– There's a bee right there – Oh frick

What's up guys it's Collins, for today's video I thought it'd be kinda fun to do a challenge, but I can't do this challenge alone So I need someone to help me out – [Both] Hey! – The brother is back – What up (grunts) – We are going to be doing the whisper challenge

And this was started by Joe Sugg And since it's kinda Halloween time, I'm gonna add a Halloween spin to it Devan will put on his headphones So turn on some super loud music, so he can't hear what I'm saying And then I'm gonna say a sentence to him that has to do with Halloween

And he has to read my lips and try and figure out what I'm saying He's totally distracted by beat drop right now Alright let's get started, whoa! He's ready to go Trick-Or-treat, my names Pete, give me candy or smell my feet – I got it, I got it

– What? – Trick-Or-Treat, my name is Pete – Yes – Give me candy or smell my feet – What the heck, how did you get that? (laughs) – I can't hear anything! His ears are about to die – I guess so

Oh that's so loud – It hurts, so bad Dracula – Dracula, wait hold on – I haven't finished

– What? – I haven't finished – Wait, wait, wait, Dracula finished Dracula just let me finish – No, no, no, start over, start over – Dracula cannot be in the sun or else he will burn

– Dracula likes to sleep on a wooden board! (laughs) – What? Dracula cannot – Dracula cannot – Yeah, be in the sun – Pee in the stool (laughs) – What? – You articulate words, you're like

– I'm trying to help, be in the sun – Be in the sun! – Yes, or else he will burn – Or outside at night, no? – Or else he will burn – Or at a sleepover (laughs) – Or else he will burn! – Yes thank you! – Okay

– Thank you – At the Halloween party – At the Halloween party – I haven't even finished my sentence yet, let me finish, at the Halloween party, Dracula jumped in the punch bowl and drank all of the blood – A the Halloween party, Dracula jumped in the pool and drank all of the blood

– That's still so frickin' close Dracula jumped in the punch, punch like punch – Dracula punched? – No, no, no, no, Dracula jumped in the punch bowl – Oh, oh, in the punch pool! – No, punch bowl – Oh bunch bowl

– Punch, punch bowl – So Dracula dove into the punch bowl – Yeah, and drank all of the blood – And drank all of the blood – Yeah

(moaning) No, I think I will lose all my hearing by the time this videos over (groans) (laughs) – Can you hear me? Nope, pumpkin spice lattes – Pumpkin spice delight – Oh my God – No okay, sorry, go

– Let me finish, pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage with girls my age – Pumpkin spice lactates are rage with kids my age (laughs) – They're not lactates, latte – Oh, pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage with kids my age – Yes

– Okay, nice, good job – Yeet, yeet, ya-yeet – I think Eduardo the zombie is in love with our mother (laughs) – I think I know what the topic is – What no! (laughs) Not even

(incoherent whispers) – Dude we're doing a video, dude come here, we're shooting a, dude, hey, hey, hey, sit down, sit down Relax I think – I think – Eduardo

– Eduardo – Yes! – Is in love with my mother? – Yes that's it – What, am I yelling right now? – Yeah, you're yelling – Okay – Trick-Or-Treat

– Do I like horseshoes? (laughs) – How is that? – I can't hear anything (laughs) This beat drop, this beat drops insane! Oh it's crazy! – Trick-Or-Treat – Do I like groceries? – Oh my gosh, you're terrible at this game Trick-Or-Treat – Do I like horseshoes? – No, he can't even get the first part, trick

– Oh, trick-or-treat! – Thank God! – Smell my moms feet – Smell my moms feet – Give me a friend named Pete – Give me a frickin' apple to eat! (laughs) Is that it? – No, no, give me a friend named Pete – Give me a freckled ape please

(laughs) Is that it? – No – Give me a friend named Pete – Yes thank you! (claps) Alright, last one, always fear when smelly pumpkins are near – Halloween action figures – What? – Smelly pumpkins are near is what I meant to say

– Always fear smelly pumpkins are here – Close enough – That is the Halloween whisper challenge If you guys enjoyed this video, it really hurt our ears, so if you guys could give us a thumbs up We would really appreciate it

Also please share this video with all of you friends Comment down below and let me know what other challenges should I do with Devan Subscribe to this channel Peace (snaps) Oh, by the way, links are all down below be sure to go check them out and follow him

Bye (upbeat music)

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