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– Go! – I just ate a cricket Aah, I ate that! (bleep) – What's up! It's Collins Key, and welcome to the Thursday vlog

Now, for today's video, if you guys can't tell by the empty chair right here I need someone to help me out, so everyone please welcome my friend, Mel Joy (snaps) Hey! Whoa! – Hey! – Now for today's video, we are going to be taste-testing foreign candy But we wanted to turn this into more of a challenge So basically, we had a third party go out there and buy a whole bunch of candy My dad, he did that

Shout out to my dad, love you So yeah, he went out and he bought a whole bunch of different candy and we're gonna close our eyes, he's gonna give us the candy, we're gonna taste, try to figure out what it is Whoever guesses what it is first, that person wins that round And the loser of that round gets one tooth knocked out Let me explain this

You guys know when you were kids and your parents would always tell you that if you eat too much candy, your teeth will fall out? Well that's what's gonna be happening today So we got this stuff from the costume store And so it makes it look like you have no teeth in your mouth For every candy you get wrong, you have to black out one tooth And so whoever loses the most amount and gets all their teeth blacked out, that person loses the challenge

We also did a video over on Mel's channel if you guys wanna check it out after this one We did truth or dare, got pretty crazy So yeah go check it out Also subscribe to her channel – Thank you

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And of course, you must be subscribed to this channel Without any further adieu, let's knock out some teeth and let's try some candy! – [Guest] Hands out, like you're gonna grab something Yep, there you go – Oh boy – Wait, what? I'm like really scared

– Three, two, one – Where's my mouth? (Collins shouts) – It's Pop Rocks Oh my god I love this (Collins gags) – I love the noise (candy popping) – You win the first round

So I have to black a tooth I don't like this challenge Okay Easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl Oh my gosh, here we go

– Let's try this out – Tooth number one is gone! 'Cause I lost the first round – [Guest] This is going to be something you squeeze into your mouth, and you have to squeeze it as much as possible Set – As much as possible? – Oh God

Alright Good luck [Guest Voiceover] One, two, three, go! – It's gonna kill me – It's not coming out at all! – It's like toothpaste Oh, I don't like this

– I can't get it out of this thing at all – It kinda tastes like skunk – I can't even get it out! – I don't like it! – Okay – Or is it barbecue bacon Bacon! Bacon paste! (clapping and laughing) Yes! – I couldn't get it out! – (laughs) – I guess another tooth is gone (hair dryer blowing) – Alright, you got another tooth gone This is not fun Alright next candy, let's do it

[Collins] I have to win this one For real – [Guest] Go! – Okay – It is a I know this I know this I know this – I don't like it

– Laffy Taffy (buzzer) – I don't like it, I don't like it – It's like ginger Is it ginger? (buzzer) Is it anything ginger because it's a little bit spicy – It's getting spicier as I chew it

– Yeah, it really is Is it like Hot Toffee or something? (ding) – Oh yeah! – Oh no, I have to do it now? – I'm sorry, but now it's your turn (hair dryer blowing) – I'm gonna do a front one – You look great – Oh thank you! – I think it's actually, honestly — – New look? New look

– Yeah – Yeah – I think it's part of the everyday make-up routine from now on – I think so – Yeah [Guest] Put it in your hand, and then it has to go directly into your mouth

[Mel] Okay [Guest] K? – [Mel] Okay [Guest] Hold on one second – I'm scared – [Guest] Hold on

– What? – [Guest] Two – I can't even feel it It's like soft

[Guest] Three, go! – What? Is this larvae? Did you give me larvae? – Is it bugs? Oh my God it's definitely a bug – It's definitely – Yeah no, it's totally a bug What is it? – Oh my God

– I can feel the little legs I can feel the little legs on it You swallowed it? – Yes! (laughing) – Oh my gosh Is it larvae? – Cricket! I just ate a cricket Is it a real cricket? Aah, I ate that

No! That's so gross – I just found a leg in my tooth – [Guest] Okay, who lost? – I lost I did lose (hair dryer blowing) – [Guest] You gotta grip this with your other hand, go

– Oh I have to dip it? – Oh is it dentist flavored? Is it dentist office flavored? Oh bad idea – What'd you do? Did you just put it all in your mouth? – Yeah (coughs) – I inhaled the powder – I'm gonna try to get a lot in my mouth so I can figure it out – What if we just pour in the mouth? It's like soda-y

Like bubbly – Cherry, it's cherry, it's gotta be cherry Did I get it right? – Oh oh! Cherry coke? – Is it cherry? – Cherry coke? (buzzer) – Did we get it right? – [Guest] Nope – What? Okay – I don't really know like what they would mix with licorice to taste good

– Sour Patch Kids! (buzzer) – [Guest] Nope – Sweet tarts! (buzzer) – [Guest] Nope – Dangit – [Guest] Sherbet Fountain – Sherbet Fountain? – Sherbet Fountain? – I've never even heard of Sherbet Fountain

– Is that the thing? – Just so you guys know, this happened – [Mel] Yeah – And now I think since we both lost, what do you say we both get a tooth? (hair dryer blowing) – [Guest] Collins gets his first – [Collins] Noooo! Noooo! – I'm scared I'm scared

– [Guest] Three, two– – I'm scared – Nooo! (crunching) – Oh! I like it! Actually, I don't know if I like this – These are actually pretty good I like these the most – I kind of feel like these are shaped like a– – It's so familiar – Green tea

(ding) – Aw it's so cute, look at that You're too good at this, it's not fair Alright guys my lips are officially dried out from the blow drying but now I'm missing the bottom tooth – [Guest] Guess the flavor of what it is You can open your eyes, go – It's like a little soda can

– Soda – Sprite? Is it Sprite? (ding) Yeah! Did I get it right? Yes! No! (hair dryer blowing) – [Guest] You have to guess flavor Set, open your eyes Go! – It's a speed game! This is — I can't open it – Are there different flavors? – Toxic Waste? – Yeah – If you kill us

– Oh my god, it's so sour – Are these like Warheads or something? – I'm scared – Oh, it's so sour

– Oh, I think I got lemon Lemon is the most sourest Have to give me something Oh my God – [Guest] Eat another one

– I have to eat another one? – Oh, this green one's gonna be I know it's bad news (chokes) – This is like the Warhead challenge

We're totally doing a Warhead challenge right now – Another green one I'm literally crying right now I don't know, is it lemon? Why did you do sour apple first? – [Guest] Do another one – I just wanna end with black cherry

I think black cherry, I win, right? – I've got four in my mouth now – Yeah, me too That's it, I'm done Abort – That was painful

– Ow! My tongue really hurts So that one was kinda cruel, neither of us are gonna have to put anything black on our mouth cause that was a form of punishment – I like that – [Guest] You have to guess the flavor – Cheers? No cheers, you're going for it

Cheers? – There was no tink, though There's no tink – There! – There we go, hey! – Oh, it smells terrible – Uh Hmm-mm

It just gets worse the more you keep drinking it – Mm It's horrible – Wait, are your eyes closed? – Yeah! – Okay, just (laughs) – [Guest] Keep drinking! – Is it boar puckey? Cause that's what it tastes like – No, it's just getting worse, it's getting worse – I don't like it, I don't like it – It honestly tastes like rotten egg when you first drink it

And then the aftertaste is like marshmallow Sweet corn – Is it sweet corn? – [Guest] Yes! – No! It's so gross! – I would not drink this! – This is disgusting! – It looks like– You all know what it looks like (hair dryer) – Alright guys, I am now missing, I think, all my top teeth – So you're about to lose

– So yeah, it's kinda like the last round right here We'll do the finale – Yep, the finale Let's do it – Winner takes all

– [Guest] Guessing flavor Three, two, you can open your eyes if you want to, go! – Okay It's very chemical – Licorice? – No – Socks

Mm-mm, no, no, no – It's very chemical It's so chemical – Like Windex? It tastes like cleaner – Mm-hmm

It tastes like soap – It's detergent – [Guest] No – Aah, this is terrible Horrible

This isn't even candy – Don't eat this for fun, please I'm convinced it's Clorox – I can't What is it? – Clove! – What's clove? – Clove! (laughs) – What is clove? – [Guest] It says it'll make your mouth numb though – Oh, numb, numb It's working, I'm gonna be honest – It low-key is

Before you guys go any further, make sure you guys go watch the video that is on her channel We even put a link right up over there I'm also going to put a link down in the description So go check out that video If you're one of my people, go support it, give it a like, leave a comment on her video

– Thank you – I love you guys so much I will see you all again next week You know what Mel, you get to snap and make me disappear right now – Alright, I'm excited

Ready? (snaps) Bye guys! (laughs)

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