PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE 4!!! Learn How To Make Mario Odyssey Star Wars Jedi Nintendo Food DIY Pancake

– You challenged us — (screaming) Oh my gosh, the pancake art challenge! We're kicking off right now with the most requested one and that is, yeet! It's a me, Mario! – Oh! – Let's go! – Yeah! – I'm going for the arm first, because no one ever does that Okay, boom

We got the blue! Okay, there we go, that's his little overall, now I got the full body, oh my gosh! My dude's starting to look more like SpongeBob than he is Mario I'm making SpongeBob! I got buttons – Button – Button (upbeat music) You're only on the little face, bro? – Bro, he looks like Wario

– What, no, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa (upbeat music) And now, for the mouth It might blend in with his mustache, but we're going with it! I'm even gonna add so many details, he's gonna have little knuckles Where'd my spatula go? (rewind) Yeet! Oh okay cool, I'll be right back And now it's the moment of truth: the flip of Mario

I didn't know my voice actually could go that high How high can my voice go? (wheezes) – What? (screams) (screams) – Ow! (screams) – It's-a me, Mario – It's-a me, Mario – Bro, what are you doing? I need to flip my pancake! – No! You're interrupting me! – You're interrupting my flip! Alright, here's comes the flip Three, two, one! Oh! – His arm flew off! – Yeah but look at that face! Yo, I think I might have taken the win on this one Where did my arm go? Bro, look at those knuckles (upbeat music) – Oh dear

I'm not excited for this one I think this might be the worst one I've ever made Alright, three, two, one Oh no! I ripped off his leg! – Well you ripped off his leg and his arm I only lost an arm, so I basically won because I got one more limb

– What? – You guys get to comment down below and let us know who won this round And at the end of this we'll be eating all of these pancakes Next up is BB-8 Three, two, one, begin! – This one's going to be very tough Why does my hand always end up with Pam on it, bro? – Alright, I think I have a rather unique method here, and I think I'm gonna capitalize on it and then take home the W

If you guys didn't know, that's for winner, winner, chicken dinner I think my BB-8 quite honestly is almost done The only last thing to do is just — Oh man, this is getting tricky in these little parts here Ahh! – Ahh! – I don't know if I have enough finger strength to pull this whole thing off – I believe in you, Collins

The force is with you! – Thank you! (mumbles) – What are you saying? (rewind) (mumbles) – Ah! Did it! So I'm gonna do a little Kylo Ren, and then last but not least you can't forget the iconic saber There we go, Boom Kylo Ren Time to flip BB-8 Three, two, one

Oh snap, It looks like a burnt egg! – Whoa, dude! What? – Alright and now for the one of course you've all been waiting for, Kylo Ren Alright, let's see if I can get, oh my gosh, his little light, his little saber Kylo Ren's very powerful, and therefore he's gonna have a very powerful flip Three, two, one Oh, he's hot! – There's stuff on the ceiling now, bro! – Oh

– Alright it's time for the final part, and that is adding the white – This is gonna be the flip of the Millennium Falcon – Well, here we go Three, two, one Wait– – Oh my gosh, that looks terrible

You definitely lost – It really does – Alright guys, so again you get to comment down below and vote Let us know who won this round of BB-8 I would say it's a toss up for sure

For this round, we're making the Grinch who stole Christmas He took all of Christmas and was like, yay! So right now, let's begin – Okay wait I have to Pam this up, bro – Oh, I forgot to use Pam – Do you want me to Pam it? – No! – I pammed you

– So he's got like some little beady little yellow eyes They're like (growls) – He looks like a little alien! – The Grinch is an alien, right? So now we're gonna do the eyebrows, which quite honestly they like pop off his head – He actually looks really happy in a very evil way I mean, you got that right about the Grinch (upbeat music) – And we are done! Well, Devan's finished just about his eye so far

– It's turning out saucy – And now it's time for me to flip my pancake – [Together] Three, two, one – That looks, oh my gosh, I'm so pleased – Good job, Collins

(clapping) – Thank you, thank you Now I just have to wait forever for you to finish yours – Yes – I'm gonna go grab some rice cakes, I'll be back (upbeat music) – Dude it's almost done! – Yo! I got rice cakes, I'm happy

– Can I have one? – No There are no rice cakes – Alright bro, it is time to flip – Three, two, one – Three, two, wait! First, we have a five second subscribe challenge for you

We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds You ready? Here we go – [Together] Five, four, three, two, one Done! If you did that, comment down below Keyper squad right now and let's see how this turned out – [Together] Three, two, one

– Oh my gosh, you're kidding me! – That turned out so good! – Oh my gosh, is that insane! Dude, like this is crazy! What the heck! My voice has never been this high before! Ow! Alright guys, comment down below who you think won this challenge If I get one win out of this entire thing, on this one, I will be blown away This round, we're doing something unprecedented – Unprecedented – Unprecedented

We're making like seven different pancakes, stacking them all together to create a pancake burger – So how do we do this? Do we like — – You have to make them all at the same time – What is that, li'l grapes? – What? – I don't know – Have you ever seen a burger? – Not your kind of burger, at least (upbeat music) – I think Devan's doing what I thought I was doing

– What did you think you were doing? – I was adding like, little sesame seeds – I thought that's what you were doing but I wasn't sure – I forgot that sesame seeds, well, they have black sesame seeds, right? Next up, I'm doing some lettuce Bro, my lettuce is starting to look more like a starfish Bro, what are you doing? Cheese is orange

– Not my Swiss cheese (upbeat music) – What the heck, is that face on your tomato? – Just a tomato! Pickle! And then one little baby pickle Alright guys now the most important thing about a burger, you know what you gotta do? You gotta roast 'em Alright, well let me flip my first part here It looks like mold but it's actually chocolate chips

– Wait, really? – Yeah, I got a chocolate chip bun, patented There's my lettuce – What is that? – It's a stem down the middle You know how lettuce has that stem down the middle? – You know what, creative points! – You got the base, you're gonna wanna pop your let-tass on top You gotta put the burger here, and then you got the cheese directly over the burger

– That actually turned out pretty good – Yeah! Swiss cheese! We got my tomato head, big pickle followed by lil pickle And then to top it all off, my burger bun Bro, we've made pancake food! – Alright, it is time to put my ingredients on zee plate First, I put zee patty

Next up, the cheese That's what I'm going with next Next up I am doing zee let-toss, tomatoes Ta-da! – Oh my gosh bro I cannot wait to take a bite of this This is a pancake hamburger! – Hot, hot! – 90 second flash challenge right now! We are going to be making Christmas presents, go! – What, you already started it? – Yes, I did! – Okay, I'm doing — – Boxes, boxes, man

Gotta get my box right (fast forward talking) (fast forward talking) – Ah, ah, ah, ah, okay, I need this – Bro, you know what? You know what I love on packages? – What? – Polkda dots! – What? (fast forward talking) Wait, I need a gray I'll use blue – Dude, we're running out of time, we're running out of time, bro

(fast forward talking) – Final steps! I'm taking a creative leap here Why is my thing not roasting? (fast forward talking) – [Together] Three, two, one, done! – Holy cow, I am sweating a lot Let's see how this turned out, you ready? – [Together] Three, two, one – No! – What? – Not happy with this one (mumbles) So guys you get to comment down below

Who won this round? I'm gonna open up my present What's inside? Alright, cool, next round, let's go For this round, we asked you guys on Snapchat what pancake should we make? We got a ton of responses, and this is the one we're gonna do We're gonna take your suggestion to the next level and combine the Santa and the reindeer and do this all in 90 seconds Speed round, begin! (fast forward talking) Dude, I can't make art with this, there's a little thing covering the top of it

Oh, that's nice, okay – You know what, I'm gonna actually make Santa going down the chimney instead of him going out of the chimney So, yeah! (fast forward talking) – Yo guys, alright so right now, oh my gosh I just gotta fill in my chimney How much time do we have left? – Geez, it's running out of time – No, what? (fast forward talking) – His antlers, you know, going crazy like woo, yeah! (fast forward talking) – You got a little hat, because Santa always wears a hat – Ah, this is so quick! – You'll never catch Santa slipping

(fast forward talking) Santa's been all tanned, he's been on vacation all year Three, oh no, two, one, done! – Done! – How do you think you did? – I didn't even get my reindeer – My three things are ready to flip because they are a lot smaller than yours – Yeah – Alright, we're going for Santa first

– Three, two — – Wait! First, we have a three second like challenge for you right now Can you like this video in three seconds? Here we go – [Together] Three, two, one, done! – Three, two, one – What was that? – Alright, there you go, ta-da! – That was the worst flip I've ever — that wasn't even a flip that was just a fall It looks like a little elf that got stuck in a stocking

– No it doesn't, no it doesn't, no Ta-da! – Bro, from this angle it looks like some sort of lizard Like, two little legs, a head, it's like (grunts) – It's a Christmas lizard! Alright, three, two, one Failed flip Alright, three, two, one

– You broke his leg! – There we go, he's bow-legged! – That's a bowlegged deer? I've never seen that before He's like, garb garb – Alright, here we go! – [Together] Three, two, one! – Bro, it looks like Santa's on a griddle, or something – Comment down below who won this round? I really hope it's me For this final round, the one it all comes down to, we're taking a photo that I recently posted on Instagram with both of us in it, and we have to recreate this as perfectly as possible

Begin! I'm gonna start off with Devan I think here (upbeat music) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I have no clue what I'm doing here We look like two little alien dudes All I can say is whoever suggested this, you got us You got us good

Alright, Devan's got some swooshy hair – I like that, swooshy hair – I messed up the swoosh! I messed up real bad! – But it's my swoosh? – I know! – How! – I gave you a little bit too much volume with your swoosh My guys look like chicken – Look at my guy, dude

He looks so funny – Why does he have a down-turned mouth? I'm never not happy! Alright, and you know what since this is our final round, I'm just gonna go crazy and make a guh-normous pancake – A guh-normous? – A guh-normous It's the final round! (upbeat music) I think my masterpiece is coming together – I have no face! And look at those legs! They're such twig legs! – You got little twig legs

– Like maybe I should should just go like this here and then and then I have absolutely no neck – His head is in the middle of his chest – Yes! (mumbles) That's where my face is, right there – Oh my gosh – I gotta add eyes really quickly – Dude, that's hilarious

You look like a monster for sure – Yeah, dude Alright, it is time to add some of this foliage just like this I'm going for the distant shots – What are you doing on this thing, bro? It looks very abstract

– Alright, so mine's getting pretty roasted here I'm almost done – Here's my hair – There we go! – It's all done! – I'm about to flip this and guys, comment down below what are some other things that we should turn into pancakes in an upcoming video? But here's the flip, three, two, one – Oh my gosh, I got it! – Bro! – Dude, you even got the leaves, you got me, you got a little chicken dude But I think I nailed it! I don't know if we can say the same for yours though, Devan

– I don't either, bro I'm actually really excited to see how this one turned out – Let's see how this goes – Alright, you ready? – Uh huh – Three, two, one

Oh! – How did you do that flip? – The fact that I made that flip, bro – Nothing broke! – I should have the title just for that – No way, no way – Just for that! – It's trash You got a head in your chest

That's how it happened in the photo, – What's the problem with the head in my chest? – Everything is the problem with a head in the chest Comment down below who won this round, and who won the entire challenge And right now, it's time to taste test all of these different pancakes – BB-8 – What? – BB-8

– Bro, what are you saying? What? – BB-8, that's what they suggested! BB-8 from the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie! I know what this is! – What? – This isn't BB-8, this is (screeches) (laughing) It's my own version of the droid! – It's a BB-8 pancake! Bate! – Bate! – Oh, dude, why are you doing that? – Time to eat my masterpiece – And my masterpiece – No, I wouldn't call that a masterpiece You ready? – Yeah, I guess you're right – Three, two, one – [Together] Woohoo! – Oh no, I missed! – Dude, why are these fantastic? – Yeah, it really does – Next up, we got BB-8

– Oh no, his head fell off! – It's bate! Bate! – Bate! – Bate! – Next up we got the present, I'm missing part of my present – Whatever this blob is – This thing did not get cooked I don't wanna eat this, ew It's all just filled with disappointment again – Really? It's so good, mine is

– It's disgusting – Next up is Santa, in a chimney – Hopefully we don't get in trouble because I think we're being rather naughty by eating Santa, but I still want presents this year – You know what, I won't eat Santa I'll take off his feet and just eat the chimney

– I rolled him up into a crepe – Yo! – That's a reindeer! – Santa's delicious Hamburger cheers! Alright let's try it, here we go – [Together] Three, two one – Bro, bro

So good – I'm overwhelmed with how delicious that was And guys, right now, click right over here And Devan, time to eat your final one Here we go! You have five seconds right now, click right over here – [Together] Five, four, three, two, one

– Done! – [Together] Bye!

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