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– What's up guys? It is Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog Now, after my previous sibling tag with my little brother, Devan, everyone was like commenting, requesting for him to be in another video

So, here he is – [Both] Ey! – Whaddup? – Oh – See how you miss the high-fives – Yeah, you always look for the elbow (laughing) – Alright, I'm ready

– Today, we are going to be doing the sibling test challenge So basically, we've each written down a list of questions that we should know about each other Every question that we get wrong, the other person gets to throw an egg at us Let's do rock, paper, scissors – Okay

♫ Rock, paper, scissors Darn it! I go first What was my first drawing ever? – A classical reproduction of a Leonardo DiCaprio painting – Nailed it It was not – What was it? – It was a scribble

– That's not an actual drawing Anyone can say, my first drawing was a scribble If it was like a scribble with an intention, that's a drawing What's one specific quality or attribute I look for in a girl? – Eyes? – There's two I like eyes and I like a girl with a cool smile

– Okay – I like girls with a nice smile – What trick could I never do on my scooter? – Tail whip – Darn it! – Dude these are so easy Name one pet peeve of mine

– Nose hairs (laughs) – Out of nowhere? When have I ever expressed a disliking or pet peeve-ishness for nose hairs? – Maybe that was his head – Yeah What was my favorite to draw when I was eight? – The booty – No

It was not the booty Yoda, in battle – Really? – With light sabers that– – This one's super easy but if I could be an animal, what animal would I be? – A squirrel What was my first still-life drawing of? – A naked person – Nope

– Dang it – That's not a still life– – He has drawn naked people though – That's a life drawing thing It's not, it's– – You've drawn naked people though? (laughing) – Yes, I have – Like he has drawn nude people

– Alright, so moving on, it was a still-life It was a pear – A pear? – What? – What was the name of my first magic book? – Mark Let me (mumbles) (laughs) I can't– This one's hard This one's really hard Something complete guide to magic – You didn't even get it right It's Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

– Wilson! (screams) – Dude – Who was my favorite Japanese comic book artist? – Ukazima Mishagawa (laughs) – That wasn't even a real guess – Morigato Shugesaya Naruto

Naruto, shuriken I don't know, I'll give it one more shot Ugize Zimbabwe – Okay, no When I was 10, it was– Hold on

– (laughs) And you don't even know bro, come on – Takeshi Obata, I think I'm not sure – What position do I sleep in? – On your left side – No

– What? – Face down, booty up And I sleep with my arm like this If your arm was like a pillow It's like (sighs) Right now, I could have pulled down my pants and you guys won't even know it

– He just did – You don't even know though He could be lying to yo (laughing) Where was my first Instagram picture taken? While you're waiting for him to figure it out, you might as well go check it out My Instagram is @CollinsKey , see what my first– Hey! – Hey, mom

– Who's that? Hey mom We're over here – Did you bring food? – Yeah, did you have food? – Yeah – Do you have food? – What is that? What's in the paper bag mom? – Food – Is that food? We'll be right back

Sorry guys had to take a little break to get a little bit of snackage, you know – What game have you always beaten me at? – Imma go with Battlefront – Nope It was chess – How many times have I injured my fingers? Like serious injuries

– Once – Nope Five times – Five times? – Yeah When I fractured my pinky, stung by a bee on my middle finger

– That's not a serious injury – Yes it is – That is not – I dropped a burning hot pan while pulling out of the oven on my finger, it burned – It's not

– I got– Yeah, that's a serious in– For your fingers – Dude, I did that to my lip once Do you remember that? I was eating a piece of pizza and (grunts) and I think the cheese just like, fupam! And it was like swollen – I'm not saying like life threatening– – Bruh Bruh

– Okay Oh, I'm gonna sneeze (sneezing) – Yeah, turn up the death! I was trying to do it like the beat drop – I slammed my finger in a door – Everyone does that! – I mean, seriously slammed it

Fine – So you only had like two (laughs) – Who was my favorite character in Spiderman? And it's not the obvious – Venom (laughs) – Nope, it's Spiderman

(laughs) – That's stupid – It's all about perception The obvious could be like a villain – No it couldn't – That's like– – The one obvious person in Spiderman and that is Spiderman

– You didn't say the right answers so you got it wrong – What was my favorite– (laughs) What was my– (laughs) My god What was my fave– Dude What was my favorite event when I did gymnastics? – The floor! – No High bar

– What? – Yup Like this video right now if you want to see us juggle Your juggling is so sporadic Oh really? Oh really? Like that hurt These are like the light– Ah! Okay, that actually kind of– That kinda ow! That kinda hurt

Dude 'cause you got me with this fucking– oh my god Hit me with the spikey one – Sucker– (yells) – Well that is the end of the questions portion of this video, now it's time to go outside And throw them eggs And it's the part you've all been waiting for

Watching Devan and I annihilate each other with eggs Give this video a thumbs up if you're excited to see the craziness Let's get it started – Let's do this – Got the eggs

– Don't throw around my head dude – I won't dude Ooh! (laughs) I'm so sorry, dude I didn't mean to do that Right on the head

(laughs) (yells) (laughs) (laughing) (laughing) (groans) (laughing) (groans) (laughing) It didn't break (laughing) It didn't even– (laughing) Final throw I'm going for the booty Alright, stand there (groans) Oh, I hit the booty! – That hurts so bad

You're not breaking this on my head (laughing) – I'm so nervous – Oh yeah! What the heck? (laughing hysterically) – That was like way past my head! Oh my god Ow! (laughing) Ow Please hit me

(groans) Yeah, you got me Oh god (groans) Dude you cannot hit me to save your life (groans) (laughing) Oh my gosh – Only two! – Oh my god

(groans) (groans) One egg! Hey! Cheater! (Devan screaming) Yeah, we got all of my hair I have like egg hair This is crazy (groans) – Oh my god Ow! Ow! What was that? – More! (groans) – Ha-Ha, you suck! What the heck? – No! – Dude, you are the worst thrower

– I hit you several times – Ow! Ow! (laughs) (laughing) What the heck? (laughs) Oh my god Ow! My shoulder! (groans) (mumbles) the side of my booty! Oh, my camera! (laughing) Yo That was my camera, dawg! Alright, well that was egg throwing madness If you guys enjoyed this video– that was super painful

Please give it a thumbs up – That was painful – Thumbs up To let us know that you actually enjoyed this video And also why don't you guys comment down below what other challenges should I do with Devan? Also, I'm gonna put all of the social media links in the description down below

Be sure to go follow him Thank you for watching the Thursday vlog Peace Oh, he's gone! This is a big mess to clean up Bye! (EDM music)

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