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– What's up, it's Collins Key and for this video I'm doing a Part Two because I recently did a video where I texted my crush with Justin Bieber "Cold Water" lyrics It ended in her blocking me and you guys, I don't know why you guys enjoyed that video

So today I'm back at it again for a Part Two, and today I am texting my ex Just to clarify things, this isn't a girl I've actually dated It's an ex-friend Basically what happened is she (chuckles), she friend-zoned me and if you've ever been friend-zoned you know that it's kinda awkward and there's not really a way to recover from the friend zone, and so we've kind of just stopped talking That's kind of where things are at right now

In my last video, I asked you guys to comment and let me know what song should I use if I make a Part Two video, and the number one most requested song was Charlie Puth, "We Don't Talk Anymore," which I thought it's kinda perfect for this situation Give the video a thumbs up for the fact that I'm doing another texting prank If this video gets enough thumbs up, I might do a Part Three video where I actually do this to YouTubers that I know Oh man, I'm gonna ruin so many friendships Comment down below what YouTubers should I prank, and also let me know what song should I prank them with

Also wanna let you guys that I'm doing a huge giveaway on my channel I'm giving away a MacBook computer If you guys wanna win the MacBook, all you gotta do is let me know by liking this video, comment down below what's your favorite video I've ever posted on this channel You must be subscribed to my YouTube channel Also I'm doing a ton of fan calls and some prank calls this Sunday at 4PM, Pacific Standard Time, on Live Me

Basically I'm gonna be live-streaming it If you guys wanna join me for that I'm gonna put the download link in the description below Without any further ado, right now My palms are a little bit sweaty (chuckles) Let's just see how this goes ♫ We don't talk anymore like we used to do – [Ex] Hey stranger, it's been a while ♫ I just heard you found the one, ♫ You been looking ♫ You been looking for – [Ex] Oh really? Who told you that? ♫ I wish I would have known that wasn't me – [Ex] Wait, so who told you I'm dating someone? ♫ 'Cause even after all this time – [Ex] It's been like a few weeks ♫ I still wonder why I can't move on – [Ex] Oh, I thought we were cool

♫ Just the way you did so easily – [Ex] We were just friends, so there wasn't really anything to get over LOL ♫ Don't wanna know – [Ex] You don't wanna know who my boyfriend is? I'm confused ♫ Kinda dress you're wearing tonight – [Ex] Meh ♫ If he's holding onto you so tight ♫ The way I did before – [Ex] The most we ever did was hug, dude

♫ I overdosed ♫ Should've known your love was a game – [Ex] But we were never together, so what are you talking about? ♫ Now I cannot got you out of my brain ♫ Oh it's such a shame – [Ex] Dude, what is going on with you? ♫ We don't talk anymore – [Ex] Yeah? ♫ We don't talk anymore – [Ex] Oh my god ♫ We don't talk anymore ♫ Like we used to do – [Ex] Oh my god! ♫ We don't laugh anymore – [Ex] Stop trolling me with song lyrics! ♫ What was all of it for – [Ex] Oh! We don't talk anymore like we used to do! (laughs) – This one ended far better than my last one did and I'm not blocked, so yay! She was a really good sport about it and she kinda figured out At some point, I was wondering, "When is gonna figure out the fact that it's "'We Don't Talk Anymore,' "because it kind of gets obvious at some point

" So she got it, hopefully we can still be friends I'm never getting out of the friend zone on that one, that is for certain Thumbs up for the fact that I didn't get blocked! Yay me! I will see you guys again on Thursday I love you so much, bye (snaps fingers)

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