SUPERHERO FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make The Best Giant DIY Edible Avengers Movie Art

– [Devin] Dry ice smash! – [Collins] Wait, what? Holy cow, dude! – [Devin] Look at that! – [Collins] Holy cow! – You challenged us to make three insane superhero gadgets out of food We're making an Infinity Gauntlet, Captain America's shield, and the Green Goblin gadget we're literally throwing off of our balcony, so let's go! – [Devin] So this is going to be the filing for my gadget! – [Collins] Time to make some spun honey! I've got some green food coloring in honey right now

Going to turn on the contraption over here, do not try this at home! For our first edible art piece, we're making a Green Goblin Gadget from Spider-Man Three – [Both] Two One! – [Devin] Should I be, like, stepping back at all? – [Collins] Dude! – [Devin] Yo! – [Both] Whoa! Oh! – [Collins] That is so cool, man! – [Devin] That is amazing! – [Collins] Holy cow! – [Collins] This is like Spider-Man's webs right here! Turn off the machine, and now it's time for me to get in there with my hands and collect all the different spun honey right now What is that? [Devin] I got some heavy cream here I'm going to put into this bowl – [Collins] Here we go

I'm going to reach in, let's see how it feels! Oh, my G–owww! It feels like spider webs! Oh, I don't like it! I mean, look at it! It looks like spider webs! – [Devin] I know! – [Collins] Oh, now, man, it's so crazy! Okay! – [Devin] Okay, now I'm adding some food coloring – [Collins] Boom! A bushel of spun honey right here, man! – [Devin] Now it's time to add the dry ice into this mixture here – [Collins] Wait, what? Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait– – [Devin] Three, two, one – [Both] Oh! – [Collins] Look at it bubble, dude! – [Devin] Yes! – [Collins] Holy cow? – [Devin] This is amazing! This is going to be the inside of my gadget! – [Collins] The inside is going to be bubbling? – [Devin] Yeah, it actually activates it and it bubble like this – [Collins] Now I'm making the first element of my Tesseract So, as you do that, I've got my ice over here! Woo-hoo! Whoa! That was kind of insane

All right I meant to grab it in a normal fashion, – [Devin] Uh huh – [Collins] It didn't go that way So here we go We've got a whole bunch of ice, here, and there's a cool way we can pop off the top, Devin

We're going to use a plunger, here, and check this out! Here we go, watch! We go one, two, three – [Devin] Oh, dear! Oh, dear! That top's going to blow! – [Collins] It's a sanitized plunger, don't you worry! Instead of just dumping it in, that'd be too easy, instead we're going to go like this A fa la A fa la la la – [Devin] You're going to break this! What are you doing? – [Collins] It's a slight dance, Devin! – [Devin] Put it in like that – [Collins] All right, we'll get a behind the shoulder yeet yeet! – [Devin] Completely missed – [Collins] Did I get any in? – [Devin] Not even one – [Collins] I completely missed

All right, here we go We'll dump it all in Bam! Ice bucket number one is in – [Devin] All right! Look at this! – [Collins] Holy cow! – [Devin] It's working! – [Collins] When did that happen, man? – [Devin] Just now! As you were dumping all that in there! All right, my DI

Y frozen treat is done, and now it's time to slice off the top of my pumpkin in a very cool way! – [Collins] (karate sound) Not like that – [Devin] Even cooler than that I've got my power washer here, I've got the pumpkin secure And now, it's time to slice off the top! – [Collins] Oh, I almost tripped on my way in! But I am here right now! – [Devin] Yeah, and tarp the floors

– [Collins] So, the water power from this is going to be able to slice off the top of the pumpkin – [Devin] Exactly – [Collins] Click over here to vote if you think water will be able to slice off the top the pumpkin – [Devin] I think it will – [Collins] I don't think so, man

It's water, bro! – [Devin] All right, here we go! Three, two, one No! It's mostly flying back at me! Oh, yes! It's gotten more powerful! Oh! It's kind of working! I think this is going to take a while! Oh, yes! It worked! All right! Now I just have to clean this thing out! – [Collins] Dude, that was absolutely nuts! – [Devin] I know, right? It's my new favorite tool Now I'm using a nice method to gut this thing – [Collins] Wait, what is that, Devin? It looks like a portable windmill! – [Devin] Exactly! It might even blow you away You ready? (lightning) Three, two, one (energy beam) – [Both] Whoa! – [Devin] Yep, totally worked

– [Collins} Yeet! – [Collins] Well, as you do that, Devin, here we go I've got a couple substances over here I've got some Isomalt– – [Devin] Oh, need some mixing? – [Collins] NO! – [Devin] No? No mixing? – [Collins] No! – [Devin] I'll make sure not to mix! – [Collins] Do not try this at home! It's hot Isomalt! I'm going to pour into the ice! It's going to create an insane art piece on the inside! Three – [Both] Two One – [Collins] You better watch out, Devin, I'm coming for the art throne! – [Devin] All right! – [Collins] So, now, let's see, I'm just going to pour this around like this – [BOTH] Whoa! – [Collins] It burns through the ice! – [Devin] Now it's time to gut the inside of my pumpkin! – [Collins] I'm getting splattered with pieces of pumpkin, bro! – [Devin] Yeah! – [Collins] Like, there's seeds flying out– – [Devin] It smells real bad now! – [Collins] Three, two, one And dip it in like this

– [Both] Ohhhh! – [Devin] That's so nice! – [Collins] I wonder if they're going to, like, intermix and mingle in the middle, man It's like a little meet and greet A little dating app – [Devin] I know, right? – [Collins] Here we go, last bit of isomalt in in Got a whole bunch of hot water here, and this is the coolest part

It is time to get out the isomalt art Three – [Both] Two, one! – [Collins] Just going to put it in like this – [Both] Whoa! – [Devin] Nice! – [Collins] Look at it, man! It's melting the ice but not the isomalt! – [Devin] It looks so deliciously blue! – [Collins] Bam! It is in! Gonna move this over here! – [Devin] Whoa! Okay, okay, okay! – [Collins] Time to pour out some of the water here, oh my gosh, it got heavy You ready? Here we go Three, – [Both] Two, one

– [Collins] I'm just going to lift it up like this All right, here we go Oh! – [Devin] That was close! – [Collins] Yo! Boom! Look at that! – [Devin] I just gotta finish gutting this thing out! – [Collins] All right, here's the big reveal – [Both] Three, two, one (music) – [Collins] Yo! – [Devin] Whoa! – [Collins] Look at that! – [Devin] Whoa! – [Collins] That's so insane! – [Devin] That looks absolutely nuts! – [Collins] Look at these pieces, man! – [Devin] Good job! – [Collins] These are art pieces in and of themselves! Boom! Nailed it! – [Devin] All right, gotta turn on the helium here

– [Collins] Wait wait wait wait wait wait what? – [Devin] I'm making an edible balloon – [Collins] What? – [Devin] What am I waiting for? – [Collins] When did this happen? – [Devin] What do you mean? – [Collins] I just look over, you've got a dangling green thingy! – [Devin] Exactly! – [Collins] All right, I'm going to take this right here, I'm going to drop it inside my cube You're going to be able to blow up a balloon with that? – [Devin] Yes – [Both] Three, two, one – [Devin] Let's see if it works

– [Both] Whoa! – [Collins] Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off! Turn it off, turn it off! – [Devin] Yes! Look at that! Look at that! Look at that! – [Collins] Okay, hold on, here's the real question Will it float? – [Both] Three, two, one – [Collins] Oh, my gosh, it's by a string! – [Devin] Oh! – [Collins] Oh! – [Both] Oh! – [Collins] It's got stuck to the ceiling, though! It's stuck to the ceiling! – [Devin] Yes! – [Collins] Oh, my gosh – [Devin] Dude! – [Both] Yo! – [Devin] Oh, no, it popped All right, well, this is going to be the inner lining of my gadget – [Collins] Thing is, this is going to be a tesseract

I want some alien abilities coming out of this thing My tesseract does not fit in this thing, so we're going to have to get a little bit creative here Kind of bop some edges All right, we've got the claws here, – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – and now it's time to bust this thing up! – No, dude, you need glasses! Safety glasses – Safety first, of course don't try this at home! – [Devin] Safety first! – [Collins] Be very careful there with that! – Careful, Collins, careful, close your eyes! There you go, there you go! – All right, there we go! – [Devin] We got it! All right! All right! – [Collins] Perfect, thank you! – [Devin] All right, all right, I need mine now

I gotta go, very, very safely – [Collins] I'll keep my claws pointed down Okay, I'll shuffle this way All right – Where are they? Oh, here they are

– [Collins] Can we trade places? – Yes, yes – [Collins] I'm going to shuffle this way again It's going to slice off the side, a little wa-chink What are you doing? – [Devin] I'm filling up on the inside for the inner lining of my gadget – [Collins] It doesn't look like it's working, Devin

– [Devin] It's not – [Collins] Three – [Both] Two, one – [Collins] Oh! – [Devin] Oh, no! – [Collins] Yes! And then, I don't want to break too much of it, but here we go Let's do three, two one- (yells) Woo hoo hoo! Lastly, I've got some agar agar here, I'm going to add in

It's going to solidify into a cube, and look just like the Tesseract – [Both] Three, two, one – [Collins] I'm just going to pour this in – Whoa, okay, all right! – So, here we go, just going to pour it in, like this, all the way up to the very, very tippity top Whoa! That was close! Now I'm going to set this off to the side to set, and it's time for the next part of my Goblin Gadget

All right, next I've got to carefully slice my watermelon with a shovel You know me, I'm very controlled and very precise – [Devin] What? – [Both] Three, two, one Yow! – [Devin] Whoopsie! – [Collins] I missed it! Oh my gosh! All right, we're going to get a little side hit on here with three, two, one, yow! Oh! – [Devin] Well, then! – [Collins] Here we go, We have the top here We're going to grab some Wolverine claws, again, do not try this at home! – [Devin] Check out this awesome pumpkin carving tool! Look at this! It's motorized! – [Collins] Here we go! – It's getting watermelon juice on my pumpkin! – [Collins] Bleah! There we go! Nice! (grunting) (yells) Oh, it's heavy like that

There we go, man At least, time for a plunger, man, this thing's brand new, fully sanitized, here we go, three, two, one Let's see, oh! – [Devin] Whoa! What are you doing? – [Collins] I gotta plunge the inside – -Why? Why, though? – of it, man, that's how you fully clean it out, man Because this is how you do it, man! – [Devin] I'm just going to continue back over here – [Collins] I think, all in all, my watermelon's pretty nicely cleared

Oh, no! I ripped a whole in the side of it! – [Devin] That's what you're concerned about? Not the fact that your entire melon is all over our counter? (popping) – [Collins] You know, I think we're going to have to start all over with a brand new melon and go a little more carefully like you've done, Devin All right, we've got all the elements, time to put together our Green Goblin Gadget I've got my Tesseract here, it's been fully set But I gotta say, man, this is a lot more giggly than I expected it to be – [Devin] This stuff looks so delicious! – [Collins] What is that? – [Devin] This is my D

IY yogurt – [Collins] Oh, so you're going to put that on the inside? I take my Tesseract, and I've got to be very quick with this, I'm going to flip it upside down So, oh, my gosh

Looks like Play-Dough, almost, man – [Devin] Exteme concentration going on over here, all right? – [Collins] This thing is so much heavier than I expected So, here we go, I gotta do this very carefully Three, two, one Wa-boom! – [Devin] Did it work? – [Both] Three, two, one

– [Collins] I'm going to lift it off, you can hear it, I can hear it coming off Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no – -Oh! – Okay, bam! (screams) NO! I don't like you! This almost ruined it all, man! – [Devin] Wow! I have mycelium husk slime, here – Wait, wait, wait, let me see if it– – [Both] Whoa! – [Devin] I'm starting to add it! Yes! – [Collins] Holy cow! All right, so here we go So, we got the watermelon, we're going to place this right here

We've got to get the Tesseract up and inside of it, so here we go Oh, man, it is, (groans) it feels so weird All right, let's see Let's lift it up like this Oh, it's falling apart, falling apart, here we go, drip it in, drip it in

(sound effect) – Oh, no, no, no, no! – [Devin] You broke the Tesseract, man! – [Collins] I didn't break it Devin, it all went according to plan! It just happened to, we're just going to pick up the pieces and put them in I gotta say, I was hoping it would stay in a square shape, it didn't So, here we go Spun honey is going to go in, around the top All right, we've got all the elements, now it's time to compile them

Put them together, add the finishing touches, and make these things look incredible We've got the finished Goblin Gadgets, and these things turned out absolutely– – I know, right? – Insane, man! I mean, like yours is so cool, I gotta say Devin was very kind He helped me out with a couple different elements of mine – Yes – So, here is the big reveal

You ready? – [Both] Three, two, one Ta-da! – [Collins] Yes! – [Devin] What? Dude, I cannot wait to throw these off of a balcony! – [Collins] So, you get to comment down below which one is going to look cooler when we throw it off the top of the balcony and do the drop test We'll be doing that at the end of the video Now, we're making Captain America shields and I'm kicking mine off with a bang – [Both] Three, two, one

– [Collins] It's in! – [Both] (screaming) (slow motion screaming) – [Devin] Wait, how are you catching this? – (slow motion screaming) – [Collins] Oh, no! – Dude! – I'm trying to- – What are you doing? – Here we go, there we go, here we go! And then we just pour it in – What are you doing? Is that it? – [Collins] All things considered, that went a lot better than it could've – [Devin] Are you kidding? For the first layer of my Captain America shield I'm pouring hot isomalt on this exercise ball I've got a super-cool way of painting my shield

Are you ready for this? – [Collins] So, you're going to put the paints on? – [Devin] Yes, I made some edible paint right here And then you just put it down, boom! – Whoa! – Look at that! – [Collins] That is, like, mesmerizing, man! – [Devin] I know, right? I'm going to reinforce my shield with some coconut! – [Collins] And I've got a giant whisk here because I am Whisk-Man! Check it out! Bam! – [Devin] Nothing's more solid than coconut (glass breaking off camera) – [Collins] Oh! – [Devin] What did you hit? – [Collins] Nothing! – What are you doing? – [Devin] I'm making a coconut blancmange to reinforce my shield – [Collins] Ah, yes, nothing like a little coconut blanc- – Blancmange – Blancwonge– – I don't even know how to spell it

– [Collins] All right, well, here we go You do that Time for me to whisk around my aquafaba right here, what are you doing? – [Devin] I bet you're jealous – [Collins] Of what? – My liquid nitrogen All right, time to remove my coconuts

– [Collins] And I'm adding in a whole bunch of agar agar, and this is going to make mine really thick – [Devin] Look! – [Collins] Holy cow! What is going on? – Now is time to smash it! – Wait, wait, with a hammer! – What? All right, here we go– – [Both] Three, two, – [Collins] Wait, wait, wait Three second like challenge We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds You ready? Here we go

– [Both] Three, two, one! Done! Three, two, one! Oh! – (slow motion) Oh! – [Devin] Wow! – [Collins] Look at the inside! – [Devin] Look at that! – [Collins] I have never seen a coconut filled this much, man! I'm covered in coconut juice! – [Devin] Serves you right! – [Collins] It's delicious – [Devin] Now that I froze everything I have to unfreeze it inside this pan – [Collins] Dude look at this! The agar agars coming together Man, look at it bro – [Devin] Oh I can smell coconut already

– [Collins] I just had an idea bro What if we make aquafaba bubbles dude? All right here we go, just going to pour in some of the juice right now We're going to strain it out, lets see like this Check this out and this is what's going to get really crazy Gonna open up a tank of helium right now and its going to infuse all the aquafaba juice And who knows what's going to happen next so here we go

You ready? – [Both] Three, two, one – [Collins] Yoooo! – [Devin] What! Dude! – [Collins] Oh here's the question though Because of the bubbles, – [Devin] Yes! – [Collins] is there any way of actually making it float in the air, do you think? – [Devin] Oh wait, yes! And be very careful – [Collins] Yeah yeah! – [Devin] Do not try this at home – [Collins] Exactly! – [Devin] Here we go Three – [Both] Two, one

Yooo! – Oh, no, no! – [Collins] Get it off the ceiling Get it off the ceiling Get it off the ceiling Get it off the ceiling bro! – [Devin] Try it again Try it again

Try it again – [Collins] Oh my god, it's like dripping all this juice Dude it floated up perfectly man – [Devin] That was awesome – [Collins] Yo, wait, wait, wait, I have an idea bro

What if I actually just dunk on it? – [Devin] Three, two, one There you go There you go (football crashes) – [Devin] I think you totally missed – [Collins] The way that the bubbles are going, I think it

I think it worked – [Devin] Dude, one of the mic things fell off! – [Collins] How did that get there?! All right well we gotta, oh boy that's a that's gonna be an issue This took quite awhile but I made some puffed rice over here and I made it in the ginger ale that I used earlier See there was a purpose for it Devin! – [Devin] Yeah well, I've been mixing around this agar agar stuff for a while

So now it's time to grab the Isomalt – [Collins] It's gotta be very carefully done – [Devin] Yooo! That looks so incredile – [Collins] Very carefully – [Devin] So now I need to do this one-handed cause I got the silver leaf on the bottom

– [Collins] Do you want me to help you out with this at all? – [Devin] No, please don't – [Collins] I mean, it makes sense As you do that, I'm gonna strain out my rice over here – [Devin] All right – So here we are, just gonna dump it in here like this

– [Devin] My shield is gonna be extra reinforced now – [Collins] All right let's see if you can waffle rice! Here we go Gonna add the puff rice in (murmurs) – [Devin] I'm risking it all for this reinforcement – [Collins] Yeah, you're really gonna need it man

Cause if you can get this and your shield will not break when I punch it with my fist – [Devin] Exactly – [Collins] Here we go Gonna open this up on the count of three Three

– [Both] Two, one Yooooo! – [Collins] I've got the aquafabo Now it's time to add in a whole bunch of my puffed rice Right now it's gonna dry out and turn into the base of my shield – [Devin] We've don't a lot with liquid nitrogen but we've never filled up a water blaster with it! – [Collins] A what?! Hold on

(screams) – [Devin] I gotta spray it on my — – [Collins] All right now! – [Devin] To get them cold and remember do not try this at home! – [Collins] Yes! Don't try this at home Oh my gosh! – [Devin] Three, two, one – [Both] Oh! – [Devin] It didn't work – [Collins] Did it go? – [Devin] No! You can tell it's in here though – (mumbles) I lost my balloon, sorry I got it

– [Devin] Okay! – [Collins] I lost my balloon (screams) – [Devin] Well, that really did not work So I guess I'm gonna have to try something else – Can you please hold this in place for me for a second Devin? – [Devin] Place them in here What? – [Collins] Can you please hold this in place for me for a second

So here we go – [Devin] Yeah sure Yeah yeah Oh, oh! Dude! What?! Are you kidding?! – [Collins] I'm Sorry (chatters) – [Collins] Can you just grab my balloon for me? Over here we've got my puff rising aquafaba

So time to actually add this on to the balloon and use the balloon– – [Devin] Here you go Catch! – [Collins] Gonna use the balloon as the mold and the base of my shield I think the chunk will actually be able to weigh it down All right, so here we go Next up, just gonna grab the uh– (shrieks) No! – [Devin] What happened? – Ah! I lost it! It flipped off and collected a whole bunch of peanuts man

– [Devin] All right I got it – [Collins] Thank you – [Devin] Here you go Here you go Sorry

– [Collins] Holy Cow! – Next up, we gotta grab some red right over here So here we go How's yours coming along? – [Devin] It's coming along pretty good It's pretty not blended up at all I have to blend this more

All right the final step is to place down this screen here – [Collins] Is that from a screen window, Devin? Dan's gonna be not happy about that – [Devin] My shield is way more important than our window Now I'm gonna squeegee it around – [Collins] That's not how you use a squeegee man

I guess that's a creative way of using a squeegee – [Devin] It's true It's not how you traditionally use it – [Collins] Time to combine all the elements and make this into a true edible Captain America Shield that will blow your mind We've got the finished Captain America Shield – [Devin] Yup! – [Collins] So here's the big reveal

You ready? Here we go – [Both] Three, two, one Ta-da! – [Collins] Look at these things bro! They turned out so brazy man – This is amazing – [Collins] So much work it took to get these

So you get to comment down below whose shield you think turned out better and which one is going to taste better We spent a long time on these We will be trying them at the end of the video And stick around to see us throw the green goblet gadgets off the balcony You challenged us to make edible infinity gauntlets we could actually wear

So right now let's go – [Collins] I'm kicking off by making some crunchy honey with honey and liquid nitrogen What are you making Devin? – [Devin] I'm making Japanese jelly with agar-agar, stevia, and water – That looks like some weird underwater aqua planet – [Devin] All right, now it's time to put the jelly on to the subwoofer

It's going on the top, dude This is how I'm going to mix my color – [Collins] All right, so here's the deal Gotta kinda move my honey around just like the liquid nitrogen Try to get all parts of it frozen right now

Here we go! Next up, we're gonna pull out this thingy here So here we go – [Devin] It's a strainer That's what it's called – [Collins] Let's see if I can hook it on the bottom

(screams) – What?! – [Devin] That is crazy – [Collins] Holy Cow! – Whoa! – [Collins] Oh! It just fell a part! – [Devin] That is some crunchy honey Now it's time to turn on my speaker Three, two, one There we go! Oh, oh, oh, oh! – [Collins] That feels like an alien right there

Like an alien that would happen in Marvel – [Devin] I have to now put on some food coloring You might want to step back, so you don't turn purple All right? – [Collins] Okay, yup I'm going to uh– – [Devin] Here we go, here we go! – I don't know where to go! – [Devin] Here we go! – I don't know where to go! – [Devin] Three, two, one

All right, it's doing kinda– Oh no! It's all over the table All right dude I think it totally worked Yes! – [Collins] That's a life hack I never thought I would see As you're doing that, I'm just gonna keep pounding this up into little pieces

– [Devin] Now it's time to add some blue right in here like this – Whoa! Look at that! – Oh my gosh! – [Collins] I'm blown away by this – [Devin] Wow! Now I'm going to add some green in here like this – [Collins] It looks kinda like slime – [Devin] That stuff flies everywhere

– [Collins] Yeah it's like projectile man Next up, we've got some stones over here I'm gonna use these stones to place in the mold to act as the infinity stone Three, two, one (screams) Look at that bro! So here we go, just place it in the palm of my hand

– [Devin] Yeah, go, go, go – Yes dude Okay Fist bump, Devin – [Devin] Wait, wait, no, no, no

– Fist bump – [Devin] Your aim is terrible – [Collins] But my fist bumps are great! – [Both] Three, two, one No! (explosion) – [Collins] To get Devin back, it's very easy So here's how this works

I'm just gonna twist the space stone It'll make a portal right here and Devin will appear So here we are Three, two, one (grunts) Yo! – [Devin] You couldn't have made that wider dude? – I'm sorry bro

It's a space stone Okay? – [Devin] The things you do to me on this channel! – At least you get to see mayo man, right? – [Devin] I went to like 5 different dimensions All right, it's out and there you go! – [Collins] Wait, so that's gonna be your infinity stones? – Yeah and you know what's next? Liquid nitrogen – [Collins] Whoa! – [Devin] All right! Time for some liquid nitrogen Okay, pour it right on top! – [Collins] Like a direct pour on top? Wait, why you blowing on it? – [Devin] Cause it's so cool Cause it's a lot of suds

– [Devin] Three! – Holy Cow! – [Devin] Two One – Have you started yet? – [Devin] Now I have Now I have – Oh! It's like a cloud but yet it's liquid at the same time

– [Devin] Wow – It's so tough to tell where the liquid is – [Devin] Definitely do not try this at home All right, now it's time to break it up into the infinity stones – [Collins] Oh Man! Here we go

– [Both] Three Two – [Collins] Oh! I just had an idea What if you pick it up and then you just smash it? – Oh, yes! – [Collins] All right let's see this – [Devin] Trying to pick it up with these massive gloves

– I wonder if it's gonna break or not Do you need help? Kinda like– – [Devin] I think I got it I got it I got it Ready here we go

– [Both] Three Two One Oh! (slow motion roar) – [Devin] I think this kinda beat yours already man – [Collins] I don't know! – [Devin] My infinity gauntlet I've got the silicon mold right here

I'm gonna dust it with 24k gold Oh, look at this It's a gold peach – [Collins] You're gonna take a dusted peach and peach fuzz all over it – Exactly – [Collins] and place it in there Maybe you can use some of your chin peach fuzz

– That's not there – [Collins] I can grow a full beard if I wanted to Check this out! – [Devin] Wow – Yeah, I gotta go shave – [Devin] All right this peach is good and all but I'm actually gonna use this feather duster here

Nothing like 24k gold just flying everywhere – It looks like dirt Got some blueberries right here I'm going to be straining these into a beautiful, pulpy muusche – [Collins] We're gonna take this right now

We're gonna dump all my blueberries on the inside – [Devin] You need some — – [Collins] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no – Some feather dusting You need some feather dusting – [Collins] I feel like I'm in the matrix

– You don't want 24k gold in yours? – [Collins] I do not Ah, the blueberries are going everywhere the blueberries are going everywhere Okay there we go And now my favorite part

Time to secure the bag (comedic drum) Get it, because if it was money? – [Collins] Three Two One Just a (mumbles) a little squeeze like this

(screams) – [Collins] Oh! Look at it Oh! Oh man Here we go Look at that Oh, you see it coming through

– [Devin] Look at this This is just amazing (screams) – [Collins] Ruined it! Man, another bag – Hey I got another bag too but it's actually secure – [Collins] Is this for muffins? – Disregard what it says on the bag

– [Collins] I'd actually really enjoy some muffins – I don't know how to make muffins – [Collins] I want a muffin! If you can't make me a muffin, Devin I will turn you into a muffin All right here we go Three, two, one

Boom There we go! – [Devin] Wait, dude, what? Why am I muffin? – Because I wanted a muffin Devin – [Devin] Am I Gluten free at least? – Yeah I think you're gluten You're definitely a gluten free muffin – [Devin] Yes, yes, thank you! – [Collins] Devin's a free range muffin

Range around the store freely – Oh yeah – [Collins] Look at that juice come out – [Devin] All right, got some milk now Time to fill it up

– Here we go, gonna place some strawberries here on the inside of my sock And this is actually Devin's sock Devin only wears yellow socks Fun fact that may or may not be true – [Collins] Next up, we're gonna take the sock and do something very gentle with the strawberries

– Sure – [Collins] BAM! Juiced on me – O-K, that is terrifying Oh man, Okay, All right I'm getting behind you

– [Collins] That is how you juice up some strawberries – [Devin] Whisking is done Now it's time to fill up my mold I got it, I got it, Look at that All right, I only have to fill up one half because I'm gonna use some triphical force to fill up the other half

And I'm using a tri-cycle – [Collins] I still think– A tricycle? – Yes! – [Collins] That is one wheel of a tricycle's got 3 wheels (buzzer) – Oh yeah, yeah, a unicycle! – [Collins] You don't know your basic bike wheels Our strawberries is stuck in this middle portion of the sock So here we go we're gonna go here It's gonna get like squeezes around

– [Devin] I'm gonna use some triphical force to coat the inside of the mold – [Collins] But first Devin, you must ride it to show that you are worthy of using a unicycle – Here we go! – [Collins] Do you even know how to ride a unicycle? – I do not! I got it! – [Collins] You got it? You're like slipping backwards though – I'm riding it! Look at this Amazingness

– [Collins] I gotta say don't try this at- (shrieks) – [Devin] No hands No hands Wow – Holy Cow! He's riding it Okay that's enough

Devin that is enough Holy Cow! – I did it! I did it! All right! – Devin just rode a unicycle for the first time! – I learned it Now I just have to attach this to the unicycle pedal – With a carrot – Not with a carrot

– You sure? – Put the carrots away – I will not – You don't need them (action noises) – Not only does he do all of his own stunts, he does his own sound effects – Yeet

– Gotta put it up like this here, looks like this – Your unicycle in my face, Devin – And then, oh, oh, oh, oh – Yoooooo! – Here we go! – That is crazy! – And now it's going to coat every side of the mold – Time for me to construct the infinity gauntlet around my hand

– Whoa – We gotta knead the dough – I'm making some edible accents for my gauntlet Pouring the water in Then I have to whisk it super, super quick

I gotta get it out! I gotta get it out! – Wait its gonna fall out the bottom though – Look, look – Wait so it's going to turn into noodles then or what? – Moment of truth – Go for it – And now you just go right in! – Oh! Yo! – Oh! Yes! – I gotta mold this thing around my hand There's a lot of finishing touches we gotta do, to compile our gloves, put them together but

– Look at these noodles – That's gonna be incredible So right now let's finish making the gloves We got the finished gauntlets – Yep – and these things look so crazy

Here we go – Three, two, oh wait – Five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds, you ready? Here we go – Five, four, three, two, one, done

– If you could do that comment down below Keyper Squad right now – Three, two, one, ta-dah! – [Devin] Yes – [Collins] Look at how incredible these turned out – These are insane – Man it took so much work off camera

You get to comment down below whose edible gauntlet looks the best We'll be trying them at the end of the video We've got our edible Green Goblin gadgets and I cannot wait to take these things an smash them and break them, see what happens – Oh yes – But first we need to taste them delicately to find out which one we like more

We'll start off with yours – All right (grunts) – [Collins] It's dangling – I'm honestly not excited for this – Three, two, one

(laughing) – Not weird – Woo! – Oh ho ho – Now it's time for mine so boom – Oh, geez – Now it's time to find out how this tastes

Boom, here's my spoonful – I'm just gonna dig around in here – Three, two, one – Woo! – Dude! – Oh, oh, oh (smack) – Good job

(smack) – Oh (smack) – Oh (smack) – Oh, ow! (sad music) – Good job – Probably one of the best tasting things we've made in a very long time – You made it – You get to comment down below which one is gonna look cooler when we smash it on the ground We got our edible infinity gauntlets and now it's time to see which one tastes better

I think we'll go for yours first How would you recommend going about eating yours? – I think I should pull off some of the fingers here I'm going for the red stone – I'll take as many of the stones as I possibly can – Here we go, infinity knuckles

– Oh wait, perfect, here we go – Three, two one – Whoa, woo (gun noises) – Whoa, Dude, these are like solid on the outside and nice and creamy on the inside – Wow So good

– Very nice – I don't know if mines gonna be able to live up to that I'll take the ring finger here, oh look at it – [Devin] I'll take a nice pinky – Three, two, one

(grunting) – Wow, that is crunchy Very unpleasant experience – Yeah I gotta say the stone combined with the cucumber was definitely very bizarre – Yes – But you get to comment down below which one would you like to eat if you had the choice and right now, we're onto the next one

Got the edible Captain America shield, which one do you think is gonna taste better? – I think mine will, I think it's more unique Let's taste yours first then we can taste mine – Which part of it do you want to eat first? – I wanna eat the star and the outer edge – [Collins] That's your piece of the star – Thank you, appreciate it

– Three, two, one (grunting) – The star is so brittle – Despite the burnt-ness – It's actually quite tasty Now it's time to try mine after that catastrophe

– Catastrophe? – Yes – I mean hey it was like decent How are we going about eating yours, Devin? – With the chisel This is for you, be very careful – This just looks like a chunk of ice

– Gotta get some of this cardboard stuff under here and there you go – Oh man, I don't want to eat some of the cardboard – Get a nice chunk – Three, two, one (grunting) – Talk about crunchy

(coughing) This paper stuff tastes terrible – It tasted just like cardboard so – [Devin] Yeah neither of these were really a home run – You get to comment down below which one do you think will be able to withstand a punch and right now we're onto the next one – We've got the giant edible Green Goblin gadgets – Yep (laughing) and now it's time to throw these things down on the bullseye

We're looking for the biggest explosion possible Which one should we test out first? – I think we should test out yours first – Devin how about you hop down there right now, I'm gonna prepare it, the toss (laughing) this is heavy – That's a weak toss dude, last time you chucked it really hard – Excuse me I'm preparing, go downstairs

– All right, all right, sure – Prepare to give this thing a big drop – Power stance, right just power stance and then drop it – Yes, exactly, you're good at the power stance – On a scale from one to 10, how big do you think the impact is going to be? – Oh geez, I think probably a solid seven

Mine's going to be way bigger let's face it – Yeah but see the thing is Devin, bigger isn't always better Sometimes good things come in small packages – Whoa – In this case, Green Goblin gadget

– Here we go – Three, two, one (yelling) – [Devin] Oh my gosh – [Collins] What did I tell you dude? Holy cow, I think that was a 10 bro – I don't know, yours is so gelatinous, mine's gonna splatter everywhere

– I don't know man, so you ready to challenge mine? – Yeah, I guess we'll find out – All right let's switch spots – Got my pumpkin Green Goblin gadget and I'm ready to do the drop dude – I don't think you are Devin, I don't think you understand what it takes to smash the pumpkin – What do you mean? Mine's going to go everywhere

It's got the dry ice frozen yogurt – But what you're forgetting is you have a balloon inside of your pumpkin Balloons ae soft, they float, it's not gonna hit the ground with any force – It's getting dark and mine has glow in the dark slime so – Yeah that is kinda cool actually

– Yeah but on a scale of one to 10, how far do you think its gonna go? – I don't know, I feel like it's either gonna be like a two or an 11 – What? – I don't know it's either gonna go everywhere or it's just gonna hit and not do anything – How does a two even make it in there – I just don't know if it's gonna be- – It's gonna be 11 for sure, you ready for this? – I don't know if you have the ability to smash the pumpkin, that's all I'm saying (laughing) – So you're stound to my ability? – I mean slightly

– Here we go – Three, two, wait – If you want to win a 15 minute video call with Devin and I text the word super to 81800 right now, so pause the video, text the word super to 81800, you'll automatically be entered in to win And let's see how this goes – Get back for this

– Three, two, one – Oh man, go for it (screaming) (laughing) – Yes – [Collins] Oh my gosh – That is a Green Goblin gadget right there

– You know what, I gotta give a round of applause for that, I did not expect it to go that big bro, you just cracked the whole thing We just launched our brand new Keyper club and if you become a member you will get exclusive access to live streams, merch discount codes, custom emojis, loyalty badges and exclusive content you can't see anywhere else so click the top link in the description to join Only 499 a month

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