The Magic Key | Jacob Sartorius (Feat. Collins Key)

Here take us out I think that your card is that one All right, so try to keep calm when I do this trick All right guys

I'm sorry I got to head in and I got to get a bite to eat really quick, but um yeah But I'll be back in like a little bit, I will be back out, see you guys in a second alright cool,bye guys *Magic key falls* Alright guys I'm gonna be filling in for him while he's gone So I'm just gonna do some tricks, so let's get right into it This is a little bit of a new trick that I'm just trying out I'm going to take five [$1] bills I'm going to show them to you guys real quick and on three I want you guys to snap and they might turn into something different

on three all right one two three snap Look at all All right guys so for this one I'm gonna be doing something a little bit different obviously, so you know I always love to just play around with my cards You know This is nothing though You know how it's just so easy, you know Aaaand bam Come on, bro That's mine

All right, there we go (Jacob)You could have just asked (Collins)Just make a musicly Guys,want to see a musicly? *Music starts playing while Jacob Cringetorius and his crew start dancing* What's up, everybody? We did a crazy video on Collins's channel If you click up right there

It's crazy,messy, awesome I want everyone to go subscribe to him right now; his social medias are down below [yeah] If you guys are one of my people Go subscribe to Jacob, literally right now Give this video a thumbs up Go show him some love cus,yeah, we had so much fun making this So make sure to subscribe I hope you enjoyed and have an amazing day

(Yeah) *Outro music*

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