(gagging) – Yeah, my tongue looks like how I feel right now, messed up This smells like a fart! (sniffs) (chuckles) (gagging) – I love chocolate

(thudding) poop (giggling and moaning) alOl There are dead ants in it Eww (beep) What's up, it's Collins Key Now, today I need some friends to help me out 'cause we're going to be doing something absolutely crazy so, let's give this a shot (group cheers) OW! (laughing uncontrollably) – Oh man! Oh, that hurt! – They do look hurt I'm not used to a wall being right there when I yeet

My yeet is just so powerful (roars) (beep) The wall stopped me But today, guys, we are doing The Gelli Baff Challenge with a sour twist Yeah, this is Baff, B-A-F-F, I don't know why And right now, we've got a challenge for– – [Group] YOU! We wanna see if you can subscribe and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds All of you got five seconds – Five seconds Here we go

– [Group] Five, four, three, two, one Done! – Bam! If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now, make sure you guys go follow all of us on Instagram, show my friends some love over here, also my brother, just, yeah, show love to everyone Yeeet, no, I'm joking Alright, let's get into this video (laughing) For this challenge, we have eight ping-pong balls that are being submerged in the Gelli Baff and then mixed all around

Five of them are yellow If you pick a yellow ping-pong ball, (buzzer) you have to eat a piece of sour candy Two of them are pink (bell dings) If you pick one of those, you get to eat a sweet piece of candy And there's one final one, and that is purple

If you pick the purple one, you get the Bag of Mystery ♫ Dun dun dun – We don't know what's going to be inside the bag of mystery, each round it'll change It could be really good, really bad, we have no idea So right now, let's jump into this and let's submerge all of the ping-pong balls into the Jello Or Gelli? (laughing) – What is this void? In the Oobleck, or in the substance! Haha! Alright guys, here we go Round number one (bell dings) Everyone raise your right hand On the count of three, we're just going to stick it in the stuff and try to find a ball and then, pretty easy game plan Three! – [Male] Three, what? – No, I got one, I got one! – [Group] I got one, I got one! – [Collins] So everyone's got one On three we're just going to pull it out

– [Group] No! – Yes! – Alright, so we all got sour candies, and somehow Christian got the only sweet one – Yeah! – Not cool Alright guys, so Christian gets to eat a delicious chocolate frog from Harry Potter We have to eat toxic waste So I think we're going to do it all at once

Alright, here we go Three, two, this is not good, one, go! (chewing) (gagging) – Ah, oh my God! (retching) – I love chocolate – My mouth is on fire – My eyes are actually watering, guys There we go, that is Round Number One

Oh, that's intense One more thing I wanted to let you guys know about, my eyes are actually watering At the end of this, we are doing a lighting round There's going to be three yellow balls, one red one After each round, we're going to use whatever sour ingredient was used to the bucket of doom, so kick it off we got Warheads

(ominous music) Whoever picks the red one has to eat all the sour candy Right now we're on to Round Number Two (bell dings) I want a sweet one I want a sweet one so bad Alright guys, raise your hand, and begin! – I want it! (group shouting) Tell me when everyone has one and then we'll go from there

Guys, ya ready? Okay, I got one – [Group] I got one – Three, two, one, go! – Oh, I got it again, yeah! – [Group] No! – Okay, but that's not necessarily a good thing – Well I guess we're going to find out, now we open the Bag of Mystery So first of all, we both got sour, Devin got sweet, and you got mystery

So I guess we're going to find out what it is Here we go! – Devin, what did you get for your sweet item? – I got some chocolate mixed with some salt and potato chips – We have to eat sour farts – Yay (laughs) Then Christian is going to be waiting, he doesn't know what he got yet so there's going to be anticipation and build up

So right now we're going to open these up, and then we're going to go for it, and then we have to see what Christian got in his Bag of Mystery (plastic crinkling) I'm so sorry – This is like a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Bar – That looks delicious bro, I'm so jealous – It's got the gold on there, ooh

– Oh my God, this smells like a fart (sniffs) (laughs) – Here we go, three, cheers – Cheers? – No! Two, one, go – [Christian] You gotta see this – Mm-hmm

(groans) (laughs) – This is so good (whimpering) – Open your tongue – Ew! – Whoa! – Yeah, my tongue looks like how I feel right now It's messed up Alright here we go, now it's time for The Bag of Mystery, Christian gets to find out what you got

Could be good, could be bad (bag crinkles) – [Collins] What is it? – What is it? (suspenseful music) – Chocolate dipped insects?! – Oh! – What? – Oh my gosh! – Why? How many do I have to eat? – Dude, we took a handful! – All of them! Put all of them in your mouth! – I mean I took like at least five or six bites – Christian, pretend it's the potato chips It's crunchy – Yeah! (gunshot) – No, there's legs sticking out

– It just gives it texture, it's like a fun little surprising little treat You never know what's going to pop out of it! Alright here we go, three, two, one, go! – Oh the noise! – It tastes like things it shouldn't taste like! (group laughs) – Yo y'all better give this video a thumps up for the fact that Christian just ate a ton of crickets – It tastes like wet dog! – You had the leg on your lip – Ooh Bro, I'm going to be sick

Alright guys, Christian you're a trooper, we're moving on right now to round number three (bell rings) (ominous music) – I have one goal, and that is to not get a sour one – Same – So here we go Three, two, one, go! – Oh, it shot in my eye! – You splashed it everywhere

– Bro! – I can't even find one! – No! – No! – Yeah! – No! – I can't even find one, are there enough in here? I literally can't find one, I found Christian's hand I can't find it! (laughs) – No, no, no, you got it? – Yes! – No! I got the sour one! – I got another mystery! (laughs) – Oh, oh, guys I tweaked my shoulder! Ava got her first sweet piece of candy! What did you get? – Marshmallow chocolate, something – That's how observant she is (laughs) – Devin and I got Smog Balls, which I think I know that we love these ones Christian got the Mystery Bag, you get to open it up first Christian

(plastic crinkling) – A paper! – A paper! What does it say? – God card, you get to switch everyone's candy – What? – OK, so Ava and Collins are doing the Smog Balls – Why me? – Bro, I'm your sister – Oh my God! – You get the chocolate (hands clap) – You're my sister and I don't like you

– Fam, I am so sorry – What have you done Christian? This is not cool bro Alright here we go Three, two, one Ooh! – These are really good

(choking) – That doesn't taste like candy, it tastes like– – Oh my god! – Bro, Christian, If I ever get that one card, you are going down bro I have yet to get a sweet one fam (ominous music) – Alright guys, here we go, I want to get a sweet one, go! (bell rings) – [Collins] I gotta find the sweet one – I can't even find another one – No! – Yes! – Here we go, here we go! I don't know what it is

(group laughs) – No! Christian, what do you have? – I got a gummy pizza, a gummy hot dog, and a gummy burger – Sounds terrible, let's go Three, two, one (yodeling) (thudding) (laughs) – This is a no, this is a no! Uh, ingredient number one Death! Death! Death! (ominous music) – I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'm doing something wrong

Go! – [Collins] No, come on, please, please, please! – No! – I got another one! – No! – Yes, woohoo! How did you get another purple one? – I don't even know? I like purple – I could not be more enthused right now, I have got chocolate That's a word right? (laughs) – Yeah – Alright cool, this has got orange bits in it I love orange, and I love chocolate

And I am excited What did you get Devin? (ominous music) – I got Warheads Sour Pucker Packs – Yay – You got that too? – Yeah and we literally had to dump the whole thing – And then Christian, again, I don't know how it happened, got the Mystery Bag

So let's find out what's inside (ominous music) – Ant Candy – Ooh! – There are dead ants in it – Wait, wait, wait, let me see this bro! There's no way Oh my god! – Those are big

– Look at the ingredients, syrup and black ants (laughs) – Natural and artificially flavored – Damn, I got terrible stuff this whole time, so I'm really excited – I think there's so many bugs – Cheers! – Alright here we go, three, two, one

(coughing) – It's in the back of my throat – [Ava] Ooh, it burns! – You know what, I'm enjoying this! (laughs) (ominous music) (bell dings) – And, begin! – [Devin] I got one, I got one, I got one, I got one! – Three, two, one – No! – No! – Why? – I got sour – How did he get sweet again? – You got wild card, though You better hope it's a good one

This is a brand new, sour candy Devin and I have never tried in a video It's called Warheads Super Sour Double Drops, and the ingredients are literally acid Like malic acid, just a lot of acid – I got chocolate, and wait, oh what? – What is that? – Like little coins (bell dings) (laughs) – Ah! – They will cut you

– Keep enjoying that Ava, what did you get? (ominous music) – Oh, oh my god! So guys, this is the Bean Boozled Challenge, for those of you guys who don't know half of the beans are delicious and half of them are horrible So we are going to take it to the next level and we're not playing around with the beginner ones We're only playing around with the black color, which is either skunk or black licorice – Ooh no! – Here we go! – Not excited

Three, two, one, go for it! – [Christian] Oh my god, you just put like 20 of them in (hand slaps on table) (screaming) – No! Oh, nah, it's getting worse! – Aah! – Yo, Christian do you want some? – No! – You've had no sour candies this whole round bro! Give it a shot – Oh c'mon – Dude, a lot, a lot – Oh my God! (coughing) – Ah, oh my God! (beep) – Alright, Christian is back now and Ava it's time for you to find out whether you've got a good Bean Boozled or a bad one, so, here we go, drumroll

(hands beating on table) – What? (clapping) – I'm happy for her She's gotten all bad stuff this whole time So right now, on to the next round (bell ringing) – Let's go (ominous music) – Everyone hands up, and go! – [Collins] Alright guys, you guys got one? – Yeah I've got one

– Alright here we go, three, two, one, go! – No! – Really? – I don't know, this could be good and this could not be good – I literally got sour ones every time – Christian finally got his first sour one! – Yes, yes! – So apparently we have to do Cry Babies, and these things are absolutely the worst – Hopefully in The Bag of Mystery, I get something sweet! (bag rustling) Let's see here, it's a paper! (laughs) (breathing heavily) – He's recovering – No! – What? – Ooh! Haha! – I have to eat everyone's sour candy! – That's like the whole box of this

(screaming) (sad piano music) – Fam, pray for me Alright, all of 'em? Alright here we go – Oh my god! – I can confirm that is all of them – Whoa, ooh, ahh! (laughing) – You missed one (yelling) – What? He's tearing up the box

– Oh God, ahh! – I love this challenge! (ominous music) – This is the final lightning round right now! How this works, there are three yellow balls, one pink one If you get that pink ball, you have to eat all of the sour candy that we used throughout this video If you get a yellow one, you're safe Here we go guys, three, two, one, go! This is the round I got one, I'm holding on to it, I can feel it! Three, two, one, open! – Yes! (yelling) – Oh, the goal is not to get the pink one! – This is the perfect payback 'cause Christian got all the best stuff this entire game

So you now have to eat every piece of sour candy If you guys want a giant bath version of this challenge, let me know by liking this video And now, the moment you've all been waiting for I must say, this is instant karma right here We got no sour candy, and he's about to get it all

Here you go, it's full of stuff You gotta do it bro, here we go Three, two, one, go! (yelling) – Eww, I think it touched me! – Ah, it got on my leg

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