PIE FACE BATTLE CHALLENGE!!! (Family Friendly Edition)

What's up it's Collins Key And for this video, I need someone very special To join me, so Everyone please welcome my brother Devan Ayeeeeee! Oh dude it's, sorry it's I messed that up Ayyeeeeee! What's up guys! So today we are going to be doing the "Pie Face Showdown" The only thing we are missing right now is a whole bunch of whipped cream

So err, let me try this Alright guys so we now have the whipped cream Ayeeeeee! There are seven extremely intense rounds And as with every video that we do on this channel we are taking things to the next level And we're not just going to be getting hit in the face with just a little bit of whipped cream put on this little hand thing that smacks you in the faceNO We are getting hit in the face with a full pie! But we're missing, we're missing the crust, so err, give me one second And there is one more twist, each round there is going to be a disgusting item Mixed in to the whipped cream pie that's going to be smashed into the other persons face And the loser has to have their mouth open as the pie goes DIRECTLY into their face! Whoever loses the most amount of rounds And so you DON'T want to lose That goes down at the end of the video so make sure you stick around for that And also give this video a big THUMBS UP if you guys wanna see a pie face challenge only our entire body gets smacked with a giant pie! Like, I wanna make the world's biggest pie and have a giant pie face challenge So if this video gets enough THUMBS UP

WE WILL DO THAT! And comment down below! What type of pie should we use? If we do that video Also, I'm giving away a drone on my YouTube channel All you have to do if you want to win it is just let me know by liking this video, comment down below What would you name your drone? And you MUST be subscribed to this channel and have my channel post notifications turned on I'm also giving away an iPhone 7 on my instagram, a goPro on my twitter If you want all the rules for those giveaways, it's all down in the description below Or just watch that video right over there Go follow Devan on his social media all of our links are down below Without any futher a do let's jump into it right now! This is the pie face showdown Devan~ Nicely done Let's do it Round number 1 we're kicking it off with something called mustard greens Which does not look good to have in a ohhhhhhhh That's not gonna be good so I definitely wanna win round number 1, somehow, I got the girl cut out I don't know how You don't know how that happened Devan? No, I'm not really sure I just gotta win, gotta show that I've got me some girl power So, what we're gonna do right now We can cut that out right? So we've got our whipped cream yeahhhh Nice Alright, here we go we got the whipped cream just gonna put this on there right now WHAT! [Devan] Dude you've done something wrongCollin~ Let me try that again! [Collins} Why is it doing that?! We gotta go quickly, here we go

3, 2, 1 GO! NOOOOO! I actually got so panicked during that first round i forgot which way it needed to go, so when i saw it going that way and I was like IT'S GONNA HIT ME IN THE FACE! Alright here we go Devan, you're going down, it's time to add the nastiness NO!NO! Bro you have to keep your mouth open as this hits you in the face REMEBER WHAT! That's part of the rules here! Alright, I'm just gonna mix it all around OH JEEZ OH NO! This is so gross! I think I'm gonna throw up Oh this is so gross Round number 1: 3, he's shaking you guys can't see, his foots shaking on the floor, 2, 1 NO! Man that's gross! No! Ok, get off me! [Devan}I think I might throw up Those two tastes do not go well together! Alright, and now the first ingredient goes into the massive pie right here I'm really hoping you get this

The mustard greens Remember whoever loses the most has to get hit in the face with a cocktail of everything [Collins] I'm literally crying right now! Round number 2, lets get it Now you know this wouldn't be a Key brother's challenge, without some eggs involved at some point So we have some eggs here So the next pie is gonna be whipped cream and eggs And we took off the faces cause, just no Wait I wanna do this Ok, fine, you kinda get to

Oh jeez Bro, that last one was just so nasty, so I do not wanna lose this at all I don't either 3,2,1 GO! NO! NO! [Devan] YES! I'm so ready! [Collins] This is gonna be so gross So nasty [Devan] WAIT! OH WHAT THAT'S NOT EVEN PART OF THE CHALLENGE! [Collins] What are you doing? Dude what was that! I'm sorry BRO! I guess that whenever I see eggs there's just this feeling that I need to crack it on someone's head! Alright Eww, it's all yolky The yolk's on me We are now naming this the "Jackpot Pie" So before I hit him in the face with this pie I'm gonna take a little bit of this since we don't have enough eggs left

And just It's like, it's like, it's like eggs that are half scrambled So we got some eggs shell it think we're gonna add some of that for flavour Isn't that gonna hurt, if that hits your face?! Do I have to do this! It has to be open! This is such a bad Bro open

Alright 3, 2 ,1 OH MY NOSE! No you can not hit me, I did not hit you with that! OK You can not hit me with that OK OK All good

I'm all good Alright guys, this is round number 3 and we have We have a whole sardines Like, we have a whole sardines I NEED to win this round I NEED to win this round! I, I don't want a full sardine in my mouth! Here we go, this one's done Alright Devan if you could please reposition it back to the middle

Alright May the best hand win! High five! Sike Ok, alright Here we go 3, 2, 1 GO OH NO IT'S GETTING CLOSER NO NO YES YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO You had 2 hands Devan! I use all resources to my ability I don't want a full sardine in my mouth! This is so nasty! I'm so not excited That's a huge one! I'm already DUDE! With the sauce!? That was unnecessary! First you went with the 2 hands now you put the sauce in there! BRO BRUH The smell of it This looks bad! It's quite overpowering This looks really really bad Ready? No You gotta open your mouth

You have to bro, that's not open enough Bro Alright 3, 2 IT BURNS IT BURNS! IT BURNS MY EYES! Yeah ok, let's get paper towels then Ok, I got some paper towels It's actually burning my face! It went in my eyeball I think it's making it worse almost Yeah it is! I know! WHAT! WHAT! I DIDN'T REALISE HOW BAD IT SMELT! I KNOW HOW BAD IT SMELLS! I didn't do anything! You did this to me! Now we are on to round number 4: Kimchi WHAAAAAT How do they fit all that Kimchi in there you can't even put the top back on So, for those of you guys who don't know Kimchi is one of the nastiest ingredients I've used in a challenge I first discovered it when I did a video with Glozell We did the smoothie challenge and it annihilated us! Be very important that i win this round number 1 so I don't get that dumped on me and number 2 if I dont win this round I lose the entire challenge! It's very important I win this round This is a make it or break it round right now Put it on the hand That's good yep alright, ok, ready? Nope

3, 2, 1 No NO NO NO! You're moving it! YES! You're moving it! NOOOO YES! WOOHOO Here we go No Yes

I like this one! That's just way to much now! That's excessive! First, I'm gonna put a little bit of Kimchi into this That's perfect! Oh that's great, nice, great, nicely done Come on Kimchi work with me NO! Dude I actually would take the sardines over this any day No, I'm glad I didn't get the sardines The worst thing about this one is you know you're going to get a piece of this in your mouth Alright, here we go ok I might actually throw up this one Mouth has to be open remember Are you ok? No, I'm not it all went in my mouth What do you need? I have some sardine juice No! Get that away Any time I breathe I'm just getting Kimchi everywhere Guys give this video a thumbs up for the fact that we've just we've taken a beating in this video Round number 5: this is chopped clams in a mystery liquid So one of them goes in the main one Why you gotta do it like that? It's just chuncky! It smells like decay So, right now it's a tied game Devan

let's do this Alright, here we go Alright Devan, yeah May the best man win We start, on the count of tree

Shrub Bush TREE! You started early! You're pushing it my way! No NO FAM NO Yes! oh no! It's just all liquid Here we go Can you not do the liquid maybe just the clam I'm doing ALL liquid bro, all liquid It's the mystery liquid not the clams This is going on your face right away Right bro you ready? NO Oh i got your hand! Where's the paper towel I'm not happy and we're on to round number 6 For this round we got a little creative and taken all the thing you normally put on a hotdog Mustard, relish and pickles And we will be putting them in a pie This is the most important round of the entire game because if Devan wins it's game over, and he gets to hit me in the face with this pie If i win this round it then goes to the tiebreaker for round number 7 and then who knows what's gonna happen We're going back to the one hand only rule No more of those 2 hand shenanigans, we're going back to the basics, the old school One hand So place your head down Alright, so 3, 2, 1 GO NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES! Wait it didn't even get you I know you were pushing it that way I got you there we go This is better than what's about to be on me That looks, that looks really good why don't we leave it at that And, I'll just kinda

NOtake these and no you sure? I'm pretty positive Yeah that looks pretty gross, alright here we go so were gonna add some into the jackpot pie This stuff, this stuff disgusts me WHY?! I wanna see if I can do a long shot with the mustard oops, I can get it and yeah, we got the pickles last ok There's like no more cream in there man This one's making me sick just looking at it Devan you ready? Oh, I'm ready This thing is overflowing with goodness right here Alright Devan open your mouth, I, I actually apologise in advance for this one cause this is disgusting ready? 3, close your eyes, make sure your eyes are closed, I need to see when it's coming, 2, really if this gets in your eyes it's game over 1 Dude don't do that! I'm not gonna get you again, I promise, I have nothing in my hands, fell my hands Just give me paper towel Now that's burning my eyes Oh it hurts the eyes, wait you got it in your eyes, I opened my eye for like a second [Devan shouts in excruciating pain] I'm good, dude your eye is all bloodshot I'm good This is it round number 7: the round you have all been waiting for

The tiebreaker, whoever loses this gets a pie with all the nastiness from today's video in their face I'm so nervous! So much on the line right now Protocall on this one Devan is the most important, head on the game Hands on the button It's a freestyle round, you can use 2 hands, 3, 2, 1 GO You started early! Yes! That was so fast, that was so fast That was as quick as like how did I

how did I I just wanna flip the table right now I'm so mad Lil happy dance Alright guys so this whole pie is about to go in my face I can not believe I lost I am so upset right now! This whole nasty pie is about to go in my face Alright here we go, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait there's one thing I wanna let you guys know first I wanna make sure we can continue to expand this Keyper family and make it so that the Keypers from all around the world can enjoy these videos So if you guys speak another language, I would really, really appreciate if you could translate this videos closed captions There's a link all the way at the bottom of the description, so if you click on that and translate the video into your language you will also get a credit on my video Like your name in my description, giving you credit for making sure the Keypers from all around the world can enjoy this We can make the Keyper family even bigger and show our love to people around the world All right, here we go, are we really doing this Yes we are, were doing this for real No! Dude do we There's like a whole fish living in it, I don't wish this upon anyone I feel bad man Here we go Mouth open? Yeah, your rule Okay! Augh, I don't wanna do this!! 3, 2, 1, Okay go!!

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