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– What's up, it's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog For today's video, I've taken a whole bunch of DIYs and hacks from Pinterest and BuzzFeed and today, we're going to be putting them to the test together to see if they actually do what they're supposed to do, or if they even work

Honestly, I'm expecting quite a few of these to fail pretty miserably If you want me to do even more DIY videos like this in the future, let me know by liking this video If this video gets enough thumbs up, then I will do even more videos just like this Also, I want to let you guys know I'm doing a giveaway this month I'm giving away a MacBook

So if you wanna win that, let me know by liking this video Comment down below what's your favorite video that I've ever posted on this channel and of course, you must be subscribed to my channel But right now, without any further ado, let's jump in Let's try these DIYs and hacks For this first one, we are going to be trying to create a DIY Lava Lamp

I really don't know how we're gonna do this because I don't have any actual lava, and this thing did not include lava, so Yeah, we're just gonna use what we have So basically we've got a glass jar here that kinda resembles a lava lamp

We have oil, we have salt, and last but not least, if you wanna be extra special, you can also use some food coloring You guys know me on this channel with these kind of ingredients Yeah, we don't need that So all you're gonna need for this is just these basic ingredients I actually need that

For step number one, all you need to do(chuckles) Food coloring's back! Is just take the jar and fill it up with a whole bunch of water and I guess I will be using food coloring for this Ow! (gloves snapping and clapping) Le's do it! These are, by far, the most attractive looking gloves you can ever wear

Put a couple drops in there Next, we'll go with red Looks like blood, this is actually kinda creepy We got some blue next I think I might actually be puttin' too much of the dye in there, but hey we're goin' for it

Well I think I messed up already because I think I put way too much dye in there (chuckling) Now it's just all black Hey, you live and you learn I'm going to be leaving the gloves on for the remainder of this DIY because I cannot actually remove them from my hands (gloves snap) Ow! Next you wanna take the oil

Trying to open this with gloves on Aw, man Nah Once you perfectly open the top of it just like this, you're going to add the oil to the bottle (liquid trickling) Hmm

Now that you have the oil and just the black mass of liquid in here, you're gonna be taking the salt and apparently the salt is what really makes this DIY come to life Cannot get anything off with these gloves on This is like nearly impossible There we go So apparently the salt will actually drag the oil to the bottom of this, and then shoot it back up to the top

I don't know how it really works, apparently science Huh Let's see if I can kick start the whole thing (liquid shaking) No, it's basically just oil and water with just a layer of salt on the bottom For this, I'm going to be making a phone case out of a balloon

(balloon farting) First, you need to inflate the balloon Get the balloon Ow I just whipped my lip Next, you're gonna just take the phone like this and put it on top and then deflate the balloon

Release it on three, two– or just now, okay (balloon farts) Whoa! What just happened?! (cackling) Can't really like do too much! Like this weak little thing flappin' off but I mean hey, if you're into funky different phone cases, this is for you So yeah I guess this life hack, we'll give it a win We'll give it a tentative win I'm super excited for this one, because I'm going to be trying to create rainbow bagels

The only part I'm not excited about is the fact that I have to wear these gloves again Glove number one Glove number two Ready to go So first is my personal favorite, this stuff

(label tearing) There we go That one's not goin' this time (popping) Oh jeez, it got me again! Next you're gonna be coloring each one of these individually – [French Voice] One eternity later (dinging) – I just mixed up all the dough and now the next step is you're gonna take them all out, place them down flat like a pancake, and then stack them one on top of the other

Alright, we'll start with the green one here Next is the orange After that, we'll do the purple Last but not least, a touch of pink Cut the dough and then you're just gonna kinda roll it and kind of twist it like this

You're gonna form it into a bagel This is the most lopsided whack-lookin' bagel Kinda failed Next you're gonna put these in the oven and just find out what happens – [French Voice] A few moments later

– You know, these actually turned out way better than I expected Oh, we lost a bit of the bagel! This actually looks pretty awesome, like with all the stuff on the inside Yeah, I guess that one, it's a win This one, using nothing more than vitamins and a little bit of water, we're gonna try to create glow-in-the-dark liquid I have no idea if this is gonna work and I don't even know what you would do with glow-in-the-dark liquid anyways, but ey we're gonna try to make it

You're gonna wanna take, I would say, three of the tablets It should be perfect I saw online, they suggest that you crush it with a spoon inside a bowl Personally, I don't think that's gonna be enough So I have another idea

Alright, here we go Gonna use this Take the three tablets Dump them out here, and I need one more thing A sledgehammer

Alright guys, here we go This is how you crush the tablets We go three, two, (beeping and crashing) Don't think I'm crazy? No, I'm not gonna use a real sledgehammer We are gonna be using the baby sledgehammer (ding) There we go

So Collins, what'd you do today? This Next, we're just gonna take the finely crushed B12 vitamin and put it inside the bowl and add water (spoon scraping) Gonna mix it up Oh God, this is boring Now it's time to find out whether or not this stuff will really glow in the dark

Now I can't tell if it's actually glowing or if it's just the black light making it appear as though it's glowing, but I'm feeling nice So I'm gonna give this one the benefit of the doubt This one gets a win The final one, we are going full spy mode I'm gonna be showing you guys how to turn your phone into a blacklight

Hopefully Literally, all you need to do is just tape But that catch though! And sharp, the catch again! And the catch again! I'm just catching things left and right

I can throw as many times I, (gasping) I can literally throw as many times as I want and catch it! I got way too excited All you need is just tape and Sharpie markers Let's see if I can get it one more time (buzzing) We can cut that part out, right guys? This is really easy Just take the tape, place it directly over the flash

Then you're just gonna color it in with a blue Sharpie marker like this Cover the flash again with tape and then repeat it again the blue Sharpie marker This might actually work Now for the last one, cover it up again, and using the purple Sharpie, do one more circle over it And now it's time to see if we've really created a blacklight or not

The only issue is I don't have anything to actually test the blacklight on, but from what I can tell, this thing does not look like a blacklight at all Even when I turned on the blacklight, it was very different looks for each one of these So this one is clearly a fail If you want me to do another video where I test life hacks and DIYs, let me know by liking this video and comment down below What's one life hack you've seen that you really wanna see tested? I'm posting two videos a week, so make sure you guys subscribe to this channel and have the notifications turned on

That way, you guys know immediately whenever I upload a new video I'll see you guys again very soon Bye (snap)

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