THAT TIME WE PRANKED COLLINS KEY | Behind the Braids Family Vlog Ep.38

(upbeat music) – Ahh! (laughter) – Hey guys, and welcome back to another episode of – [Both] Behind the Braids – In today's episode you'll see us and our family going to CVX, which is like a YouTube convention where we get to meet ya'll and you get to meet us, we do some fun stuff so there's some footage of that

When you see the footage, comment below on some of the channels that you see because there were a lot of big people there and we wanna know if you can spot them in the footage – And we also had a whole bunch of family and friends over, like, a lot of people, I think we had like 17 people over – Like, 19 people – [Both] At our house – It was crazy – It was crazy, so, we did lots of fun stuff, we did, we went into an escape room, we did rolled ice cream, tons of adventures

– We had our cousins there and friends and we took a little short trip to Oklahoma with all of them, just us teenagers and it was super fun you will see some of that as well You guys, but before we go onto the video, Bailey and I are going on tour so you guys definitely click the link in the description box below or the information button right up there to see the tickets and buy some tickets We are going to sixteen different cities, we are singing five different songs, three of which are the originals that Bailey and I have sung and released and two of them are brand new covers that ya'll are gonna hear of us covering old songs and they're super awesome, we're going to be doing skits, we're gonna bring some of you on stage, it's gonna be crazy fun – There's gonna be lot of special guests and I will be coming too – Camry is gonna be a special guest, she's playing a little guitar for our Simple Things song, so it's gonna be super fun, super crazy, you guys are definitely gonna wanna come, so click the link in the description box below and the information button right up there

You, your families, your grandma, anyone can come, it'll be so fun – Come on tour – Yeah, ash is like, I wanna come – Yeah – You guys, definitely come, check out those links, lets get on with the video

(upbeat music) – [Girl Off Camera] How you doing Bay? – Good, I'm handling records and they're Disney – How hot is it today? – 115 – Look at Jenny – I'm dying, I'm melting – I'm doing great, I'm just fabulous, I don't sweat I glisten

– We should not show this video when we're trying to recruit people to work for us And Selen, don't forget Selen – Whew (laughter) (upbeat music) – You can write it anywhere you want – Signing the studs, signing the studs

(upbeat music) – So, mom just bet us that she could do 15 push ups and we don't think so, so, we're gonna see (upbeat music) – One, two, you're not even getting to 90 degrees, 90 degrees mom, 90 degrees, you're not even bending your arms – Look at that, that's moving (laughter) – Move away from me, that was 20, you guys bet me 15 – That was like 10, you only went half way down

– He said form doesn't matter – You don't have to have good form, you just have to do 'em – See (upbeat music) – Okay, lets see it – Hey guys, we are back in Oklahoma and we have a whole slew of us here, there are 10 of us, we have three different cars, there's the Jeep, and there's, I don't even know what that is

– [All] Truck – And then we are in a Jeep with the hood off, the roof off And we drove the two and a half hours here with the roof off and then we played in this ginormous lake, with blowup toys, I have chicken finger in my hand (laughs) with blowup toys and bunch of other crazy stuff so it's tons of fun and now we're just headed back home, I think we're all gonna crash 'cause we're all exhausted but I don't know, we'll see – Alright, ya'll, so what are we about to do? – An escape room

– Why don't you kinda tell me what it is about – Basically we get hijacked on a plane and we get knocked unconscious and we wake up all handcuffed together and blindfolded in the kidnappers room and we have to find a way out – And his plotted plan – Yeah, and we have to figure out his plan – Who's excited? – [All] Me

– Yo, so guess who escaped I guess we had 10 minutes left and it only has a 25 percent escape rate So basically Preston got yelled at a lot because he was doing dumb things like peeling the tape off – I wasn't supposed to do that, I was like a bad kid – I got in trouble for using my calculator

– Yeah, we got it, we were good – We opened this door and there were eight locks – Oh no, we have to figure out eight different combinations

– Now we're headed to Sub Zero – They do the rolled up ice cream and that's – What we want, we've been looking forward to it for ages, like look at this screen (upbeat music) – I got mine, they're getting theirs right now, but mine was the first one done I can't wait to eat this, bucket list, check Camry got her's – Yes I did

– Look at that – Hey guys, so it's Pres and Carly's last day in Texas and we found out that they've never been to Zoes before It's like my favorite restaurant And what did you guys get? – I got the chicken roll up – I already forgot

(laughter) – Preston literally eats eight meals a day, it's weird having a teenage boy in the house – Hey guys, so, we make it safely to Utah and we spent last night at my mom's house after dropping the kids off, really the little kids off at my mom's house last night Now we are on our way to CVX, Brooklyn, what is in that box of goodies you have? – Signed cards – Ready to hand out? – Yes, there are a 1,000 of them that Bailey and I signed yesterday and today, so, ready to pass them all out – Yep, we're ready to go downtown and see some of our friends and get some busy

– Yes, it will be very busy – Brooklyn and Bailey open the show tonight – Yes we do – Are you ready Bailey? – Yeah – Well guys, so we got to the hotel and we decided we were hungry so walked down to Olive Garden and we ran into

– Hi – Jacy and Kacy, we literally walked up to them and were like, what is going on? – I was so surprised – It was a surprise for sure, so we got to chatting with them, are you guys excited for CVX? – [Both] Yes

– Are you? – Yes, I'm so excited, it's gonna be so fun today guys, I'm so excited, we're kicking off tonight, Brooklyn and I are kicking off tonight 6:15 on the main stage – We're introducing everything that's going on tonight – It's gonna be very fun – It's going to be interesting – We have yet to figure out what we're saying

– We still gotta plan that, procrastination station – We're a couple hours away from doing it, so, we should figure that out, it's gonna be great – How many of you guys are excited for CVX? (crowd cheering) – We are super excited for you guys to be involved, the next couple of things are super exciting, there's lots of fun stuff you get to do, lots of awesome stage performances – I heard Sadie Robertson is here – Yes, well, I am dating her cousin so I did know that she was coming and we are all so excited that she is here as well, so, can everyone show a big round of applause for all of the creators that are here today

(crowd cheers and applause) (unintelligible) (upbeat music) – And so, that's kinda like my time, either to get my work done that isn't done because I've been doing them all evening – So if we know homecoming is in October or something then we're gonna plan around homecoming, we're gonna have pre-filmed videos – You know, anything, make sure that you're spending time doing those things while working and not solely focusing on just one aspect, I think

– We found – Hello – Blogging, I'm blogging – Good ice cream? (upbeat music) – Almost dressed up in a Belle outfit, not gonna lie, and I went, as soon as the Beauty and the Beast came, I was like, I was bawling, all my friends were like, what is wrong with you? (laughter) – [Bailey And Brooklyn] ♫ Don't make me snap my fingers in ♫ a Z formation, hair fliptation, hip rotation, ♫ elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, oh my gosh we just ♫ got dissed, brick wall, what? – Waterfall – Waterfall! (upbeat music) (screaming) – So we finally finished with CVX day one, we had so much fun Brooklyn and I had a couple meet and greets, and we also had the VI

P meet and greet and we got to hang out with you guys, we played some fun charades ya'll it was so fun but we have not eaten anything all day, I think I've had a granola bar and part of a cookie for my meal which is totally normal but we decided that we wanted burgers tonight so we headed to a burger joint and that's what we're doing right now and then afterwards we're hoping that we will be able to go get some ice cream, I mean guys, Haagen Dazs sounds so good right now and apparently it's closed, so, we're going hopefully, shh, don't tell mom and dad, we're here with Corwin and it's gonna be really fun so yeah – Hi, what's up, it's so good to see you, hello, I love

– Say hi (unintelligable) (laughter) – So we were like walking around and everyone was talking about how there was animals, like, umhm, okay, I thought it was going to be a little snake and I turn around and this, this is the snake – That's not so little

– It's huge – Hey, maybe it's gonna hold tighter, it's in her hair – Oh my gosh – Mom's gonna hold a tarantula – It's okay, it's good

– He just ate a giant bug (screams) – No, oh it's just a spider – No, no, no, ahh – Oh, it's so close, look at me, look at me, look at me – That's huge

– You're doing pretty good – Guys, it's Johnny Depp, just kidding, it's not, I wish, we wish – There's mermaids on this ship, every once in awhile the mermaids come up – But they have like everything, they have a pirate over there, there's little tunnels, they even have a slide – Ahh! (laughter) – I'm so sorry

– Ahh! – I'm so sorry (upbeat music) – Okay guys, we are about to go play a Nerf war thing – Everyone's yellow (laughter) (upbeat music) – We're here backstage, behind everything (small group cheering) We're in the final circle

Yes, we are playing with the tangles from the values and family – Wooo, yeah – We're all saying final goodbyes and hanging out while everyone does their things, nice, Devin – What's up, you should go subscribe and comment down below, hashtag share – I got this one, he's got that one right there, I got this one, we've got all of these here

(cheering) All of these cameras are some of these people's, I don't know who's it is, but yeah, what's up guys? Alright, I'm gonna give these back (cheering) – It's time to recharge our batteries, finally These days are so long, hey Corwin – Hey – Hello

– Am I natural, am I acting natural? – Totally natural, it's totally natural – Long days make for tired bodies, I need food – Hey guys, so, we just left the hotel, we're on our way back to our grandma's house 'cause tomorrow early in the morning we are leaving for a six hour drive all the way to Lake Powell because we are on a houseboat It's like one in the morning so we're tired – Thank you guys so much for watching this video, comment down below what your favorite part of it was

– Definitely check the link in the description box below about Bailey and I going on tour, we want ya'll to buy tickets and come meet us and we wanna meet you and give you guys big hugs so definitely check out the link down there, now you guys, subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here, if you guys wanna see more of our videos you can click right over here, if you wanna see some of our hair styles click the box right below that, thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see you next week, bye – Bye – Muah

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