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– What's up it's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog Now for today's video I need my partner in crime, my little brother Devan Key to join me in this chair right here, so

I don't know how this is going to happen but let's try what I always try and this seems to summon the Devan Hey! (laughing) It worked – I was like I was literally just working on art and just like appeared here You okay dude? You okay? – Yeah I was just crying, sorry But yeah, seriously I was just working on art, like in my room

– It's just like so funny when I snap and you're always right there (laughing) Like what was Devan doing before this? Compose ourselves Today we are going to be testing out as seen on TV products And this was inspired by the video we did a little while ago where we test out 99 cent store products You guys enjoyed that

And I guess you guys suggested that we test out as seen on TV products I guess some other YouTubers have done it as well, so we though hey – Let's do it – Might as well do it So yeah, also I'm doing a big giveaway on my channel right now, where I'm actually giving away an iPhone, GoPro, instax camera

So if you guys want to win that stuff, all you got to do is let us know by liking this video and comment down below what is your favorite video that I've ever posted And of course you must be subscribed to my channel I'm also going to put a link to that video in the description down below and also right over there So you guys can go check it out, find out all the rules you need to know to enter in There's a giveaway on Instagram, on Twitter

Without any further ado, let's jump – right into the challenge – It's not a challenge actually (laughing) – I'm just so used to doing challenges – Yeah so jump into the as seen on TV product testing video The first as seen on TV product we are trying out is jeggings! So here you go Devan

– No, what? – Yes – No, no, no I'm not doing it I'm done I'm done I'm not doing it

– What? Dude you have to I can't wear jeggings alone Come on bro I can't do this alone – Okay, I'll do it

– Thank you and dude these are with real pockets So for this video, I've actually done something I've never done before and I've actually set up an as seen on TV product testing area So we're going to go to that now, look very professional, yeah – This is not going to be good – It's going to be great

– No – We are now in the as seen on TV product studio We're about to test this stuff We got some jeggings and we're going to put these on now Bam and now we're in our jeggings

– [Devan] These look pretty weird – So yeah it's like being in man tights What up guys? Hey chillin' whoa! – It's really like flexible I can like (laughing) – You almost hit me in the face Oh you can kick pretty high Just be like waboosh

We're going to see if the jeggings improve our ability to jump at all, because I don't know – What? – I don't know we'll try it Three, two, one Okay, show them your (laughing) We are not skilled in the way of how to wear jeggings yet, so let's take these off, and we're going to cut the camera guys Next up we've got the Pooch Smooch

Which is (laughing) Do like a choreographed dance like So the Pooch Smooch is eliminate bad breath for dogs of all sizes And since we don't own any dogs, we're going to be trying these out on – I thought you were going to say our snake I was like that's not right (laughing) – Oh – Ah! No! – It looks gross! – No! Ah! – Let's get it nice and clean guys

(laughing) – You got it all over my mouth I'm done! – The Pooch Smooch is not for humans Maybe for dogs, but this product is definitely, definitely a fail in our book Next up I bought us some waist trainers – Yeah

– I don't know what these are – Wow that is not (laughing) That is not photoshopped at all – According to this it'll give us a thinner waistline – Oh my gosh – I know these photos are actually low key kind of terrifying

– Oh my gosh – All right here are the waist trainers Let's give this a shot – Mine's already been opened – I think it goes on backwards like this here and then close it up like that

And then what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to pull these Oh my God, I can't do it – This can't be good for you – No Well this is the waist trainers

Show the profile If you want to squeeze your entire body together, they definitely accomplish that, that's for sure For this next – What? – I'm mean introduce you to do it – No – Fine do it

– For this next one, I'm doing this and it's called the Vegeta (laughing) – That was the last time you are ever introducing something (laughing) Oh my God Well what it's supposed to do is it's supposed to make perfectly delicious pasta without the carbs Great for gluten free diets

Turn veggies into healthy spaghetti It doesn't sound very realistic at all – No – But let's give it (laughing) let's give this product a shot (laughing) So for this I brought along an eggplant and this is the one I grabbed

– And this one's the one that I grabbed – So yeah, I'll give it a shot – Whoa! – Okay, okay – It actually kind of works Although they're really thin noodles

– There is no way that thing is going to fit It's way too big Oh! Yes! Never say never guys So I would say this is a tentative win – If you want eggplant noodles and I don't know who does

– And who wants eggplant noodles? So I guess you really decide for yourself (laughing) This next one here is something that I actually would have loved to have in my room as a kid growing up and that is a Hamper Hoops So basically it's like a basketball hoop that you throw your dirty laundry into Pump fake dab And um yeah

Oh we didn't just do that We're going to look back on that in like six months and be like what were we doing – One month If that – If that so without any further ado let's go give this a try – Kobe

– Oh! Ow The edge got my thumb – You've done played yourself – All right I've got the Hamper Hoop and Devan's going to shoot first so – I'm going to shoot some hoops

– Let's do it – Let's do it – Wo ho, that was so close He was so close on that one (screaming) Oh! All right let's test out the next product

Next up is the one I've been looking forward to the very most and that is the Wubble – The what? – I don't know it's basically a giant balloon thing – Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble – You say that in every video and I always try to cut it out It's just so weird

(laughing) I feel like in every video there's one part where you're like wob- cut it But yeah I decided to put you on blast right now You didn't even know that When I'm like editing a video, oh like there Devan goes with his wobble, wobble, wobble baby

– I only say it in videos – You do Let's go test it out – Let's chest it out – What? Let's chest it out

First we need to pump We need to pump it up And let's see we have Vaseline first which needs to be applied using a q-tip I think that should be enough Vaseline All right

– Thrown Oh that's awesome – Almost hit the camera dude (screaming) – K O – My God dude that hurt

– Look at what's on his face – What? – [Devan] Look at that – What happened? Wait what happened – [Devan] Oh man – What happened? – [Devan] That didn't hurt? – That hurt a lot

– That was awesome though – Yeah that was fun – Honestly that was like a ten – Except for this – Yeah that was

– That was no fun All right cool next product – But I would say yeah it was a ten

– Ten, a perfect ten Two slap hands – [Devan] Bro Just getting my neck in there I have one good looking neck

– All right so that is the (laughing) This is probably one of the weirdest videos we've ever done But yeah if you guys enjoyed the weirdness and the craziness of this video let us know by giving it a big thumbs up and also comment down below what was your favorite as seen on TV product that we tested Also share this video with your friends if you guys want us to do more videos together in the future because if you don't share this video – Why is he doing this? – If you don't share this video we'll never do a video again ever – Maybe you like that, I don't know (laughing) – Just like all right cool

And also, oh I'm out of the frame too, shoot Also yes, so I love you guys so much Make sure you guys subscribe to this channel Like I said I'm doing a big giveaway here on my channel All you gotta do, subscribe to this channel, give this video a thumbs up, comment and check out that video about this

Love you guys so much Make sure you guys check out Devan! Ow! Oh my gosh Social media links – Hello, I'm back – In the description down below He's kind of cool

– Down below And yeah, we will see you guys again next week Bye Felicias – Bye (laughing) That was the weirdest video ever

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