your way? – Yes Devan I will say that your judgment was marginally better than mine for a very short period of time – I will grant you that

– I got a hot peanut butter here Fully around it like this here, boom! – If you have a little bit of blurry vision, you would never know that this had peanut butter on it I would just go like "oh yeah, chicken wing" – It looks really shiny Devan Final point right here, we're going have to

– You've got most of the jelly on your hand Collins – Well I'm going to suck my fingers – Okay – We all have different ways we eat – To each their own

– All right, here we go, I'm just going to dip it in like this, oh man, this is hard – Yeah – It looks like a meteorite chicken wing man (both imitate incoming flight) Boom! (fireball exploding) And they just deliver this goodness – Yes

– Mine is looking quite incredible man (upbeat music) Oh! – Yes – I got houdini'd again! – Yes – Okay, I guess it's time to spin the mystery wheel to get one final mystery ingredient Hey, hey, you can't

Did you really need to do that bro? You could have just changed the whole outcome of this I could have a got an amazing thing – But you probably didn't (both scream) – I got caviar! – Dude – That's like fish eggs on top of all this

– That is going to be weird – All right Collins, I have your caviar! – You don't have to hold it so close to my face – Here you go – You don't, you don't have to hold it– – You got it – All right, yes – It's for you, here you go

Look at that – Fishy! – That's not going to be a good match – It's literally fish eggs – Dude! – What? – You could have done less – Oh, gee

– You didn't have to do that much – All right, here we go, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, – Oh, oh wait – Huh? – (laughs) You're not going to wait? You don't want to do like a subcall or? – No, no, I think, you're subscribed to the channel, right? If you're not subscribed to the channel, I would recommend, subscribe to the channel – Go there now You've got five seconds, – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done

– Were you able to subscribe to the channel and also, – If you were able to, comment down below – That's kind of how that was so, – Oh – Let's just see how this tastes – [Both] Three, two – You want to try that again? – Let's just skip over that – You want to start with two? – [Both] Two, one – Oh, no! – Mm – That fish! – That is weird

– Little fishy man, I want to go kapow! (striking at imaginary fish) – There's jelly in here and, but peanut butter's really good – No! The fish man, where it's swimming and I want to no! – I wasn't a huge fan, but I could get how someone would be a fan – I'm not a huge fan That was brutal man! The fish was nasty We've got the blender of doom, time to add this in

– Yep – And again we're going to be mixing this up into the weirdest food combination of all time and eating it at the end of the video You challenged us to combine pizza with candy – I'm going to take this one right here – Yes

Okay I'm going to take this one right here – All right, they're next to each other They're brothers, just like us Next to each other – Exactly, yeah

– Brothers (fire burning) – We're going to decorate our pizza with whatever candy we want – Oh, you're starting with Gushers? I was about to start with Gushers – I'll start with Gushers, are you sure you want to start with Gushers? – Yeah I want to start with Gushers – All right, we're going to start with some Gushers, here, see there we go

A little bit of teamwork, a little fabreezing – I know we've done M&M's before, but you know, it's always good to do it again – All right I'm going to open up this pack right here (both exclaim) In hindsight, I can see how that happened – Oh

– These are Redhots, to add some– – Okay nice – Some hot flavors – At this point, I think we've got our pizza slices ready – Wait, hold on – What? – We're missing something, Snickers

You know what, we'll just do one mini Snickers – Okay – And we'll split it, between the two of us – How tasteful So, now it's time to see how this tastes, ready? All right, here we go

– [Both] Three – Oh, you're good – Just had a voice crack

– [Both] Three, two, one – Hm, that wasn't all that bad – Oh no! Uh-uh! (box clatters) – No, you've got to clean that up – I will but, I, I Oh! – Dude that was terrible, it was like all salty and stuff – Yeah in conclusion, hard no Man, all right just going to add in this, a little bit of this in here – No, no, none of that man

– All right, see we've got the blender of doom, we'll be blending this up and trying the weirdest food combination of all time at the end of the video (bell dinging) This is probably the weirdest food combo we've gotten It's grapefruit and wasabi peas man – What on earth? – Oh, how about this? – What? – We both try a different approach – Oh

– I will make a grapefruit juice and wasabi peas cereal and you do like a drink with the powder – First thing we got to do is juice up some grapefruits – Yep and first thing is I got to crush up some peas – Got to get me some wasabi peas, poof, fleet Hit the camera

Those wasabi peas all ground up man – Yes – In a drink? That is going to have some intense flavors to it – Oh man, yep – Wasabi peas are all going in, this is going to be a very very interesting dish

– Just squeeze out some juice Now I got to add in my peas here, just like this – Okay, I don't want to get more of this dust getting into mine You're going to completely overpower everything else with just cotton candy – Shh, Collins, that's the point

– Time to go for the bite on this thing You ready? – Yeah – [Both] Three, two, one – Whoo! Oh, oh, oh! – Mm-mm Hm? Hm? – Oh, oh! – Mm, um

(bird trilling) – Woo! Oh my eyes! I spat it in my god– in my eyes! I'm sorry, but come on – No, no! – Verdict on that, whack! Give it six stars of whackness Here we go, we've got the blender of doom and this really is the blender of doom, so we're just going to add in a little bit of, – Oh, yeah, you just use your– – Oh, there we go – We want cotton candy in there – Yeah we definitely want a little bit of cotton candy

This weird food combination, you've challenged us to try salmon with licorice Here we go – Slicey, slicey Looking nicey – Devan's making songs over there okay

And then for the final piece, going to lay this on top there – You're going to pour it on top, but I'm going to skewer it and dip it in – All right, so the salmon is all prepared Now it's time to coat it in the licorice – Oh! – Now here's going to start pouring it on

– This doesn't dip very well does it – Am I getting it? – Oh! Whoa – That's a lot – Dude yours looks like a horror movie man – I know, right? (clown laughing creepily) This is like some intestines

– Three, two, one Yo, look at, oh okay I've got to say that I'm a huge fan of smoked salmon And a huge fan of black licorice Grab a little bit of this

We'll get a little bit of that – I want more licorice to be honest – Oh man, I got that licorice, looks like a sophisticated dude Without a further ado, let's bite the lick rice – Oh (laughs) what? – [Both] Three, two, – Wait, wait, three second like challenge We want to see if you can like this video seconds, you ready? Here we go, – [Both] Three, two, one, done Three, two, one

– (claps and screams) Oh! – Holy cow – Oh yeah Now it's time to add it to the blender of doom and remember at the end of the video we'll be combining them all and eating the weirdest food combination, – What, what? – Of all time Black licorice was way better No, no, no, no no! – I got it! (laughs) – Are you kidding me? All right, well right now we're onto the next weird food combination

– (laughs) Mission accomplished – No! For this weird food combo we're taking bananas wrapping them in bacon and then dipping it in pesto sauce Got to slice of some piece of my banana right now And then next I'm going to be wrapping the bacon around this banana right here – Oh, guess what I'm doing

– Going to take the bacon right here like this, the next thing we're going to be doing is dipping this into the pesto and that's– (upbeat music) – Oh no! – No, that was you! – Houdini, that was me! – That was totally you – Let's see what it is Please be something good Please be something good – Please be something bad

– All right, so it's red, so let's see what it is Devan prediction off the bat – Real bad – Oh, I got Red Hots! It's kind of like a candy but– – It totally is – But it's spicy though

– Yeah, exactly – So like that's going to be weird (candy shaking) Red Hots I got them They're red hot

– Your flow was so bad – (laughs) Thank you Devan, that's why I'm not a rapper I am a YouTuber – That's good – So just going to have to go like this, here we go

– Dude I forgot how good pesto smells Smell that – Whoo! Smells interesting – I am going to put a nice spoonful on top of this

– Well I think I'm going to just dip mine in and just go for a full dip All right, here we go, just going to push it in like this There's enough pesto on it, like that? – That's going to be easier to eat than mine – Yeah, I think I'm just going to (squeaks) (laughs) that's a sound I will make (squeaks amplified and distorted) – All right, this is already really fun

– Okay, here we go, what? – This is weird – I think the pesto's probably going to overpower everything but I mean, bacon can't taste bad but the sweetness of the bananas – I don't know how this is going to taste – All right, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one

– Ah, that's hot! Man, holy cow – Hey if it weren't for the pesto man, it'd be pretty good But (choking) time out! (bell dinging) Tapping out – Now we have the blender of doom, so here we go, time to add these in, oh man – Oh

Why'd I do that pesto – And we'll be mixing all this up into the weirdest food combination of all time and eating it at the end of the video So this weird food combination, you challenged us to combine Fritos with caramels I'm going to start out by opening my caramel right here – Oh

– Good idea, I'm going to do the same thing – Yeah, what you're copying me now? – I am – Copy this! (dramatic music) (candy scattering) So Devan, how about you try that now – Okay, three, two, one (failing music) – Oh man

– You've got to prep it right – Oh, sure, sure It's all in the prep – Three, two, one (candy scattering) – I think it all came my way Devan

– It was like a slingshot – You try to melt these things down, going to be a little bit difficult, luckily I have a heat blaster over here – And luckily I have a plastic baggie (glass crashing) Going to dump this in here – All right, here we go, just going to blast these things here, going to melt them

(elevator music) – All right, my caramel is nice and melted – Yeah mine is melted down as well, I just used the a little hot plate over here which worked much better For mine I kind of want to chop them up a little bit so instead of just– (bag crinkling) I'm trying to talk and that's – Sorry, yeah I didn't realize (bag crinkling) – I'm turning mine into a DIY bowl – Take the caramel right now, going to drip it in on top of the first layer of Fritos

– Bowl, going to stand this thing up somehow – Here we go and then just going to mix them at the same time – Oh, I got to get more of this – Here we go, let's get a spatula Boom! – Frito! – I don't think that they saw that

I got to say, I think that in terms of presentation, yours is definitely a lot uh A lot saucier than mine Because mine's just, what? – Just did a quick taste of this stuff, what? – You have like a string hanging from your mouth

– Well yeah, because I just had some of it – It's on your teeth! – I know, I can't get it off – I've got to add one of these All right, here we go, let's see how this tastes – [Both] Three, two, one

– Huh, oh, weird – Whoa! – Whoa – Whoa! – Ooh! (triumphant music) – Oh these are so salty! And this is so sweet! (clapping) Oh my god – Wow, wow – Thank you

– (cheers) Well now it's time to add into the blender of doom – Oh yeah – And again remember at the end of the video we're going to be mixing up all these weird foods You know, we're taking the whole thing right here and turning it into the weirdest food combination of all time The moment has come! Time to try the weirdest food combination of all time! – Yes

– We've got it in the blender of doom right here – I like how the cotton candy on top makes it look like it's nice But then you get all this and you're like, no, no – Yeah so this is going to be, it's going to be a little bit funky – Yeah

– We've got a whole bunch of weird foods in here Let's just, I'll pop the top on like this – All right – And you want to do the honors of turning on the blender? – I guess so Three, two, one

(blender churning) (both scream) – There we go – My stomach is queasy from the last time – Yeah – All right – All right

– Done – Let's uh, let's see Just going to get a whiff of this Oh – Oh

– Oh man – That's horrid – Oh my goodness Let's do this, we'll leave the cotton candy on the top It could taste good

– Not with the way it smells though – It could You know what, – The likelihood is not high – I think trying to drink this, it's way too think to be able to drink so – Well, we've also heard that you guys find it very gross

– Yeah, so we're not going to drink, we'll do a spoonful of it Grab some cotton candy like this – Yep, okay – As well, as a whole bunch of that weird food I believe in you my dear

– I don't think I want to cheers this – Yeah, all right, you ready here, three (upbeat music) – What? – Oh no, wait a minute, houdini, what? – No way! – No I was talking

– Yes – Oh my gosh – Okay, well, it couldn't really get any weirder than this, could it? – Oh it can There are definitely some things that make this weirder All right

– Okay – So let's spin this wheel get my final weird food ingredient Okay, three, two, one It's got a glove on it, so fleet Let's see what it lands on

– [Both] Red – Let's see what we got All right, good or bad, what do you think? – Bad I hope, I don't know – All right, well, let's see what it is

Here we go, three, two, one Oh! – No way – Okay, wait, mystery box – Wait what? Yes – It could either be a really good item that could make mine delicious, – Or it could make it even worse! – Let's see what's inside the mystery box

– All right the box is down, now it's (dramatic music) Okay, okay then – Wait what, are you, Devan come on You've got one job – So here's the keep it or yeet it thing Now remember if you can guess it correctly, you can keep it or you can yeet it

– You didn't even guess it correctly – Okay then, well you can choose to keep it or yeet it, yep – All right, just as regardless – All right, just going to reach my hand in okay – Okay

– It's like down towards like the bottom (screams) – It might be alive Was it slimy? – Yes and it was like, large – We've found the giant squid – I've got to go like in from the top

– I don't think you recognize what we said – There's now way you found a giant squid (screams) – Okay, all right – (high pitched squeal) You don't like it I don't like

– Can you guess? – Oh, feels like an octopus (shrieks) Shouldn't have done that This is not a carrot I was going to say, thought it was like a carrot, or like a ham link – No, it's not a carrot

– Sausage link – No, definitely not a carrot – Would you know what happen if I squeeze it? (screams) Oh, it's juicy – What happened? – I'm going to say it's an octopus I'm going to be brave, I'm going to keep it Devan

– You're going to keep it? – Because, here's my thought Usually the octopus like a (screams) – What? – You have your hand in there – I do – Unbelievable

– Let me see what it is What? What is that? – I know right? – Is it a hedgehog? – It's like that isomalt stuff – Sodium alginate? – Yeah yeah – That's why it felt so familiar! I don't think I've ever felt this like outside of the water I don't know, I think we need to pull out my little friend

– There you go, he's out – You almost popped him dog! All right so here we go, I think what we're going to have to do is take this, kind of crack it open, get some of the juice onto mine Please hold my spoon – Yep – I actually thought it was octupus I was low key getting kind of excited

You know, calamari, maybe this could be like a sauce – That wouldn't go very well though with this stuff That's good, that's good, stay – Nope, I'm trying to overpower it Devan – It looks tasty

– I got to say, this looks delicious – This looks so tasty – Without any further ado before it all drips off and I'm back to the bad stuff let's and see how this tastes – [Both] Three, two, – Oh wait, if you want to win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I text the word combo to 81800 right now So pause the video, text the word combo to 81800, you'll automatically be entered to win

And let's see how this tastes – [Both] Three, two, one (breathing and grunting) – Mm-mm – Wait, it's actually kind of good – Uh-uh

– (coughs) Hold on It's bizarre, it's like 50 different flavors there (Devan screams) There's like one flavor will hit and I'll be like, oh yeah And then another one hits and I'm like, oh no – You're so right, it's like salty, spicy, it's got salmon taste to it

– It's truly the weirdest food combination of all time – It's very true – So you can comment down below, what is your favorite weird food combination that you absolutely love If you want to see us try even more weird food combinations click right up here, you've got five seconds Here we go

– [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done – Love you – [Both] Bye!

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