– What's up, it's Collins Key, and for today's video I have a goal I want to make this the cringiest intro I have ever done to a video

So, let's try this Hey I need Devon to help me out with this! (snaps fingers) Hey – Hey – If you guys cringed then you are probably gonna play along with us in this game, because we are doing the Try Not to Cringe challenge

Devan and I are thinking of doing a Try Not to Laugh challenge with water in our mouth, in an upcoming video, so if you guys want us to do that, let us know by liking this video, and if this video gets enough thumbs up then we will do that video where we literally spit water all over each other You should make sure to follow Devan on all of the social media links are down, in the description below – My Snapchat link is right there – Yeah, and I'm on Snapchat – Is right there

– Yeah So go get us on Snapchat cos we're all doing like a whole bunch of behind the scenes, and like extra bloopers that didn't make it into the video, go onto Snapchat So go ahead and start now, also I'm doing a huge giveaway this month, I'm giving away a Macbook computer, so if you guys wanna win that, let me know by liking this video – Commenting what your favorite video of Collins' is – And last but not least

– Subscribe to this channel – Hey, you did that, bro, congrats, that was so cringey, bro – It wasn't that– – What do you do to cringe Is is just like, is that a cringe? I don't know – Yes

– I definitely thought about it – Like that – It's more of a feeling, cringe is more of a feeling that you get Alright, well if this is already a cringey enough intro we're gonna get right into an even cringier videos Let's do it

♫ Got me– – Ooh! You know what? Maybe I too could be ninja ♫ I want to be ninja ♫ I want to be ninja ♫ I want to chop chop (singing drowned out by laughing) ♫ I want to be ninja – Guys! You know what? I might do it, I might be a ninja soon! ♫ I wanna be ninja ♫ I wanna be ninja – I'm literally crying I'm so uncomfortable right now – Man – Why on earth!? – At first I thought that was a voiceover, but she's actually singing the words – Like my face is red, I'm crying right now

– Oh my gosh! – I want to chop! – Low-key, there's one girl that was loving it, she's like this is so great! – That was bad We're off to a great start – Hi, it's Josh here – Cameron here – What's up, Cameron, Josh? – We're gonna be doing the banana and Sprite challenge

So the banana Sprite challenge is to eat two bananas and then drink a liter of Sprite – Look at those tosses though – as fast as you can – He's a master I wish I could toss like that – Both of 'em man

– Oh! – Is he throwing up? – Agh! – That's a throw-up – That's absolutely ridiculous – Oh my god oh my god! – Why?! Why? – I literally had to avert my eyes – It just kept on going – Yeah

That was a lot of contents, he had a lot of stuff in his stomach man, that's all I can say – Wow, did he have like 10 Sprites or something? Geez – I don't know I hope that none of you guys are sympathetic thrower-uppers, cos that video would have triggered you For sure

I'm like hugging myself right now – Your whole body just is like – Full body cringe Okay, next clip Let's do it

Oh, but those moves though Oh my god, I thought that that fell on his leg That would be me while I'm trying to dance in the kitchen, I'm not even joking – Yeah, that wasn't too cringey, it was just kinda – Yeah, it was just like a fail video

– My wife Kelly is a freaky eater – A freaky eater? Is that like– – [Narrator] 33 year old Kelly eats nothing but cheesy potatoes, morning, noon, and night – I love cheesy potatoes – No we cannot – Gooey and just, yum yum yummy

Each and every day, Kelly eats a minimum of eight potatoes and four cups of cheese, amounting to a whopping 8000 calories, and 176 grams of fat a day – [Husband] Well I want you to try this because it's a green vegetable – God this is gonna be good – Tried to cook her a little something extra, she just refuses – Aww

– [Husband] Just try a little taste? (laughing) – [Both] Oh man – I was about to say they need to put some cheese on that vegetable, like maybe some cheese and potatoes – Yeah, just to disguise it or something – Wow – Wow

– Right, well, I think, I low-key wanna try it now, cos if she loves it that much, it must be really delicious – All being thrown down by Jake Dub, as he's now gonna go by – What a name – He's definitely been running well Two straight tournaments off to a great start in this one

Thanks so much dude, I appreciate it Feel like a gangster handshake now, show me how it's done in Compton What was that? Alright, cool, alright Let's just, we're gonna put our heads down in shame and walk away from that one – Bro like, the worst part is I've done that

– I think every guy has had an awkward handshake – Cos there's so many! You've got like just the normal handshake You've got the, this one – Like a bro You go in for a hug, too, so it could be like you're going in for a bro and then your hands get like caught

– And it's awkward – Hey – And then you got this, where you get extra fancy, like this – Yeah, like that – And then some people have like special releases, where they go like this, and it's like bom, and they blow it up

– You gotta blow up – Or the time when I seem like this where they go, bom, and then they go back to this, all I'm saying is there's a lot – Endless variation – There's endless variations So, I think that was pretty bad though

– But that was really funny – [Narrator] Hilary Clinton attacked Donald Trump's record as a businessman and casino owner, during a speech in Atlantic City, New Jersey today – Donald Trump – Donald Trump! There we are I don't know what's going on

– I definitely know his political views, that's for sure – And he went live, on accident, I'm guessing? – Donald Trump – I don't usually bathe, but when I do, I use Pepsi Whoo! – Have you guys seen what Pepsi does to your teeth? What's it doing to your whole body at this point? – Ah, gotta love it – Gotta love it? – I keep the bathtub lined with Pepsi, just because you gotta still wait here, and leaks out a little

– No, I think it's just for aesthetic This guy's not a Coke guy – Oh my gosh – I knew it, I knew he was gonna do it – That would burn your eyes so bad

(mumble) is the dirtiest part Ooh, that angle though That angle though! How'd they get the camera at that angle is the real question? – He's holding it He had it in his hand – I thought another guy crawled in the tub, was like– – That was my first thought, yeah

(fast techno music) I wish I had those skills, bro – Yeah? Was that it? – No, he's back – Is he gonna do two at once? No, oh! What kind of– can't do two at once – His legs just gave out – [Collin] Oh there's slow motion

– [Both] Oh – You know that's bad when you do the head like, bounce off – Yeah – Yeah – Alright, let's move on

– [Narrator] Peter Boyle is a tough, ill-mannered cop who has run down a lot of dudes But, that's not the end of his story No, no He's reincarnated – Ah! – Surprise! – [Narrator] As a streetwise bulldog in Poochinski

– Oh, no – Is this a real thing? – [Narrator] The talking dog teams up with his astonished former partner– – Yeah, I'd be astonished if a dog was my reincar, oh no! – It's a guy doing that, that's not a dog (dialog drowned out by laughing) – Nice life – That dog is on some next level stuff right now – I'm a cop! – Okay, I

Do not want that to happen to me, that is all I'm gonna say – I kinda wanna see that pilot episode right there – Poochinksi

– Poochinski – Let's turn over to the water center here Cos Churchie with Sanchez sounds like a broken record this morning, but honestly, I can log in with a broken record, this is like the best song ever – Play that song – You got it, daddy

– Put that loud – You got it, daddy I like calling you daddy – Well thank you – [Both] Hmm

– Okay – Save that for off-camera, I guess – Yeah – That's not really– – Not everyone needs to know that – Yeah, it's not pertinent to the weather

– No – Okay, yeah – Oh no – You're kidding me No

– No – No – No! That's like a No – Oh, no, no no no no no, no no no No! No! Oh my gosh! – Oh my gosh! – Yeah, I'm scarred for life If you wanna see another reaction video, let us know by liking this video, comment down below, what was the cringiest part of this whole video? The intro And also make sure you guys follow Devon, subscribe to this channel, and I will see you guys again on Thursday, bye

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