– Here we go – Alright

– That's (mumbles) (laughter) What's up It's Collins Key And today I'm doing another Try Not to Laugh Challenge But, I need someone very special to help me out so, you guys kinda know how this goes Everyone, please welcome my brother Devon

– Hey! Oh, it looks scary Ow, it hurts (laughter) It's pressing against my gums, ow That hurts so bad, ow – Oh my gosh, alright guys, well, today we are doing the Try Not to Laugh Challenge with these dental mouth-retractor things in our mouth – Yes – This is we're gonna

ah – Doesn't that hurt? – Yeah, it does (groaning) Today we are going to be doing the challenge with these in our mouths, so, hopefully, this will make it even more difficult for us to try not to laugh– – Yeah, because we're terrible at this challenge – So, for those of you guys who have never heard of a Trying Not to Laugh Challenge, basically, we watch a compilation of funny videos, we try not to laugh and if we laugh then we lose and we have these in our mouths now so, we're trying to up the ante every single time

And if you want us to do a Try Not to Laugh Challenge where every time we laugh, we get slime dumped on us, let us know by liking this video and if this video gets enough thumbs up then we will do that And comment down below what color should we make the slime green, yellow, orange, what do you guys want it to be? I also want to let you guys know I'm doing a massive holiday giveaway right now I'm giving away an iPhone 7, a drone, a GoPro I'm doing three separate giveaways So, if you enter into all of my giveaways, you have the chance to win all of those things One's on YouTube, one's on Instagram, one's on Twitter

To win the drone, all you have to do is just subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notification So, make sure you guys go do that right now and if you want to win, let me know by liking this video and comment down below, what would you name your drone if you won Now, if you want to win the iPhone 7, all you have to do is just follow me on Instagram, turn on my Instagram post notifications and be active Liking, commenting on everything that I post and you must post this photo right here and in the the description of the photo you have to say, "Enter me into the giveaway @CollinsKey #CollinsKey" I'm going to put the download link for that photo in the description down below The more times you post, the better chance you have of winning that iPhone 7

And for Twitter, you are winning a GoPro So, all you gotta do, follow me on Twitter, turn on my Twitter post notifications and just be active, liking, retweeting, replying to everything – Are you on Snapchat? – On Snapchat? (groans) Add us on Snapchat– – Add us at Snapchat (mumbles) – Okay, let's go Ow, it hurts the gums – Woo – Woo – Woo – Woo – Woo – Woo (snort of laughter) – Woo – Woo – Woo – Woo (laughter) – [Voiceover] Are you ready? – Uh huh – [Voiceover] Are you sure? – Uh huh (SpongeBob maniacal mumble) – [Voiceover] Okay, the secret formula is– (mechanical vibrating sound) – Ow (Snoop Dogg music) – Oh dude (laughter) (slap) – 600 spirits are said to reside here on the Queen Mary, some of which are children We're tracking a particular child right now, a little girl named Jackie

Wanna roll the ball back? (laughter) (upbeat techno music) – [Devon] That's not funny (mumbles) – Ow – [Voiceover] Yes (upbeat dance music) – What did I tell you Popeyes? – [Devon] Ow – These biscuits

(rock star scream) (laughter) – I can't (heavy metal music) (laughter) Ow, it hurts so much (Harry Potter music) (fireworks exploding) – [Collins] Looks like Harry Potter (mumbles) You're going to need subtitles for everything – [Devon] Okay

Uh huh – [Collins] Huh? – [Devon] Yah Oh, okay Uh huh (bizarre whining) (laughter) – [Collins] Oh my God (pop dance music) That's not the same thing (laughter) Oh no (laughter) Not a good (mumbles) ("Friends" music) (mechanical sound) (chop) (laughter) – [Devon] Ow

– Now there are the techniques that people use For example, I've developed all these funky techniques There's the regular lip whistle (cartoonish whistling) But I can also whistle with my tongue (three note squeaking) And then go (hip hop song with squeaking noises) (laughter) (boisterous laughing) – [Woman] I have breast cancer (boisterous laughing) – Very good, very good, Yay – You say it's not a shake-up, but, you guys are down

– [Devon] Ow – And it makes sense that there would– – Says who? Says who? – Polls Most of themall of them? (laughter) – If they only knew what was going to happen – Says who? – Polls

I just told you I answered your question – Okay Which polls? (snicker) – All of them – Okay

(snicker) He's salty (quiet rhythmic beat) (energetic dance music) (mumbles) – [Collins] Okay Uh huh Uh oh, it's going to be like "K" Oh, I called it A hundred points for me

– [Devon] Uh huh – [Collins] This thing hurts so bad (distorted air horns) ("When You Wish Upon a Star" on distorted air horns) (laughter) (clapping) – That was amazing (foreign language) – [Collins] Huh? What the heck? (mumbles) – [Collins] These hurt Ow

(upbeat dance music) It hurts so bad (beat drops) ("We Will Rock You" by Queen) (mumbles) – [Collins] What? – [Devon] Wow, I think I can do that – That's crazy I can't do that (a cappella ballad) (slurping) (slurping) (chuckle) (hard rock music) – [Collins] Oh my God

What! What are you (mumbles) – [Devon] Uh uh – [Collins] No – [Devon] Uh uh – [Collins] Don't do that – [Devon] Uh uh

Oh my God – It's not even funny, it's just dangerous ("All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey) – Whooo (clang) – What country are you from? – What? – What ain't no country I ever heard of They speak English in What? What? (laughter) (child mumbling) – [Father Voiceover] No, just catch this one And then throw it back to me

Put your hands out Put your (laughs) – [Child] I promise I can't catch it

– [Father Voiceover] Try to catch it – [Collins] Oh God – [Father Voiceover] Okay You can son – [Devon] Oh no

(splash) – [Collins] Ohh (father wheezily laughing) – [Collins] Don't do it, whatever you're going to do Nope, that's not going to be good – [Devon] Nope, that's gonna fall It's all gonna fall on you What's this guy, gonna just

Okay (laughter and clapping) – Savage of the Year – Okay Ike, kick the baby – Don't kick the baby – Kick the baby

(thud) – Ahh (slam) – Oh, alright, a TV for sale – Yeah, it's for sale – Yeah, how much? – One dollar – Only a dollar? – Just one dollar – How come it's so cheap? – Oh, cause the volume is turned all the way up

You can't adjust it (record scratching) – So, the volume's always turned up? – Yep – And it's only a dollar? – Yes, one dollar – Cause the volume's turned all the way up? – Yep – Wow, can't turn that down

(rock music) (chuckle) (child giggling) (Western melody) (Star Wars music) – [Collins] Yeah – [Devon] Yeah, go Star Wars (light sabers hum) – [Collins] What? – Ahhh – [Collins] Oh gosh (laughter) (mumbles) – [Robert] It's a bridge Goes around the corner

– [Collins] Uh uh (mumbles) (hums a blues song) – Right now it looks like Robert

it goes down – [Robert] It don't It don't go down

– Robert, it goes down – [Robert] No it don't – [Collins] Oh my God – [Voiceover] But along came the Michelin Man – [Collins] Yeah

– [Voiceover] Who reminded them the right tire changes everything (groan) (laughter) – Good one Alright, there you have it That is a Try Not to Laugh Challenge – Oh, I can take this out? – Yeah, yeah, take 'em out The dental mouth retractors

– That was painful – If you guys enjoyed this video, let us know by giving it a big thumbs up Comment down below if you laughed or if you made it all the way through And we will see you guys again very soon So, bye


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