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– What's up? It's Collins Key and welcome to the third day of logna For today's video, I'm going to be joined by a guest, but right before we started filming there was a little bit of an accident

Devan, what just happened bro? – I was told to shake up this pancake batter Oh, nothing will happen It'll be fine DevanYeah – [Collins] We literally haven't even started filming yet, and thenyep

It's gonna be a great video for sure – For sure – And since we don't have an extra pair of clothes, everyone please welcome to the videoDevan

It looks very artsy, until this section right here It works perfectly for this video because today we are doing The Pancake Art Challenge! I'm at a severe disadvantage for this challenge For those again who don't know, Devin is actually and extremely talented artist He's had his art featured on Victoria's Secret model's page Her Instagram page, it's her profile picture right now

He's kinda good at art How this challenge works: we asked you guys to tweet us a whole bunch of different ideas for creative pancakes that we can make We have a whole bunch of pancake batter, different color batter, and we're gonna go all out creating some serious pieces of art with pancakes I'm also gonna give away on my channel right now a Macbook, GoPro, insect camera; so if you guys want to enter let us know by liking this video, comment down below: what is your favorite video I've ever posted and also subscribe to the channel If you do that you'll automatically be entered in

There's also a giveaway on Instagram, on Twitter, a whole bunch of prizes Put a link to that video right over there So be sure to go check it out Without any further ado, let's jump right into it Let's try it together: 3, 2, 1

(overlapping speaking) Fudge, let's try it one more time: 3, 2, 1 – [Together] Let's jump right in to it – Doh, no! Try it one more time (high five) OW! – That was perfect – I think this is Pam I'm gonna start with this stuff right here I'm low-key kinda nervous about this

(fast music) I've got the basis of my poop emoji How you gonna poot that thing bro? – [Devan] You're making me laugh – I need a double spatula – I think we made these two big – [Devan] Double spatula time

Noooooooo! (laughs) – No (laughs) – You lost an eye, there's an eye right there Can I have my spatula please? I need to flip mine, it's getting super burnt dude – Okay, fine – Thank you – I don't know how I'm gonna get it onto a plate though – I'm using master chef skills right here

– It looks like a snowman, like pumpkin – How do you flip, okay – [Together] Ohhhhhhhhhh! – Mine looks like a demon poop emoji for sure

– [Collin] These are the pancakes – [Devan] You've got the super mad one, and – [Collin] It's got little demon eyes on there (demonic laugh) – How this challenge works: you guys get to comment down below and let us know on each round who won We have Devan's, we have mine Comment down below, let us know who won right now

Let's get on to the next pancake Other than poop emoji, this was the second most requested one and that is Olaf – [Collins] This guy does squats! Look at those legs! Mine looks like a cross between Olaf and a smurf – [Devan] Oh no, his arm turned into a squiggle! Okay, his body better not – [Collins] Can you get it? – [Devan] I think sooh gosh, the arm

– [Together] Ahhhhhhhhh! – Bam! Olaf Mine looks like a smurf Olaf who does a lot of squats Comment down below who won the Olaf round

On to the next one – Next pancake we're doing is Left Shark – [Collins] It just all came out! – Ohhhhhhhhh no! – [Collins] I know how to remedy this, I can fix it I'm going to give him little feet coming out Bloop

This guy skips leg day for sure, he's got little legs His legs are looking mad funky, bro It's turning out really bad guys Mine is a literal embodiment of what left shark actually means – [Devan] What is that eye? – [Collins] He's got a uni-eye

I've got some red for his mouth – [Devan] No, I need a spatula – Ooo, that looks scary – Look, he's super terrifies – [Devan] Really difficult to

hey – [Collins] That actually looks pretty spot-on These legs are not staying on his bodyoh no, losing a leg Left shark, pull it together! 90% oil – [Devan] That leg is so close to being gone! – [Together] Nooooooooo! – I lost it! Take it quick, let's see if I can repair it – It looks like he fell from something – [Collins] He fell from my spatula Left shark is done There we go

There we go, perfect Leg #1 over there, and then quad #2 One leg is significantly bigger than the other Left shark: comment down below who won Devan or

Devan Devan won

I'm calling this one: Devan won – We have left shark and that guy – I did get the two eyes but look how detached the quads are Then again, you guys get to vote Left shark is all about being on the wrong side of what's going on who knows? You guys might vote that I win this, or Devan Vote down below, let us know who wins the left shark part of this contest – Next up: heart eyes emoji – Let's do it

– Let's go – Let me see that The heart's already looking rather sussed right now – [Devan] Oh man, now they get all lopsided, shoot! – [Collins] I had overspill – Yours is huge! – I know! – You're not gonna have enough yellow

(intense music) – Sorry – Haters gonna hate bro That's one massive pancake It looks like you took the happy face emoji and just slammed it into the pand – 3, 2yay – It's time to flip my massive pancake – Good luck, this is gonna be hard – 3, 2 – [Together] Ooooooooooo! – That was actually super smooth – Heart eyes emoji: 3 – No! (slo-mo) Noooooooo – 2, 1 (laughter) – Keep it on your plate bro Devan went for an unconventional blue eyes heart emoji and I just kinda

Comment down below who won this round This next one is super funny, you guys wanted us to make Donald Trumpwith pancakes Let's do it – Mostly the hair that matters – [Collins] The hair is the main part of this whole thing You got some stylized art going on there bro

(laughter) – Quickly, fill it in – I'm laughing I can't fill it in because I'm crying – Already looks a little better – Oh my gosh! Sorry Mr Trump, wow, it looks like a terrifying I'm literally crying I'm laughing so hard right now You did a phenominal job keeping those wisps in place Just like Donald Trump

(rimshot) Flip it Now comes the flip Most importantly is the hair His hair's comin off, it should never do that Trump's hair should never come off

– Oh! – It defies all logic! – [Together] Nooooooooooo! – The truth about Donald Trump's hair: we'll flip the face first, we'll get the hair done individuallydon't worry Trump, we'll put you back together – No, what just happened? – Flip it, quick! – Which way? – You gotta get that

– Oh no! Oh no! It's not in the flick of the wrist, I can't get this! ("Hail to the Chief") – [Collins] There we go, okay Mine looks like a clown too

Next is the hair, put the hair on like that – Now we know how he does his hair (air horn) – Donald Trump – Or the Joker – Devan did not do too well on his – The red mouth was a mistake

– This hair is not really attached – It's an accessory – It's an attachment Comment down below who won on Donald Trump Next pancake, let's do it

Final round: you guys suggested that Devan and I: we make each other out of pancakes Final round: begin! – [Collins] I gotta give him some brows He has freckles and stuff, I'll give him green for freckles – I didn't even add a nose for you, I'm sorry Yeahhhh! – Moment of truth: the flip of Devan's face

Sounds kinda weird I don't know how this is gonna go I don't think I have the proper leverage to do the proper flip Oh, yeah! – That actually looks really good! Actually looks really good! – [Collins] It gives you a general line, relax No, no nodude help me, the ear, get the ear

You don't have it, it's just wobbling Here we go, the final round: portraits of each other 3, 2, 1 bam – Wowthat's a masterpiece

– Comment down below who won the final round and comment down below who won all of the rounds If you guys enjoyed this video, please let us know by giving a big thumbs up Also, share this video with your friends if you want us to do even more crazy challenges like this Make sure you guys subscribe to the channel, there's new videos every Thursday There's a giveaway going on: giving away a macbook, GoPro, Insect Camera

All you gotta do is subscribe to this channel, check out that video and see the rules – My social media links are down below – I almost forgot the social media links Love you guys so much, we'll see you again next week, bye

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