– What's up guys, it is Collins and as you guys can tell, today I am outside I would love to say I just came out here because it was a lovely day, but what really happened is I spent like two hours today trying to light this one area of my house It was not looking right

I got really frustrated with that, and I took the camera outside and I'm like, you know what? this actually looks amazing right now For todays video I thought it would be kind of fun to do some truths and some dares Basically I went on Twitter and I asked you guys to tweet me a whole bunch of truths and a whole bunch of dares, because the last vlog I did, my brother and I, we chucked eggs at each other and they really hurt and you guys seemed to enjoy that, so today I'm gonna do some more crazy dares Let's get to it When was the last time you cried? I don't really know how to answer this because I am, I guess, like a more sensitive guy

It happened a few days, no I think it happened ♫ About a week ago Have you ever streaked? I think I was like a baby I streaked a lot I think that's kind of a thing that a lot of babies do Crack a raw egg over your head I brought along more than one egg because let's face it I can't be basic like that

Egg number uno Uggghhhh Two Three All right, there you go Check it out, I got a mohawk! What? Oh yeah Next question

Oh yeah, Chipotle! I've been rejuvenated Thank you for the Chipotle by the way, bro Is there a person of interest in your life? I think I know what you mean I think I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down Sorry, that is a really weird way to phrase it By person of interest if you mean like a bae or a girlfriend, no I don't have a girlfriend You know I just dropped my new single it's me

I'm single Do a backflip Wait a minute, I gotta keep it real though How did your parents come up with your name? My great-grandpa, he was some big-time stock investor who predicted the Great Depression and did a lot of cool stuff, so I was named after him If you ever see someone type, like, Colin Keys, like, be nice, but feel free to correct them I was at the mall, I forget where I was, I was on tour somewhere with Demi, and this girl runs up to me and she's like, oh my God, you're Keys Colin! From the X-Factor! And I was like, yes! Who was the last person you texted? Well, let's take a look here Jake Paul, and I said, okay, sounds dope

Mix a spoonful of ketchup with water and then drink it You know what, that's just not enough I thought maybe I'll use a bigger tablespoon 'cause I think this will work a little bit better I still don't think that's enough You know what, this is extreme for an extreme-dare video This is like 80% ketchup

That looks so disgusting (electronic music) Eww, that is so nasty This is so gross It smells so bad I would literally throw up if I drank a couple more

Have you ever been rejected? That fly is crazy If you're talking about being rejected by like a girl, no, but that's only because I've never really asked a girl out I'm kind of shy in that way Like, I can't just walk up to girls and be like, Hey, I'm Collins You should give me your number Let's go on a date

That's just not me I'm finally getting over my awkwardness around girls I've been rejected by a couple girls, like nonverbally There was this one girl I had a crush on we were at the movie theater, there was like eight other dudes and one girl and like I'm sitting next to her, I was like oh yeah! I should probably put my arm around her, right? I went yawn and she just went I'm like yee! You know, just yeetin' over here just not even trying to do this yee Look at your timeline and retweet the first thing that you see Bam, just did it

I'll put the screenshot of the tweet right around over here Do you creep on your fans' Twitter and Instagrams? If you guys tweet me a lot, if you guys constantly are tagging me in photos there's a really, really, really good chance that I've probably visited your profile before The moral of the story is, if you guys Tweet me a lot and tag me in a ton of photos I creep on your profile Yeah That's kind of how it works

Tweet Nick Cannon and call him beautiful And, done The bromance has been renewed Why are you not using Vine anymore? I'm definitely going to start making a lot more Vines Have you had your first kiss? Yes, I have had my first kiss and I'm not gonna say with whom, and I'm not gonna say when, where, any details like that

Yeet Which YouTuber do you think would win the Hunger Games? Jc Kaylen, mainly because of Wishbone Scream I'm a sexy pancake in public I'm a sexy pancake! Whoo! Whoo! A sexy pancake, dawg! Let's get a selfie, let's get a selfie! Hey, hey, selfie! Woo! – Hey, I gotta call you back I don't know what's going on right now

– Oh yeah! Pancakes for the win! I hate waffles! I hate waffles! Next question, let's move on Make this your last dare Dare accepted, and that's it for this week's Thursday vlog, if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you please give it a huge thumbs-up Don't forget, of course, subscribe to this channel I want you guys to comment down below and let me know what other truths or dares should I do? Add me on Snapchat at CollinsKey

I'm gonna go disappear and eat some Chipotle Bye (electronic music)

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