– Have you ever eaten so much sour candy, it made your face look like this? (laughter) Well today, we are taking real food verses gummy food and making it sour off of your suggestions, and today I'm here with Cole, Savannah, and Everleigh We also did a video on their channel

So make sure you go check it out, subscribe to their channel, and give that video a thumbs up, and stick around till the end of this video because we all have to drink the sourest gummy food drink in the entire world out of this blender But right now, let's get into it So for round number one, you guys suggested gummy bears We don't know which is which One of these is super sour, one of them is normal

We're gonna find out which is which You wanna pull it off on the count of three? – [Savannah] Uh-oh Alright, here we go Three, two, one, go! (screams) – We got the, no! – You got the sour one! – [Devan] No! – [Savannah] No, Everleigh! – [Devan] She's switching sides?! – [Collins] She switched sides on us! – Hey babe, do you wanna should we, should we family? – They're just going family style I guess we're family as well You take that end, I'll take this end Alright here we go, three, two, one, go You take your bite

– Oh! (painful hum) – Come on! Come on! Get it! Come on! (laughs) (disgusted sounds) – This hurts my tongue! – Oh! – Ah! – You wanna lick one of the bear's paws and try that? – Yes, a little piece – A little piece, just lick the paw right there – [Devan] Just lick it! – Good! – [Devan] What?! (laughter) – What?! – [Everleigh] I like the sour! (laughter) – What?! – Well, lucky you, you're gonna really enjoy this challenge! Alright guys, so now we need to add a piece of this super sour gummy bear, I'm gonna go for the head and the ear over here, into the drink (laughter) This is a tough gummy bear This might be kinda graphic

We might have to censor this (straining grunts) (laughter) – What are you doing?! – I can't even get it off – [Devan] Dude! – Alright, there we go! – That's a little barbaric, don't ya think? – The first piece of the sour drink – [Cole] Let's get a little bit of the sour powder in there too (screams and laughs) – [Savannah] Eewww! – Alright guys, on to the next round

– Alright, but I'm gonna take another bite – Alright, cool Is it that good? – [Savannah] Uh-huh – It smells delicious, we got the terrible one – The regular one is pretty good

– Next up, you guys suggested gummy worms versus sour gummy worms so one of us is gonna be getting sour ones You ready? Three, two, one! (screams) – Wait wait wait! – These are real worms! – Oh my gosh! New rule, I will give one switch rule, which means that each of us will have one opportunity to switch, so if you guys wanna choose this round to be your switch round, you guys can switch and you won't have to — (Cole screams) (laughter) – [Savannah] How'd he touch it? (screams) – They're not like normal worms! – [Collins] Oh my gosh! (Everleigh screams) (laughter) – She said, hey hey next round, let's go Do you wanna switch it now? – Yeah – We're swapping – Swapping? Oh no! – [Cole] Hey babe, I'm gonna pick yours and you pick mine

Okay I'm eating this one Okay, ready? (screams and laughs) – I don't know if that's a good swap! Babe, try this one (laughter) Yeah Yeah (Savannah screams) – Oh my God that's so sour! (Everleigh coughs) – I got extra sour powder on there, you see that? – Yeah just a little bit

Oh no! – [Everleigh] Try it! – It's that bad? – Yeah! No, it's great! It's gnarly – They ate the first sour and they're both like (Collins laughs) – That's the way to go

– Oh! Oh my gosh – Yeah, exactly It's bad – [Devan] It is very sour – [Collins] Grab your worm

Ah! It moved It moved (laughter) It moved so much – They're worms, of course they move – Ah! It's so active bro

They got muscles – This guy seems super chilled – Yeah grab the chilled one Mine's like, whipping bro Alright guys, we're about to eat real worms right now! But first, we've got to challenge

We wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notifications, and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds You guys ready to do this countdown? Alright here we go – Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, done! If you can do that, comment down below "Keyper Squad" right now, we're about — (Everleigh screams) – Ah! Ah! Ah! It's eating you! – I know! Alright, here we go! – Dude! Mine is doing moonwalk, look at this! (Collins laughs) – Here we go! – It's totally moving backwards – It's on my wrist Three, two

– No No (Everleigh screams) – I gotta pick it up first

– I'm so sick (Collins screams) (group screams) – Oh, I need a moment (laughter) I need a moment (beep) Alright you guys get to put the gummy worms I'm gonna pretend I'm not traumatized Next round Ya'll are crazy Who would suggest this? Let's go – Alright, but I'm gonna take another bite – Next up, you guys suggested watermelon, so here we go Three, two, one

(group screams) – Oh wait, does that mean it has sour stuff on it? – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, is that glazed? – [Devan] Hold on – There's, like, already, like, chunks taken out of it – [Devan] Wait I'm sorry What's — – I'm, I'm super suspicious

– What has been done to this watermelon? – I feel like, this one looks like it's the bad one, but in reality, that's the bad one – Alright, so they're gonna do the sour watermelon We've got the real watermelon Our's looks very tampered with, like, if this was in the store I would immediately ask for my money back – I'm very suspicious

– This looks — Ah! Sorry, it's just watermelon Why am I trippin'? Alright, ya'll ready? – Dude what's that?! (slow motion voices) (laughter) – Scared me So, I was about to like, fling this Watermelon's about to be on the ceiling (Collins laughs) So I guess we're all gonna go at the same time

Oh, she already went! – Oh, she's already in! – It looks tampered with, but I'm sure it's just a regular watermelon – Sourest watermelon ever – There's gotta be nothing different about, I mean, nothing's popping out of it, there's nothing – Alright, here we go, three, two, one (screams) (high pitched screams) – Ah! – [Savannah] So sour – Ah! – My lip is burning – What did, what did you do to it? Are we really puttin', I guess we're puttin this super sour watermelon in, I guess we put it in along with the sour candy as well

– Should we put these too? They are sour – Yeah – Yeah, we'll do both, – So, yeah Go for it – That's a good one

– She's goin' for all of'em! – No, no That's good – Alright, yeah, we're gonna call it off with that On to the next round (scared scream) – Alright, but I'ma take another bite

– This next one, we kinda have a hint of what it is It's lollipop So here we go You get to pull it off Three, two, one (screams) – Yes! Yes! – We got the sour one

– [Devan] She's already goin' for it (happy whistling music) – The worst thing with, like, a sour lollipop is like, it's not like you can chew on that gummy to get rid of the sour, it's like you're licking sour – [Collins] Oh, no – Okay – [Collins] Oh, no

(gasps) Oh, no! (Savannah laughs) – Babe, you gotta, like, get rid of it (laughter) – Ouch! – It hurts, right? – [Devan] Oh, no – I'm gonna go for this big powder spot, right here – [Devan] Oh, no – [Collins] Dude, really? – [Devan] Oh! (Savannah laughs) – Oh, and you got more than I did

– You are like, so much more powder – So, I think, I think unfortunately for the lollipop, we can't stick it in I think we're gonna move on to the next round right now, but in thought — – Why don't we just do this? – Yeah just give it a good dunk There you go (laughter) Just, some good old saliva DNA sourness

It's all good Alright guys, next round Here we go – Alright, but I'm gonna take another bite – Three, two, one

(screams) – Yeah! We got soda! – Soda? – Is that like, what is that? It's like a, sour soda gummy – Look, this is like, cola gummies Okay, so – Okay, okay We'll go first – We'll go first

– [Collins] You guys go first? – I'm like, I can do sour stuff now ♫ We get the good soda ♫ We get the soda ♫ We get the soda – [Collins] There you go Go – [All] Oooooooooooh! – How was that? – Bad (laughter) – What's this one? (candy clinking) (Cole screams) (laughter) – Let me see it

– Babe, do that Do it! Just like, suck on the candies inside of it – I swear, he's like a third brother, man Like, I swear it – Do you taste that? – Oh! (laughter) – So now we get to eat some delicious soda

Here we go – You're gonna eat soda? – I'll go first Or, drink this soda, yeah It's soda, why not? Here we go Three, two, one

(gasps) (laughter) – Hold up! Hold up! Who said that this is gonna be sour? Why is everything sour? I th– – No one said it was sour! That's the issue! – I thought it was sour verses not sour – What kinda soda is that? How did it– – What is happening? (sucking teeth) – Ah! This is not a sour verses real This is let's prank people, especially Collins and Devan (laughter) – What? – Ugh I think we're just gonna dump this in here

We need a liquid base for this, for this drink anyway – Oh! And, let's put some, some– – I think we might need a little bit more soda later – Let's do it later, yeah – This drink is gonna cause some serious issues when we have to drink it, but right now, I guess, let's go for the next one – Alright, but I'm gonna take another bite

– My teeth are already starting to hurt from all this sour candy I can already feel it happening Let's see what this next one is Three, two, one! (gasps and screams) No! – Oh my gosh! – [Collins] Wait, what is that?! – Cat food! It's cat food! It's Friskies! (screams) – [Collins] Wait! – This is even a Friskies promo – We got, like, sour cat food? Okay

– Bye bye – Aww, it's so gross (Savannah fake cries) – You ready? I'm just gonna count down and you just go for it Ready? – Okay – Okay, ready

Three, two, one, go! – Chew it up! Chew it up! Chew it up! Chew it up! (Collins and Devan groan) (Cole laughs) – Chew it up! I see it! (laughter) – That's gross – You are a, you are the real, you are the real MVP on that one – [Collins And Devan] Oh my God! – [Cole] Everleigh, did you just put it in?! Everleigh put a piece in! Everleigh put a piece in! – [Collins] Oh my gosh! – [Savannah] Chew it up Everleigh, chew it! (Everleigh grunts) (laughter) – Here we go Three, two, one – Hold up, I gotta, hold up! Bro– – He's goin' for it! He's goin' for it! He's goin' for it! (candy chattering) – Oh! Oh! Oh! (Collins grunts) – Nothing came out of mine – Here, take one of mine! – No! No way! (Collins heaves) (Collins heaves in slow motion) – Oh! Oh! Oh, he's down! He's down! – There's literally nothing coming out

(Collins groans) – Alright, I'm done! (Savannah laughs) – Let me warn you (mumbles) – I guess we, I guess we just have to move on Bummer – You gonna go for it? She's doin' the whole thing?! – The whole thing?! – Just a little bit! Just a little bit! – [Collins] Wait, what?! What?! – Oh! Why are you doing that? No! – We have to drink this! (groans of disbelief) – Oh, Everleigh! Why'd you do that? – You're a sneaky one! – Everleigh, you are– – She is sneaky! – You are drinking this, okay? – It smells disgusting We are almost there I think we've got one more thing left and then we're drinking it

I'm not, I'm not looking forward to it – Alright, but I'm gonna take another bite – Okay, so, something– – What is that? – [Cole] Something's a little uneven – Yeah (laughter) – I feel like it's not the same

– I don't think we got the same thing – No You wanna pull it off? You ready? Three, two, one! (screams) – Oh, it's her favorite! – [Collins] Toilet candy? – This is like, her favorite – We got water – This is Everleigh's favorite candy – Oh, really? – We take her to the candy store and this is what she picks

– Alright, so we just get some water – [Collins And Devon] Cheers! – Hydration Love it – [Savannah] That's toilet water! – What?! I'm sorry, what? – You're kidding me! You're kidding! How ma– You can't! This is, it's like human cruelty, bro! I'm gonna die! Yeek! – Whoa! Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro! (laughter) – Oh my gosh! Why would you? This is not, this is unprecedented We've never done a video where we've been pranked this much

– [Everleigh] Mom, I didn't even flush last time! – [Collins] Oh my God! Ugh! – We got a yummy one though – Yeah, you guys get some good candy Oh my gosh – [Savannah And Cole] Mmm Mmm – That's a good lollipop, blueberry! – [Savannah] Mmm-hmm

– And they're enjoying it It's not even punishment They're just enjoying it – Sorry you guys got toilet water – Yeah I know

I guess it's all, cause we all get toilet water – Oh! – Gonna put some, some of that in there (ding) – Here we go The time is now We're about to blend it, so, Everleigh, you wanna press right here? Press it

– Oh oh! Press it again! (screams) – [Devan] What is in here? (screams) – [Devan] That's good That's good That's good That's good – Alright, there we go

That is disgusting – [Cole] Oh! – [Devan] That is very chunky – Can you smell the smell now? – It's a mix between, like, half of me is like, mmmmm, delicious [Devan] Oh! – Which cup? You want that cup Alright

Here we go So this is your cup right here – [Savannah] Okay, I'll have the next one cause I don't want– – There you go Alright Okay

We're gonna get one for you I can hold the– (screams) – Mine was chunky! – Devan is gonna get more of the chunks – And then I need, I'm just goin' straight outta this I guess Alright We are about to drink it, and this is gonna be so disgusting and right after this, make sure you go watch the video on their channel

You can click right over there or down in the description Go subsribe to them, and go give their video a thumbs up If you wanna be featured in our next video, comment down below, what are some Brailian foods you would love to see us eat The Instagram Keyper of the week is Rosie! If you wanna be the Instagram Keyper of the week, all you gotta do is follow me on Instagram, Turn on my Instagram post notifications, and like my recent photos Make sure you guys to follow all of us on Instagram, but right now, three, two, one go! (screams) Three, two, one, go! – Oh! The chunks! The chunks are everywhere! They're everywhere! They're right nasty! – [Cole] Oh! (Savannah screams) (Collins screams) – Alright guys, love ya'll so much! [Group] Bye! – Alright, but I'm gonna take another bite

(Everleigh laughs) – [Cole] Hey, don't touch anything yet Everleigh – Okay (Everleigh squeals) (Everleigh squeals) (laughter) – [Cole] Every time (laughter) – [Cole] Oh, gotcha (laughter) (laughter) – [Collins] You good and ready? Three

(panting) – Oh my Gosh – Two Oh, no! – Dude, no

No! – One! – Go! Go! Go! Both of you guys! Chew! Chew! Chew! Chew it up! Chew it up! Chew it up! Chew it up! – Oh, I can't I can't I can't I can't! – [Cole] You got it, Collins! (screams) – Whew! Alright! Come at me bro! Whew! Aah! Aah! Aah!

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