The IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ Challenge (Fail) Sibling Tag | Collins Key vs Devan Key

– What's up dog? It's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday Vlog In today's video is going to be the most challenging video I have ever done, so I can't do it alone, I need someone to help me out, my little brother Devan Key

(snaps fingers) Hey! Here we go! – Hey! What's up? – So today Devan and I are going to be doing The Impossible Quiz So basically how it works, it's an impossible quiz, you guys can follow along when we try to figure it out It's probably not possible – There is no way I also wanted to let you guys know that I will be doing a give-away on my channel right now

I'm giving away a MacBook If you guys want to enter in – All you gotta do is like this video – What else? – Subscribe to his channel, and comment what your favorite video is of Collins's Got it, bro! – So without any further ado Right now let's jump into this and it's The Impossible Quiz

Let's get to it Alright guys, let's begin (fart noise) (laughs aloud) We're off to a great start this is super mature – I laughed at that, I did, I laughed at that – The Impossible Quiz

Instructions, credits – Start dude – We'll start, okay – We don't want no instructions (loud zipper sound) – Geeze

– How many holes in a polo? – I think they're talking about a polo shirt, 'cause then if it's a polo shirt it's four holes You have one hole here, one two, and then you have this hole – Alright, try four, let's try it – Oh God, I don't know Okay

(ding) (cheers) – Alright cool, we're doing good Can a match box? – No but a tin can (ding) (cheers and laughter) – What? (confused) – Answer this question backwards – Yo, I'm glad I've got — – KO (ding) (cheers) Yeah, turn up! – Click the answer

Oh snap! (ding) Dude we are killing this – Yeah we're doing pretty good – We are killing this challenge – Put your mouse here – Put your mouse on here

– Can you hop the mouse? I want to try this (gun shot) (laughs) Apparently not – Go outside of it Can you go around it? – Oh! Changing up the game (ding) – Nice! – Onion? – Onion

I don't even understand this one – A carrot maybe? I don't know – Why would it be a carrot? – I have no idea – What is shallots? – Shallots, we'll give it a shot (surprised and amused) (laughter) – The answer is really big

I guess all kind of apply to this – The answer is — (gun shot) No – It's super loud too, it's scary as well Is it an elephant? Try an elephant (ding) – Oh, what? – Search

Oh, okay there we go we got little things popping up No way! – No way! Oh a little sad face – A little sad face – That's sad – You're never gonna search for this thing Devan

Don't click it! – No no, I'm just looking at all — – No chance (cheers) – What was the question to answer 2? Or what was the answer to question 2? – Do you remember it? What was question 2? Question one was about — – It was four Right? – Wait, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! – Question 2 was the polo, right? – Oh yeah! It was four, yeah! (ding, gun shot, scream) (shock and disappointment) – Darn it – We lost – Yeah we did really

Alright, try again – And now I literally just forgot what number two was – I did too What was number two? – We literally just went through it again and now I totally forgot what it is – It was a polo

– It went with a polo What was number two? Oh man! – Oh man! No a tin can! (ding) (cheers) Choose food? Oh! I get it Choose like it chews food – Oh yeah Got it

(zipper) (ting) Whoa What was that? – What was that? (laughter) Oh we got a thing Oh okay

– What follows December 2nd? – What is this? Oh skip! – Oh no, don't skip it – Let's not use it, okay – What follows December 2nd? – December 3rd, n, a question mark – A question mark I feel like they would want us to do that so let's try a different one

(gun shot) Dang it! – I'm gonna go with n – Why? – I don't know because 'cause 2nd, or 3rd, I don't know but we'll try it (ding) (cheers) – I don't know why it worked, it was just random (laughs aloud) – Click the smallest (ding) – Dude! What sound does a bell make? Whoop, F'TAANG! Blip-blop-bloop-blang-blanga-blo-woof-wuff

– It has to be F'taang – No – There's no other way – No it's this one here, I'm sure – No

– Yes! That's what sound a bell makes, I promise – It can't be (gun shot) – No! Alright, I don't know, is it F'taang? – It's gotta be What else — (f'taang) (cheers) – Alright, we're down to one life I'm getting kinda nervous – What can you put in a bucket to make it lighter? – A hole, 'cause then whatevers in the bucket will fall out, or the bucket just becomes lighter even of itself

– Okay (f'taang, gunshot, scream) – Okay, we're going for this again – So it could be a torch because — – It would make it a lighter – If you light the torch then it burns – Let's give it a shot

Torch? (f'taang) (cheers) – Neigh whinny Sorry no skipping It's a horse, right? What do you do? Do you click on the horse? – Don't click anything – No I think it's a horse I think you just put in horse

(clicking) (f'taang) (cheers) – Alright well this thing is not so impossible – What is the 7th letter? – A, B, C, D, E, F, G – Oh, wait a second (gun shot) – Do you want to just try one, like H or something? – Go for it man (f'taang) (cheers) (laughter) – What? That makes no sense 27 minus 7

Walrus I'm gonna go for walrus because I don't want to do math right now (f'taang, gun shot, scream) Aw! Shoot! Alright, I guess I learned my lesson

– The only one we haven't done is this one, right? – Yep, let's go for 18 (gun shot) (shock) We've done literally every answer – We did try everything, right? – Yeah we tried everything (surprised) (groan) (f'taang) (laughs aloud) Oh hammer time It's hammer time

– Stop, hammer time (f'taang) (laughs aloud) – Color in the correct order Boogy – Oh, B for blue? Try it – Oh we on track

– Orange – Oh, orange – Green – G is green And then yellow

(cheers) (f'taang) Deal or no deal? No deal! (gun shot) Sorry (laughs) I don't know, what do you think it is? Deal? – I don't know why there's a seal – No seal – No seal – No seal

(f'taang, gun shot, scream) (shock and confusion) – Alright so I think we're down to seal – I don't know if we did deal (zipper) – It's seal bro! – Alright – Watch carefully – Now choose

(f'taang) – That was easy – The choice is yours – One life, one negative life, – One life, negative life, Escape Plus one skip – I'm gonna go with plus one skip because that's what I want (f'taang) (cheers) Save changes to untitled – No, you never do that You always title it

– Alright (gun shot) – Except in this case Cancel? (gun shot) No! (f'taang) (surprised laughter) – Alright – We got C and L, – Wait wait, hold on, hold on So C, L, C, – I, C, – T, I think is the last one

– No, K So click, click the V What is this over here though? – Oh lives – Oh! (surprised) – Got it! Alright – Nailed it

– How do you kill a werewolf? Question mark – Shoe polish, black pudding, maybe? – No – We have one life let's just skip it We're skipping it Which of these places doesn't exist? – Hold on, wait, gotta check

(laughs aloud) Why not just go for the first one? (f'taang, gunshot, scream) (shock and disappointment) So I think it's this one here I'm just gonna go with this one (f'taang) (cheers) – What? (surprised) – I hope you've been paying attention to the question numbers Oh my gosh what number are we on? – Oh no! – Shoot! (f'taang) (cheers) – What was it? – 28 – 28, yeah boy

What is this? It's a ballet thing, it looks like a ballet bun – Yeah, let's try a ballet bun (gun shot) – No I think it's abundance (f'taang) (cheers) it's abundance! I think it's this – Pork catchings? (gun shot) – Nope! (f'taang, gun shot, scream) (shock and disappointment) It's gotta be egg mayonnaise

– No I bet you it's honey – Honey? (gun shot) Nope it's egg mayonnaise (f'taang) Okay, put the mouse on here Oh gosh not one of these again – I got this

– You're going so slow – I'm expecting it to change on me at any moment – There you go (surprised) No, don't touch green? (f'taang) (woof, woof, woof) It's this one here, this 3 woofs (f'taang) Yeah boy! – What are the main ingredients in shampoo? – Cricket crap

(gun shot) Aw! – Wow, it took a second – Yeah it lagged out – We have one left so let's a skip (f'taang) – How many letters are in his hand? His hand is severed which is kinda gross But, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, – Is not an option

– Seven, eight Eight or seven, it's eight or seven (gun shot) Nope, it has to be seven (f'taang) Yes, seven, okay Elephants don't like mice

No don't skip! (surprised) Whoa, what was that? – Oh, what? (surprised) (f'taang) (laughter) – So you needed a skip to get that one If you press this button the game is over, alternatively click this one to carry on I think they're gonna distract us instead of help us out – What do you call a wingless fly? – Want to try a flap? – Sure (gun shot) – No! A walk? (f'taang) (cheers) Can you get this question wrong? No way so that's what I'm going with

(f'taang) (cheers and laughter) – Mary Rose sat on a pin (f'taang, gun shot, scream) (laughter) It wasn't ahahaha – No it wasn't, sorry, I thought it was – Burst her piles – Want to do that one? – Sure? (gun shot) (disappointment) – O RLY? No! – What? – Is it Mary Rose? Is there something else we're missing here? (f'taang) – I really don't understand that

– I don't get that at all I don't get this at all – Oh, what is it maybe? – Do you want to just skip this one? Because we have one life left I do not want to lose that life – Alright, go for it

(f'taang) – Put an aw mouse on here shoot! – Don't touch pink – Don't touch pink What? – If only you had a bridge – Wait, be careful we only have one life – I'm just gonna try to believe

(f'taang, gun shot, scream) (shock and disappointment) – What do you use as a bridge? (gun shot) Oh dude, I got it! If you right-click it, you right-click (shock and amusement) Oh snap! (clapping and high five) – Oh, bro! (f'taang) (duck quacks) (clapping) – Wing? (f'taang, gun shot, scream) (shock and disappointment) – So it's not wing – It's the afro, it's gotta be the afro It's gotta be the afro – Oh, it has the same color maybe

– Oh yeah, you think that it is — (f'taang) (cheers) – What is the answer to life? – What is the answer to life? Let's count them all individually Let's do this Give us a second guys – Oh there's five – There's five? – Yeah, 50

Oh, what the heck I miscounted – We made a drastic miscalculation in the beginning – It'll be this one (f'taang) – There we go, okay we just counted wrong – Bridget makes everyone

Should we skip it? – Yeah, let's skip it, we only have one live left let's skip it (f'taang) (laughter) – It's a puzzle so let's do that up there like that – Yeah, that might work Yeah, there we go – Bam, we making progress people

There I know (f'taang) (surprise) Oh, be careful on this, we have one life left We have one skip left, let's just do it – Alright, let's do it (f'taang) – Best flash ever

Aw, this is gruesome (f'taang) (surprise) – What are they doing to my screen? What do I do, do I touch that? (cheers) There we go! – Snake? SNAKE!? SNAAAAKE! – Snake? SNAKE!? SNAAAAKE! It's gotta be that (f'taang) (cheers) Dude, we got one life left Let's see if we can make it to 50 Let's see if we can make it to 50 with one life, this is crazy

– Which is the correct spelling? (f'taang, gun shot, scream) (shock and disappointment) – Do you want to skip it? – No no, just try slap – No, it's not (f'taang) (cheers) Slapp-me-do Remember blue, red Do you want to skip this one? – Sure – We have one life left so I don't want to waste it on that (f'taang) (fighting sounds) I like this one (glass breaks) (cheering crowd) (f'taang) – Carrot – You got that one right, I was proud of you

– I've seen a carrot before (f'taang) (f'taang) – Shanghai Never been (f'taang) (clock ticking) – A series of organs designed to break down food (gun shot) (shock) (zipper) (surprise) – Yes I made it through barely! It was the one up there (splash) I hope you remember It's this one here (f'taang, gun shot, scream) – Alright so we're going to start with blue

Blue, red, blue, yellow Can you find it? – There we go (f'taang) (cheers) – Look Count Dracula ERM ONE? – ERM ONE? – He's a sexy one

Sorry I prefer lemurs – Interesting (f'taang) (cheers) Alright, here's what we're doing Devan, let's make this interesting This will be our final round We've got four skips, three lives, let's see how far we can get

We're at 58 right now, let's do it – We're focused – We're in the game, this is the final round – I wish you hadn't said that – It's gotta be sheperd's pie, just 'cause

– Is it? (f'taang) (cheers) – Oh no! (clock ticking) – Charge up laser – How do you charge up a laser? (clock ticking) How do you charge up a laser? (anxious screams) (f'taang, gun shot, scream) (shock and disappointment) What just happened? (screams of anxiousness) (screams of excitement) (cheers) Bro! (laughter) I'm so sorry – On my birthday! – I just smacked him in the face! Be honest, did you manage to do that last question on your first go? – No (f'taang) (cheers) – Yeah, it's true we didn't – Wait, he only has three fingers

(f'taang) (cheers) – Thimple and click the moth – It'th thimple – Click the moth – It's moss, that's moss (f'taang) (cheers) Bro! – You smart! – What are chicken — – Nuggets made of

Not 100% chicken That's not true I'm gonna go with tasteless white filth – No bro, I don't know – It's that one, it's gotta be

(f'taang) (cheers) – What if it is egg is greater than 28? – I don't think it's worth it though We're gonna hit some questions coming up where we're not going to be able to skip so we might as well keep our lives for those – Okay (f'taang) – Click the largest – Click the largest

– I feel like this one's the largest (gun shot) – No, it was this one (surprised) We skipping bro, we are skipping (f'taang) (meteors falling) Wait, hurry up it's the end of the world Australia Armageddon Australia! (f'taang, gun shot, scream) (shock and disappointment) Well I guess guys it's the end of the world and also it's the end of this video

So if you guys enjoyed it let us know by liking this video Comment down below how many of them you guys got right and also let us know if you want Devan and I to be testing out even more fun games like this in the future Love you guys so much, see you again next week Bye – Bye (snaps fingers)

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