– S'cuh dude – S'cuh dude

– S'cuh dude – S'cuh dude – What's up guys it's Collins Key and for today's video we are doing another try not to laugh challenge As you guys know, we're gonna be watching a compilation of funny videos trying not to laugh and we want you guys to play along with us See if you can make it through this entire video without laughing or smiling

I'm commenting back to a ton of you guys right now, and all you have to do is, just turn on my channel post notifications, that's it So step number one you must be subscribed to the channel, and step number two just click that little bell icon That will notify you whenever new videos are put out, and comment down below, "Keyper Squad" once you've done those things, and I'll comment back to you Also, Devan and I, we are liking a ton of you guys' photos on Instagram All you have to do is just follow both of us on Instagram, and turn on our post notifications, and like our most recent photo, and comment on it "Keyper Squad," we're gonna put the direct link to our most recent photos in the description down below, and if you want us to do a slime version of the try not to laugh challenge, where every time you laugh, the other person gets to throw slime on us, let us know by liking this video and if this video gets enough thumbs up then we will do that

Also comment down below, what color slime should we use for that video Without any further ado, right now, let's get into it, and let's do this S'cuh dude – [Narrator] Stop waving a banana in my face, I don't even want it Just kidding I got it

(Collins and Devan laughing) – Oh I love this video It's so good because like none of them get the hint The last kid didn't even try – Is that a chicken? Let's get it (chicken clucking) – That was pretty scary ("Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson) (Collins laughing) The music choice was excellent

– [Voiceover] Sound of the funky sound – Oh my god That can't be good Now I feel sick (man screaming) (Collins & Devan laughing) – I'm Renata Bliss and I'm your freestyle dance teacher

(techno music) – Whoa, okay No, Devan I need you to stop This cat's a savage I can already tell – Oh, here we go – [Female Voiceover] No, No, No, Kitty don't No, No – He's gonna do it, just do it, do it

– Just push it (Collins & Devan laughing) Bro (hip hop music) Oh yeah (makes gun noises) (Collins & Devan laughing) – What? – One died bro (dance music) Ha, ha that guy – I missed it – You missed it? Bro

(harmonica) – That's actually kinda terrifying – Yes – Hey, there's your dance moves You do it there, yeah (boat humming) – What's that? That's a truck

(Devan laughing) – My favorite Romanian, Vlad the Impaler – [Narrator] You're referencing his works just great, but everyone else isn't – People like him, Picasso crap, Rothko crap, and Pollock crap, Klimt of course crap A pile of bricks crap I would be prepared to accept 50 thousand pounds for it, if anybody wants to buy

(Collins & Devan laughing) – Then says if anyone wants to buy (Devan laughing) Bro – Oh man (techno music) (Collins & Devan laughing) (techno dance music) (suspenseful music) – What is going on? – Awe Poor guy (sad orchestra music) – Rest in peace (sings in foreign language) – [Narrator] The prophecy is true

– I like how this is wacky – Jeez, okay – Just do it! – Don't let your dreams, be dreams Once you dream, you're set tomorrow Just do it, make your dreams come true! (Collins & Devan laughing) – That was my favorite out of any of them bro – [Narrator] Hey, what are you doing? It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno! You can't deliver DiGiorno

(Collins & Devan laughing) It says so right on the side of the truck (Collins & Devan laughing) Hey you're not yellow, you're orange, you're a liar – That was awkward (brunette girl cheering) (speaking in foreign language) – [Collins & Devan] Ohh – He got friend-zoned (electronica music) Okay, okay calm yourself

Calm yourself, calm yourself Calm, calm, calm, calm, calm – [Voiceover] Look how calm she is as well – Uh oh, I've done one of these before They're pretty crazy

Oh gosh He's gonna like fly right out, oh god Oh! Oh, oh (Collins laughing) – When that guy tried to take control it was great – What? – [Young Girl] My poop is coming! – Say what? You can tell this dude is trippin' Oh god, what the heck

He can get like a coke and make those up himself – That's crazy (piano) (hip hip music) – Oh, that was hot (water faucet running) What in the world? (light playful music) So what is this? Is this like some sort of like meme that's going around right now or something where it like stops right before (man crashing) – [Man Moaning] Oh – That hurt me – That hurt me too (woman screaming) What was that? I missed that Oh my gosh

(woman screaming) – It doesn't even do it just once, it does it so many times – Oh my gosh (watermelon exploding) (men screaming) (playful music) – Is he miming? Oh that's pretty lit That's your dance moves Devan – Yeah (playful band music) – Oh boy

– I can't even do that one (Collins laughing) – I gotta learn some of these moves man – [Dark Haired Woman] Oh my god – Bring in the Weather Channel, meteorologist, Mike Seidel He's in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina

Hi Mike – He's like what's up dude (Collins laughing) – [Lester] Mike is not quite ready for us, but let's turn to some other news for following on this – Oh that's embarrassing (tank exploding) That's crazy, that was very embarrassing

Yeah, I would not fight that crap – Get back Back (Spongebob SquarePants theme song) – Turn up (dramatic action music) – Whoa Oh, that should be part of a try not to cringe compilation right there

That's not good (Devan sighs) Wow – Poor guy (toy squeaking) (Collins & Devan laughing) – Sir – What? – Sir – Yes, what? – Sir

– Yes, what is it? – Sir – What? – Sir – What? – Sir – Somebody– – Sir – What? – Sir – What is wrong with you? – Sir – Answer me – Nothing to report sir

(Collins & Devan laughing) (trombone) – Oh, this can't be good It's always the second guy that's like, "I can do that" – Third guy – [Collins & Devan] Oh! – That lady got clobbered (man laughing) Alright, he ripped that trampoline – There's a hole

– That couldn't have gone worse – That's so cute (Collins laughing) – Man Penguins are still learnin' how to walk man (women screaming) Yeah

(Devan laughing) – Why did (table breaking) Oh god – Wow

– If he tried not to cringe himself, we should be trying not to cringe (young girl blowing out candle) Wow, might've got me it came out of nowhere – [Man Chanting] Get it, get it (Collins & Devan laughing) – She literally could pass out Yeah! (Collins & Devan clapping) Look how happy she is

That's it! So thank you guys much for watching, and we will see you guys again soon Bye (Collins snaps)

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