THE GYMNASTICS CHALLENGE in GIANT SUMO SUITS! Funny Family Try Fantastic Gymnastics Battle Challenge

hey oh okay well last video we have you love u collins and devan key! samosas and you guys had a ton of crazy idea but right now what are you gonna do better get up right now let's get into it well you're someone else hell oh well man you're kicking it off with the most requested one of all and that is a sumo suit battle how this works whoever can push the other out of this orange circle first wins the sumo battle who's gonna take your quarter okay accelerate and begin on with Devon one now we're on to the next is mine a lot most popular ones that you guys suggested the first one it's called the downward dog this is where it's supposed to look like and this is what it looks like with sumo suits 7×5 for good luck ah all right here we go have fun here we go three two one quick I think I did it I did it whoa hey guys what our neck pose expose dude oh good I just kick you yeah I'm sorry next up is the chair here is what is supposed to look like and here's what it looked like in sumo suits so Devon arms up oh this is dumb three two one no never did not go for the playroom and for the last one we're doing a group yoga pose it's supposed to look like this but here's what it looks like he can't even get up here we go alright gonna go up like this uh ready man I can't reach over my belly I'm just gonna have to jump all right three oh gosh so do one no no huh we got this we got this we got this one more try okay are you ready yeah breach to my light next up it is never too late to pursue your baseball career so Devon's gonna pitch it I'm gonna smack it that way no that way bro you got to use two hands if you want to hit a home run bro okay yeah there you go my arms don't move but good for holes I feel like I'm the one who's really gonna get hurt in this this is gonna go like like a half a foot all right ready yes three two proper form one Oh all right hop it broke oh I got it well that was strike one here we go here we go three two yep one hey all degrees for the winder that's strike two alright ready yeah all right let's go hey do one Oh what did I say I feel like I'm the one who's really gonna get hurt in this next guys wanders the jump rope but first you get a challenge we want to see if you guys can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notification in five packets here we go five four three two one gone you got comment down below super squad right now you're good my love is jump rope here we go you're the guys no difficulties alright three why don't we do that one oh it's literally just hitting like what what happened bro oh my god next one no what did you all say huh will he back there girl nice instead of throwing the football does it be kind of boring Devin's gonna try to kick it your field goal at the bus or the shrub whatever that thing is you gonna kick it there give it a football Devin here you go thank you alright so we're gonna set this up I've lost a lot of football I know how this goes the guys go like this yeah my ready three get a good kick Devin two one go oh boy Duke what happened did it go in the gulp oh yeah yeah I did yeah oh it just stops back to my abs wait what are we I've got one more time here so remember Devon the main goal you have to get the ball in the bush here we go okay good hole little fingers retract my hand there we go three I'm really going for it what I appreciate how confident you guys are in our juggling abilities but I really don't know if we can juggle in these sumo suits but if we're giving tribes enemy wants to that way a little bit alright here we go three two one no I already lost it wrong my belly just in the way all right that one cross one and now it's on to round two I fell over anyway yeah so what helped them grow if he's trying to get up and the show must go on alright well I think that's about the best we can do hey Devin hey catch huh well that one just about badly do you expect so hey you're finally up against well I just shut up please let's go into the next level for some reason you guys got to be hilarious for demantoid to have a pool noodle battle in sumo suits Oh Devin owl which ninja are you i am french fry sumo guy and i am the girl issue a wrestler so whoever whoever is forced to leave in that birthday lose and begins Christmas sumo for the win the next up we are going to have incredible War battles but as you can tell instead of pulling on the rope we don't wanna destroy our hands with rope burn we've tied it to ourselves and ended up looking like really connected by an umbilical cord all right here we go three two one go uh-huh so what why are you using your head wait what are you doing what are you doing I'm getting dizzy that backfires hola well who won that was not a really good time of war battle at all I feel like everything we do turns into a sumo battle I wonder why I guess we call it a draw yep just to draw I'm exhausted all right that time we have real bad and we're about to do the same thing we did with the pool noodle battle same rules apply I'm joking I'm joking I'm joking what you guys want to see how dizzy we would get if we put the bathroom forehead put them on the ground and then spun around in the whole bunch of times and so I think like we're just going to get dizzy all right I'll do this corner you spin around 25 then after we have to walk in a straight line got it ready yep three two one go climbing is it so hard to well road wait we're still spinning yep I thought of your tail no drawn towns down so we're still going solo here we go yeah here we go why does this always happen I'm going to take a little bath guys I'll see you in a couple of minutes on three out of jail magic hands hung up you've seen genexus you've seen sumo – you've seen us in sumo suits and ocelots doing gymnastics and now we're taking the two things put them together sumo suit gymnastics it's gymnastics in sumo suit gymnastics difficulty level a thousand easily we begin with the forward roll you gotta get down I will be the judge I can't get my head above whatever these are here we go 1000 yeah whoa lore has it it can't be done it's called the handstand in sumo suits this is unprecedented mind blown by here we go three kill one yell stop it haha I would say a score of hahaha yes we got it can't spread the legs on the way up so that that's gonna help I'm going to try it one more time this time instead of going like the park cap kicking up into a which is again Lily what happens I keep this leg up and then they're sued like with this legs my bottom leg out from under you that's what husband does out of there we go click hear that siren that's a protective dangerous this could be you also here cuz you got this bro yeah oh that one is actually bro David you know dangerous that was well I'm not even wearing my helmet right now Olympic crane xx either here we go the grand finale the belly flop balloon contest can be positive balloons with our belly but if you guys want to be featured in the next video comment down below what is your favorite gummy food the keeper of the week is Jesse congratulations if you want to be lower we click the description down below to find out how devon has free balloons is ready to lose we have a trampoline we're going to one by one pick up that balloon place it down belly flops whoever can pop them off first they win ready Devon I'm so ready bro hey the best film up to dude win three two one because I got a different track okay no bars no you're all about mine but I'm a true nice right away my throat away no huh oh oh I got it I got it I got it it's so far away I can't reach it look Oh class one there's no crow out here we go you're ready whoo you're not even in the running bronze you like you could be trying to beat me what what for losing okay why laughs what here we go three two one you know here I'm coming Eclipse oh no wait don't worry with my two later fast

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