– What's up guys, it's Collins Key and for today's video, I am going to be completely destroying my taste buds And to do this, I need a friend to join me so everyone please welcome Brent Rivera What's up everyone I hope you guys are having an amazing day today! Thank you so much for having me I'm sorry that just comes with it

– That was impressive, yeah Brent! HOW DOES HE TALK SO FAST We are gonna be creating the most sour drink in the entire world We have a whole bunch of sour candy right here We have Toxic Waste, lemon juice, we got some sodas we have malic acid, this stuff is death to your mouth! This is what they put in sour candy this is like the main ingredient and it's like concentrated in this container right here So basically we're gonna be trying each one of these individually first and then dumping them all inside of here and then we both have to drink the most sour drink in the entire world Hopefully we don't die, give this video a thumbs up for the fact that we probably won't be able to taste anything for I would say a month after this video

Now we also did a video over on Brent's channel we did Social Media in Real Life and it was absolutely hilarious so make sure you guys go check that out after this video the link is right over there, also down in the description And make sure you guys go subscribe to Brent right now because this guy is the man, go show his videos some love – And if you guys are from my channel, make sure you go subscribe to Collin's– – Ah, thank you – I'm gonna give you five seconds – Five seconds? – Five, four, three, two Ah, ah one! – One, ay! If you guys could do that comment down below RIP taste buds

Just comment down below, if you guys could subscribe to the channel in five seconds and right now without any further ado Yeah, let's do it First thing we're trying is a soda, so here we go (electronic music) – Aww that's sour, that's sour – That's pretty sour, alright well this is the first ingredient so I'm gonna dump mine in first here we go

(ominous music) Alright, so ya know what, Brent I think we give the people what they want and we'll kick it off right off the bat with some Toxic Waste because as you guys know I've done this in one other video Literally this thing killed me (flashback) Toxic Waste three, two, one go! (all screaming) – The trick is if you get three blue raspberry and one lime, it's not gonna be as sour – Really? – No, I'm kidding – Oh, I was like I did not, I messed this up

Alright here we go, oh mine has a hair on it ugh let me get that off, ee-yuck Alright here we go, you ready three– – Like all at once, what do we do with it? – Two, one, go! I'm good (heavy breathing) – Ah! – Agh (screaming) I can already feel my taste buds 50% gone – Ah! Ah! – My taste buds are legitimately gone at the moment

I had a little bit on my lips and I just licked my lips, brought it all back, okay To all the Toxic Waste to it now so I'm gonna drop some few in – How many should I drop in, two? – Two works, yeah One, two My tongue is numb, I think that might be a good thing because then our tongue is numb for the rest

(ominous music) Next, this looks good what is this? – Yeah, that actually looks delicious It's more Toxic Waste, wait– – Wait, wait, wait hold up then We ain't doin' more Toxic Waste, nuh-uh Alright the Dot Sours look good – Alright, let's give it a shot

– Hopefully this is better than the Toxic Waste I expected it because the name is Toxic Waste, but that was more than I expected – Here are the dots so I say we gotta do a handful as well 'cause like, this is an extreme challenge, bro – Okay – You probably can't see it, but there's like a whole bunch of powdered stuff on here that is the Malic Acid stuff, okay and we're about to take that straight at the end of this So here we go ready three, two, one go

Mmm! My mouth's so full of 'em, I can't even talk – Okay, well I mean – We can add a lot of these, these are nothin' Next, these are War Heads Extreme Sour Candy (groans) Oh, this does not look good

– What are they, gum? – I don't think they're gum – Okay – Ready three, two, one, go Oh my god! – Ahhh! My tongue! (shrieking) – I can't even walk right! – I have so much saliva in my mouth right now, it's not even funny My tongue, my tongue– – My tongue is, it's like I would say 80% gone now so we're gonna add just a few of these

– Oh, no – Well that's all of 'em – PEZ SourZ – I didn't even know this was a thing The worst part about this challenge is knowing that in a little bit, we're gonna have to drink this

Think about our individual reactions so far to each just one of these individually, but all together will we survive it? – No, no we won't! – I'm gonna take quite a few at once – Okay me too – I don't, these might not be that bad though, we'll see – Alright, I'm ready – Ready? – Yeah

– These are actually really good! – I expected that, that's why I picked it – Mmm After what we just had, thank you PEZ Alright let's dispense these in (ominous music) This is just straight lemon juice

– Oh no! – Italian lemon juice – I've experienced very bad situations with this I actually dared a friend to chug a whole thing and 10 seconds later he threw it all up – I'd say we'll go with the bubble gum instead, alright here we go! Three, two, one go for it Oh my gahhhhh (panting) (desperate shouting) Ohhhhh my

– Ah, ah! (growling) My tongue, my tongue! – It still hurts, it still hurts! – Ahhh, ahh! (grunting) (crying) – [Narrator] 20 minutes later – Dude! – What! – My voice dropped like a whole octave When I was buying these, the lady was like, be very careful not to do more than one Because her boyfriend did one of 'em and lost his taste, like legitimately he lost his taste and we just did four of 'em – Wow we are friggin' daredevils– – Is my tongue messed up? – Yes! Oh my gosh it's all red! (laughing) – What's wrong with my tongue? – Ohh it looks like a, like a bird! – Does it look like a peacock? – Yeah! – Yes, that's what I wanted! – Alright here we go, we're goin for it because we love you guys, there's one that's all that's left right there

– Sour farts candy, wait what? – What did you, it farts?? – It better not freakin' taste like fart I swear You have to go first on this one 'cause I am not eating a piece of fart What is that smell, is that fart smell? – It oh my, okay it literally smells like a fart Let's give it a shot (groaning in agony) – What, what! – I can't tell if it's because my taste buds are gone or if this is not that sour because at first it was like ugh and now it's like mm

Alright so you get the honors of adding the fart candy to the mix – Alright here we go! (ominous music) – I just wanna get it out of the way, I wanna go with the Smog Balls – Okay – By Toxic Waste – Anything by Toxic Waste is not good

– The difference with this one though is the outside looks smooth like a jelly bean so I don't know how sour this is actually gonna be, here we go This is good! (clapping) Shout out to you Toxic Waste for not killing me! – Now it says, "Sour, chewy center" – We're gonna add these 'cause these are delicious – I vote these – Yeah 'cause after what Toxic Waste just didn't do, I'm excited for these

The green one looks pretty gnarly so we'll go with that one – Okay – Alright here we go three, two, one break it in half – Oh it's kinda, oh there it is – Okay here we go, ya ready? – Yeah – Oh my! It really is shockingly sour! (laughing) My mouth is literally on fire right now

– My tongue needs a massage Oh gosh, I am not looking forward to this drink– – I am not – At all – There's one more crybaby! – Oh noo – I literally died! So you guys I thought that Toxic Waste was the most sour candy I'd ever experienced, these Cry Babies are on another level

These are actual teardrops —, I might cry Three, two, one go – Oh I'm good I'm fine

– It's fine right? – Oh yeah – I think my tongue is bleeding now I can taste the blood over the candy now (grunting in disapproval) – Ahhhh – Should we add 'em? – Uh-Huh

I am sweatin' bullets right now, man this is just extremely painful alright – Here we go, Extreme sour candy, savor the sweet – There's two packets of 'em so we'll just go with these – Contains soy, okay – Contains soy! Cheers

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! – Ahhh! – Oh my – Uh uh (singing crazily) – Ah

– [Narrator] A few moments later – I need a second – That was really bad – That was horrible! The worst part now is I can feel little cracks in my tongue and like every time a sour candy goes in, it just like seeps into those little cracks – I know

– Okay, here we go Gotta man up, gotta add 'em in here we go We're saving the malic acid for the last one but right now, I say let's do a squirt of lemon juice – Okay I have a feeling– – This is gonna murder us

– Oh I know, it's gonna really – So I'll take a squirt first, here we go It actually tastes delicious after all the nasty stuff, I'm not even kidding that was amazing! I need a little bit more, mmm I'm not even joking this tastes incredible right now! I will add this literally bro This was, oh my gosh

Supercharged, chewy candy Cry Baby extra sours and then we have the malic acid which is just the hardcore stuff, we're savin' that for last but right now three, two, one I'm good – It's just actual pain That's all this is The worst thing about this is my teeth, I know I'm gonna have a cavity after this like there is just no avoiding a cavity alright here we go

There we go! – Oh, there's more! Now the moment you've all been waiting for time for us to eat the Malic Acid and please give this video a thumbs up for the fact that our mouths are already dead and this is gonna be like the finishing shot right here, man Officially, I've heard that people take Malic Acid for health reasons, and what they will do is they'll take like half a tablespoon, put it in a whole thing of water and then drink it We're about to do a full tablespoon with no water, so – Oh no – Rest in peace, us

It smells like sugar, like it looks like mmm, this'll be delicious Alright here we go are you ready for this three, two, one go (screaming) – Oh my god, oh my god! – Ow my mouth cannot stop firing (yelling in pain) – Hands down, the most sour thing I have My mouth is numb, ah is numb! My mouth is literally numb! Oh my god That was hands down the worst experience I have ever had making a YouTube video And now we have to add this stuff – Oh no to the drink I'm not hyped

– Just a little bit Okay that's good – That's good Alright guys, these are two of Brent's friends and they did not believe us that this stuff will destroy your life and so they wanted to give it a try right now, so we're like, okay Three, two, one go

– No, no, no don't spit it out, don't spit it out! – Don't spit it out, don't spit it out! – And now they know! – Now they're believers – Dude look it he's lose– – Oh my god – Oh my god, bro – I swallowed it – You swallowed it? – What, he swallowed it! – Are you okay bro? – Uh-huh

(laughing) – Now we have officially constructed the most sour drink in the entire world, about to blend this thing up and then drink it so let's do this (groaning) Oh my gosh, alright well now the moment you've all been waiting for, time to drink the most sour drink in the entire world, but first make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up and the moment we finish drinking this, go check out the video we did on Brent's channel, go subscribe to him Make sure that you guys have subscribed to this channel though, it'd really mean a lot and especially after everything we've been through So right now, it's time to drink the most sour drink in the entire world, three, two, one cheers go for it I drank it, and in my stomach I feel it it's killing me! I can get another drink, I can do this man

(agonizing groans) – Ahhh – Ah! Ha ha! – Igotta drink more – Here we go I can't do anymore! Ah, ah! Alright guys, thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys again I don't know, bye!

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