Sourest Giant Candy Challenge DIY! Worlds Biggest Skittles! Learn How To Prank Sour vs Edible Food

– For this round, you challenged us to make a Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup! But first! [Blows Horn] – Oh, so loud in there, Oh! – First step, the chocolate We got these bags over here

Check this out, I got a super-special way of opening it [Bag crashes into Bowl] – Ohhhh! – Did not think that through whatsoever! And now it's time for a new technique, Yeee! It's time for the Double Boil, so Devin, pick up your bowl of chocolate – And we're gonna place it over these boiling pots of water Let's mix it up! Alright, the chocolate is melted, and now it's time to take this beautiful melted chocolate and pop it onto the base of the Reese's So here we go

My bad! You know what, I'm actually going to use an ice cream scooper for this little scoop here – [Devan] Oh, nice, alright – Pick it up here Now it's time to spread all around, so I'm gonna use a spatula here and just kinda spread it all around the base, you know, just nice and good, as you do So we're gonna pop these in the freezer and let them solidify, and then we're on to the next step

Time for the filling! So we've got some peanut butter, of course [Collins strains] – Whoops, I think I had a little bit too much in there – [Devan] Alright, now it's time to get it out, but this is going way too slow, so I gotta use [Xylophone] this tool – I actually don't think the hook was the best idea, because this is pretty difficult to get it out Since it worked so well for you, Devin, I'm gonna use this tool! [Xylophone] Actually, you know what, can I just get a spatula? – What?! Well there's the peanut butter, now it's time for a half cup of sugar

– It's like a pillow! – Alright, just go-go-go-go Alright, here we go, time to add the powdered sugar Take out a pack of saltine crackers And Devan, what are you not supposed to do with crackers? This! Or, that! You know why? – No? – Because that cracks em, Yee! The goal is to crack up the crackers as much as possible, bro You know what, we're actually going to need some Ziploc bags Whoa, jeez! Here's your bag Devin

You've got the chips in the bag, and now [Smashes bags on Counter] – Yeeeaaaahhhh! – Oh no! [punching] – That's mine! Dude, that's mine! Devan, Devan, Devan! Don't make me turn you tiny again, bro – Next up, we add two tablespoons of unsalted butter – Wait wait, you said unsalted? – [Devan] Yeah, dude, what are you doing? – Next up, we got the cowbell mixers – Ah, yeah ow ow! – Little jazz fingers [Rings cowbells] – You're hanging out in public, you see a friend of yours like "Hey, what up Jimbo?" [cowbell ringing] And they're in! That didn't work

– They're just cowbells Like they were before – And now, it's time for the Reese's Pieces Here we go Bam! The chocolate molds are frozen and it's time to add the peanut butter filling, so we're gonna take a big ol' hunk of this, plop it here in the middle

– [Devan] Alright – And then kind of gently spread it around – Whoa! – Whoa, hey now! – Now is the most challenging part We have to add the rest of the chocolate to the top of it – We're aiming for perfection! – Always! – [Devan] It's so satisfying! – Satisfaction! – Now it's time to pop these in the freezer and the giant peanut butter cups are done

– Bro! – These look insane! So you get to comment down below Who made the better one? We'll be eating these at the end of the video, but right now we're onto the next one [Cracking noise] – We cracked the camera lens! Alright, well you guys challenged us to make a Giant Sour Patch Candy Kid but right now let's at least fix the camera Oh my gosh! Step number one, we gotta fill this thing up with some water So we're gonna use the sink right here

– Yup, Done – Dude, chill bro chill – Snatched, alright we're good – Go back, Easy – Next up, we gotta add some Jell-O

– Safety glasses on We are going to pop out the Jell-O – Your eyes are very magnified – [Collins] It smells real bad all the time – We really need nose goggles, bro

– Well that's why you got this thing for Now I can only smell this side of the room – Alright, now it's time to add the Jell-O – Oh the Jell-O – Yes the Jell-O

– I love the Jell-O! Oh Hulk Jell-O You know what that means, right? – Uh, no – Hulk smash! The hulk, yee, and then hulk yeah, and then hulk yee – Wait wait wait wait, you yeeted forwards, so that would technically be a fleet – [Collins] Mine's like green apple

– [Devan] Ooh and mine's uh red Jell-O, strawberry (silly sounds) (balloons bouncing and popping) (laughing) – We'll be using these things here for the Jell-O – But first! – Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki – [Devan] Uh, tiki – Alright we got our Jell-O out – Drip

(laughter) – Time to pop these in the refrigerator Next up, we gotta trace an outline on this cardboard So I'm gonna use my tiki, trace out the outline of a sour patch kid Cause I mean, like, basically the same thing You know what I mean, right? – Oh yeah

(carnival music) – [Collins] Tada! Oh no, dude, I gotta, oh snap! – [Devan] What? – [Collins] First time in the kitchen Devan, stop it! The outlines are done and now it's time to clip it out – How are you gonna clip out yours, bro? – Easy, just follow the lines And we're done, so – Wait, what? – Mine I'm taking to the next level

I'm gonna add some sour patch kids – Wait, we can do that? – [Collins] Bam Bam add a few in there Now it's time to refrigerate it The Jell-Os are done, and now it's time to turn them into the sour patch kids We got our little stencils here, we'll place em down

Time to trace it out, so here we go, you ready? (both exclaiming excitedly) Done! – Is it done? – All done (both talking excitedly) – [Collins] Only got one shot at this Nothing to do with my laser skills, my laser skills were on point – Oh no! – Tada! Check it out bro, mine's got all the little sour thingies in it Gonna pop these in here

One two three – Now it's time for mine, here we go Three two one Wait, dude it didn't work – Oh I know what's missing, here we go Tiki time! – What? – Check this out, three two one

Bam, and that right there is the power of the tiki So now, it's time to add the malic acid You gotta be very careful with that one – [Devan] That wasn't, dude that's careful? – [Collins] You know what? – I will be very careful, trying to shake off some of it – [Collins] Party time, it's the summer let's go

– [Devan] Gotta spread mine around a little bit, just like that – And now the moment of truth Gotta flip it over, three two one boom And ya gotta coat the bottom side with some malic acid as well There you have it

These are the giant sour patch kids Time to see how the sour patch kid taste You ready, here we go Three two one One of the first five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? Here we go

Five, four, three, two, one, done If you can do that, comment down below keyper squad right now Whoa! – Oh – Oh – Oh (both spit out jell-O) Whew, God that is horrible! Oh my God that is sour Alright, right now we're on the next round Uh! – Dude wait what

– Holy cow You challenged us to make a giant twix So right now, let's go For this one, it's time to make some biscuits – What did you do? – So first step we gotta get some eggs

But here's the deal, Devan, we need to only get the yolks out I got a special way of opening this thing up This is the egg cracker 2000 (infomercial music) Come on! – What? – Kinda like, go back and forth like this – [Devan] Come on! – Why do you have to do that by the

– Oh Three two one Oh! – It worked! Alright here we go Whoa! (suspenseful music) – [Devan] Oh, bro – Nailed it! – Bro that was terrifying

– Well, you know the egg cracer 8000 did it's job – Wait, bro, aren't we only supposed to get egg yolks – Oh, yeah maybe the egg cracker 10000 wasn't quite the best way to go That's what we got these little tube things for Sucking out the yolks

This is, uh, not as effective as I thought it would be – [Devan] Boom, first egg yolk done – Now we need to add a half cup of suger To do this, I need to activate my ambiguous chihuahua cat dog – The what? – Check this out

(activating cat dog) Alright, so now we're gonna add just half of this Next up we're adding one and half sticks of butter Pop these out here Let's see, come on come on, there we go – I'm gonna use these things

They look like a little alligator Look at that, dude, perfect half – Next up, we got a half a cup of instant dry milk powder Add it in Next up we gotta add some water

So we need one eighth a cup and one half teaspoon – [Devan] Okay, oh there we go, perfect – Then we gotta mix it, so here we go Ooh yeah this is working Next up, two cups of flour

Time to mix it up, wait, but first I need a pinch of salt (record stops) Like that! – I have a feeling you added way more salt than needed – Next up it's time to bake these So, we're going to spread out the mixture here and make it into the shape of a poptart – You mean a rectangle? – Yeah that's what I said

So we gotta go three two one Nailed it! Push down like that I don't know how to make a rectangle to be honest – This is the only thing that resembles a spatula – You're gonna get hair in your food Next up, we gotta bake these for 20 minutes at 302 degrees

– Wait, 302? What happens at 300 degrees? – It turns into a Snickers – What? – Time to make the chocolate So this is what we're gonna do, we're gonna leave the slinky in here We're gonna pop these bags open You missed two of em, bro, what are you doing? Next up, gotta fill this thing halfway with water so let's go, Devan, you can't throw me off there we go – [Devan] And a switch, oh

– What, that's against the rules – What rules? – Now time to melt down the chocolate So we're gonna transfer these over here Now it's time for – Spatulas! – And mix, dude I forgot I left my slinky in here It's all part of it now, part of the DIY

Next, we're going to paint some chocolate on the parchment paper So we got these lil paintbrushes over here – Those aren't brushes – These are totally brushes – This is a brush

– [Collins] Get the chocolate on here, add it into the pan just like a taco Fully nailing it over here bro This is just next level saucery Let's go the old fashioned way we'll use the uh classic and trusted true method of the slinky on the paper technique Thanks slinky

– Alright, my second sheet is done Now it's time to plop it next to it – There we go, yup just like that Just oooh – [Devan] This is more like performance art than anything else

– Next up I'm going to be using some carmel, but to use pre made carmel would be to easy So yeeee – [Devin] Oh geez – We're actually going to make carmel from scratch So first up, we got some heavy whipping cream Alright gotta add one cup of this stuff, boom

Next up, we got a half cup of whole milk – Next up we add one cup corn syrup Wait, no, dude that's mom's soap What are you doing? – It's the corn syrup cat, bro You know what corn syrup can and ambiguous chihuahua cat dog should be friends

Cause I mean, look at them – Next up is one and a half a cup of powdered sugar I sense this is about to spill – [Collins] You got this all over my hands – [Devan] Sorry dude

– And now it's time for some sorcery, as this stuff turns into carmel So we're gonna pop it on the stove (magical whirring) Alright the caramel is done and now – Wait, carmel – Carmel? Caramel? – I think you mean carmel Alright so now we're going to pour it in here to the molds

Biscuits are done and now it's time for lazer eyes (lazers beaming) Bam, nailed it Unfortunately I only have one lazer eyes per day, but I will give you the pineapple of destiny! Boom, nailed it! Now it's time to take a slice of your biscuit, Now you're going to lay it in one half of the twix thingy There ya go, alright so now we gotta get uh side two over here Oh no, I broke it! Luckily, we got extras

Oh, no broke another one This is my last good piece Tada! – Why would you throw it? – Now it's time to pop these into the refrigerator and cool em down But first, we can use a little bit of water to cool em down – No you're gonna ruin it, bro, dude

What are you doing? – A nice little mist Bad Devan Alright now it's time to pop these in the fridge Here's the big reveal! – Three two – But first, if you wanna win a 15 minute video call from Devan and I, text the word key to 81800 right now Pause the video, text the word key to 81800 then come right back and let's see how this thing looks

Ready? – Three two One tada! – Dude, what happened? – I mean I did the best I could Something a little wrong But I mean yours, bro, looks like a legit giant twix – [Devan] It looks so good – Yo, we gotta break it open

– Whoa dude, you're so right Alright alright ready, here we go Three, two one Oh it's tough, my thumbs aren't powerful enough – Oh! – [Devan] It's like a rocky road

– What? – It's like a bridge – I've gotta crack one of mine open, so here we go ya ready? – Three two one, oh! – Alright guys, we'll be eating this at the end of the video Comment down below who made the better one, and right now we are on to the next one You challenged us to make a giant Skittle (both talking in fear) – Bro, get behind me, I got you Yo, who sent that? – And where did it come from? – Step number one for the giant skittle, is have to have exactly two coconuts of corn syrup

– Wait what? How much is that? – If you get it wrong, you won't get it right Alright, cocunut Ya gotta get the magic wand to to move this thing around Here ya go come on out Uh oh, I lost my coconut top in it

(bottle squelching) That sounds disgusting, bro – Two coconuts is not precise – Next up you are going to add one lego man of sugar – [Devan] A lego man? How is anyone gonna follow this at home? – Next up, you need to add 40 squirts of vegetable oil – Wait 40 squorts? – Yup so (counts to 40) now it's time to mix it, so here we go

It's gonna go in here – Well I don't see a shovel – Find one or make one – [Devan] I guess this is the closest to a shovel There we go! It's dusting off the sugar

– Time to pop these on the stove Now we gotta heat it up to 265 degrees Very hot, be very careful, and maybe even have someone help you with this because it is very very hot So we're gonna dump it in here, now go to this one over here, boop Make sure they're equal

This is the delicious inside of the skittle So now time to pop these in the fridge The hard shell coating is super easy You start off with one golden pineapple – Dude! – Of corn syrup

– [Devan] So how much is that, exactly? – This is one golden pineapple of corn, I've already said this, bro For the sugar, you're going to need a brand new size 12 shoe Fill it up, and that's exactly the amount of sugar you'll need for this – [Devin] What? – It's what happens when you go to the beach, and you get a whole bunch of sand in your shoes And one the sugar is added it's time to mix it up

– It's like four cups of sugar, I'm guessing – The fun part about using the golden pineapple measurement, is you can use the top of the golden pineapple as a little mixer So you're gonna pop this in here and mix it up – [Devan] This thing sounds like a chipmunk on a unicycle – That's the good thing about the golden pineapple, it never makes a noise

(grunting) Alright now it's time to pop these on the stove The mixture has now boiled to 300 degrees and now it's time to add the coloring So now we're adding both white and green to give it a more skittlish color Now it's time to mix the food coloring in I do not want mine to be sour, cuz I do not want a sour skittle

Alright it's time to set up for our next part So right now, we're going to flip these bowls over – What,what? You do not have to flip the bowls over by the way You can just do it like this, it's a better base – Very quickly, so gotta take the inside of the skittle right now and we gotta remove the wrap around it

– We have to peel this off very carefully – Now you put the (bowl drops on counter) right over here – [Devin] Now you put the paper on top of the other bowl – Now this next part, you need to be extremely careful because this is very very hot So even maybe even ask for someone else's help

But we've got some protective gloves right now and it's time to dump the skittle hard shell coating onto the inside – Three two one Whoa! Oh my goodness! – [Collins] This is the closest I've ever been to being a real chef Oooooooo it's nice! The two halves are out of the fridge If you guys can tell, I gotta little bit of a mound right there So here we go, let's line em up and then push them together

Three two one go (both grunting) And now it's time to put the S for skittles Or for Collins, because everyone forgets there's an S on my name, it's Collins with an S I gotta place the S down like this I've got this silver spray right here, which is edible – [Devan] Oh, oh oh you gotta keep it down

– That was horrible That's a spittle it's like a splatted skittle man Here are the giant skittles Bro we did it! So you get to comment down below who made a better one We'll be eating these at the end of the video and right now it is on to the next round

You challenged us to make a giant taffy So yeee let's go – I got it – First step, you gotta use some sugar – Why is there a pool noodle on here? – Well because, hey hey set it back over here

Alright so now we need two cups of sugar So we gotta get these out of here Pop this open, alright let's see, oh what am I doing? – [Devan] I got it I got it – Next up we got three tablespoons of cornstarch – One two and three

– Next up we got one and a third cup of water So we got the noodle, and we gotta be very careful with how this goes This is called pool noodle purification – [Devan] No it actually worked? (Collins blowing water through the noodle) It's a round a bout way of, dude get it over the thing – That didn't work

– Next up, we add one cup of corn syrup – Corn syrup or corn swap! – Alright so add one cup of this – Corn swap – Next up we take this bulldozer and add two tablespoons of butter So you just (butter splashes in bowl) – [Collins] Scoop it up, pop it right over there

We got to chop two tablespoons of butter here we go – That works – Next up, we got a little thermometer, so we gotta check my temp – Dude your 150 degrees right now – What? – You have a fever? – I'm hot! Alright we're gonna clip these here on the inside Pop these on the stove

Oh mine's a little messy, I gotta – [Devan] I gotchu fam I gotchu fam Oh your paper's still on the butter – Alright it's time to add some Kool-Aid packets in which you're gonna add the color to match the flavor Oh snap it's bubbling up, bro, it's bubbling up! Next up we get the parchment paper

Oh snap, what is happening? – Don't come towards me – Alright so now we're gonna lay this parchment paper right over here – All of that for just that? Dude, how am I gonna do this? This isn't really working out – Well you gotta work better stronger Do better at your job! – It's open

Why are there so many safety precautions? – Smells great – Alright, it's looking good – [Collins] You should use a dumptruck to pour the rest of it in there – Oh I totally should! – I got good ideas Yo! – [Devin] Yes! – The mixture has set and now it's time to turn this candy into taffy

So here we go, bam – Dude look at this – Whoa! Oh! – Mickey mouse press (grunts) – Hulk smash Nothing! Hulk stuck, get off me taffy! It's actually like a lot harder to do this than you think

But like I'm gonna give it a little twist I thought the dump truck would have a lot more effect If that's what it does to the tongs, what's this gonna do to your teeth, bro? – Oh no, my glove, it broke my glove It put a hole in my glove! – Alright here we go it's gonna get em up get em up – Gimme gimme gimme

– Dude this taffy turned out so cool You get to comment down below who's taffy turned out better We'll be eating these giant taffies at the end of the video, but right now, we are on to the next round Alright I'm just ready to take a bite of this thing – I wanna break mine in half

– Oh dude, break it in half Can you even do it, bro? Alright here we go, three two one Ohhh! Snap! And then (teeth hit something hard) whoa! – [Devan] The little ones inside – I forgot about the little like mini Reese's pieces – So good! (talking with mouth full) – We're gonna eat these things right now! – What? – Three two one

(screams of enjoyment) This is Amazing! – And now it's time to eat the giant edible skittles Dude the inside looks amazing! – Oh my – Alright, now my turn to crack it, here we go (grunting) Oh man I'm out of geez Let's see how the thing tastes, you ready, here we go

Oh wow – Oh wow This is insane – Got a little chunk of it, bro – We've got merch! Click the top link in the description or go to shopcollinskey right now to get your merch before it's all sold out

Comment down below what is your favorite candy you would love to see us make a giant version of And click the top link in the description, or go to shopcollinskeycom to get your merch And right now you have five seconds to click right over here to watch another video Here we go five, four, three, two, one, done! Love you


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