– What's up everyone? It is Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog! Last week I asked you guys to comment down below what kind of video you wanted to see me do I got a ridiculous amount of comments asking if I can do the sibling tag

So without further ado, this is the sibling tag There's going to be something around over here – [Brother] Something? Someone! – The man, the myth, the legend, the expert selfie taker: Devan Key! (snapping) Oh, there he is! – Crazy intro man – If you guys are excited for the sibling tag, be sure to give this video a huge thumbs up Hey no, no, no, I'm not going to be short

Hey, woah this is not cool – Yeah! (laughs) – Okay no, I am not doing the video like this We looked up the normal questions that you have for the sibling tag, picked our favorites and that's what we're going to be doing Who is the oldest sibling? I think, if you can't tell, I'm older – Yeah he's the oldest

– Popped out the womb first (laughs) Hey fans, I'm flexing! – [Both] Lean back okay, lean back okay – Funniest memories of each other – I peed on someone? – Yeah so Collins was really young and he like – No, not really young

I was a baby I was like a few weeks after being born – No, you were like five bro – What? What the frick, no! (laughs) – You're going to be like, wow It's like R-Kelly at like five

Apparently babies have like uncontrollable bladders or something like that I don't know My grandma, she was changing like my diaper and stuff, I guess I drank a lot of milk, so I was like yo, bro I gotta let it out and I was like (laughs) and it hit my grandma smack in the face and she was just like woah – Awww I wish I was there – But you weren't born yet

On to the next one All about aggression, Devan will be arrested – What? That's so lame, I am with it – Most memorable argument We don't really argue anymore

We have however a hardcore argument – We had that when we were younger Now we have like – We'll work it out – Yeah we have like conversations

– To the best! What up this time You go dude – So we got everything worked out when we were young – Freeze! Everybody clap your hands – Are you competitive? – [Both] Yes! – Whenever we play like team games, we can never be on opposite teams

– We'll get too upset at each other if one of us wins – It's terrible Favorite memories of Devan – Once I was like, I'm a ninja man, like I'm a freaking ninja and so I was like, bro, I'm going to stand over here you take the ball, shoot it at me and I'm a dodge and catch it Then Collins was like no man, I'm not going to do it

I was like yeah dude, you got to do it – And we were like home alone and everything – And I was like bro, I'm a freaking ninja, and he was like, no way! So I guilt-ed him into it and then he's like standing there – I was like aiming at him, so I don't hit him – Yeah

– I'm going to like, go to the side and then shoot Sure enough, which way did he decide to dodge? BAM! – He nicked my finger, because I had to like grab the lever I was just like Oh My God! – I was the freaking one who got in trouble – I know! – Mom got home and just went ham on me – It was the greatest thing – And he was just like, yeah I don't know why he would shoot an arrow at me

– Literally was the best – Old photos Here's us as children Here's us as children – Those are some photos

You should enjoy it – What's up? – Are we close? – We're very close Holy crap We're kind of like the twins that were born together their heads are on the same body Except we got different bodies

– What? (laughs) What? – I'm just trying to let them know that we're really close bro – Okay Oh you mean a conjoined twin? – Yes, that's it – Okay – Do you guys hang out and do things together? Yes

– Quite a lot – There's no such thing as my friends – You have your own friends – No, name one That's right! So yes, we hang out a lot together, because I can't go to anything without this little munchkin

– Whatever What do we like to do together? Video games – Bowling – Ping pong – Dodgeball – Hanging out – Tag – Watching Netflix – Night games – Swagging out – Hiking (laughs) How do you annoy each other? Like if I slap him (laughs) Hey, not the penguin! Get the penguin out of my video How do I annoy my brother? Basically I don't let him be in my videos

That's one way to annoy him – Which is basically what happens every video Didn't you know, I have a full youtube page – Oh yeah you guys, subscribe to Devan – It's actually under his name

Under the beauty queen 410 (laughs) He's got a beauty makeup channel that he will interest you in Show you how to put on ear liner – Oh yeah – How to do bumps in your ear (laughs) – Beauty guru – Guru man, you should see him in a push-up bra – And those are all the questions we have for the sibling tag

So if you guys enjoyed the sibling tag be sure to give this video a huge thumbs up – Yes – Yes Let's light some candle – Yes – Yes Hit that like button if you want Devan and I to do another video together – Do it! What's up! – What's up! I want you guys to comment down below with the name of your sibling and I might give you a shout-out in my next video Subscribe to this channel for more videos every single Thursday

For the Kardashians Illuminati Thank you Devan for being in this video Be sure to follow him on instagram, twitter all the links will be down below My name is Collins Key, Devan's about to head out right now Peace! – [Both] What's up!

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