– Do it again – Ooh, my gosh

– Aah – And I'm gonna jump this (muffled) out, and count to three One, two, three – Who's the one who poops in their pants? – Honesty is a great virtue – Hi

(laughs) Oh, no – That is the most efficient way – That was incredible – That was amazing! To get the milk open, oh my gosh! – Little Caden is so cute, man, cause, they just don't know anything at this point in their life Cause I'm just trying so hard not to laugh – [Woman] Come on, Tina

– Oh no – [Woman] Come on – Oh boy – Oh, he's gonna get (oohs) – I could see that one coming from – You laughed – I did, I did, I did

– You laughed – [Woman] Oh Say something – I got that one too Man, I'm losing real bad right now

Is that a foot? Did he smell the little foot? Don't do it, kid, you learn from your mistakes Oh my God – Why would he keep going baxk? = That was like me trying to get out of my crib all the time That backfired – Oh, no

They're a little body me down, your little body – That was a laugh Dude, I've lost this challenge, like for sure (loud rap music) – It's just not funny Ugh, ew, no, I can't watch Eew, it's so gross

Ugh (talking over each other) A noodle came out of his nose That's savage He's too young to be doing that That baby is about to lose its mind

Oh, no, no That guy must just feel so bad about himself – Oh my gosh Oh, ooh (laughter) Just out of nowhere

(woman talking) – Please don't throw up, because that would be really gross Ah, oh no Not a Star Wars fan – This kid's tripping out, bro, tripping out That's like me the first time I saw magic

I was like, oh He's gonna fall over, he dropped that – [Woman] He got stuck in the bucket – You got bucket butt, bro He's just way too happy

– We wanna see you subscribe to this channel and thrn on the channel post more than occasions in five seconds, here we go Five, four, three, two, one If you can do that, comment down below, Keypers Squad – Oh no, no no no no no no no Oh

– There's like a magnet between her and the sour, it attracted her – Uh-huh – [Woman] What do you think? Pretty good? – No? – [Woman] You wanna try some more? – Like, nope Don't hit it, oh man Oh, no

– That was amazing, what a node – Oh no – Oh my God, I think you're laughing – No, not really The surprise is just so hard

She looks like a little, like, doll, cause they do it with like a real person – I think he's doing a magic trick (laughing) – Oh my gosh This one is just my favorite (making pretend roar noises) – [Woman] It's okay

– Oh my gosh, she's like switching from emotions so quick – [Woman] Roooaaar But it's okay, it's okay – That's the most mild roaring Could you imagine if there were an actual dinosaur Like the Kim Kardashian one? That was a good one, I mean, if you got one covered

Oh, no no no no no, he's fine, he's fine, he's fine, oh (child laughs) (ohs) – Oh my, oh Double whammy (loud rap music) (sad music) (muffled comment) (triumphant music) – Looks so happy – You did it

Well, he's clapping about it Uh oh, this dog is a savage Helpless baby And you know the mom just stands there filming, he's like, what, help me Help me, Mom

This baby's got a knack for saving people's lives, that's all I can say How does this baby, I don't even know how to CPR This baby is the head of – This baby just saved that mannequin's life (muffled man's voice) – Whoa, that's legit – That baby is lit

He's like, waking himself up You know, how much fun would it be to be that small again, where you can like fit in the kitchen sink and like use the faucet as a shower? – That would be pretty crazy – Wait, what just happened, what just happened? Instant replay on that, I gotta go back really quick because I gotta watch what happened with that, that like, cereal piece, cause that was pretty impressive – Was that a magic trick? – I don't know, okay So it's on the table

– I don't know how he did that – [Man] Good job – Oh, no, no – Oh, I can't watch this one (child singing out of key) – You look away, I'm warning you

– Oh – Oh, I looked It's done, it's done – Yes Just took off! – It's like you, Evan A little artist

– [Woman] Don't write on that – Oh my gosh – Oh, no No! No, he got both of 'em! – Oh my God – [Child] Oh no

– These are the gumdrops, I love them – It's a what? He doesn't love them (cooing and crying) – Ooh, oh no Uh oh, not the eye, not the eye, kid Watch out, those are important

– The rivalry has begun – That was, that dismout was actually kind of cool – Oh my gosh Kids and cars, there's a reason why you need to be a certain age to drive, that's all I'm saying (car noises) (woman laughs) – Faster than a baby ever traveled in his life

– No, no, no, not the (TV in background) (laughing) (child speaks) – [Woman] You're gonna dance with him – I love that song – [Woman] Ready, go – He doesn't Oh

It's amazing kids even survive – [Man] The Fitness Gram pacer test is a lo – What was that audio that came in? – [Man] The Fitness Gram pacer test is a lo – If that door opens – Where did we go? – On no Oh no, he doesn't know it's going the wrong way Oh no Cause he's too young to clean it up, that's what hurts

– [Woman] Oh, no – Oh, just right on the lip of the – Really? – Oh yeah, I love this one (child crying) (laughing) Oh no, kids in cars Nooooo! Noooo! – [Woman] After one hour of trying to put Adam to sleep, Adam, no Come here (laughter) – Oh, that dog is evil

– No! – Baby no – No, she's not gonna make it – She made it – Those ears That little baby looks pretty irritated, I'm not gonna lie

– Yeah, pretty irritated – Well there you have it, bout to sneeze, so we gotta wrap this up quick, alright, bye – [Woman] You can do it Get it out Oh gosh

(loud rap music)

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