What's up, guys? It's Collins Key, and welcome to the Thursday Vlog Now, for today's video, I've got a brand new challenge for you, and I need someone to help me out with this

You haven't seen him in quite a while, so everyone please welcome back to the Thursday Vlog, the mini-fridge version of me, Devan Key Hey! Catch the egg! – Oh! – That was close For today's video, we are going to be combining two things One thing you don't know about us is the fact that we can both juggle We have juggling skills, off the skillet, yo

I don't know what I was doing there – Off the skillet (laughs) – What? And the second thing is you guys love watching us get destroyed by eggs, and so we're combining two of those things today: the juggling and also the egg-destroying

There's three super difficult rounds to this Whoever wins the majority of these difficult rounds, they get to destroy the other person with a full carton of eggs Whoa! So basically, if you guys are ready for this video, make sure you guys give it a thumbs up right now Without any further ado, Devan, catch the egg! – No! – Dude! You ready? – I wasn't ready – Catch it, catch it, catch it

Yay, alright, let's do this Round One, the classic juggle-off! (laughs) Whoever can juggle for the longest wins Here we go One, two, three, go Dude! (mumbles) – Nervewracking! – You can't hit my hands, bro! That's cheating

– Ah! So nervous! – Oh, dude! You can't do that! (laughs) Well, I lost first – I lasted like one second longer than you did, so – Alright Yeah, you did, by one second So, I lose that round

Round Two, not my arms Yay They're not really my arms Whoever gets the most tosses without dropping wins this round And, begin

One, two, three, four Oh! Dude! – Hey, what's up? Hey, hey! – Dude! (laughs) That was so– Dude, seriously? (laughs) – Oh! What? – You can't do– You can't do that to me, bro! – No! That was not– No! I wanna hug you, you know? Just– – There we go! That's what you get! (laughs) I kinda– Oh! Round 3 Ah! Dude, chill! Chill! (yelling) – Oh, no! It's going into my ear hole! – Round Three is called stealing You'll see why in a second Without further ado, let's get started

And begin Oh, snap! Oh, he's thinkin' about it! Uh oh! Uh oh! Oh! Oh! See, this is actually– bro! Devan wins this challenge He gets to destroy me with a full carton of eggs – I'm so psyched Oh, no! I can do whatever I want! (laughs) – Alright, cool! Let's do it

Give me a thumps up right now for, like, some encouragement, 'cause I'm not looking forward to this – I call this move "The Clear" Are you feeling okay? Are you feeling okay? (machine noise) Clear! (laugh) – Ow! You just punched me in the chest! (laughs) Oww! Oh! Oww! Dude, seriously! You– – Gosh! – Yeah, I'm a crazy kamikaze Ay! This is called the pocket egg If I really don't want these pants anymore, it's all ready

(laughs) Now, there's like egg yoke running lie all down my leg Ow! (spitting) Eww! You're spitting, like, all over me Da da da da! Da da da da! Oww! No! No, no, no, no, no, no! (laughs) Oww! My nipple! – Whoa, dude! No! – Oww! (laughs) – Oh, yeah! It got my freakin' arms! Oh! No! – Oww! Ooh! That hurts! Leg! One egg left I've got one shot to hit him Go for it

– Yeah! Yes! – There's another egg! – Oh, no! Ah! – Whoo! If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you guys give it a big ole thumbs up and share it with your friends right now if it made you laugh or smile And also, comment down below what other videos Devan and I should do together Make sure you guys subscribe to this channel There's weekly videos every single Thursday I'll see you guys again soon


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