Roast Yourself Challenge! (Diss Track) + REACTION | Collins Key

– Okay, that's it, Collins Keys, I'm roasting you and you are horrible And look atcha, you look like Donald Trump

– (laughing) What? – What's up it's Collins Key and yes I know I don't normally upload on a Sunday, but something happened that I really need to address And I can't, it's been like weighing on me I can't just have this out there, I got roasted And no I didn't get roasted by Rice Gum I don't get roasted by Drameller

No, it's the worst roast possible, I got roasted by you guys Now granted, I did ask you guys to roast me There's three different rounds to this roast Round number one takes place on Instagram Why I released this photo right here, don't even ask why I released this photo

And in the comments, you guys went in You guys were savages, you roasted me so hard Round number two takes place on Twitter I released this photo and fun fact, I made that face on national TV on Cartoon Network My voice just cracked, that's how embarrassed I was, it was terrible

And round three is a dis track round on SnapChat where I asked you guys on SnapChat to roast me with your very own original dis tracks So that's round number three, we're gonna be going in I'm gonna need like ice, I'm gonna need aloe, I'm gonna need water, I'm gonna need lotion, I'm gonna need sunscreen, I'm gonna need everything Because I'm gonna be so burned and roasted by the end of this video If you guys do one thing, just give this video thumbs up for some encouragement

Because seriously, I allowed you guys to go ham on me And if you're excited about this bonus video, well get excited because they're gonna be a lot more bonus videos cause from now on I'm doing two videos a week on YouTube One on Thursday and then one bonus video every single week, gonna keep you guys guessing So make sure if you haven't already, subscribe to this channel and even if you are subscribed, make sure you turn on the channel notifications So that no matter when this bonus video comes out, you guys will be notified and the first people to see it

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Without any further adieu, right now, let's jump in and yeah, get roasted Alright, round one is Instagram and this is the photo that I posted And I dressed up like this for Harry Potter's book release because if you guys have read the books, you know that wizards when they try to dress as muggles, they're not able to do it and they always end up looking really crazy so that's what happened to me I'm so nervous, let's go to the Instagram comments Everything in that outfit is actual okay

But what he forgot to wear is a bra I mean if you wear a pink top, you need to wear a bra Hey, you don't know I mighta been wearing, what are they called training bras, I don't know I think if you added some bling around your neck and a big black shirt, you'll look exactly like Eminem (laughing) That's not even, that's not even a roast on me, that's a roast on Eminem, oh my gosh

When you realize that you look so fabulous, the modeling agency fired you (laughing) what When half of you wants to go swimming, but the other half doesn't This picture reminds me of your first musically, a complete disaster (laughing) Yo, I thought my first musical was cool Those shorts are higher than Wiz Khalifa (laughing)

When a girl says she likes nerds, this isn't what she meant No one likes you, stop acting like you're perfect I hate you so much, look at yourself, you look like a dork or an idiotic person Go die somewhere otherwise you'll end up like Jacob S Like that stupid kid for asking something stupid like your life, die Collins die

I was expecting a roast, not like a death threat okay Your hairline looks like a bald eagle Why don't you slip into something a little bit more comfortable like a coma Are you supposed to be Kylie Jenner with that pose? Come on man, grow some balls America's got no fashion skills

America's got no fashion skills, that was the show I was on guys for those of you who are wondering Shine bright beautiful as you always are Collins, no matter how you look or what you wear What a sense of style and then person below was like, y'all suck at roasting Dude this is a game of where's Waldo with your muscles I was like 12 okay, I didn't have like any muscles

Give one dollar a month to help this poor person into buying two pairs of shoes that are the same Or donate a blue croc, this will help a lot I showed my dad this picture and he said that's a cute girl You look like where's Waldo so stop acting like him and get lost Round two is Twitter and this is the photo you guys are roasting me on, so you guys thought the last round was intense

This one, this one's gonna be even worse, so yeah, let's get to it When you're trying to be cute because you're failing badly with them caterpillar eyebrows (laughing) Oh my god do they look like caterpillars? When diarrhea attacks, part one (laughing) What is part two of diarrhea attacking? It says your bottom lip looks like it's trying to eat you top lip Alright this one is when Bob the Builder tried drugs for the first time

Oh my gosh, you look like a goose who's ears are about to pop out of your head (laughing), oh my this photo (laughing) Shrek called and he wants his face back You remind me of a creepy doll I once had after my little cousin melted its face off, what? Even Bob the Builder can't fix that face Oh my gosh, I see no difference That's cold, that's so cold

Round three is SnapChat dis tracks This is obviously the one that I'm the most nervous for cause I have no idea what you guys are gonna say, so yeah, let's do it – Your hair actually looks like the tsunami that hit Alaska ten years ago that killed over 200,000 people, like please stop – Oh my gosh, (laughing) wow – You are just a lameo, a lameo bleep

I'm sorry you are a lame bleep – Oh, gotta bleep all that out, holy cow – I think it's stupid man – The hair looks stupid okay – (Talking like a baby)

– (Laughing) – [Contestant] Bigger than your lobes Nose so big, big grape jelly is it Collins Key or the Fruit Loop bird? – (Laughing) That was super like sneak dis right there Like you weren't even in the video – You're hair looks like a mushroom Your head looks like a mushroom

– You look like a piece of shrimp that sat on my table all day – (Laughing) what? – Tell me why Collins Key look like Donald Trump's son? – (Laughing) What, I'm waiting for a roast Out of all of them, that one hurt the most – Yo Collin, you gotta hit the weight room bud – Those traps are not gonna get you to a million selfies bro

– Not gonna happen – (Laughing) Those traps are not gonna get you to a million selfies, what are traps by the way? Alright, I'm gonna stop right there That is definitely enough roasting for the day If you guys enjoyed this video, let me know by giving it a a big thumbs up Because trust me, I went through a lot of roasting for this video

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