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(yelling) (electronic music) – (screams) I can't do it! (yelling and screaming) – Oh my god! Oh my god, they're right there! – Is it ice cold? – No! (Laughing) (tape spinning) – What's up, it's Collins Key, and today I am here with – [Girls] The Merrell twins! – Today we are going to be doing the smoothie challenge, but, if you guys know me, I don't just do a normal challenge Today is going to be crazy, extreme, messy version of the smoothie challenge

So basically how it's working today is a third party, my dad, he went out to the store, got a whole bunch of random items, he's gonna be placing them on the table here one by one and then a friend of mine, her name is Lindsey, she compiled a list of internet questions So for example, let's say the pickle in the bag was the item Whoever wins that round, they have three options They can either – [All] Use it, give it or dump it – So basically if you want to use it, you can pop it in your own smoothie if it's a delicious item

If it's a disgusting item, you can put it in the other two people's smoothies, you can give it If you really don't want it, you can dump it on the other two people's heads And also we have one lifeline So if it's one item that we really do not want in our smoothie whatsoever, we can say, "Lifeline" and that item will be excluded from our smoothie Hopefully we won't have to use that

Hopefully we'll be, I'll be man enough – I'm gonna use it – Okay, they're gonna use it (laughing) – We also did a collab on our channel – We did the eat it or wear it challenge

– And that also gets messy too So check that out – So you guys – Yeah, I'm gonna put the link right over there so you guys can watch it after this video Also I want to let you guys know I'm doin' a giveaway on my channel

I'm givin' away a MacBook this month You guys want to win it, let me know by liking this video (bell ringing) Comment down below What is your favorite video that's ever been posted on this channel, what are we gonna do, subscribe? One, two, three, Subscribe to this channel Let's get on with the video

(laughs heartily) (splatting) I just hit the microphone (laughs) – Hit the mike – Okay, my bad (laughs) – Well – On that note, let's get into the smoothie challenge

(laughing) I'm turning red and hiding behind a spoon Let's get into it, yes, cool me down Okay, cool, let's get into this – [Girls] Tapioca pudding – It's kinda like undulating in the middle, like look

(laughing) – All right, move onto the question (bell rings) (happy music) – I didn't even know that one No! – It got it I'll take the tapioca pudding I think I like tapioca pudding

(chuckles) – Do you want to use, I have a spoon – Oh, that smells delicious – [Vanessa] Eww, it kind of looks nasty – That doesn't look good to have in the smoothie – It smells delicious, though

– It does? – I'm gonna do that much (laughing) – Jealoush? – Eggs? – Eggs – No, raw eggs! – No! – We're gonna get samonilla poisoning (laughing) Wait, how do you say it? – Salmonella – Samonilla

– Salmonella (bell rings) (Vanessa shrieks) – No! (laughing) – There was no even hesitation (cracking) – Ow! Nessa! (Collins shudders) – Hey guys, I've got a chip on my shoulder (laughing) – I'm sorry Ooh, it didn't work

– You're goin' way harder on your sister than you are on me, right? (cracking) (Veronica shrieks) – Got her again – This is terrible It just sounds nasty – How many have I used? (cracking) No, it got on me – Nessa! – How am I gonna hold anything from now on? High five, high five

(Vanessa shrieks) High five – Okay – Okay Oh, no – Pigs' feet? (suspenseful music) – You're kidding me

– You said there was nothing dead (laughs) – This is pigs' feet (bell rings) – No! – I got it again! Hey, that smells great – What? – Smell it (Veronica laughs) – Then use it, please

– I'm not, oh, I'm definitely giving it away, (bell rings) I am not putting pigs' feet in my smoothie (Veronica retches) (laughing) (Veronica retches) (laughing) – I'm gonna put it both of your smoothies – No! (Veronica retches) No I'm not gonna drink that – That is not a foot

(gasps) Ooh, it is a foot It's a foot – Oh my gosh, it is Ohhh, it feels weird – Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew

(gasps) (Collins grimaces) (laughing) – Please, can we just kinda, that's like too much for my – Lovin' this challenge – I just love tapioca pudding and pigs' feet smoothies, don't you guys? – #relatable

– Guys, my smoothie looks great (laughing) – The next one is 100% pure Donald Duck orange juice I really need this (bell rings) – You got it – Did I get it? – Yeah, go Collins

– I want to get you back This is not fair – You have to get me too! – Oh, yeah (Vanessa squeals) (bell rings) – Oh my gosh it's cold (gasps) It's freezing

Collins, it's cold, it's cold, it's cold – Do it, just do it – I gotta commit – Okay, yeah, that's really cold, that's really cold Yeah, at least it tastes good

(laughs) – [All] Bag of mystery? (ominous music) – I'm kinda nervous now All right Bag of mystery (ominous riff) – Laughing my, – Love of my life! (bell rings) – How are you so good at this? (Vanessa laughs) – I don't know if you want this item though, that's the thing – I don't know

– It's a mystery – I have the option (Vanessa screams) I can't do it! I can't do it! – What, what is it? – No, no! It's live crickets (electronic music) – No – You are kidding me

– Lifeline, lifeline (alarm rings) Right now (Vanessa screams) – I can't do it, I can't do it, I can't do it, I can't do it! – Okay, lifeline for me too I'm not using that (alarm rings) – Oh my gosh

You are crazy – Lifeline – Lifeline for me too – No, I'm saving my lifeline I'll use my pickle in a bag to approach it and (girls scream) (springing) (screaming) – Get the bag away

(screaming) – Oh my god! Oh my god, they're right there! They are right there They're like at the top! (Vanessa screams) What do I do? You know, I'm gonna man up Y'all can dump it – No, I can't do that, no They're gonna be everywhere

– What, but crickets don't bite you Think about this logically – No, but they're gross (laughs) – How rude, you don't even know them – Oh, sorry

That's freaking me out, I had shell on my head – I'll send you the less crickety side – No, no, no, no, no, I can't – They're just crickets – They're (screams)

Don't do that! – Yo, look it It's a cricket Look at it Ow, okay, what the frick was that! What was that, he bit me! I am not, it bit me! – [Vanessa] Okay, you– – No! We're movin', lifeline (alarm rings) It bit me

My voice dropped like a whole octave It just bit my finger – All right, come on Vanessa – All right, I need this one – I need it

– Oh, okay, cool (bell rings) – This is gonna suck with the pigs' feet (bell rings) – More flavor, you know? – Yeah, more flavor – Oh, yeah, you came like right at me there for a second – Dog food

– [Collins] Oh, it's chunky, and it's funky (bell rings) – Darn it! – I'm a dumpin' this for sure (bell rings) I'm dumpin' it Oh, that was kinda all of it (laughs) She got lucky

– There's still leftovers – Got you a gift (Collins shudders) – Chipotle peppers? Collins cannot get this one – (laughs) I think for this whole video I think I'm in a dump it mode (bell rings) – Was it? – I want to say Smosh

– You know, I did kinda just make a pact that if I got this one I would be in dump it mode (suspenseful music) – Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins! (gasps) – Don't get it in the eyes, don't get it in the eyes (screams) Oh my god – Oh, white cake mix? – Yes! – Ain't nobody got time for that Oh, is that, I thought that was it, I was like, okay! – Chewbacca lady

– Chewbacca! Chewbacca woman, (bell rings) that's her name – I said it – Yeah, Chewbacca woman – I'm puttin' this in mine – She's trying to get it all sweet and stuff for like, – To balance out the pigs' skin

– But she has the massive pig foot – Butter flavor vegetable oil (gasps) – Nasty – Ohhh – Oh

(bell rings) Ooh I got that question All right, I'm gonna put this in your guys' (bell) Okay, whoa – My beautiful smoothie

– No! – Mustard – Oh no – No – Oh! (bell rings) – Ohh I don't know how to do it

(bell rings) (Vanessa groans) – Okay, okay – No, not a big one Okay, that's great, that's good – All right – Oh, I hate mustard

– It's cat – Cat food – This is, like this is inhumane at some point to us (bell rings) – I got that – Yeah, you did

– Good job, you actually got something, Ronnie – Here's a little bit of shade Got a little bit of shade for ya – Oh my god, there's a cricket! There's a freaking cricket in my lid, it's alive! (bell rings) – Ohh – Like pat it down

(laughs) – Ronnie, it's huge! You didn't give him the huge part Come one, we're a team – This is for your comment (laughing) – Oh, I thought you were done! Beans, yes, I want beans, I want beans – Beans, beans, – [Vanessa And Collins] the magical fruit

The more you eat the more you (mimics flatulence) (bell rings) – Darn it – Oh my gosh – I was gonna say that, but I (groans) – Oh, oh, oh, kill 'em I'm gonna take the beans and put the beans in mine – Great

That's fantastic – Good for you (bell rings) – Collins, yours is nasty now (Veronica retches) – Mine was nasty the moment you put a pig's foot in it Whipped cream, yes, I want this

– I want this too – The Green brothers, (Vanessa stammers) the Green brothers – He got it, he got it – I'm puttin' whipped cream all in mine – There's still more

Collins (laughs) – Are they dog treats? – They're Beggin' Strips, probably – Oh my gosh – Love you like a little sister – Oh my gosh! (bell rings) – Love you like a sister

Should I dump it or give it? What does the audience say? Oh, I'm hearing– – Use it No! (laughing) – There you go (Veronica gasps) – Cake! – Cake! Yea – Oh no – Karate Collins cannot get this one

– Y'all know, if I get this cake, y'all know what I'm doin' with it – I know – The twin telepathy, twin telepathy – What am I saying? – No, no, no, it was Guess the Youtuber! (Veronica stammers loudly) It was guess the Youtuber! (bell rings) (yelling) – I got that – Can I try some? – Yeah, let's just sit and enjoy a little bit

– This kinda defeats the purpose of this – Mmm (happy music) – How do we do this? There's two of you I only have one of these – You karate chop it

(splatting) – (laughs) Like that? (bell rings) – Oh my god – Not my face, in my face – Okay – I'm allergic to cake – Is that true? – I'm lactose intolerant! – Cake makes me break out

I'm gonna have a rash on my face – Just do it Do it (Vanessa squeals) (bell rings) – No – Nessa

– [Veronica] No, don't– – You've got a little bit just hangin' off your nose – I know – I think it's time to blend this stuff (blenders whirring) (knocking spoon) (blenders whirring) (knocking spoon aggressively) (blenders whirring) – Ohh At least lift it up

– Cheers (containers clacking) – One, two, three (Collins retches and coughs) (monster roaring) – What the? Mine tastes great – I did mine – I did mine

– There's no way I can do, there's, I (spits lightly) – If you guys enjoyed this video, let us know by giving it a big thumbs up, and also go check out the video I did on the Merrell Twins' channel – Ooh, I just stepped in the peppers! (laughing) – Bye – [Girls] Bye! – We are never coming back on your channel again (laughing) (beep) (beep) (Vanessa retches) (beep) (Collins spits) (laughing)

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