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– I like whipped cream on my waffles (laughing) What's up, it's Collins Key and for today's video, I am doing something very special

To start this, I need someone to help me out so are you ready for this? – [Mikey Bolts] No, I'm not gonna do it! – You said you would do this What are you talking about? – [Mikey Bolts] No, no, no, I'm over this, no – You are teleporting here right now (snaps fingers) – (sighs) All right (Collins laughs) – So guys, today I am joined by the master voice impressionist himself, Mikey Bolts, and today we're going to be prank calling a whole bunch of super-famous YouTubers with voice impressions and we're gonna to be telling them that we just found this brand new feature on the iPhone 7 that will actually change your voice into a cartoon character's voice

And hopefully, they believe it I mean I can get creative because I've done a lot of pranks on these different YouTubers and so they might be catching on by now So today is going to be a challenge to see if we can pull one more prank on them And you have to do a thumbs up if you guys want a part two with even more of voice impressions and comment down below who are your favorite cartoon character you would love to see us do a voice impression of Now make sure you guys go check out a video we did on Mikey's channel

We called Apple employees and let them know the iPhone 7 was having some major bugs via cartoon voices and a whole bunch of different voice impressions on that one Link is right over there and if you guys are one of my people, very important, go subscribe to Mikey This guy is the man So, so talented I've been a fan of his for three years now

So make sure you guys go show his channel some serious love Give us a video thumbs up and just like comment and be like, "Yo, Collin's channel sent me" Without any further ado, right now let's jump in and just get to the prank calling – Let's do it (laughs) (phone ringing) – You what, how quick was that? (giggling) – Sure! You guys are like very giggly tonight

– OK, I just got the iPhone 7 and there's this new feature on it and it's kind of like a hidden feature You can basically manipulate your voice into any cartoon character's voice So just give me a sentence – Boopadegumbo? – OK, I'll try boopadegumbo And, I'll try like do you guys know Family Guy at all? OK, well they have a Stewie voice

Let me try it – Boopadegumbo – Right? – Yeah! It's freaky! No, no give me another sentence – Lactise em what? I'll just give it a shot I'll try like in Peter voice – Lactase enzymes are good

Yeah! (girls giggling) – Right? (girls giggling) – Hello, ladies Kermit the frog here I want you to submit whatever you have promptly and I will say it Thank you (girls giggling) – You guys know I have zero voice impression skills Hello, I'm Stewie

That's kind of savage, but yeah – The rain in space stays mainly in the place – No, I'm just messing with you guys I am actually collabing with the creator of Family Guy right now, Seth McFarlane (gasps) – Hi! Yeah, so say hi to Seth

– Hey, how's it going? How are you? – Thank you – Are there any other questions that you guys have for him or anything you guys want to say to him? – Oh, thank you so much, ladies That means a lot Thank you, seriously Oh, okay

I'll follow you both on Twitter All right, you guys are fun – (laughing) So guys, I'm sorry This is a prank call This heartbreak has been Mikey Bolts It's totally here, I'm sorry

(laughs) – Now we can (mumbles), you ruined it – I'm real sorry! – He's so much lamer – I'm sorry guys Yeah, I know! You guys better get me back, that's all I'm saying! So sorry, guys! All right, guys, I love you I'll talk to you guys later

All right, cool, bye! (laughing) – Oh my! – Yo, I'm sorry Veronica and Vanessa You guys, I love you guys so much You guys are the homies So, I'm waiting for you guys to get my back This is literally my fourth time of hard core pranking them

All right guys, I'm calling the Hello? Dang it! It literally came in on the worst freaking sentence Oh my God! The guys are pranking, oh my God, and you answered

Well, that was great! Uh hey, so you heard about this new iPhone 7, right? Well, did you hear that you can make new voices with it? – Hello Gabby! (laughs) – Yeah! All right, well, that was worth a shot All right Thank you Have a good night Bye! – That was great! – That could not have gone better, in my opinion

– Perfect! – Nailed that, from top to bottom I'm calling BruhItsZach or Zach Clayton So I hope that this goes well Yo, what's up bruh? I just got the new iPhone 7, dude There's this new setting in it where I can like make my voice in like Family Guy

Right, give me a line to say – You look like a monkey! – You look like a monkey – Right, bro, it's crazy! Dude, it's nuts! Even like Peter Give me another line to say You smell, okay

– You smell like cheetos – What's like a popular song right now? What's the Justin Bieber one? How does that one go? If you feel yourself sinking in the cold, cold water Right, but check this out – If you feel yourself sinking in the cold, cold water (laughs) – No, bro, I'm doing a prank call

(laughs) Yeah, that everyone Have a great night! (laughs) All right, cool, talk to you later, bro – Bye, Zach – All right guys The next person I'm calling is Chloe Couture

– [Voicemail] You have reached the voice mailbox of – This is Chloe She called me back Hey! So with the new iPhone 7, like I just got one You can manipulate your own voice in a cartoon voice So just give me a sentence to say like I'll show you

– Chloe is the best YouTuber of all time and she is awesome – Yeah It just manipulates my voice into that Let me just try something, hold on – I think you're great

You're so pretty You're always pretty (laughs) – Right? It's so Yeah or even if it's just on a call like this

Here's another one too – If you sneeze, make sure you use a tissue paper – Yeah, I know It's really, really, really cool! And there's even Patrick from Spongebob and stuff – I have to go to the bathroom

– Like I don't have to go to the bathroom I was just saying that and stuff So my idea is like if we prank call YouTubers, and use the voice on them Cause what would happen would be like we would call the YouTubers and prank them and they would think that I am actually calling them to set up a collab But in fact, I'm actually calling them to prank call them with these voices

Kinda like right now (laughs) No, this is a prank call Yeah! Yeah I'm here with my friend, Mikey, who does voice impressions – Sorry for pranking you – No, it's Mikey

– Nope, all me My bad! – Yeah, no, I'm so sorry! Have a great night! All right We're going to give Rachel a Facetime Is that a thing when you give someone a Facetime? – I'm gonna give her a Facetime – One Facetime for you

Do you know Family Guy at all? Okay, well you can do a Family Guy voice I'm gonna try this one I like cheese a lot Right? And I can try a Peter voice too and it's like I like whipped cream on my waffles Tell me like something to say

What's the deal with airplane food? Cool! Well, yeah, this is actually a prank call I don't know how else to say it That's just yeah Yeah I'm here with my friend, Mikey, that does voice impressions and stuff – Hi, sorry for pranking you! – Yay! All right, so we're calling Jake Foushee right now, and he has a new number so I don't have his new number

Mikey does – There'll be a couple of hooligans doing voice prank calls – Yo, brother This is (mumbles) Collins Why? I appreciate it! You're the man, bro! Do you have the iPhone 7? Okay dude, I just got one

There is an e-straight feature on the iPhone 7 that will manipulate your voice into any cartoon voice or something Give me a sentence to say All right, I'll try it like Peter Let me see if the Peter one works – Ah, I just started a fire

– Right? Even if it's like making noise, you can turn it to Kermit the Frog and make weird sounds – Hip hop hebop sneerop Kermit the Frog here Hap ho up keep up – I know, man! Apple took away the headphone jack but they gave us the voices, man! It's like crazy! Yeah and it even works with song lyrics and stuff and it will sing popular songs like Yeah that's so awesome! Wrong, this is just a prank call Do you know Mikey Bolts? Yeah, well he's right here with me right now He's the one doing the voices – What up, Jake? My bad! We didn't mean to joke on you

You're a good guy! – I'm sorry, bro! (laughs) No, bro, you're good (laughs) Too funny, bro! – You're the man, Jake! – Let's hear it! – Which one? – Yeah, I gotta give that one a shot I can't do it I'll be like Autobots, transform and roll out That's legit, bro

Go check out the video we did on Mikey's channel where we prank called all the Apple store employees The link is right over there Give it a thumbs up Comment that this video sent you and subscribe to Mikey This guy is amazing! And like I said, thumbs up for a part two with even more cartoon voices

I love you guys so much! New videos coming out two, even three times a week, so that means you've got to subscribe Without any further ado, would you like to make me disappear right now? You get the honors – I would love to, Collins! – Psych! Too late! – That didn't go as planned

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