*background video* Oh sorry i didnt even see you there I wasnt just watching my own video or anything so ya so Hi

this is awkward what's up everyone? It's Collins Key first of all i like to thank all of you for watching last week's magic monday so please give this video thumbs up If you're excited for the second week Now last week ask all of you to comment what kind of magic you wanted to see for the next video Now Megan Pena said " I want to see some street magic" So that is exactly what i did I went to a festival and filmed some magic Enjoy whats up everyone its collins key at sided whip out some cards and do some magic so I've got a few normally have additional I tried to find card and that's kind of boring it was craziness for me right here okay what's good over here so you can see it right King apart right Washington he's happy or either one you like that all so real take the five right here Oh King you didn't see when I should have switched out the cars watches way to five five like that so the girls : ski had a great time here that delightful festival that you guys for watching so please hit the like button if you enjoyed that video subscribe to this channel that way you are the first one to see all of the latest videos so comment below let me know what kind of magic you want to see me do in next week's video alright guys that is it for this week's magic Monday once again I'm collins key thank you guys for watching whale

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