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Hey and today I'm going to be potentially losing a whole bunch of friendships because I'm gonna be pranking a lot of YouTubers that I know with song lyrics from the song "Closer" Now the reason I'm using this song is because number one, you guys suggested it a ton in my last video and number two, it starts off with "Hey," my name is Jeff and im good which is like a casual way to start a conversation, and number three, there are some pretty savage lines in this song, so I'm a little bit nervous because I have no idea how my friends are going to react to this

If you want me to do a texting prank on my friend Jacob Sartorius, let me know by liking this video and comment down below what song should I use if I prank him and we'll just, I don't know, we'll see what happens Now I gotta give credit to Mike Fox who started this whole trend So I'm gonna link his video down below so be sure you go check that out I'm giving away an iPhone 7 and all you have to do if you want to win that are two steps Step number one, download a free app called Live

me I'm gonna put the download link down in the description below and it's very important that you use the exact link that's in the description down below, otherwise I won't know that you actually signed up for the app Very important you must use that link And step number two is you have to watch the livestreams that I do every single Sunday at 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time on the app and be active while you're on there, liking, commenting, and sharing

If you do both of these things, download the app from that link down below and then if you join me on these livestreams every single Sunday, then you have a chance to win the iPhone 7 This giveaway ends on September 25th and yes, I will be announcing the winner live on that broadcast, make sure you guys are there I'll also be announcing the winners of my August giveaway at the end of this video, I just scratched my face Without any further ado, let's jump right in right now and let's just prank some YouTubers The first person I'm going to text is Veronica Merrell, and I'm a little bit concerned about this entire video because these are YouTubers we're talking about

They're used to people trying to prank them so I have no idea if they're going to fall for the prank or if they're going to figure it out so hopefully, my voice cracked, hopefully no one figures it out and it's just an overall great prank, but I guess we'll just have to kind of find out how this goes ♫ Hey– – "Hey! "Wait a second "I swear if you text me some song lyrics, "I've been watching your videos" Really? I'm not even one text in and I'm already busted, wow Well, that went just about as bad as you could hope right there

I didn't even go into the song, just "Hey" and somehow she figured out that it's a texting prank video On the bright side, Veronica's gonna help me actually prank Vanessa And so Veronica told me to say something along the lines of, "Your sister's not responding to her phone "and I need to ask you something" So just said that right now and let's just see what happens ♫ Hey – "Hello

" ♫ I was doing just fine before I met you – "What's wrong now?" ♫ But I'm ok – "Nobody's perfect" ♫ Hey – "I gotta work it" ♫ You tell your friends it was nice to meet them – "Again and again till I get it right" ♫ But I hope I never see them again ♫ Nobody's perfect ♫ You live and you learn it ♫ And if I mess it up sometimes ♫ Nobody's perfect *claps – Well played, Vanessa, well played

That was actually pretty awesome XD The next YouTuber is Mel Joy and I'm so nervous to do this one because she is literally one of the sweetest people I've ever met in my entire life and so aw man,I'm just, I'm nervous I haven't even done anything and I just feel bad already So let's, aw man, Mel please don't hate me, please ♫ Hey – "Hey Collins

" ♫ I was doing just fine before I met you – "Wait what? "Are you okay?" ♫ But I'm okay – "Oh, okay, good!" ♫ Hey ♫ You tell your friends it was nice to meet them – "LOL hi "Wait what? "Oh when you sent my friend that video saying hey? "Or did you meet my friends without me ha" ♫ But I hope I never see them again – "Oh wow, harsh "Wait hold up, you would not say that LOL "I am so gullible

" ♫ I know it breaks your heart – "Oh, you pranked me didn't you? "Oh my God Collins" ♫ Moved to the city in a broke-down car – "I was so confused OMG "No you have a cool car "These are lyrics aren't they?" Now this one is the most risky of them all because I met Zoella I would say three years ago I did some magic for her at an event and she freaked out and at the time I got her phone number

So hopefully she still has the same phone number and then she'll probably block me after this, but I'm doing this for you guys We are about to prank Zoella right now So let's just see how this goes ♫ Hey (record scratches) (phone beeps) ♫ Hey (dramatic clanging) – Well she actually changed the number and didn't tell me so you know, it's really no big deal at all, but let's go to the next one I can't end on that one, that last one was pretty weak

And so for this last one I'm gonna be pranking one of my very close friends Her name is Rachel, you guys probably know her as rclbeauty101 And let's just see how this goes ♫ Hey – "Hey, what's up?" ♫ I was doing just fine before I met you – "I don't doubt that" ♫ But I'm okay – "I'm well aware of this information

" ♫ Hey – "Hello" ♫ You tell your friends it was nice to meet them – "You have their phone numbers "so you could just tell them, but sure" ♫ But I hope I never see them again – "Well then you can't really go "to too many YouTube events" ♫ I know it breaks your heart – "You're right, I am just so sad right now" ♫ Moved to the city in a broke-down car – "Huh?" ♫ Four years no calls – "Well considering I didn't meet you four years ago

" ♫ Now you're looking pretty in a hotel bar – "Oh you're writing lyrics "Yeah this makes a lot more sense "Wait am I gonna be in one of your YouTube videos? "Hi everyone!" Give this video a thumbs up for texting prank on Jacob and comment down below what song should I use to prank him Right now it's time to announce the August giveaways of the iPhone and the MacBook So first of all for Instagram, there was over 150,000 photos posted to be entered into the giveaway

You guys went ham I had to choose the winner, it was super difficult, and the winner is, drumroll please, bam, right over there, so congratulations You are winning the iPhone 6S I'll be sending it to you ASAP And now the moment you've all been waiting for

The YouTube winner is, drumroll, boom, right over there Congratulations to both of you guys, I'll be in contact with you and I will see you guys all again very soon Bye ♫ Hey

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