Spooky DIY Science Experiment w/ Slime Food & How To Make Mystery Liquid Glow Challenge

– You challenged us to make slime, out of pumpkin guts! – Pumpkin! – [Together] Oh! – Right now, let's go! – To kick things off, we have to gut out the pumpkin, so I'm gonna use this carving tool right here – And, I'm gonna use Victor, the laser pony

It's super complicated to get it started, but I just got to figure out the initiation process here – Do you have to figure it out? This sounds dangerous bro How do you do it? – It's actually super difficult, you basically have to press here Three, two, one! (soft music) – [Both] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – Whoa! – Now, it's time to ride off into the sunset – Which way is the sun? – Victor, which way? This way

Woo hoo! – All right, now it's time to remove the tops Dude what, no, no, no, no, no! You remove it! – Oh! – Look at that bro! Dude, looks like a weird, like chunky kind of jellyfish (laser) All right, I think I've got to snip out some whoa, jeez it's like a witch's broom Yo, this is a real flying broomstick, dude it's the Dingus 2000! – Wow! – Now with built in air Wifi! I can actually fly with no video tricks check this out! – Whoa, dude are you okay, bro? (glass shatters) – Oh, man! Oh no, I broke my Dingus! It's fine

Alright, now it is time to carve this out right now, so let's, get in here and let's get juicy (evil laughter) I'm just going in with my hands, so let's see how this feels It's like the weird reverse of slime almost – Mine's fully gutted Next step is to make the pumpkin slime, so we're going to take this clear glue here, and add it into our pumpkin guts

I've never done this before, it's gonna be weird – Pumpkin purification first, booga, booga, booga Now, I just have to heat up my glue, so to do this I'm going to bring back Victor, the laser pony! But, now I have to dial it back, I don't want laser mode, so I'm just going to dial back the laser eye, and again I'm going to press here (laser) Done, and now we can add it in, so here we go, just gonna dump it in Time to go in with the hands

Oh! (sounds of disgust) – Stop, flow, in Perfect! Alright, first off we're gonna go in with a little skeleton dude, see what he thinks of it You ready? – Hey, what man? Watch the bones! – Oh, you are not joking, bro, this feels super crazy Yeah, I added way, way, way too much of everything into this thing dude No! Just listen to those sounds! – Now it's time to add the slime, to the pumpkin

– Okay, here we go, almost getting it in, oh snap! – Why did I make my hole so small?! – Now it's time to seal off the top, like this, perfect Like a glove! – Now it's time to carve it out, and watch the slime ooze Starting with the eyes first – Well, that's not going to work, so, fleet I wonder if the slime is going to come pouring out

This'll be nuts! I'm we're just gonna go for the eyeballs now Ooh, it's starting to happen! – Oh, not really any slime at all – Ooh, ooh, it's happening! Adding the mouth is really where it's going to happen, so here we go I don't know how to carve the mouth – Alright, my mouth is done! – Dude, it might literally, explode out of this thing

You ready? – [Both] Three, two, one! – Yo! It came right out! Oh my gosh, it's just going, and going, and going Wait, is yours not out yet? – No, in three, two, one! – [Both] Oh! – Dude, keep it in Try to keep it in! – Bro, control yourself bro, control your bladder, or stomach, or whatever this is, this is not a bladder, I don't know how pumpkin's anatomy works You get to comment down below who made a crazier pumpkin, and right now guys we are on to the next round Check this out! – Whoa, nice! Ah, jeez! – Right now, we're gonna show you how to make some poppers, what

Oh no, let's go! First off, we need ice! – Whoa, wait, what, no! – Here we go, we just need some ice – We need dry ice! – Don't worry I got you, here we go! – No, dude that's not how you make dry ice, bro – Yeah, I'm drying the ice off bro, this is a dryer! Yeah, I guess we don't need the dryer anymore so, deet! – Oh, Collins, this is not what we need! – Well, maybe if it's in smaller pieces? – No, no, that makes no sense! – Close your eyes, and trust me – I don't trust you! You pinky promise me you're not going to do anything bad? – Nothing bad (screams) Oh, jeez! – Now, you put on your protective gloves

– Got it – No, they're not gloves! – Fleet, fleet! – Dude, this stuff is no joke! Dry ice is serious business, and if you need somebody's help, make sure to ask them, and wear protective gloves – Yes, do not touch this stuff with your bare hands! – Dude, it's steaming! – Oh, it's already smoking! – So, next up, you grab a mallet, and break it (hammer thuds) (screams) (screaming) – Now, this is the size piece you want – Oh, snap! (blowing) – What are you doing!? Dude, it's like an iceberg! – Dude, it looks kind of looks like a jellyfish, blowing through the ocean, just chilling

It's like, aye! (flowing water) Well, guys I got my container, so I'm gonna pop the top off like that, alright, perfect So now- – First up you add the water! – Add the water! – Pour the water in, get your top ready, because you're gonna need it – Alright, so I guess we're gonna put this in, and it's going to pop off in the count of three – Yeah, I think that's too big, bro – What? I'm trying to go for a crazy pop off, bro, here we go

– [Both] Three, two, – Remember, the first five second subscribe challenge, we want to see if you can subscribe to this channel, and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? Here we go! – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you can leave a comment below, comment Keyper Squad right now! – [Both] Three, two, one! – Mine got stuck! Mine's stuck, dude! (suspenseful music) – Oh, oh no, it's not gonna fall off! – Oh, there it goes! (screams) – Oh my gosh! (panicking and screaming) – Oh, it did again Oh, wait what? Oh my gosh! Dude! It's like a magic potion, I feel like I'm an evil witch (witch laughter) It's an evil spell! – All aboard! (train horn honking) – Choo, choo! (train horn honking) Alright, now I'm going to put a top on mine, let's see if it works, one last time Three, Two, One

(crickets chirping) Please? Please? (game show music) Welcome to pumpkin poppers, the only game, where we try to pop this thing thingy, into the top of that thing – Basically, we take these caps, and we try to get them into there – That's it! – That's the game – First player to get a top in wins the game! Let me see if I can get this! – [Both] Oh! – Oh man, I didn't get it! – You can't even aim them! – [Both] Oh! – So close! – That was so close! – No! I need this win! – Oh! – [Both] Oh! – I'm going for a different strategy here, I'm just gonna put tops on all of them – How did you get so many? – I just got 'em all quickly, so here we go, alright let's see if this is gonna

– Come on! Oh, that was so close! Man, this is going great, this is working perfectly! – Come on! – Oh! I got it! Yes! – [Race Announcer] And there you have it, folks, Collins winning, one to zero! Devan, not having it! – You shoulda used this one bro, that's your losing thing That's what you get for losing – What's a losing thing? – It's a losing, (screams) – Oh, dude! – Alright guys, well that is it for this round, you get to comment down below, who do you think made cooler poppers and we are on to the next one! – You challenged us to make monster eyeballs out of slime, that glow in the dark, so check this out, bro

Turn off the lights! (screams) – Turn on the lights! Turn on the lights, bro! Turn on the lights! Dude, oh my goodness! You're back to normal now – I was glowing in the dark – No, you were a scary clown, bro! – No way! I think you're seeing things! Alright, well right now here is how you make 'em! First off we've got to make a slime type process Those are, we needed those! – I'll throw a little eyeball at you! – Ah! – We've got some glue we've got to add Yo, this reminds me of a quick draw from a western movie

– What are you even doing, bro? (western music) – What are you talking about, boy?! – Oh, jeez! – Queue the tumbleweed! – The what?! – The tumbleweed! (shooting) – Well, you have one major weakness (screams) Yeet! – That's my hair Hey, it landed perfectly! – I've added my two parts glue, now it's time for one part cornstarch – We got to straighten it out first A little armpit grab, you know just, grip it

– Why do you strain everything? – This is crazy! – I can't concentrate while my armpit squeeze is on point Alright, it's getting strained out Glue's slipping Devan, grab the glue! (shouting) Dude! You didn't even help me at all! – I thought you had better grip strength, bro – Oh, snap! I'm turning you back into, Tiny Devan

– No, no! It's a little extreme – Three, two, one, poof! – Ha, didn't work again! (both screaming) Dude, what did you do this time! Bro! Fix this! – Easy, I can fix this, hold out your arm, hold out your arm Three, two, one (screaming) Oh, man! – Dude, they're not even even anymore! – Devan, Devan, Devan, stay with me! (screaming) Oh, my gosh you're heavy (choking) three, two, one

(bones cracking) – You just did the same exact thing! – I'm sorry Devan, these are not turning out! I'm just going to pop them back in! Three, two, one! (both screaming) Oh my gosh, Devan, I am so sorry, I am gonna change you back right now, I am so sorry! Here we go! – Three, face forward, two, one! (screaming) – Dude, what happened!? I feel like I kind of blacked out! Dude, I kinda remember skeleton hands, or something, I don't know – Okay, we're adding some cornstarch right now, maybe a little bit more glue, and then time to mix this whole thing around – No, no, no, two parts glue, one part cornstarch – That's two parts, bro, here we go – That's like four parts glue, really? That's not effective

– Hey, it looks kind of like Santa Clause now (bells jingling) – No, he's like a scary dude Next you add the food coloring – Now it's time to mix it up! Alright, here we go, I got the top off We're just gonna add some neon yellow into this thing, 'cause these are gonna be glow in the dark

Alright, that should be good Next up, we got some Borax So, we're just going to add this into a bowl right now, this stuff is hard to work with Oh no, I forgot it's my megaphone – Hello! – Alright, that's enough of that

Alright, so now we're going to add some water in – How much water? – That much! I got glue on my lip! – What's the next step, Collins? – The next step, Devan, is to use a surprisingly heavy trumpet (dubstep music) Haha! Next up, we're going to add the slime into the Borax, and this is where we turn it into the balls Dump it in like this, so here we go That looks so crazy! – Wow! – Yo, it like, turned into slime immediately! – It's actually turning harder, bro! – I know it's almost turning into a bouncy ball consistency! This is like a homemade DIY bouncy ball, bro! Have you done the bounce test yet? – No

– [Both in unison] Three, two, one! (both exclaiming) – Alright, it's back Alright, here we go – So, to pass the test, it's time to add it into here – So, here we go, I'm just going to put it into here, like- (screams) Alright, I'm just going to squish it in like this Ball number one is done

(twinkling sound effect) Yo, these things turned out so cool, and they literally bouncing where's Devan at? (gasp) No! It's Tiny Devan Okay, Tiny Devan, try to catch the ball, are you ready? Three, two, one! – No, no, no, no! (gasps) – Oh my gosh, I smacked his face! Right now we are on to the next round! (throws ball at Collins) Oh my gosh, yo, Tiny Devan, you got to relax, bro! – You challenged us to make elephant toothpaste! – And I've got the toothbrush! – Wait, what, is that for an elephant? – Yeah! – There's no elephants in this video – What? – Yeah, it's just really big toothpaste – Well, I've got some regular toothpaste, right now, let's go! (toothpaste squirting) Oh, direct hit! Safety goggles on, and do not try this at home! So, first steps first, we've got hydrogen peroxide here, and we need to add some soap to it, so one squirt for the small one, here we go, and then two squirts for the big one, here we go One, two

Next up, we're going to add the color Dude, these are going to go everywhere, I can't believe we're doing this in our kitchen! This is not a good idea! – Dude I know! – This is going to create a huge eruption, so we've got two different sized beakers, so we can see two different sized eruptions, and maybe this one will actually be bigger than this one – Wait, what? – Be very careful, you got to mix them up like this Just, stir them around a little bit – I'll stir that one real quick

– Thank you, Devan We now have the catalyst, and it's the moment of truth, the big moment Devan, are you ready? – I'm ready! – Get positioned, we only have one shot at this Three, two, wait, if you want to win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word TRICK to 81800, right now, so pause the video text the word TRICK to 81800, and you will automatically be entered in to win, right now, let's go! – [Both in unison] Three, two, one! (shouting) – Dude, it went everywhere! (screaming in slow mo) – Holy cow! Dude, that was crazy! – That's insane! – Bro, that stuff was wild! Alright guys, that works so good! – It's like cotton candy that's steaming! – It's like steaming, bro, this is real toothpaste right now! Oh my gosh! Alright guys, you get to comment down below which color was the coolest of this stuff, it is steaming it is so hot right now, we are on to the next one! Bubble time! – Whoa, bro, your head! – [In High Pitched Voice] Hello guys, right now we're going to see how to make a giant dry ice bubble! – Dude, what!? (sneezes) Dude! – Alright, well I guess we're back to normal now- bro that was crazy, and right now here's how you do it! To kick this off, we have to make a crazy bubble solution, this is a job for: Bubble Boy! – Wait, what? What are your powers, bro? – You haven't heard of my legendary powers, check these out! (bubbles blowing) – Wow, you're making bubbles So amazing, wow – I can tell you don't think I have real powers, I find that kind of offensive, so you know what? Bubble Bath Blast-Off! – Bubble Boy, I can see you

– I blasted off – No, you didn't you're right here, bro – Bubble Bath Blast-Off #2! Again, boom! – Oh, dude! – I heard that! – The fridge? You came out of the fridge? – And I'm back to normal! Alright, so first off we need to remove the top and add some soap Alright, so I'm just going to add it in, so let's see here Look how good I am, bro, my aim is impeccable! Then next up, add some water

Turn it on More, Devan No! Now, bubble solution is ready, and now it's time for the dry ice We actually have to put a hole in this container, so here's how this works I'm going to use The Finger of Fury! – Bro, it's just you're face getting red

Oh! What!? (screaming) Dude! (shouting) – That's what you call The Finger of Fury! – I don't need a Finger of Fury, I have a sharpie, and I can just cut it out – Now that makes me angry! (glass shatters) Now, it's time to break up some dry ice, so here we go, with three, two, one ooh You know what, I would say a chunk about this size should do it Like this, here we go, pop that in there, okay now add some water to it here, that's it, done Okay, now I'm going to pop the top on here, it's working! Now it's time for the bubbles, so as you can see, look at it, just like that

– This is so cool! Yo, what!? – Okay, now here we go, so now you're going to dip it into the top here, in the top of your soap thingy, and you're going to pull it out and see if it works (screaming) – What!? – It's getting bigger! Three, two, one! (screams) What! It keeps going! – Oh, oh! Don't move just let it- (screams) – [Both In Unison] Oh! – Yes! – No! – [Both in unison] Oh! – Wait a second, Devan, wait, wait – Two bubbles merge! – Devan! I want to see if I can make the biggest one possible! Dude, it just bubbled up down there! Alright, here we go! Whoa, I got it, I got it, I got it! – What, no! (both exclaiming) – [Both in unison] Dude! – I'm going to try to make a bubble like this, let's let it drop, let it drop, ooh! Yo, it's like sticking to the ground! – It's like the perfect orb! (both exclaiming) – Alright, that is it, you get to comment down below who made a cooler bubble, right now, we are on to the next one! – [Both in unison] Oh! – New challenge estimate, liquid or light, and right now it's time for a lightning storm with my hat! Here we go, three, two, one! (lightning striking) Yo, dude that was awesome! That was so bright! – Dude, where did you go!? – I'm right here! – I can only see your hat and your clothes and stuff! (screams) – Oh my gosh! – Try holding this! There you go! Whoa! It's like a floating pumpkin! Yeet! Oh, jeez! Alright, I'm going to try to take off the hat – No! – Why? – The only way to get it off, Devan, is what's called a Head Yeet – A what!? – It's called a

(lightning crashing) Yes, I'm back to normal, bro, this is awesome! – Yeah, you're back! I can actually see you! – Good, alright now, let's make some liquid lights! To kick things off right now, oh my gosh, I guess we need some highlighters around here, so fleet! Or yeet! Alright, we got some highlighter, so now it's time to remove some things out of these highlighters – Very specific – [Both In Unison] Three, two, one! (both shouting) – Dude, it actually worked! Oh no, pick it up, pick it up! (both shouting) – It was on the floor

– Three, two, one! You got to uncork this Alright, highlighters inside now Now blow on it! – Alright (blowing) Oh my gosh, bro, that's crazy! Okay, done, alright perfect! I'll pop this right in here – Next step is, you take the cap, then you cut a hole in it, and then you take this thing, and put it inside the cap

– So this first step, bro, you need to relax, so guys we need three things: water bottle, empty of water, we need a cap, and we need this little spout thing Put them all together you have a Cap Spout Water Thing – Tada! Next step we're going to it with rubbing alcohol, and this is very important, oh man, I'm not good at this stuff, and this is where it gets crazy because we're going to use these bottles to pump out the florisene out of these highlighters – What!? It's running down my hand! Oh, no, no, no! It's spilling, it's spilling! It's totally spilling! – We're having trouble with this! (yelling) It works! This is crazy! – Alright, so we've got the florisene in here and the next step is to pop it in here, and we're going to heat it up for twenty minutes, and it's going to look crazy when it's done Alright, now it's time to mix them up! (twinkling sound effect) Yo, so the twenty minutes are up and this stuff looks crazy, it's time to test out the liquid light

The florisene has been reduced to powder and now we're about to turn it into liquid light, but before we add it, we need to consult The Genie – The what? That's just a giant spoon, bro – No, this is Spoon-Genie – What? You just combined two words dude – This is Spoon-Genie, okay? Now, I have to wake him up

– How? – Like this! (screaming) (arabic music plays) – Who dares wake Spoon-Genie from it's slumber? – We need your advice, how much powder should we add? – Google it! – So weird – Let's just put him face down right now Right now let's turn off the lights and see how this liquid light looks Alright, I'll kick it off, here we go, three, two, one! (techno music plays) – [Both In Unison] Whoa! – What!? Oh my gosh! – It's like growing underwater, bro! Dude, it looks like a jellyfish! – Alright, my turn, here we go! – [Both In Unison] Oh! – It's so cute, it's like smoke billowing – We're going to go for the most amount yet, you ready? Three, two, one! – [Bot In Unison] Whoa! – I feel like we're in Harry Potter right now, because this is like a magic potion! – No way! – Whoa! – It looks like lily pads are exploding! (both exclaiming) – I think this is one of the coolest things we've ever done! – Dude! That looks so cool! – You get to comment down below, what's your favorite color we should use to make liquid light!

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