(upbeat rock music) – I was up all night thinking about it and I've been so fixated on who I want to be and where I want to be, I haven't thought about who I am It's like you and Carlie have been saying, I need to just go out there and figure it out– – Okay, where are we? Where are we going? Okay, because the car's a half mile back and we gotta bounce if we're gonna make my sister's show

– Dude, chill, we'll make it, okay? But it's like, it's like a magic trick, a magic trick, 'cause with a magic trick, it's about the moments you know? It's not about the card tricks The card tricks don't mean anything, it's the moment, the experiences, you know? And it's like what you've been saying, this girl, she's everything that's been missing in my life – We gotta go, alright? – The fence says that there's an art show in downtown this, yeah, yeah, this is the right place, right place – Collins, just get the video message so we can get outta here – No she's gotta be in here

– Collins! You promised, okay? So we have to go You have to be there – No, what I have to do is stop listening to what everyone says I have to do all the time This is so important to me Jacob And I think, I think that I'm in love with this girl

You don't even know what love is! You haven't even kissed anyone yet I didn't, I didn't mean it like that, okay? Just, five minutes, okay? Please, just five minutes – [Jacob] Okay Whatever (soft, dramatic music) (soft chatter) – [Girl] I'm here

Do you see me? – Sorry, have you seen this girl? – [Waitress] Uh, yeah, yeah, I have – Where? – Uh, just back that way – Thank you (soft, dramatic music) (soft chatter) (dramatic music) – Collins? What a phenomenal surprise! So good to see you For those of you've had your head in the sand the last few years, this is the amazing Collins Key

Collins, listen, we are so excited about the shoot tomorrow And now that I've got ya here I just have a couple of ideas for tomorrow – And I would love to hear those, I just, give me one quick second 'cause the person who invited me here, they're right over there, I just have to go say thank you I'll be right back, thank you – Sure

(soft, dramatic music) Have you seen this girl? – Back there (movie reel clicking) (dramatic music)

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