WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!! *HOT DOG & FRUITY PEBBLES* Eating Funky Gross DIY Candy Foods

– You challenged us to put hot sauce on bananas! – Yeah! – I don't like hot sauce, we're about to roast our taste buds Here we go we got the hot sauce, uh-oh! Ahh! – No it's not, you do it from the bottom, – Ahh! – Look at this, it's all nice and open

(Collins grunts) (laughing) (coughing) You good bro? – No, you go from the bottom, you're like this We'll throw at the same time (laughs) I can't open it, bro I need you to open the banana – You just chucked the banana – Yeah you go like like this, on the floor – you go, ow! – Dude I already

ah, it's in my eye! – That went everywhere (laughs) Oops! – Why! – Bananas aren't meant to be in the eye! – Okay, sorry, so now back to what we're actually supposed to be doing, which is eat our bananas – Oh so now you know how to open it? – This one's not a good one – No, you, – Yeet! – Really? On the table? I'm going for the hot sauce – Ew, it's all like broken and brown

I'm not excited about this because, aw! So much! So much! – Ugh, it dripped on my hand! – So, stop, no, no, no! Aw man my hot sauce is dripping Here we go, the first one, ready? Three, two, one – Three, two, one (screaming) Oh, it hit, it hit! Oh god! (screaming) Oh, oh no, oh no! Oh, god! (Collins yells loudly) – Whew, that was intense! So this right here is the bowl of doom So at the end of this video we're gonna be eating – No! – the weirdest food combination of all time

– Why! – Because every single weird food goes in this bowl And at the end of it, we've gotta eat that whole thing It is gonna be gross, and spicy! – All right, next round, let's go Next up we got fruity pebbles! (cheering) And hot sauce! I can't believe I just did that Yeet! Uh, Devan, would you mind retrieving that yeet as I open up this stuff

– No I will not, no – I am the oldest sibling, so I am the only one – Nope – responsible enough – Nope – to have a knife

– I do not agree with that statement Just by the way that you're doing it right now – See, nothing went wrong! – I feel unsafe – Dude, smell that! – Oh, yeah, okay – That smells pretty gross

Okay Devan, will you please go get the box of Fruity Pebbles? – No – Please? – I'm smiling right now, but no – Oh, whip back, okay! – How did that happen? Really? – That's so small (laughing) Aw man that hurt – That's my favorite Collins moment ever

Okay, while you're doing that I'm gonna open up these buns here No, you don't have to crush it up! – Yes you do! – They're called pebbles for a reason, it's not sand Okay fine! Dude they're literally all connected! – I know, that's how hotdogs come – That's crazy! Woo-hoo! (glass shatters) – That almost hit me in the face – This is how you have to put the hotdog in the bun, you ready? (hotdog slams on table) (laughing) Oh, it broke my bun! Yeet! – No! I'm just gonna take one

So at least we have one to try – This is the part of the video where it's hotdog trick shots Oh! – Oh! – First try! Haha, that was awesome! – That was actually the first, not like all the other tries that were first tries This was actually a first try – Exposed! – All right, you ready? – Yep

– I'm gonna ketchup you – Uh, that's a weird sound Okay, that's enough, that's, ah, no, stop stop stop! Dude, dude, dude, dude dude dude, stop stop stop! Devan Devan Devan! – This is for all the yeeting that you did That's a lot of ketchup – I know

So it sticks You ready? – Are you sh, no! – Perfect! – I don't want to have to clean it up – Well I could just use the remainder for my hotdog – Yep, there you go – You know what I'm gonna do? – No, I don't

– I'm gonna do a layer of it, below the actual, – Oh, that's neat! – Ready? – Yep (grunting) The hotdog trick shot challenge is not for everyone – I have 50% less Fruity Pebbles Now I'm gonna do some ketchup one mine, so it sticks And I'll do just about as much as I did on yours

– Okay – Perfect – What? (sinister laughing) I mean who am I to be telling Devan not to make a mess? – It's my one time, I just felt like it – The roles have been reversed – Who honestly thought about this? Like, who thought to combine Fruity Pebbles with a hotdog? Did they go through a trial process? Did they like, dump a ton of other cereals on it? And be like, "Oh, fruity Pebbles was the best," – All right, here we go! – Ready, cheers! – No, don't touch mine! – I did, I already did, it's too late

– Three! – I didn't wanna do that Yours was on the floor – Two! Yeah I forgot about that! – Yeah, I know One! – One! (crunching) (coughing) Oh – Oh, man

– Oh, no! – Oh god – Mm-mm (grunting) – That, (moaning) So disgusting, so we're gonna add a little bit to the bowl right now, a little bit of ketchup (screeching) – Who's idea was that! – Chunk of hotdog – Oh, I feel like I'm gonna throw up

– Yeah that was bad But the Fruity Pebbles just made it horrible! I'm getting sick All right we gotta go to the next round – That was the worst I've ever had – Next round, let's go

I'm getting some crazy flashbacks right now, but we've got Cheetos! – Oh, yes – And we're mixing it with chocolate pudding – Yes we are (cheering) – That was close Successful! – Alright let me see it

– Oh, it went on the drape! Dude, it literally went on the drape! – Oh, I'm in trouble – Well that's yours – But dude, I mean, on the bright side, look, it like, landed in the bowl Alright now we got the Cheetos Oh, that was easy, okay cool

– You got me nervous there for a second – Ah, smells good, smells spicy – Alright – Okay, cool, oh I have chocolate, i'm getting chocolate over everything, man – Oh, no

– So we're gonna pop one Cheeto out – Took me a long time to get one It's like a little hand, do you see that? – It's like, "what's up, dude," (yelling) Alright, here we go, I'm doing my scoop Oh! – Three! Two, one – Two, one

Bro – Dude! – I think I'm just eating the pudding right now, but, mmm! – Mmm! – Mmm! I don't even taste the Cheeto (kisses) – Mmm! That was incredible! – Bro! So good! – I think that might be my favorite weird food combination we've ever tried Mwah, so good! So we're gonna add now some Cheetos in here, and some pudding – A ton of pudding! All of the pudding! – Oh yeah

Next round! – [Devan] Let's go – Next up we've got: – Yep, it's spaghetti tacos! – Spaghetti tacos! You guys suggested it! – Wait did they suggest spaghetti tacos? Or spagacos? – Uh, I don't know And uh, we're gonna, yeet, some uh, some tacos – All right – Ugh, so the yeet didn't even go anywhere

The distance was not there, man – You've gotta work on your form – Can you imagine going to a really fancy restaurant and they're like, "Oh, sir, what would you like?" Like, "I want spagacos!" – That's a little aggressive, I think (laughing) (wrapper hits the ground) (laughing) – So we're gonna put this in here – Yeah, this is kind of difficult, actually

– Yeah it's actually pretty difficult – Oh no, I cracked my taco – Did you crack your taco? – Yeah I cracked it Alright, oh, nope – Yeah that fell apart

We got some Prego spaghetti sauce Get lost in the sauce I messed it up a little bit – [Devan] Wow that was really bad – Oh, it's gonna be super messy, and yet please do not screenshot and then post on Instagram

Because you guys do that all the time, and this is not one of those moments where I want this everywhere – Bro, it's dripping everywhere – Okay – You better just go now – Here we go, three, Two, one

– Two, one (crunching) All right! – Mm-hm! That was awesome! – I mean there was really nothing that different other than the taco shell – Mm-hm! Alright now it's time to add it to the bowl We're gonna make the biggest taco of all time Just kinda like, get all the taco shells

– This is so unnecessary – [Collins] And then we get like, ugh! – [Devan] Our teeth are gonna get hurt! – [Collins] Then we go, ugh! – Our gums are gonna get, (yelling) Why! – Okay, great! That was actually really good I'm a big fan of this one – Yeah – So right now, we're on to the next one

We are doing a cookie sandwich, but instead of ice cream in the middle, we are putting cheese! Why! Why! So I guess we each take cookies – Two of them, to be exact – Actually, I'm gonna do more 'cause I'm gonna do a multi-layered masterpiece right now – Go for it – Okay, so this is what we're gonna do, we got our cheese

(Collins inhales deeply) Yep, smells like cheese! – That's how you know if it's cheese? You smell it? – Absolutely – You can't look at this and be like, "Oh, that's cheese," – No, bro It could be like, a sliced carrot – What? (Collins mimicking slicer) (laughing) – Put the cookie on top, boom! So this is normally where you would leave it like this, unless you do like a lot of, oh! I'm just gonna do a lot of stacks of cheese! – Okay – So instead of doing a lot of cookies, – Wait wait wait wait wait! – I'm just doing many, – No no no no no! – What? – Hold on, you should do it like this, you should do it like this

There you go – Oh – [Devan] Yeah yeah there you go – See, Devan's an artist And he knows these things

– This'll look awesome (cheery piano music) – And now for the finishing touch! I have done so much – Wow – So guys, this right here is massive – [Devan] It's like all cheese and a little bit of cookie

– Holy cow bro, look at that, this thing is crazy! So, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to – [Devan] I don't know – Dude, let's put them in the microwave and like, melt the cheese! – Are you sure, that's gonna be a lot of melted cheese – Let's do it – Let's do it

– [Collins] All right, here we go, oh! That almost slid all over the place I got it, there we go, okay (cheery piano music) – [Devan] Alright let's check it out! – Oh! – Oh, my! – [Collins] What happened to yours! – [Devan] I don't know – [Collins] Why does mine look better than yours? Okay, here we go – [Devan] Is it hot? It's not hot

– [Collins] Ah, watch out, yeah, yeah, it's a little hot (chuckling) – Yo, yours looks a little runny, if you know what I mean – I'm not excited to eat this – Can I even pick mine up anymore? I think I might have to have a rescue mission and like, break the stack in half Otherwise there's no way I'm gonna be able to get that bottom half, okay

Whoa! – [Devan] That's a lot of cheese – That's a lot of cheese Jeez it's cheese – Look at this, I can't even pick it up It's just mush

– That's pretty crazy – Maybe I should just eat this with a fork – No Devan, come on bro – I went against everything you told me and I got a fork So, yeah

– This thing here is gonna be, first of all, very interesting to try and eat, and second of all, really interesting on how it tastes Are you ready? – Nope, not yet Just making, you know, it bite size – Alright here we go, three, Two, one, – Two, one, – Wait wait wait, first, we've got a challenge for you! A five-second subscribe challenge! Can you subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel, post notifications in five seconds? Right now, here we go, you ready? Five, four, three, two, one, – Five, four, three, two, one, done! – done! – If you could leave a comment done below, Keyper Squad, right now – Comment down below! – Alright here we go, three, Two, one

– Two, one Mmm – Bro – What the heck? – Bro Microwaving, mmm

– That started off good, – What? – Ugh! – Too much cheese? – Too much cheese – I wonder Mine was so good – We don't have, unfortunately, any more cheese So we're gonna have to like, – Yep

– scoop what's on here into the bowl – Aw really? You couldn't have just done mine? – [Collins] Ugh! – That does look, – It's all greasy, okay – We need more cookies than that – More cookies, dude we're not gonna have any more room! – I know, that's the point – All right

For this weird food combination we're doing cereal and avocados – Wow, okay – (laughs) oops Okay so now we're gonna open it up – No

(sad piano music) Not today (crying) Not a good idea Dude, there's already avocado on the rim of this! How did that happen? – Cereal and avocados – Oh – Oh

Alright, your bowl – Alright now as all of you guys know, there's a massive pit inside the avocado And so the way you gotta open it is use a spoon, go like that, there we go, boom 'Cause then now you just go like this You just kinda, there we go

– I don't think I've seen anybody do this – Here we go, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhh! There we go! – No I don't want you – You just squeeze – to do mine, I don't want you to do mine, why! Ugh! – There we go, perfect! But now it's kinda– – Are you now gonna eat it with your hand or something? – No, dude, you're not gonna be uncivilized Okay all jokes aside, this smells disgusting right now – Milk for you

– Dude, I can't, my hands have zero grip Alright, there we go, boom! My hands are so gross! I don't like this I should've never done that Get some Cinnamon Toast Crunch and, avocado? – I'm hoping the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, like, really overpowers, that's the word I was looking for – I need more

Okay, here we go – Get more crunch – Three, two, one! – Two, one! (crunching) – I can't do it (laughing) – Like it's not terrible (chokes) (groaning) Oh, that was gross

Whoever suggested this, why? – Why? – We are doing mayonnaise – Who likes this? – and jello Like, who eats this! – Ugh Oh Ew Oh, it's so gross

Just do this much Alright, we're good – So I gotta, oh! (grunting) Oh my gosh, ugh! – We need a lot of jello to counteract this – Yeah we need a lot of jello to counteract this – [Devan] So jiggly

– So jiggly (cheering and laughing) It's so jiggly you gotta go (laughing) We're very easily entertained as you guys can tell – Seriously What are you doing? – I'm pre-mixing my jello! – It's not gonna mix

(jello shaking in container) – [Narrator] One eternity later – I got all day – I don't, though, that's the problem – Pop it open, not too much (laughing) Man, these jellos are, you gotta like, ahhh! – Dude, this might actually taste delicious! 'Cause like, with all this jello mixed in here, it almost looks like a candy cane, bro

– I don't know The smells are not convincing me Oh, this looks gross! ♪ Whip it through ♪ – No, no no, ♪ the sauce, boy ♪ – no no no no! You're splashing it everywhere! – Oh – Now it's all over you – [Collins] Good luck getting your spoon out

– Nope, I'm not doing that – Come on! – I'm gonna get a new one – You gotta get, So I found a new place for my chin to rest – Yes – On your elbow

– It's really nice It's getting really fatiguing, though, so– Do you agree? Yeah – My spoon full? We'll have another spoon part of it, there we go I got two spoonfuls in one Whereas Devan's spoon is just a massive one

– I'm telling you, this smells really bad – Holy cow! – I'm not even gonna go that close to it because I can already smell it – Alright, you ready? – Yeah I'm ready – Three, two, one, – two, one, – Wait wait wait, first, three second like challenge right now! – Oh snap! – Can you like this video in three seconds, here we go! Three, two, one, done! – Three, two, one, done! – Let's try this, here we go! Three two one! Oh! – Mmm! Mm-mm (Collins yelling) – Oh my gosh bro! – Uh! – For a second I was like, I just got hit with the jello, I'm like, "yo this is pretty bomb," and then– – No– – Oh my gosh

– No, nope, I can't – This! – [Devan] That's all we need of that – No no no, one more – No no no no no no! – We gotta go one more bro! – No, please! – For you guys, one more – Please no! – Here we go

– No! – Oh man, so gross Alright guys, we're getting close to eating this entire bowl of disgustingness, but right now, we're on to the next round Oh – Ugh – Again! – Nice! – Hoho, that was like a 3D action there

I bet someone was watching they were like, "ah," We're doing frosting with pickles – What? – Ah! – Let me smell Yeah that's great – Ugh, singes your nose hairs – Wha, oh, haha

– The water made this thing look massive, I pulled it out I'm like, "What?" Never thought I'd eat this – Alright, my turn! – Quite the scoop there, dude Three, two, one! – Three, two, one! (crunching) – That was actually delicious – What? – I just love frosting, like, frosting on anything I think would just taste fantastic – You're going for another? – It's for the bowl, Devan

You think I'm really gonna volunteer myself out to eat another one? – Well, yeah, you said it was delicious! And I don't know who thinks this is delicious Because it's not – Yeah, it actually was pretty fantastic – No it's not By themselves, separately, yes, but together, no

– Alright I'm gonna see how much frosting I can get on this one Gargantuan – Wow that's a lot – Alright there we go! And we're coming down the finale guys! Very soon, we're gonna be eating this bowl right (laughing) Are you kidding me, Devan? – I'm turning into you, I am actually turning into you – Yep, that's not good – It's on my shoulder – Oh! – I don't, yeah, – Alright so guys, onto the next round, let's go

And right now, oh! That was not good! It's the finale – It's the finale – We're making the craziest sandwich of all time We got bread, we got bologna, we got tomatoes We got jelly, we got popcorn, we got peanut butter

We got this stuff, I don't really know what this is Thick cut bologna Thick! Here we go! – Alright! So we first grab the bread, – Yep (glass shattering) Perfect – Nice

You know what? You're gonna go for the peanut butter version I'm gonna go for the jelly version – Oh man I love peanut butter, look at that Look at that, look at that Look at, dude, look it, just, Devan, look at, look at, – Oh, wow, yeah

– Alright, alright, grab out some peanut butter – And I'm gonna grab out some jelly – [Collins] Oh man this does not spread well – [Devan] No it doesn't – [Collins] I think I also grabbed way too much

– I want a lot of jelly on mine 'cause I love jelly – You love jelly? – I love jelly Oh, no, dripped a little bit – I'm done! You can't go better than that! – That was amazing! – Yeah it was pretty crazy Like I've never done that before

How crazy would it be if I took the tomatoes and dropped them and they sliced themselves midair? – I don't think you should try it – Yeah dude, no, okay – I feel like there's gonna be some collateral damage with that – Alright so then we got some pepperoni I'm not really excited to have to eat this disgusting bowl

– Nor am I Bologna – [Collins] Ooh, oh that's nice, oh yeah – Save some for me – [Collins] Dude I'm gonna go with the side that has the sticker on it

– And you're gonna eat that? – 'Cause why not? It's a weird food combination – 'Cause it's bad? – Should I just put the whole tomato on mine? – Do that, yes! Now I got some popcorn dude I love popcorn! – I don't want to use a knife so I'm actually gonna break it in half instead of cut it – Popcorn's fantastic, man, oh my god – I don't think I've ever done this

Okay, there we go, that looks good (Collins mumbling) Your eyes are so wide right now – Oh my god I love popcorn – Well save some for me! Ska-doosh! Nice – Alright, now it's time to put the popcorn on mine! Perfect! – For a man who loves popcorn so much, I'm really surprised there's only one kernel

Alright, my sandwich is done! – Hm? – You're procrastinating – What? – Huh? (crunching and mumbling) – What, I'm just gonna go both at the same time Three, two, one, – Oh, my bologna makes it slippery! – Ah, no, it fell! – My bread cannot contain this Alright guys, so this is gonna be the weirdest sandwich combination we've ever tried And now, after this, we're gonna be eating the weirdest food combination of all time

And this is one here was actually suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the week So shout-out to you, and if you want a shout-out as the Instagram Keyper of the week, check the description down below I don't wanna eat that sticker but I gotta do it! Three, two, one! – Three, two, one! (choking) – Oh man! Oh man! (groaning) I can't, I can't (groans) – Ooh! That was bad! – Ohh, man! – Bro, that was terrible! (Collins exclaiming in disgust) – [Devan] Ugh, I don't know if I'm ready – This is the weirdest food combination yet

We've already done two of those, and I thought those were bad? This is worse, bro! – I literally can't describe how bad this smells to you – Grab yourself your fork, Devan – This is what we're using? Alright – Yeah So we're just gonna kinda mix it up, gotta mix it, okay

Dude I forgot about the mayonnaise and jello! – Oh no! – The cookie's just like, ♪ I believe I can fly ♪ – [Devan] The pasta's like, "woo-hoo," ♪ I believe I can ♪ – [Devan] Ooh – A big chunk of cheese! – Oh, man! – [Collins] This just looks like a pasta, too, man! – [Devan] I know! – What's so hard, is this a, oh, it's a cookie I was like, "is there a cardboard in this thing," – Ohh! – Ohh, my gosh! Dude, I, – The smell doesn't get better (inhaling) – Fresh air I got a piece of the hotdog! Okay, so I just say we grab a big ole' spoonful right now, or sporkful, forkful? There's just all this grossness

– [Devan] Oh I forgot about the taco shells, too! – The taco shells! Dude, alright, so grab your forkful, right now, and you guys comment down below What are some other weird food combinations you would love to see us eat in an upcoming video I got some Cheetos in here, too, and some milk – Ew – I got some milk! And it's all brought together by the meat sauce

– Alright, here we go – Here we go, you ready? – [Devan] I'm gonna get some French toast – Okay, (laughing) The whole French toast Three, two, one! – Three, two, one! Oh, I couldn't, I couldn't (Collins yelping) – Guys, click right over here for another video right now! – Click right there! The hot sauce is crushing my mouth! Okay guys, in five seconds click right over here! Five, four, three! – Five, four, three! Two, one, done! – Two, one, done! Love you guys! Bye! – Bye! – Swag

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