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(electronic music) (tape rewind) – What's up? It's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog Now for today's video, I'm coming back at you guys, with a brand new challenge, but of course I can't do this alone, so I've got someone to help me out, my little brother Devan Key

– Eh, what's up? – He was under that table for a long time – Yeah, my knees really hurt right now – Yeah, for today's video, we are doing a brand new challenge and it's the whipped cream, pie in face challenge and so basically, how this challenge works, is it's like a Russian roulette game, used with whipped cream We have this little spinner thingy right here, so you spin the spinner, whatever number it lands on, you put your head in this little thingy here and you kinda twist and you go one, two Ah, geez! It will pop up, at some point, randomly Hopefully, you don't get pied in the face Now were going to be doing a whole bunch of rounds, starting off of course, with the classic whipped cream and then we're going to be moving up to even grosser and grosser things And for the final one, he doesn't even know what it is, but it is going to be our least favorite thing, in the entire world

So make sure you guys watch this entire challenge, to find out what the last item is I'm also doing a huge giveaway on my channel and I just finished up my February giveaway and I'll be announcing the winners of that giveaway at the end of this video But for March, I'm gonna do something crazy This is March Madness and the giveaway is here, on my Youtube channel I'm gonna be giving away an iPhone and also, I'm giving away an Instax camera, so if you guys wanna win the iPhone, the Instax camera, all you gotta do is let me know by liking this video, you have to be subscribed, and just comment down below, what is your favorite video I've ever posted? Now, I'm taking into account, since it's March Madness, all my other social media sites

You can go crazy and go on Instagram, turn on my notifications, post a photo with the hashtag Collins Key and just be active on my Instagram, liking, commenting For Twitter, make sure you have my Twitter notifications on, be active, liking my tweets, retweeting, replying, if you guys do that, I take that into account, when it comes to this giveaway The giveaway will end at the end of March, so make sure you guys enter in But yeah, without any further ado, what do you say Devan, we – [Together] Let's jump – Right into the challenge – Challenge

– We never get that – Let's try it one more time Three, two, one – [Together] Let's jump right into the challenge Oh! – Awkward and everything Alright, to determine who goes first, we're going to be using this spinner right over here

We're each gonna give it a flick, give it a spin and whoever lands on a higher number, that person has to go first, so Devan, take it away – [Devan] Yeah, that that was all good That was a good spin – [Collins] That was a good spin – No! – Oh, so you're probably gonna go first, for sure

– No – So I just have to get- – Please be a five, please be a five – [Collins] If I just get like a four or a three Yes! – No! – I got a two, alright, so Devan, you have to go first (bell ringing) Let's see how many times, you're gonna have to click it – [Devan] Please don't be five, please don't be five – Four! Alright, so Devan, put your head on the special thingy

– Okay – Yep and we're gonna put some whipped cream on here and this is the first one, so we really wanna – – I'm terrified – You have to do it four times, so go for it Devan – Okay wait, I have to make, okay wait Okay

– [Together] Oh! – Ah! Okay, okay Oh, sorry I didn't mean that – I can't open my eyes – Are you, like, okay? – Well, I'm not opening my eyes

I can't open my eyes – Well since Devan is incapacitated right now, we're gonna take a quick break to make sure that we can get him, I don't know, some paper towels We'll come right back at you guys with some brand new stuff (laughing) Done Is this underneath the nose? Oh

It's like shaving right here – It's on my neck? Is that you're finger? (laughing) – That was round one, so Devan takes an L, for the first round and (laughing) – [Together] Literally on the first one (bell ringing) – So you got cat food here I'm just gonna give this a spin, so let's see what we got – Alright

– I got five, no! – [Together] Oh – Put it all on – Alright, go – One, two, three, four, five Ah! – Oh! He got it on- – My eye! – Yes! Tissue to the rescue Poor Collins

– I feel like you're wiping more into my eye Alright, so Devan, you finally get your first point there – Yeah! – Take that, spin it – I take that W, bro – That win

– I take that W – Oh my God, that stuff is so gross – What did I get? – [Together] A four – So, I'm just gonna use what's on the table already – Wait, what? – And here we go – Woah, I thought we doing one round of each thing

– No, no, no Now it's your turn – Two of each – One, two, three – Go, okay – Yeah! – Let's see what I got Five, no

– Oh! – One, two, three, four, five This thing is broken This thing didn't even come close to my face Well, I think that we figured out that cat food is kind of a fail for this thing, – Cause I don't think it can leverage It just looks so gross, dude – Oh! – This whole thing's just nasty

– [Voiceover] 20 minutes later – Alright, to be fully honest with you guys, this challenge is not going, at all, how we expected We tried to get crazy with it and throw in some, like, cat and dog food and just can't handle it We wanted to make it really fun and funny for you guys, but this thing is just failing miserably and so, you know what? We still want to make this video amazing for you guys – Slammed it down – Well I'm kinda frustrated with it, cause it's not working

We still wanna make this video amazing for you guys and so we are switching it up We are making a brand new challenge So, disregard everything we've done so far Here is how the brand new challenge works We are still going to be using this thing and the spinner over here, but since this thing cannot handle this awesomeness of this video, what we're gonna be doing is were using these pie shells

– We're basically gonna fill them up with the different things that we would be putting on here – Exactly So round 1 is going to be whipped cream, so we're gonna fill this whole thing with whipped cream, spin a number Still the same thing where we put our heads here, but instead of this thing hitting us in the face, because it cannot accomplish that, unfortunately, we're gonna be smacking each other with a pie in the face So, let's jump into this brand new pie, a real pie in the face challenge Alright, so wound- – Wound 1

– Wound 1 is whip cweam (bell ringing) Alright, there it goes Here's pie number uno Gonna spin And let's see what number I get

– A five! – No! Here we go, let's see, one, two, three, no! – Yeah! You get a pie to the face, you get a pie to the face – Don't hurt me – Ready? – Yep – Three, two Oh! – Hello, I literally can't hear anything out of this side of my head (laughing) – That went in my ear (laughing) – Literally every time I do a video, it gets in your ear – No it's in my ear, dude

No, I don't like it No! – It's what you get bro – What? Dude, it's in my ear – It's in my nose! Alright, here we go, round 2 is going to be whipped cream and dog food combined – Hey, I get to fill it up

No, I like filling this stuff up – Alright (bell ringing) – I'm gonna get the dog food here – No! – Okay, quick pick a number! It's in my eye I can't see anything

Oh my God – You need help? – It's literally in my eye – Oh, I got four That's okay, that's okay Alright, one, two, three, four

– Oh! – Yeah! – No – Spin it bro – Everything is milky looking – [Devan] Four You have four

– Ah! – No! No No, no, no, no The whole world is milky right now There's stuff in my eye – [Together] Four! – Go, go, go, go

– Okay, one, two – No! – Okay, here we go – No – Here we go – No – Three, look at this, two – I don't want this

I don't want it – Stay still Stay still (yelp) I bet you, I look really nasty right now – No, you look amazing Devan

Yeah guys, go on Devan's Instagram and tell him how good he looks right now Alright, now it's time for round 3, the worst round of them all It's gonna be whipped cream, dog food, combined with our least favorite thing sparkles – No! – We- – No – We hate sparkles

– It gets everywhere and- – Never comes off – Never leaves – And so we want to make this a really special sparkles pie and so what we're doing here, is we've got two things of sparkles First thing we're using at the bottom of the pie – Oh no Dude

– We've got sparkles My eyes- – This is never gonna, like my eyelashes, my eyebrows, my hair, what is this? – We're doing a lot for you guys Here, hey – Wait does this go in the- – No, now we put in the whipped cream – Why do you always get to do the whipped cream? – I don't know, it's my channel (laughing) (bell ringing) – Oh, this one smells worse

– That smells worse? – Oh, it smells so much worse – Dump it (wet smack) – Oh, the sound – [Together] Oh It's kinda like nood- like some weird

– I think it's got rice in the Oh God, it's got rice – It looks like worms – Oh, it looks like maggots – And then last but not least, you get to finish off with some sparkles on the top – I don't want to I don't like it

– Dude, that's way too- Oh, dude – What? – Dude, dude, that's so much – I'm going You going? Alright, let's see what you got I better- four

Uh oh – Please no, please no – [Together] Oh! (laughing) – No! – Yes! – Why did I go? – Yeah! – No! – Yes! – No, no, I got the worst two You only got whipped cream What is this challenge? – Three, I feel really bad right now – I have to take a breath Alright

– Three, two, one (spitting) Alright guys, well that is the challenge I hope you guys enjoyed it The initial version and our special version, as well If you guys did, let us know by liking this video, also comment down below, what was your favorite part of this Dude! Chill What was your favorite part of this challenge? And right now, I'm gonna put the winners of the contest on the screen The Youtube winner, bam! Congratulations Instagram winner, bam! There you go

And Twitter winner, bam! I'll be in contact with you guys, sending out your prizes, the GoPro, Instax camera, and the iPhone Check out Devan on all of his social media Please, he did the most for this video He did the most Love you guys so much and we will see you again next week

I'll take, hold, how about this? There we go – Just whipped cream? You don't need to take in any dog food? (laughing) – Love you guys – Oh, in my ear!

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