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– Whoa! ♫ In the jungle, the mighty (tone) What's up, it's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog Now for today's video, this is a celebration video because we are literally about to hit one million subscribers and by the time this video gets posted, we might have already hit a million but first of all (makes explosive sound) Literally mind blown, I remember starting this channel and going like "If I have a thousand subscribers, "that would be crazy!" And we're about to hit a million, so first and foremost thank you to each and every one of you who subscribed to the channel

You guys are my inspiration when it comes to the videos If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be doing this You guys are my everything, so thank you guys so much for all of your support, this is a huge, huge milestone for the Keeper family And so in honor of one million subscribers, today I thought it would be kind of fun to take a step back and re-watch and react to some of my old videos, some videos that I've never even posted on the internet, they are that cringe-worthy And if you have been subscribed to the channel, let me know by liking this video and comment down below at what point did you, my voice just cracked, at what point did you subscribe to this channel and also comment just like a fun little fact about yourself because here is what I want you guys to do

Down in the comments I want you guys to introduce yourself, I want you to meet a whole bunch of other Keepers and in the comment section, let's have a Keeper meet-and-greet where you guys just all meet each other, just talk with each other, and just get to know one another because this family is getting huge, but I want to make sure that we all stay connected and that we really stay close as a family So in the comments, if you guys would do that, that would mean so much to me and I think it would just be super fun, but without any further ado, let's jump right in right now and yeah Let's react to some old videos Look at that little smile, what's going on? (singing) (claps) Good job, little Collins I don't know what that was, I don't know what you said, but good job

– [Dad] So what do you call this, Pillow Man? – So we got Pillow Man, apparently – [Dad] Pillow Man – [Mom] Can I give you a hug? – Why, why did I even do this? – [Mom] Oh, a nice cushy hug! That's a cushy hug! Thank you Pillow Man (laughs) – I wasn't a superhero, but I was Pillow Man Okay so I think we're having like a talent show here or something apparently on the trampoline

Oh! Did y'all just see that doggy into front flip there, that was next level stuff Let's see what Devan's got, is Devan gonna hit it? Incredible Before I show you guys these next clips, I have to preface this and let you guys know what's going on, otherwise, you guys are going to think that I'm literally the craziest person you've ever seen in your entire life I'd just seen the Transformers movie, in the film there's a little Decepticon robot character named Frenzy and he was just this crazy little character who would be like spazzing out all the time and so these next videos are my best impression of that character So I guess you could say it's Collins being a little actor

Whoa! (crazed noises) (laughs) What am I, I'm so creepy! I'm so weird! (crazed noises) (laughs) Why?! Oh my god, I'm crying right now! (laughs) What?! Someone please explain me to me! That was a cool fort though (crazed noises) (laughs) Oh my gosh! ♫ In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion– I'm low-key nervous, what is this? No! No, no! No, make it stop, no! What is this? No! This is painful, this is so cringey! No, no no no, okay! Yo! What was that?! What am I trying to do? I think I'm doing like a parkour video – [Girl] We should go to another part – No this park's awesome The park is awesome

– [Girl] No, another part – That was so good, did you guys see that? Wow! – [Girl] I think your grandmother could do that! (laughs) – Uh oh, watch me jump, oh! Oh! – [Girl] Kinda missed you there – Uh oh, no, he is not walking along the little rail, oh my gosh, this guy, he is literally crazy Uh oh, uh oh, is he gonna jump? Is he gonna jump? Oh! I just did that! This is some throwback magic, now real quick, can I point out, that's an exposed angle! Who was filming this?! That was an exposed angle! Mom! You exposed my trick You can tell by the lighting

I've got this new trick and I just want you to check that out, there's no card on here, right? Oh man, no! There's no card on there Literally froze a card in there There is no card in this, okay? That's the most raggedy looking kitchen towel I've ever seen! To get a card to go through this onto the ice Why is there a walkie-talkie right there on the table? Make sure there's no card there or anything – [Mom] Correct

– Alright so here, now I'm going to take a card, you know Tom, right? Okay I'm gonna take Tom and then if I take Tom, right? I'm gonna put him on here This is bad Props to me for at least trying something though It looks like Tom went too far, do you see that there's a little blue spot down there? (laughs) When you low-key froze the card in the ice so deep you can't even see it (laughs) (banging on ice) My mom is like "Collins, what are you doing with your life?" (laughs) I'm making a total mess! – [Mom] You might want to take this outside! (laughs) – My mom's like "Okay, we're done with this

" (banging on ice) How long am I gonna bang on ice with a knife for, what?! There we go! You guys can see that, right? – [Mom] I can see that – It's in the ice, right? There we go, the moment I've been waiting for this whole time, to show them that their card – [Mom] There he is! (claps) – Great job, Collins, great job So this is a little meet-and-greet we did after the Demi tour Yo those things were crazy, after the Demi tour every night, that was insane! But yeah, straight up again, I love meeting you guys, I love meeting you guys

Okay let me set this up really quick, I got pink eye in both eyes, my mom said put lemon juice in it to cure it, so (screaming) That stuff's intense, wow! Jeez, it's like my eyes are on fire! (screaming and whooping) – [Man] Does it hurt? – Yes! Oh yes! This stuff's intense! (screaming and whooping) It's pulsating with death and destruction and doom! Wow! If you want a Part Two to this video, where my brother and I react to old sibling videos, let me know by liking this video Thank you so much to each and every one of you guys who have subscribed I am so excited, so many fun things to come in the future (snaps) Pizza!

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