– What's up guys, it's Collins Key, and happy Thanksgiving hangover Now I hope you guys had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday

And my favorite things about Thanksgiving is of course, spending time with your family, and also being able to eat as much food as you want for one day and no one judges you, it's absolutely amazing So for today's video, Thanksgiving kind of inspired me and I wanna actually do a food eating contest I want to make this extreme, so to make it extreme, I'm gonna bring along a little someone with me The destroyer of worlds! (growling) (laughing) Devan Key! – [Both] Hey! – What up! How's it going? – That's probably the best intro I've ever had – Destroyer of worlds

– Destroyer of worlds! (growling) – Turn up – Yes – Come on, let's scoot over here we'll look better – Okay – Alright cool, hey! – Hey what up! – Now look normal

– For this pie eating contest, I brought along (laughing) In your face – A pie – A pie! And I have to eat this pie in one minute And the reason Devan is here, is because Devan is going to be the pie defender

His only job is to make sure that I do not eat this pie in that amount of time And the winner gets to slap the other person with some whipped cream in the face (laughing) Let's do it – Give him some whipped cream – Oh no! (can spurts) (laughing) It's like, oh shoot! Dude it's like diarrhea

Yo this is really necessary? (voice track speeds up) Yo! Look at this! There's no way I can eat this in a minute (laughing) There's no way! – I'm so gonna win! – Pie eating contest starts in three, two, one, go! (grunting) – [Devan] Okay (exclaims) (Nerf gun shooting) – You hit my eye! (exclaiming) Oh! (laughing) My eye! (grunting) (laughing) – You laughed, you laughed! – No! No! – Can't leave you alone! (squeals) (shouts) – Okay, here let's see if we can get (laughing) (toy singing) That doesn't work! (laughing) Okay (exclaiming) Oh! I think we hit a minute

I think it's been a minute – Alright, let's do it! – It's been a minute – It's in my nose! It's in my nose! (gags) – No, it's done! It's a minute! – That was disgusting! Alright so Devan won this challenge and now he gets to do a smack hand with some whipped cream (sighs) I'm not excited about this I don't know how I was ever supposed to win this challenge in the first place, this was impossible

First of all! That Nerf bullet! It literally hit me right in the eye! Like right in the eye! (exclaiming) And then you hit me with a sock right in the eye right after that! I couldn't see out of this eye for like a couple seconds! Yo it's in my sock It's like in my sock This is worse than wet socks Look at, scroll down to all the mess Look at this

– [Devan] Look at that – That's disgusting! Look at those freaking apples – Here we go – Yeah! (laughing) – Look at all that loveliness – You guys please give me a thumbs up for this because this is, this is like a smack hand this is gonna hurt

– Three, two (smacks) – Oh! You got it in my ear! (laughing) It's like all in my ear! What the frick! Like I can't hear out of this ear, I'm gonna get a yeast infection in my ear, bro! – We are going for a smack hand part two, because that one sucked Three, two, one (smacks) (yells) It got in my eye! Oh gaw it's in my eye Oh! (laughing) No way! No way! – So if you guys enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a huge thumbs up

And also I want you guys to comment down below what is your favorite flavor of pie? Devan's links are down in the description, so be sure to go check em out, follow him Subscribe to this channel And I'll see you guys again next week, peace Why'd you start leaving already dude! (laughing) Take two Peace! My voice cracked! – Your voice cracked! – Take three

Peace! (snaps) Oh shoot I was totally gonna hit him in the face with a pie See ya!

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