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– Hey guys, it's Collins, right now I'm in the middle of nowhere and we're gonna try to catch some Pokémon together I've heard there's some super rare ones around here, so let's give this a shot

(video game music) We're gonna need a bigger ball (record scratching) – Oh, no! Oh! (bleep) – What's up? It's Collins Key And for today's video, we are gonna be creating a giant DIY edible PokéBall Now this was all inspired, obviously, by the Pokémon-Go craze that is literally happening across the world right now, and I thought, "you know what? Why not make a giant edible PokéBall and then try to catch some real life Pokémon with it?" If you want me to do even more DIY videos, let me know by liking this video and if this video gets enough thumbs up, then in the future I will do more videos just like this and also, I'm doing a huge give away on my channel right now I'm giving away a MacBook, so if you wanna win that, let me know by liking this video, comment down below: What is your favorite video I've ever posted on this channel? Of course, you must be subscribed to this channel

Without any further ado, let's jump in right now Let's create a giant DIY edible PokéBall Alright, guys, to get it started, here's what you need: Measuring cups, cake mix, eggs, oil, cream cheese, fondant, fondant roller, edible black spray paint, because I could not find black fondant So, here's the game plan of how we're gonna make this We're first gonna bake a cake, then we're gonna stack it and layer it, from there we're gonna shave the whole thing down into a ball shape, and last, but not least, we're gonna decorate it to look like a PokéBall

Step number one is bake the cake Alright, so we're gonna open up the cake mix first Oh! I almost spilled it everywhere That was close, dump it out I think we're gonna need a bigger bowl

Packet number two Now I do understand that I'm using a lot of cake mix for this, but that's because I wanna make a giant PokéBall So, the bigger, the better Next up, we are going to be adding eggs, there we go, that's one egg We now have two eggs, and three

Oh, no! I just cracked it Oh, yep, it definitely cracked, let me just use my spoon, get the egg out of there, and we're good Egg number two I'm going to try to crack with nothing more than a flick of the finger Ouch! It worked, but that hurt a lot, and it shot all the way over here There we go, that's egg number two

I'm gonna try to crack egg number three with egg number four (eggs crack) I'm gonna use the blunt end of the cup to crack the egg It worked! I'm not gonna say I'm like an innovative chef right now, but I'm finding brand new ways to crack eggs I think that's worth a Nobel Prize or something there, man For this final egg, I'm gonna use a cardboard box to crack it

This is unprecedented in the egg-cracking community right now I don't think this has ever been attempted, so, yeah (box bangs against egg) I got this (box bangs against egg) Switch sides (box bangs against egg) (video game music) Well, I gotta say it worked Um, man, I cannot just be basic with eggs

That is one thing you guys have learned I wonder how this tastes Urgh! After the recent excitement of adding all those eggs, I have a feeling that the vegetable oil is not going to be nearly as exciting, so I'm literally going to fast-forward through this part right now (speedy music) Like I predicted, that was absolutely boring, for both you and I Next step, that actually worked, is to mix it all up

So, I've never really whisked a cake before, but I think you just kinda do this? I don't know Alright, well, um, I gotta admit, this is kinda just like, not looking like cakey at all Is this like what baking is really like? I always thought it was like fun, it was like throwing flour everywhere, but this is, this is not fun This cake is not mixing very well at all, it's always like stuck in the middle of my whisk and that's where the majority of it is and the rest is all this like weird slimy (whisk taps against bowl) It's actually mixing though, hey! Okay, yeah, it's starting to look better

I need to take a break Okay, I'm done Give me one second Alright, we're good to go, here we go Oh my gosh, okay

– [Narrator] One eternity later – Now that it's all mixed, it's time to dump it into the pan There we so, this is gonna be a lot of cake Don't lose the spoon, oh, that was so close Yeah, next we're gonna back the cake

– [Narrator] Later – As you guys can tell by the fact that it's gotten rather dark outside, the cake is finally baked and now it's time to create the layers So, to make this easier, I cut out a piece of paper in a circle shape That way, I can put it over here, cut out one circle here, one circle here, and then a half-circle and another half-circle So, we're gonna do this right now I'm pretty nervous about this, I really wanna get this DIY right, so I'm so nervous to mess this up

Getting close to my hand, don't wanna cut it That turned out really well! Okay, I'm excited, I'm getting more and more excited as this goes on, this is gonna turn out so well So, now that I've cut out the outlines, I'm not exactly sure how to remove them without really destroying the whole thing, so there's gonna be a little be of trial and error right now I'm gonna see if I can remove all the stuff around it first Alright, here we go, the moment of truth

So nervous, okay, this is going to be so legit! Yo, I'm being like so careful right now, 'cause I don't wanna like mess this up, okay, there we go I'm so hyped right now! Oh my gosh! Last, but not least, the two pieces coming together, finish it off, we'll go one right there, Oh my gosh, first of all this is the first cake I've literally ever baked in my entire life and look at how it turned out! And there's like little gingerbread things, well these aren't gingerbread things, but there's these things too, yay! Okay, here we go, hold on It's amazing Now, we're gonna use that cream cheese frosting to glue this cake together, so that's the next step But, that catch though

Well, another interesting part of the video I literally have nothing interesting to say about this, like at all, like nothing is coming to mind, hmm That wasn't fun

Alright, now, the moment of truth, get these layers to glue together, so there we go, boom right on top of each other Yeah, I would say that works out pretty well, now it's time to glue these two layers to that layer And we're back again for the most interesting part of the video, round two Alright, so here we go, half number one and half number two There we go, perfect

Now onto the next step, which is shaping the cake Once you've created the shape of the PokéBall, now it's time to add the cream cheese frosting to the outside of it We are almost there and the next step right now is with the fondant I'm just gonna roll it out and create the PokéBall We are literally at the final stages

Mwah! I've never really worked with this stuff before and it's like a, ow, it's like a brick (fondant thumps on the counter) What? It smells just like Play-Doh too, which is the most disgusting part Luckily, we've got a roller here, so I guess we can use this to, I don't know, roll this stuff out? Just go for it I guess, I don't know Alright, here we go, so we're gonna cut it in half first Oh! This stuff is solid

Holy cow, okay, this stuff is really disgusting Is this edible? I don't think, this can't be edible Oh! This is not easy, no, this is like folding on itself This stuff is not easy to work with, that is for sure The whole chair is like turning as I'm trying to spread this stuff out

This is not easy at all Okay, I'm gonna try to channel my frustrations right now into creating this fondant better Alright, so after years and years of work to roll this thing out, now it's time to place the red on the PokéBall So, we're gonna place it on the back here Yo! This is going to look so sick, oh my gosh! Okay, there we go, part number one is done

Now it's time to smooth it all out and make it look good But, this is looking dope Alright, now it's time to take the white fondant and put it on This PokéBall is coming together so well, oh my gosh Yo-o-o-o! Yes, yes

And now for the finishing touches, which is that black band that goes around the PokéBall So, I had to spray paint some of the white fondant because I don't have any black fondant, but here we go, let's give this a shot Oh! No, no, no! That was a lot more difficult than I initially had anticipated Bam! Things are coming together The moment you've all been waiting for, the big reveal, here we go, 3-2-1! Yo! Like it actually turned out so well

So, right now, I've got my real-life PokéBall and all I need to do is just catch a real-life Pokémon (ball hits Pokémon) – Oh! – If you want me to continue making DIY videos like this, let me know by liking this video, comment down below: Who is your favorite Pokémon character? Of course, please subscribe to this channel, that would really mean a lot I will see you guys again very soon, bye! (snaps fingers)

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