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– This one's either vomit or fruity, fruity something (retching) (signal tone) What's up, it's Collins Key and for today's video, I need a very special guest to join me, so everyone please welcome my little brother, Devon Key

– [Both] Hey! – What's up – What's up, bro? – Not wand, but two wands – I got two wands – And a map – One for the spells, for the

Yeah – Here you go – Thank you very much

This one's actually my wand One of you guys actually sent me this, so huge shout out to you But for today's video, Devon and I, we're gonna be trying Today we're gonna be trying a whole bunch of Harry Potter candy and if you want me to do even testing videos with Devon, let me know by liking this video and if this video gets enough thumbs up, then you know what? We will do more videos where we test out different things – Please, please thumbs it up

– Why? You wanna be in more videos or you want to eat candy? – I wanna do more candy videos – All we're missing now is just the Harry Potter candies so– – So I need to make him apparate in Hogwarts – Okay – So first, I would have as much magical power as you do (laughing) So (grunting)

Alright, let's see what he finds (whimsical orchestral music) – Whoa, geez Alright, well I just got– – You startled me so bad – (Laughing) Sorry man Bro, we've got a lot of candy in here but before we do this, there's one more thing and that is that I'm doing a giveaway this month here on my channel

I'm giving away a Macbook computer If you wanna win that, let us know by liking this video Comment down below What is your favorite video that I've ever posted on this channel? Of course, you must be subscribed to this channel Go follow Devon

All of his social media links are down in the description below Add us on Snapchat Snapcodes right over there Now we've done You almost hit me in the face (laughter) Without any further adieu, let's jump right into the video Or actually, let's apparate right into the video – We're here

Alright (both laughing) Lowkey, I cannot even tell you guys how excited I am for this video – I can't wait – Because the moment I found out there was actually Harry Potter candy, I was like I have to try this stuff So to start this off, we're gonna be trying Chocolate Frogs right now

You gotta know from the books, every time you get a chocolate frog, you get a wizard card inside of it, so who'd you get? That's the real question Gods of Gryffindor, nice Bro, who did I get? – I literally got this one – Hey, I got (unclear) Yo

Now time for the chocolate frog This looks like a frog that's made out of chocolate How do you open it so fast? – It's so heavy too – I know – I'm actually gonna go in for a little foot

– I'm going straight for the head Go for it, three, two, one, go – That foot was good – Oh It's all chocolate

– That's a lot of chocolate right there (grunting) That's real good – Wow these are delicious (growling) I have a dentist appointment tomorrow Man, I'm gonna be so messed up

(garbled) Chocolate frog Next up, we've got Exploding Bon Bons And I am literally expecting explosions on this one (laughter) There we go (both whooping) So take a bon bon, Devon

I'm gonna go for this one here Like I said, guys If this explodes in my mouth, ten out of ten Ooh, it smells delicious Alright, three, two, one, go

(gasping) It was nothing – Good though They're really good It's popping – It's popping? – There's a bit of popping in my mouth right now

– Well I swallowed mine already – It's actually popping – Then it is kinda exploding Perfect ten out of ten I can hear it, bro

So for this one, we have Mad Eye Moody Eye Balls Is that what they're called? Eye balls – Eyeball Bonanza – Bonanza (laughing) These are huge

Look at this – Oh my god Give me yours for one second (yelling) Alright here we go – Nasty

– Three, two, one, go (chokes) – You're gonna choke – Yeah for real – I don't know what you do (laughing) Are these edible? – I think they're candy

What if they're not? – Ow I smacked my tooth – Ow! I don't think this is edible – I hope no kids have choked on this – I don't think a kid could fit this in their mouth, bro

This thing is pretty huge Okay, so the eyeballs are a fail You can't do anything with these – Don't You're gonna crack a tooth

Alright, yeah, eyeballs are a fail Moving on to the next one Next up is our personal favorite, Bertie Bott's Eery Flavor Beans Oh no, I just dropped my beans I literally spilled the beans

I'm gonna go for a gamble on mine This one's either vomit or fruity, fruity something (retching) – It's all good here It tastes like bubble gum – Let's do this, bro

You wanna do a handful? – Alright, I'm down – Here we go A handful of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans Here we go, you ready? Three, two, one, go – So many beans

Oh god (retching) (whooping) (unintelligible speech) I feel like I got all the bad ones at once (retching) – Bye, bye For this one here, we've got Chocolate Cauldrons So basically, we're practically in Snape's class right now

Advanced potions and how do you get it out is the real question – I don't know – Grab it? – I'm just dumping it – Alright Yo these are huge

– Can you openno – I don't think so

– No – Let's take a bite You ready, three – I don't know where to begin – I don't know, two

I'm going for the top, one go (grunting) – Wow – You took a bit in the middle of it? Oh my god – Success Wow

That was good The top is Whoa

– M hm, that's marshmellows – They're like marshmellows on the top Okay So the chocolate (coughing) The Chocolate Cauldron

– Thumbs up – Yeah This next one we're gonna be eating, some newts (laughter) I don't what they are but they remind me of a newt And I don't really know what a newt is

It just seems fitting This is a newt Alright, here we go Oh there's a secondary layer of wrapping around them – Ah gosh

– They got me – They really don't want you to eat this – No – Wow – Tap newts on three

One, two, three, tap a newt (laughter) You try to bite it? Your teeth got stuck to it – It's pretty good – Mine's like a banana Mine tastes and looks like a banana

– Eyeball's the best part – Oh really? (grunts) Yes so these newts are a win Yay – Yeah – These next ones are called Acid Pops

Hopefully we don't die – These things have salt on it Ah, oh It's sour – Yeah, but it's not like

It's not warhead sour – They're toxic waste sorry – That's another level of sour

I can't tell if I like it or not It's like a green apple almost Oh! (retching) If you put the tip of your tongue on it, it hurts Ow! No, just leave it You don't feel anything? (laughing) – No

– It hurt my tongue Maybe I've got a defect one The wizards messed up on this one Elves didn't make it right Yeah, so the Acid Pops, yeah, these are definitely, these are a win, I like these

These ones are Jelly Slugs – Give it here, boy – You're excited for these? – Yeah – Oh my gosh (gasping) – These are so cool

– These are so bizarre – I'm gonna eat it like Ron did – Ready? – That's just fun – These are so chewy These are the most chewy candy I've ever had

– I like these – I'm gonna do it like Devon I can't even do it – I'm going two at a time, son – Wow

– Hold up, there's one at the top of the box These ones are good – Mine are delicious – Weird texture And the one you've all been waiting for, the magic wand made out of chocolate

So I mean, if you cannot become a wizard, you might as well ingest what wizards use That made no sense (laughter) – I don't know – The wands – Their wands

Yo – Ooh – Straight up, this looks amazing Oh my gosh – This looks like a wand

– Expecto Petrotem (both humming in enjoyment) I am now a wizard! When you don't get your Hogwarts acceptance letter (laughing) Alright (unintelligible speech) With these ones, I'm not exactly sure how they tie in with Harry Potter besides the fact they have the Harry Potter logo on the back of them (laughter) Apparently, these were some sort of Harry Potter thing or maybe they were just literally black licorice

But we're gonna try this out right now, see if there's anything magical about it – Whoa Whoa! Whoa! – Oh my gosh – Whoa, that's so cool – Wow

Okay – Mm! (unintelligible speech) – It's a lot of them They're good – I have a mustache (laughing) – Devon has grown facial hair

What we have here are Fudge Flies And I already opened them up and they look like just chocolate that they told us were flies But I think we'll give it a shot – Any day for chocolate I'll take it

– Let's see It's just chocolate in the shape of flies There's nothing else to say about this one And last but not least, the Voldemort Skull Now this isn't I don't think necessarily Voldemort

There's a little bit too much color – Yeah, would Voldemort wear that? I don't think so – Yeah Voldemort would not wear this We're gonna eat these in just a moment but first, if you guys want us to do another candy tasting video, let us know by liking this video Comment down below, which candy looked the best out of this video

Make sure you guys go follow Devon All of his links are down in the description below Subscribe to this channel New videos every Thursday and every Sunday Right now, let's eat Voldemort's head

This is how you win over the dark side (laughing) Oh my god (grunting) I'm about to kiss Voldemort's face right now (laughing) – If that's what you call a kiss (laughing) – Alright guys, we need to teleport back to Hogwarts right now, eat some more candy

In the meantime, I love you guys My mouth is so full with candy, it's delicious See you again soon, bye!

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