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(laughter) – Did you just hit record? – [Camera man] Yup – Oh yeah – [Camera man] Go for it

– Oh boy, okay No start over – [Camera man] No, go for it – No, no – [Camera man] Why are you doing this? – Because it was an awkward beginning, okay fine

What's up (laughter) Shoot (laughter) – This is so bad, I haven't even started the video No – What's up guys

– I have to make you appear – So he has this giveaway that he wants to tell you about – No, go away Alright Compose myself, alright

I can't even start the video Oh, I thought you were smiling, okay What's up, it's Collins Key, welcome to the Thursday, this is totally, uh, see, okay, let me try this again Take one, we're gonna shut all that down We're back to the beginning

(laughter) I can't do it, I can't start the video I'm crying too, fun fact, I cry when I laugh, it's a thing that happens all the time Alright What's up, it's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog, unfortunately this video, as you guys can tell by the fact that none of that was edited at all, and there's no music in this video Things are different today, so to help me explain what's going on, my little brother, Devan Key

(finger snaps) Three, two, one – [Together] Hey! – What's up bro? – How are you? – It's good to see you – Yeah, it's good to see you too man – It's been soo long – It's been I think a full like three weeks since we've filmed, that's the only time we see each other

– Oh yeah, well, they just – #jokers (laughter) Oh no – These are all the jokes that get cut – Yeah, this is all the stuff that gets cut out of the videos So for today's video, I think I need a tissue

– Want me to get you one? – Yeah, if you could – Be right back – So for today's video we are doing the what's it called? – [Devan] Tissue (laughter) – What's the video called? – [Devan] It's called the – [Together] Stripped down challenge – So today we are doing the stripped down challenge

So basically for this video, I'm not allowed to edit this video, I'm not allowed to add music to this video, no graphics, nothing, just Devan and I talking with you for 10 minutes, we have my phone right here which will act as the stopwatch (laughter) – Great – This is so crazy – This is so good – Okay, yes, so I'm going to start the timer right now

Boom, I don't know if you can see that but there's now 10 minutes on the clock – Get to work – Is it really 10, yes it's 10 minutes Oh yeah, one quick thing I did want to let you guys know – You're doing this in the 10 minutes? – Yes

Okay fine, I'll start it over, okay fine, we'll stop it really quick I just wanted to let you guys know, as always, I'm stopping the 10 minutes, this part doesn't count I'm doing a giveaway on my channel, I'm giving away a Macbook, so if you guys want to win that, all you have to do, let me know by liking this video, comment down below, what's your favorite video I've ever posted on this channel – Where are those graphics at though? – I don't know though And, uh, you have to be subscribed to this channel, that being said, now let's get into it for reals

Alright, here we go, bam, there we go, 10 minutes on the clock, bam, high energy, we're getting this on, even though there's no cutting or no editing, we're keeping that energy up there Oh, oh, oh (laughter) – Like an ape? (mimicking ape noise) – Oh my goodness, see this is all the stuff that's normally cut out of the video – Yeah – Okay

– Alright (laughter) – I don't know what to say (laughter) I think this may just be 10 minutes of us just laughing a lot – Alright, what do we start with? – What do we start with? – I say we start with, let's, what? (laughter) What did you say? – I said what should we say – What should we say? – Yeah

– Let's start off with something informative – Okay (laughter) – I don't know what to do Let's start off with, at some point we will jump into our insecurities – Collins cries when he laughs

– Yeah, we will jump into our – That's informative – Can you let me Okay, yeah that is informative I think we'll save insecurities for like the last little bit of this whole thing

– Alright cool – That parts going to get real and right now we're just not in the place to get real right now So we'll start it off with – That'd be a hard reversal (laughter) Sorry

– Let me explain to you really quick what that was We've been in acting class for a year now, and one term they use in acting class is reversal (laughter) (fingers snap) I don't know if we did it at the same time – I crack myself up (laughter) I crack my elf up

– I need another, do you have another tissue – I wish I had an elf – Thank you – That would be amazing – An elf? – Yeah

– Okay, we got to focus on this video though, because we're just laughing the whole time And my eyes are watery, and my eyes get red too when they water, which is not fun – You've burned like five minutes already – Okay – Okay

– What do you want to talk about? – We were going to do something informative? – Yes – Tell them one thing about yourself that they probably don't know That face was great – You go first – Me first? – I need to think about it

– Something about me you probably don't know I don't know whether to say this If you guys remember that video where I spray tanned my feet – Oh yeah, I did that (laughter) I don't even do that in normal videos

(laughter) – My face is going to be so red – I don't know why I did that – I did that (laughter) – Fun fact I swear to cut the laughter – Oh my God

– I cry when I laugh – I need another tissue, I need another tissue I need another tissue, okay I just handled the tissue I was like

(blows nose) (laughter) Okay, my eyes are going to be so red, and my face is going to be so red, so when I spray tanned, when he spray tanned my feet, my toe nails were not protected, and so half of my toenail is still yellow from it, because as my toe nails are growing out is the only way it's coming off So I don't know how to describe this, but still half of my toe nails are yellow, and it's slowly growing out, so it makes it look like nasty looking toenails (laughter) I don't even know how we're going to get serious bro This was a serious video (laughter) – That was you like trying to tell people you don't have messed up toes

(laughter) He's like guys, just so you know, my toes are not messed up – I need another tissue, I need another tissue It's your turn, go for it – Okay, well, sticking on the video thing, I would say like half of the stuff I did in like the previous ones, Collins was the one who was like, "bro, you should do this" – Oh yeah, that is a good disclaimer

– So there's like one that, where I was like the destroyer of all worlds or something – Yeah – You want to recreate the shot right now? – No I don't – And he would like, what did he do? Oh yeah, he said, "you should run through the lawn and go like oh" – We got the clip

– We could loop that, no but there's no editing – There's no editing – Shoot I would have looped that – Yeah – Continue

– This video is working to my advantage – Yes it is, okay – That was it – Hey guys, I did that, I made him do that – Yeah, that's one thing

(laughter) That is one thing that has happened in real life – Yeah, a lot of the stuff until recently has been – Let's tell them some fun stuff that happens off the camera – Okay – So normally stuff that we'd edit out

One thing is like my face gets oily, and so I will use oil face wipes on my face to make sure No we're not doing a brand product thing for it – I was going to face it the opposite way – Oh okay cool, let's do that – We're going to do it now – We've wasted so much time

– Don't give that free promo Here we go, so it's this stuff here Don't look at how much time we have left – We have five minutes left – That's half way, that's a lot of time

– Oh okay – So yeah, it's this stuff here, and I'll demonstrate for you, this little beauty tutorial So you take a wipey and you put it on your face, and like my face isn't oily right now, so nothing's going to happen, but normally you can see how oily and disgusting your face is – I usually just kind of like do that – Yeah, so

– That's it – Just with the sleeve So that's one thing that happens off camera A lot of "bro, how do my eyes look?" Because when I laugh my eyes get red – Yeah, because when he laughs he cries, and then when he cries, his eyes get bloodshot

– And when I sneeze, because that will happen in videos, that happens just about once every video I film, and I hate sneezing Really don't like sneezing – I don't understand why though, it feels so good to get it out – No, it's horrible, you whole body is like (laughter) – It just like happens, there's nothing you can do to stop it

– Yeah – If you can stop it, you sit there like, trying to not sneeze – That's the worst – Yeah So we got to serious up this video

– Okay (laughter) – That was too hard of a reversal – We need to keep the pace up here – Oh yeah, the pace up, exactly, – The pace is very important – That's another thing, when I'm editing the videos, I always take out the pauses in between everything

– He takes out so many pauses that he cuts out his words – Yeah – He'll start on a word like "ta," like "ba" and then start it, it's like – Yeah, I talk really fast as well – Yeah

– I need to watch that for this video Because normally if I was talking really fast right now I could say hey guys What's up guys – He messed it up – No, see I'd totally edit that out

See how I went for the re-edit on it? – Yeah – If I mess something up, usually if I'm talking and I'm like "oh, that didn't work" If I mess something up then I'll just cut right back to it – Yeah – So I'm going to try to say a sentence really fast right now

What's up, it's Collins Key, welcome to the Thursday vlog for today's video, we're going to be doing something really fun, we're going to be doing the stripped down challenge, so basically what's going to be happening is that I need you guys to watch this video really closely, and Devan is going to appear for me Like I can talk very quickly and so for videos, I always need to make sure I slow myself down – Yeah – Yeah So that's what's going to happen

– I was just thinking about how much time we just like, we do not have a lot of time – No, so right now I'm actually feeling more serious – Yeah – I think things are getting more serious, I'm not quite there yet, so we'll hit it with one more topic before we go, into real serious insecurities, because I feel like that, we need to be more serious for that – Oh, fun fact

– Oh yes – This is a really kind of embarrassing fun fact – About me? – No, about myself – Okay, good, I was like whew – I love Star Wars so much, I have 200 Star Wars action figures

– And another fun fact, we actually grew out our hair – Oh yeah – We grew those Padawan braids – Yup And I grew mine on the wrong side, so I was halfway through growing it, and I cut it off, and then started on a new side

– Yup, that was a big one – That was not fun – That was a big one Another fun fact is Devan Can I tell them that you're always that side? – Oh yeah

– I didn't know if I could go into this, but you go for it – We had debates because Collins thinks that this side of my face – I think this side of my face looks – For some, I do not understand – We'll do this

– They both look exactly the same – We'll go to this side first – Okay – Ready, go Other side

You guys comment down below, do they look the same or different, because we both think that this side – Of his face looks the same as that side – No, no, no – We both think – But this side is totally different, look like

The jawline kind of goes like that, I have more of a distinct one on that side, and then this side, is like completely gone – Well I don't really have a jawline that's my issue – Yeah you do – Oh! – I think you do – Do I have a jawline, have you found one for me? – I don't know

Okay, shall we – That was the throat clearing of seriousness – What? – Trying to stay still serious Yes, let's get serious Devan – Alright let's do it

Insecurities – Yes, jump right in, you go first – No, you go first – Me? – Yeah bro – Rock, paper, scissors? – Okay, fine

– [Together] Rock, paper – Just do rock, paper, scissors, whoever wins, wins – [Together] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot – Aww – You go first

Ha, ha, ha – I guess, we'll just throw it right out there I have a learning disability This video went like 100 to 0 real quick Sorry, okay, I needed to stay serious with this

Well actually I don't, but this is something that I want to talk I can't freaking do this, okay Think, stay focused, okay I literally throughout the beginning of it, and then got unserious, and back in joke mode, but I need to remain serious, give me a tissue I have an idea

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha (laughter) I can't stay serious – What is happening? – I don't know – Should I just do mine or something? – Yes, please – Because I need a second to get more serious

– Oh wow – I've been laughing so much, you go – Okay, my biggest insecurity was, is, my skinniness No wait (laughter) – Sorry

I'm so sorry, like I'm trying to be serious, continue, I am so sorry, wow this is bad – It was how skinny I am, and you could say, oh I used to work out and stuff like that, which – What? We hit 10, wow Alright, you know what, we're just getting to the juicy parts, we're going to continue – Okay

– If you guys don't want to watch – Oh you should work out, but my shoulder's actually injured, so I haven't been able to work out for a year Which is not fun, but when I was about 13 and stuff I didn't want to lift weights or anything because I didn't want to stunt my growth, because I was also shorter, I was a lot shorter, I didn't start growing until I was like 15, so that was a big insecurity of mine as well, because I was on a basketball team and everyone was a lot taller than I was So I got injured, literally every single practice So it was my skinniness, I didn't even go places really, I didn't enjoy going to the mall or anything, because I just felt like people were judging me and stuff

Yeah, I didn't hang out with anyone so I became really socially awkward and stuff, and then now I'm just kind of able to laugh about it and stuff because I've come to the realization that you only live one life, so you might as well just live it to the fullest – Yolo – Exactly – And just be happy with who you are, so I'm happy with who I am now, constantly improving though, and yeah, so that was it – Cool, so back where I kind of veered off

I have a learning disability, and I've never talked about this before with you guys And I'm dyslexic, so basically what that means is reading is very challenging for me, and words always get like mixed around, and letters get mixed around, and that's why also spelling is very difficult for me So if you guys notice a lot of spelling errors on Twitter, that's it And it was so bad that when I was younger, I thought that I was stupid, and I thought that I was not smart in any classes Like math was always very easy for me, but for what ever reason, whenever I was English class or whatever, all my friends were able to read super easily, and super quick, and it took me a lot longer to read things, even in tests and stuff, I would always be the last person to finish, not because I didn't know the information, just because it was difficult for me to read all the different questions, and it was actually so bad that

I was always very creative in classes as well, and there was one writing class that I was in, and my spelling errors were all over the place, but the stories were creative – He had the funniest stories, I was always so jealous of his stories – Thank you – You literally has killer stories – Yeah, so, when I was reading my stories, it was no issue, because I already knew what I had written down, and it was very easy for me, if I didn't know what it was exactly, if I couldn't figure it out, I could always improv, and just make it up

But there was one teacher who, he saw my story on the table, and picked it up, and noticed there was a couple of spelling errors, and decided to read the paper in front of the whole class with all the spelling errors, and that was no fun Because no one else in the class knew that I wasn't a good speller until that moment when he was reading it out in front of the entire class, and everyone's laughing at me, and at the spelling errors And literally to this day there will still be kids who I know from that class who will come up to me and be like "remember that one time in the class, he was like reading your story, and like you spelled walk as wack" For whatever it was, and that was a moment that was not so fun, so I won't go into anymore, but I figured out how to deal with it and stuff, but yeah, your turn – We're doing more? – Yeah, let's do like one more each I think

– One more each? – One more each Because I know we've already passed the 10 minute mark – So then I'll hit the whole face region (laughter) – Sorry, trying to be serious, what? – Because my ears like, for a long time, I've felt they're too big, for my head, and then my nose kind of like, like that – I don't see it on the nose

– I wish I had a nose that was straight – Okay – Oh yeah, my smile, the reason I don't smile in selfies is actually because I don't like how they look in selfies – Really? – Yeah, I've always been insecure about that, because it's not like an even smile or anything So I've tried to get it more even, but you have a great smile

– I actually don't think so – Really? – Like my smile, I feel like makes my face look too long almost – For me, I feel like my face gets just scrunched, and like wrinkly and all that stuff – Yeah – So that's why I don't smile in Instagram photos

But I don't mind it if I'm with like friends and stuff like that – Alright This one is going to sound kind of weird, but height I've always been really tall, I'm 6'3", and it doesn't sound like something that would be a big insecurity, but growing up I was always the tallest kid, and I don't know if you guys know this, but with guys there's this thing to where if one guy is taller than another guy, the shorter guy is going to be intimidated by the taller guy, and it's just I don't know It's just kind of how it is, and so, I didn't know this, but when I was growing up, a whole bunch of kids would always make fun of me, and tease me, and I was always not part of the groups

And it sucked that I didn't know what was going on My mom finally explained to me what was happening, and why it was always happening, it's because, I was always way tall for my age And that's what intimidated the other guys Even I remember there was one time, I was at, a group photo, and there were doing this big, like all these different grades, and I was in line, with kids who were in high school, even though I was I think 10 at the time, and I was in line with the kids who were in high school And there was one kid who was in high school, but he was shorter than me, and so he was standing on this side, and he looked at me and was like "bro, you're kind of like a freak man, you're so tall, what the heck, how old are you?" I'm like, "I'm 10

" He was like "dude, you're only 10 years old, that's just weird" Then everyone kind of started ripping on me, "dude, like you're 10, you're way too tall bro" That just kind of Oh my God! There's literally a spider – No

– Oh my God! – [Devan] Where is it? – [Collins] I don't know bro – [Devan] Where is it? There it is – [Collins] Where, where, where, where, where, where? – [Devan] I see it, I see it, I see it – [Collins] Get a tissue, get a tissue – [Devan] I can't

– [Collins] Where is it? – [Devan] I have a huge fear of spiders – [Collins] Oh my God, straight up, a real big fear – [Devan] I don't like spiders – [Collins] Hey dad! Yo dad – Yo, can you grab a glass

– [Collins] Yeah, we need a glass, like pronto bro – It's a spider – Seriously, we need a glass – Can you please? Oh my gosh, it's missing a leg – It's missing a leg? – It is

– It's in my room Okay, Steven come on – And I can't tell if it's facing me – Dad, do you have a glass? Can you get it, it's right there Bro, it's gonna like move, can you get it? – [Dad] Where is it? – It's right there

– It's right there – [Dad] It's a black one, not a big deal – Yeah, but it's huge – Yeah, those are kind of a big deal – It was huge

It came like right at us – It came at his foot (Collins screams) (laughter) – Oh my God – Our dad is the best – He put it right in my face

Alright Hey dad, can you turn off the bathroom light, because it kind of effects the sound (laughter) – We deal with this so much, literally in filming – Our door is open So I think on that note

(laughter) Did he flush the toilet? That was the spider, not you right dad? – Yeah, it was the spider – You flushed the toilet, the spider down the toilet – There is no way he went that fast – [Dad] It's all good (laughter)

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