PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Hero Edition & Learn How To Make Avengers vs Star Wars Disney Plus Art

– You challenged us to make the ultimate pancake art movie posters, so let's go! (liquid splashing) – Whoa wait a second! – What was that? – What just happened? Was that upside down? – I don't know! I think it was upside down! I gotta get cleaned off! And now its time to make the first part of our pancake movie art, wow! – Are you good dude? – No! – You challenged us to make the first piece of our pancake movie art, so let's go – Wait you're doing Mario? – Yep – I'm doing Luigi

– Hey they're brothers, we're brothers, that means we're plumber brothers Yeah! – Yeah! Oh yeah look at these swords man these look sweet – Boom, there we go nose! – Boom, classic Collin's nose! – Classic Collin's knows his nose, you know? – I nose – [Devin] Now I'm going in for the little triangles on his sword hilt – You spend so much time doing the details which definitely helps out yours in the long run, but in the short run dude you take forever

If that's how good your able to do with pancake batter imagine how good you'd be at braiding hair Imagine this Devin, beautiful long hair braided, and then he could braid your hair I really think it would be your new passion – I like how your dictating my passions to me (upbeat music) – [Collin] Dude your Luigi looks like he's holding like a baseball bat

Is that a baseball bat or his arm? – [Devin] What, oh its his arm I'm gonna put a glove on him real quick – Why, is he a classy Luigi? – [Devin] Yeah he's got gloves – Oh, I realize I've never like seen Mario or Luigi's hands – Yeah, they got gloves

– What are they hiding under there? – What are you hiding underneath your hand? – Well see the thing I'm hiding underneath my hand is a plum – [Devin] Wow, Luigi is looking pretty happy over there – [Collin] Now it is time for Mario's mustache – Have you ever seen the Mario Brother's mustaches Bro? – [Collin] I have not – [Devin] They are on point! – Yeah but not my guy's

He hasn't brushed it this morning He woke up in a tizzy He was like "Huh, Bowser!" – [Devin] Right now we gotta do the L on Luigi's head – [Collin] I've set a pretty high bar with my M You're really gonna have to show some skill here

– [Devin] You're right – Your nose is like bulbous Like you took a potato and just like (splat) – Its like, that was really close You know what I need to do? I need to put up an invisible force field between these two griddles

– No I hate when you do this No no no come on, you can't just, come on man – Three, two, one (machine whizzes) – I gotta say this looks like one of your best force fields yet So how about this Devin? Let's see if I can kinda break through it

Here we go three, two, one (force field bounces) Ah! – Your fist is too weak – I have special fists! Three, two, one (explosion) There we go – Where did you get that? – I don't know if this one's gonna work

I got it, here we go, three, two, one (explosion) All right, there we go! You know what would really throw this one over the top Devin? – What? – An elbow rocket! Your force field's got no chance of stopping me now so here we go – I know, that's – Gotta activate it like this (buttons beeping) Three, two, one (crash) (rocket blast fading) (force field bounces) – Yes! It actually worked! Now I can finally make my pancake in peace! (upbeat music) – [Devin] Collins can you guess what I'm making over here? – Making a fire hydrant because Deadpool just like swiped off the side of a fire hydrant (water splashes) – Yeah, that's it! – [Collins] There we go! All right, next up we're gonna go for Ant Man's mouth over here So he's gonna be like "Yeah!" Look at that

– Yeah! Wait a second – That's Happy Man! – You made an oversight Ant Man's mask doesn't have a mouth – Oh, don't worry We'll do some construction around it We'll add another circle there like that

It looks like a Taco, it's a taco! He has a taco mouth, but it's upside down So here's what we're gonna do We're gonna add in some lettuce Lettuce leaf for the taco! – [Devin] Good save! – Impeccable, people will never know the difference – No, I know! – I really enjoy the fact that Shrek's vest is held together by one measly string

Sorry I shouldn't get that close But seriously, he might just pop out of it at any moment Time to add in what the Hulk is looking at! Which is, a baguette arrow! It's what Pikachu is firing at him – All right let me do some detail work Dude I have no idea how all these pieces are gonna come together

You got really quiet What just happened? – I'm trying to focus Devin I gotta get my baguette lines – I'm making you talk as you were trying to be quiet I just thought it was kind of funny

– Sure – Gonna finish up Bart's skateboard and then I'm gonna start filling him in! – Time to fill in the inside of the lightsaber! – Hey we're actually using some of the same colors for once I'm using it for Bart's pants – That's not the skateboard? It looks like a hoverboard almost, like he's hovering midair which is something I always wanted to do It would be way cooler if he's hovering

– [Devin] It would be pretty sweet – I'm going to persuade you to make it hover – You can't – It should hover – Try

(upbeat music) – [Devin] All right, gotta fill in Shrek's vest – [Collins] The thing about Mario is I forgot about his fist so we're gonna do his fist over here like this – You can't forget about the fist bro – You cannot man Look at that fist

– That looks just like his mustache! What did you do? – It looks like a hand-held mustache! Like his fist is holding his mustache! I'm Mario with a mustache, you're Luigi with a mustache Mario is gonna reach over and just rip Luigi's mustache off – Why would you grab my mustache? – Now I got your mustache – So check this out – Wait no! – I'll take your mustache, bam, pop it on my forehead

– Well now you have a unibrow – You know what instead of that, we'll pop it on my forehead Boom, goatee! And now you know the true origin I would say it rivals the Batman origin story – You would be the only one to say that! (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Devin] Gotta fill in the glove for Deadpool (upbeat music) Filling in the rest of Bart just like that

– Big old eyeballs, oh no, I forgot to add the color You know what I'm gonna have to go in and add the color but it's gonna be a little bit bizarre Color's gonna be on the outside of his eye – Your eyelids actually do go over, and there's a little lip on them So I mean, that could be that! – That's exactly what's happening

– Just filling in his bicep over here, and now onto his pec muscles – But the question Devin, are you adding any detail to the bicep to make it look like a bicep, and not just a noodle? – Do your biceps look like noodles usually? – I don't know, sometimes they get a little bit noodleyarms, you know what I mean? They look like pastas chilling over there Today it's kind of like ravioli, but sometimes it could be a little bit more alfredo if you know what I mean – [Devin] Not that this is a race, but I think I'm gonna finish before you – Not if I could help it! – And I am

– No! Dude, now I don't know what to do – Done! – All right you know what it doesn't matter because I'm just gonna fill in my lightsaber hilt All I gotta do is the background

– Now I just gotta let this thing cook and wait for Collins, Mr Slowpoke – I'll be done very shortly man you have to give me some time All right the pancakes are all ready to flip – And I gotta say man, mine is definitely falling apart a little bit

– [Devin] Really is, you want some help? – [Collins] If you wanna help me out just lift it up All under control here – There we go, there we go – Just gonna kind of lift it up, gonna pat it from the bottom with a little patty on the bottom – You ready? – Holy cow! – Which way are we flipping this? – So we're gonna flip it straight over like this – That way

– Three, two, one! – No! The big reveal! – Are you ready? Here we go – Three, two, one! (triumphant music) Ta-da! – Yo, it's a masterpiece! – [Devin] It looks great! – [Collins] Look at it, the baguette, Hulk's face! – [Devin] I know – [Collins] Mario, his hands, I gotta say – The colors man, nicely done! – Thank you man! Yours is gonna have a very difficult time beating this one – I think I actually need to flip it right now or else it might not turn out so good All right you ready for this? Here we go

– Do you need help with this or you got it? – I think I got it – Three, two, one! – [Collins] Oh! – [Devin] Did it fall off? – No it didn't! That scared me so bad bro! – All right, here we go! – Three, two, one! (triumphant music) Ta-da! – [Collins] Oh my god! And remember we are making a giant pancake movie art poster This is only one piece of it so stick around to see what the whole thing looks like! Time to make the next piece of our movie art! Devin is taller than I am, apparently he needs a booster seat?! – To help me get the right vantage point – [Collins] We're gonna have the top of Pikachu's head over here like this I'm gonna do Peach's outline over here, a dress

Looks like a lima bean – [Devin] Yeah what is that? I never really noticed how SpongeBob's teeth looked They look awesome! – Next up I gotta add a gadget right here, but based on sound effects you gotta guess what it is (hissing, pulsating hum) – I have no clue – Does this help you figure it, oh, it's not on – Oh! There we go! – Yeah, oh a lightsaber! – Yeah exactly man this thing is like super cool – Whoa, oopsie that's, sorry

– Put it away! – All right here we go Turn that off – [Devin] Now I gotta fill in SpongeBob's tongue – [Collins] Rest of the body over there – [Devin] Dude what are you making? – This is supposed to be his arm! – That's a he? Now I'm gonna move on to doing his nose – [Collins] He looks like your guy got a little pickle nose – He does dude, SpongeBob's got a pickle nose! – All right well as you do his nose, time for me to add some detail here – [Devin] Nice! – [Collins] some abdominal muscles! What do you think about these abs? – Ten? – He's got a ten-pack

– That's a ten-pack, wow – Those ones got separated at birth – Twelve, all right (laughter) Doing three little freckles on him – Rather adorable and unfortunately, your art is looking pretty saucy compared to mine

My guy, he's got some green hair, some squiggly strands, It actually was inspired by your hair Especially that hair right there, I mean, to me, that really represents this one right here I'm basically basing this whole character off of you – [Devin] Well SpongeBob doesn't have any hair, and that was inspired by you, Collins – Oh thanks, yeah, bald Collins! Gotta respect a bald man! Just gonna add a mouth to princess lima bean like this

Is that Shrek or a snail, Devin? – [Devin] They actually are pretty close – [Collins] Gonna make Pikachu's little mouth over here first, like Yeah! – Ohhh I messed up – What? – [Devin] I added a brown line instead of a black line! – That's a major disqualification – You can't disqualify me! – I cannot put Hulk's head here because that's gonna have to be on the next part of the poster, so instead, I have to figure out how to elongate his chest – [Devin] Dude you are so far ahead! I gotta start Cinderella and Goku ASAP! (upbeat music) Gotta use some blue to fill in this part

– [Collins] Next up we got Pikachu's body, but first we got arm number one over here – [Devin] Wait a second! – [Collins] Then we got arm number 2 over here – [Devin] Wait a second, those are two bananas! – No they're not bananas! – Yes, yes, they are – No they're not bananas – Look at them, they look like bananas! – [Devin] All right, doing Goku's hair! – [Collins] It does not look like hair Devin, it looks like his head is on fire! See Devin, this is hair, (flame ignites) this is fire – Whoa! All right then! Do you not feel that at all? – It's a little warm but here's the cool thing man we can just turn off like this (finger snap) – Okay, that didn't

– Come on (finger snap) Okay, nope that's not it – That's the whole face – Should I be leaving? – That is the whole face – How do we get this off? – (finger snap) All right that's the body, okay – (hands clapping) There we go, all right back to normal

– Nice – [Devin] Putting on Goku's shirt right here – [Collins] Unfortunately, my Hulk is not quite the same level of physique, even though Hulk is supposed to be buffer than Goku – You do have a twelve-pack, and I'm pretty sure Goku doesn't have a twelve-pack – Uh, a thirteen-pack

There's two little extra ones right there (dribbling) – All right here we go – It's not coming out! – It's all hand strength, Devin You wanna get hand workouts like this You just gotta squeeze into a fist like this, and then when you extend it

(laser zaps) There ya go, you get bigger hands! – Yeah, an eight-pack on your hand! All right Goku's hair has to have some yellow now – [Collins] Forget Goku's hair! What about the hilt of the lightsaber? It just sounds way more masculine Like "hilt" is kind of like "hmm" Whereas, like, "Hilt!" It's great! – Whatever you say man All right, just gotta add this line right here – I don't think lima bean Peach over here has been getting enough attention I think she's looking a little bit unfinished We're gonna give her some little feet right now

There we go, boom, feet little one– – [Devin] Wait wait wait I thought she was facing this way! – [Collins] See that's the whole thing, she's like a twisted terby! She's like "Oh! Heck no!" – [Devin] Now it's time to do Goku's shirt! – Why don't you put him in designer clothing? Gucci Goku is a whole nother level of Goku! – I actually would like to see that This is 900 dollars, what? (energy explosion) – [Collins] Dude I just realized princess lima bean's getting like, hit with the lightsaber! – I know man! – Look at that face and she's like "Gah!" – [Devin] I made a mistake having Cinderella be so small – Her head is smaller than one of his pec muscles Next thing for lima bean Peach, we gotta give her some facial details Actually, forget it, she looks perfect

(laughter) She's gonna stay just like that It's just so beautiful, it's like seeing your daughter walk down the aile on her wedding day Just like, "Oh!" – How do you know what that feels like? – Because! (organ wedding music) – [Devin] Oh jeez, look at her face! – This is me with normal lips! This is me with Devin's Cinderella lips! "There big!" I know how to take my Pikachu to another level, Devin, because when you think of Pikachu, what do you think of? – Lightning! – Baguettes! Just like that, Pikachu has baguette number one! – [Devin] Just finishing up Shrek's vest, and now I'm gonna start adding an outline – For my lightsaber we got some white and white, I learned from Devin, it is actually the best color for the inside of the lightsaber – [Devin] It has kind of like that crackle to it, like his actual lightsaber – [Devin] Gotta get that finger pointing really nicely with SpongeBob

– [Collins] I love how your SpongeBob is just like "Eh-hm!" – He's like "Yeah!" – "That is my jam!" Just gonna add a little circle over here like this Any guesses of what that is? – [Devin] It is a medallion? – No, it is a gold medal because she has the fastest feet in her class, little tappers When they walk, they go (rapid blipping) – [Devin] Okay let me just add a couple lines right here, – Dude you have like a squeak sauce over here – I know it looks great! It looks like an impressionist painting

– I thought an impressionist painting is like where you take your hand, like impress it on a canvas – Nope, definitely not! Filling in Shrek's vest! – [Collins] We're gonna add a little lightsaber activator button right over here This is how you can turn on a pancake lightsaber Here we go, Three, two, one (energy beam humming) (both exclaiming) That's pretty awesome right? – It looks fantastic! – See the thing is that my pancake art comes to life! Let's turn the lightsaber off so here we go

All right there we go – Now I'm filling in Shrek's face with some color – Yours is like "Detail City" over there, mine is just kind of a whole bunch of very vague shapes – [Devin] SpongeBob's eyes are gonna be nice and white – Now time to fill in the "Hilt!" with my black over here

I gotta say this is really coming along What, what's up? – No no, gotta fill it in with some blue – That was close Devin, almost missed a whole bunch of detail there (Devin shouts) What, you missed it?! – Man! – I've got a chance! (inspiring music) Gotta give Pikachu a little nose – [Devin] He is scary! I'm filling in the rest of SpongeBob's face, and then I'll be all done – [Collins] And bam! Mine is all filled in, and now just gotta let it cook! All right here we go, now it is time for the flip do not try this at home! Gonna use the tinfoil to lift the pancake up, we're gonna try to loosen it

– So here we go, I'm gonna put my hand underneath like this – See again with oil this would've never worked it would have just stuck, it would have never – Okay here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! (both exclaiming) – We did that! Here we go, you ready, here we go

– [Both] Three, two, one, Ta-da! (triumphant music) – I can't see it, how's it look, how's it look? – It's your best work yet! – Little lima bean girl, dude, everything came together and it stayed in one piece! – [Devin] It looks pretty good! All right, well, now onto my flip, you ready? – Yeah I don't know if yours is gonna be able to make it – So we're gonna do the same strategy here – Just gotta peel it, okay, it peeled off, I think I need your help – Oh man, I am so nervous right now man – Just up and over! – [Both] Three, two, one! – Oh man, a big reveal Devin! – Here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one! – Oh wait! – 5 second subscribe challenge, we wanna see if you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the channel post notifications in 5 seconds, you ready, here we go – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you could do that comment down below Keyper Squad right now

– [Both] Three, two, one (both exclaim) (triumphant music) – [Collins] Look at that! Remember this pancake is only one part of a giant movie poster that we're making We'll be putting the whole thing together at the end of the video Now it's time to make the next piece of our pancake movie poster First part we're starting out with is the flames on Bowser's head

– Wait, he has flames on his head? – Well it's his hair, it's kinda like fiery hair – Can you tell who I'm making, Collins? – Oh! That's Royu, from Smash Bros? – You mean Ryu? – Ryu! – [Devin] Not close, it's Ash from Pokemon! – Oh, I got it, with the hat and everything Now time to make Bowser's body, and I gotta say, the proportions are gonna be a little bit off here It's not my finest work – [Devin] Oh yes, gotta get the Pokeball

Can't forget the Pokeball – We've also got the villager, you cannot forget about the villager – [Devin] This guy is scary – [Collins] He's just chilling, he's a villager! – I think he's a villager living in a horror movie – Devin, it is not that way at all

– [Devin] Doing some wrinkles in his pants – I don't think wrinkle details is quite the thing that's gonna take this over the edge, Devin – I beg to differ – [Collins] The second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is gonna be over here like this – [Devin] That's like a bat

Now I'm gonna add some pockets to Ash – He's got pockets everywhere he's like, I got a pocket over here, I got a pocket over here – Well he's gotta catch 'em all, where's he gonna put them? – [Collins] Now I gotta figure out where Bowser's mouth is gonna be He is disturbing – [Devin] He really does look terrifying, and nothing like Bowser

I hate to say it dude – What, yo, yours is looking so good! Maybe the nose will help him look more like Bowser – Okay, just don't do your normal nose – There we go – [Devin] No! – Just half of the nose! – All right, half of the nose! – [Collins] Half of the nose

– [Devin] Just gonna do the lip of his shoe right there, like that – Now it's time to fill in the Ninja Turtles' face Boom, eye number one, and then eye number two (laughter) He looks very suspicious – He's like looking at "nothing?" – [Collins] These are the back-up Ninja Turtles, you got "Oomph", and "Bam"

– Dude I just realized you're super far along, so I gotta catch up real quick – You can't catch up with greatness – I was just trying to catch up on my pancake – Fair enough (upbeat music) – [Devin] Gotta fill in this big part right here

– [Collins] Next gonna fill in the finger so here we go, finger like that – [Devin] Look at that knee Collins! I'm doing Fox's knee – You get excited about his knee? – I am! – Is it a particularly difficult knee? – No, it just looks cool, just a good leg! Filling in Ash's shoes right now – [Collins] Gotta get his kicks on point Gonna get eye number one over there, and then eye number two over there

– How about eye number three? – That's a really good idea! My guys got a third eye! – I don't think I've ever seen a yellow zipper on someone, but I think Ash pulls it off – [Collins] Next I've gotta fill in the turtle shell on the front of my Ninja Turtle He looks like he has a waffle on his belly This is gonna represent duct tape – [Devin] Wait Collins, did you just say they have waffles on their bellies? – This is true Devin, yep

– We are doing the "pancake" art challenge (upbeat music) – Now it's time to start filling in Bowser's face Gonna add some red around his eyes He's been staying up at night thinking about Mario (record scratches) about how he's going to defeat Mario! – [Devin] Just gonna fill in Ash's jacket real quick – (both exclaiming) I broke it! Stuff is brutal man

– [Devin] It's scary! – [Collins] It just comes out of nowhere, it just happens – Serves us right for squeezing the bottle so hard though – Exactly, you squeeze the bottle, the bottle squeezes back Gonna add some detail to my villager – Did you add a belly button, is that what that is? – Yeah I added a belly button, and because his shirt came undone

– That's not good – But don't worry, villager is wearing pants Gotta make sure your villagers are wearing pants otherwise it's a huge HR nightmare – [Devin] Gonna fill in Ash's glove next – [Collins] Your details are really coming together but here's a question, are you gonna be able to throw that Pokeball and make it capture things? – No, can your Bowser jump off of there and attack someone? – Actually he can! – Really? – Check this out! (finger snap) Boom, there we go

Bowser's off and (laser zaps) – [Both] Whoa, oh no, – [Both] Hey chill, hey, get back here, get back here! – I guess I got what I wished for Now I'm gonna add a nice little glisten to his Pokeball

– Well if you add a glisten to his Pokeball I'm gonna add a glisten to his teeth And I want his teeth to be as shiny as mine – Whoa that is blinding, oh man, dude – Yeah, it's the invisilign, it's helped me out a lot – It's like a flash light

– I'm sorry – You can use that at night, you don't need a phone man – It's called a "Mouth Light" – [Devin] Well I guess I'm gonna try to fill in Link, but dude that "Mouth Light" is so bright it's gonna be very difficult (upbeat music) Gonna add Fox's blaster right here

(upbeat music) – [Collins] There's a hole in Bowser's stomach Do you know why? – No, a Ninja Turtle? – No You're gonna see in just a second – [Devin] An eye, a face, a man, a Mario! – He ate Mario! – He ate Mario! – Exactly! So this Bowser has digested Mario, but Mario is gonna be trying to punch his way out – Wait Collins, isn't Mario at the top of your poster? – Yes, but these are fine details and we don't focus on those

Yo, dude I got the perfect, (Devin sneezes) you good fam? All right I got the perfect- – You didn't even say "Bless you!" – Bad manners Comment down the word "Bless You" right now so we can all bless Devin because he feels unblessed – Wow! I feel very blessed – Now he is fully blessed For my guy over here, instead of giving him a gadget or a weapon, I'm giving him a murse! It looks kinda like he's holding a giant "B" right now – [Devin] Or a book! All right gonna do some gray right here

I don't know what's going on with your poster, there's a lot of action People are getting hit, people are flying – Okay there's a lot of action on mine but bro, you've got a blaster on yours – [Devin] But there's nothing that's intense (upbeat music) – [Collins] Yours is looking unbelievable! It's all the little details you really elevate it (upbeat music) – [Devin] I hate to say it but I really might finish this before you

– I doubt it man, I think my pancake skills, if there's one thing they are, it is quick and fast and quick in a fast way while being quick – [Devin] All I'm hearing you do is talk but I'm not seeing you make a pancake – I'm making, if you look over here – Look at me! – Okay but Devin if you look at me I'm- – I'm currently making pancakes – But I'm also– – I can't look because I'm working! – [Collins] This is unbelievable you're not compromising are you? – [Devin] No I am not – Next up, time to fill in the fiery hair so here we go just gonna give it a couple squeezes like "yeah!", his hair is going to look phenomenal Last but not least we'll have to fill in the face color over here so here we go

– And done! – You're done?! – Look at that! – No! You're not done before I am! – You know what, I could actually help you out if you want? – That would, yes, all right Devin so pick your areas – I'll go for the background colors – I don't need help with the background, that's all me! – [Devin] Going in with a little bit of the background here – I still cannot believe you're helping me out with the pancake and all you're doing is the background bro There's so much more you could add to this whole thing

– But Collins yours is so good I wouldn't wanna mess it up You did some awesome lines here – Thank you man line work is really my specialty I don't wanna flex but it's my jam – [Devin] All right, half of the background is done! – I gotta say for background fill you're definitely doing a pretty shoddy job, I mean, sorry, good job! – Thanks! – Villager gonna fill in the face, I gotta say, it's kinda hard to cross like this man

– I know – It's not the easiest thing ever – I feel like we're doing a Twister game, it's not – Fill in the villager's shirt with some yellow over here like this – Yep gotta fill in under the armpit over here – Yep you can not leave the armpit exposed that's a big no-no

– All right here we go the pancakes are cooked now it's time to remove this thing and lift it up and flip it – Careful with your hands, careful with your hands – I've lost it, you're doing all the work! – [Devin] Here we go, here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one! – [Collin] No! Not the corner, not the corner! No, I saw it! – I think it worked! – I don't think it did! – I think it did! – I don't think it did! Here's the big reveal you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one! – [Collins] Is it pulling, is it peeling? – It peeled off some of it! It peeled off some of it (Collins squealing) I think we did it too early! – You did it Devin, this is all your fault bro! – I'm Sorry! – [Collins] All in all I think this turned out pretty well but now it's time to see what yours looks like – [Devin] Now it's time! – I'm not helping out at all Devin

– I don't know! – I probably shouldn't help out at all, I think you got this! You better not flip it back too far otherwise, remember what happened last time, it almost flew off! – [Both] Three, two, one! (both exclaiming) – [Both] Three, two, one, ta-da! (triumphant music) – [Collins] What on Earth dude, look at that blast, bro that is absolutely insane You get to comment down below which one turned out better Stick around to see what it looks like when we put the whole thing together We've got all the giant pancakes and now it is time to put them together into the ultimate pancake art movie poster I've gotta figure out which one goes where

– It is really confusing on your side, but mine is pretty clear I think I gotta pick this one up here – Oh you're good, you're gonna just pick yours up? So this one's the bottom over here, it's kind of like a giant jigsaw puzzle, gonna have to like turn this like this The real question is how are Pikachu's ears and the Hulk's head gonna line up? – Exactly, that is the real question – Three, two, one! (triumphant music) Pretty flipping close man! This is like the ultimate Disney plus hero edition pancake

I'm pretty happy with how this all goes – Why are you doing it sideways man? – I'm sorry, here we go, let's just – Yours is really big

– Exactly, here we go, just gotta move that under there – Now it's time to slide in the final pieces and see what this thing looks like – [Both] Three! Two! – Wait a minute! If you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devin and I text the word "Movie" to 81800 right now! So pause the video and text the word "Movie" to 81800 You'll automatically be entered to win and lets see how this goes – [Both] Three, two, one, boom! (triumphant music) – [Collins] There it is, the masterpiece! – [Devin] It is time to taste the pancake art so Devin we only get to choose one character so who is it gonna be? – Wait, one character man? – Only one character

– I think I'm gonna go for Deadpool actually – Strong choice Yo, because if you bite off the head it'll just grow back, – Exactly! – so really, no damage whatsoever! – That's my thought process – [Collins] Exactly, so I'm gonna go for melted Mario – Wait, "melted" Mario? – [Collins] Yeah, his face is kind of melted

– It's kinda fitting because I have Luigi over here too – Yeah exactly, the brothers! – All right, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one! – It's pretty good! – Mine's pretty nice! I think I won this one – It's like gotten salty I actually had like a little life hack where I was gonna pour a whole bunch of salt in my batter to help it retain shape Whoa, did not taste very good

So you get to comment down below, whose pancake art turned out better? If you wanna see another video click right up here you got 5 seconds here we go, – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done! – Love you! – [Both] Bye!

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